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Best 10 Power Tools For Household Chores?


It is widely proven that DIY (household chores) has many benefits for those who practice it. Carrying out repairing or modifying items at home is an activity that more and more people practice. They are masonry, carpentry, painting, or decorating tasks that are done to solve a problem or improve the house.

DIY relaxes and is also a form of artistic expression. But, to be able to perform DIY tasks at home in the simplest and most effective way, it is essential to have the right tools. Next, we are going to tell you what tools you need to have at home if you are a true “handyman.” With tools like these, you can demonstrate your skills and carry out a wide variety of tasks around the home.

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bosch compressed

Basic tools that cannot be missing (household chores)

1- The hammer: is a basic tool in any home and probably one of the most versatile. For any repair or change, having a hammer can be essential. There are universal hammers that are best suited for many tasks. It is a very inexpensive tool. Experts always recommend wooden-handled hammers as they absorb shock better.

2- The screwdriver: is also another classic of repairs and manual work. The screwdriver is necessary to assemble and disassemble a multitude of objects. At home, you should have a briefcase with screwdrivers of different sizes and tips, both star-tipped and smooth.

3- The tape: measure is also used for many tasks and there is a wide variety to choose from on the market. The most practical are the folding, fabric and roll-up. In homes, it is usually enough to use a roll-up tape measure between 3 and 5 meters in length, although there are pocket tapes up to 20 cm.

4- Pliers: They are ideal for small tasks (household chores), such as modeling objects or cutting and clamping many elements. Universal pliers are the most common and found in most tool boxes. Universal pliers can tighten and loosen mechanical joints, stretch parts, and cut wires or cables. For more precise and specific tasks there are also cutting pliers, pointed or stork, round nose or extendable, among others.

5- Spanner: Without a wrench it is practically impossible to do many repairs and crafts. Loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. The most widely used wrench today is the adjustable wrench. However, spanners, box, combination or socket wrenches are still used for certain tasks. 

6- The ladder: To access higher or more inaccessible places in the house, the ladder is a key tool. Wooden or metal ladders are perfect for jobs that require a lot of mobility. The stepladders, made of fiberglass, aluminum or white metals are especially suitable for jobs that need a lot of stability.

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 Power tools for household chores

When it comes to power tools, there are some that specialists recommend above all:

7- The electric drill: is useful for any DIY task. The hand drill is used to drill many different materials. It is the most versatile tool imaginable and its functions are not limited to drilling: with the right accessories you can also screw, sand or polish objects. For the home, it is enough to have a medium power drill, starting at 500W.

8- The straight grinder: is a power tool with numerous blades and accessories to handle many jobs, from cutting and sharpening to polishing. When buying a straight grinder for housework it is important to consider its turning power, weight, electrical consumption and available accessories. Most of the straight grinders are compact and light and their power consumption can range from 400 to more than 750W.

9- The electric sander: is aimed at people who want to recover old furniture or get good finishes from hand-built furniture. They are especially recommended to be used on wooden surfaces.

10- The thermal stripper:  like the electric sander, is used mainly in restoration work. The thermal stripper is used to easily remove paint, rust or varnish from all kinds of surfaces and, in particular, on wood. It is also called a heat gun. In addition, other uses for this tool are related to the removal of stickers or vinyls or to loosen rusty nuts.

With all these listed DIY tools you will have a very complete arsenal to carry out with maximum efficiency all the tasks around the house that you want to carry out. They are tools that are easy to buy at low prices and that you will surely put to good use.

cord drill and cordless compressed 1

 How to choose the most suitable drill

The drill is one of the most versatile power tools. With the right accessories, “it allows a wide variety of tasks to be carried out: sanding, polishing, screwing and even mixing paints.” The choice of the drill and the type of bit will depend, fundamentally, on the material with which we are going to work, be it wood, concrete, stoneware or tile, metal, etc.

Wired or wireless Drill?

It is the first decision we face when choosing the most suitable drill. The Corded drills are more appropriate for professional work because, as a rule, they have more power, they are heavier and also the percussive function that allows you to add a power drill the effect of a hammer. The most suitable power for professional work starts from 750 watts.

Professional drills also have more options such as the ability to control speed, the ability to turn in both directions and have continuous performance, that is, they are always ready.

The cordless drills are recommended for home use. They usually have a power between 500 and 700 watts and are lighter. As it does not have a cable, it allows access to smaller spaces and the tool can be moved to where we need it.

You have to look at the voltage before buying a drill as the voltage determines the power of the drill. If you are going to have a demanding use, it is more advisable to opt for a higher voltage.

Most of today’s batteries are lithium, which allows for lower weight, longer life, and does not lose power as they run out. In addition, tools for domestic use usually have a “brushless” motor , that is, without friction , which reduces friction and heat, improving their performance and, of course, the use of it.

Before choosing the most suitable tools for DIY jobs or, in the case of a professional, all the more reason to optimize the budget and efficiency when carrying out such tasks.



For a good tool in the USA, you will have to pay a very substantial amount of money. But you can save a lot! It is enough to take the same instrument from the USA. The difference is sometimes two to four times! Simply due to the fact that you took the product in another store, and figured out the issues of its delivery. By the way, in fact, there is nothing complicated in the delivery of instruments from America. Even multitools are not considered knives at USA customs, so they can be freely sent by any method you like.

n THE HOME DEPOT 628x314 1
A U.S. flag flies above the entrance of a Home Depot Inc. store in Peoria, Illinois, U.S., on Monday, May 19, 2014. Home Depot Inc. is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on May 20, 2014. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The USA is also famous for its abundance of products. Here you can choose what really suits you best, not what is. Americans are renowned for their love of DIY, the work of a master here is valuable and highly paid, and there are professional or semi-professional sets for each position. Some tool shops in the United States sell more models than all Russian internet sites combined. Moreover, at unrealistically low.

Professional American Tools

This section presents the most popular and well-known manufacturers and online stores of the United States, which offer the buyer a wide selection of professional tools and equipment for repair and construction.

Buying tools from an American store will provide a guarantee of the highest quality, as well as lo     ng and reliable operation. On the websites of online stores there is a large selection of professional tools and equipment for construction from American and world manufacturers:

MILWAUKEE • Black & Decker • TorcUp • Snap-on • Stanley • Makita • DeWalt • Husqvarna • Bosch • Protool • Oemme • Festool • DreBo • WIHA • HitacHi and many others.

Below are US online stores where you can find and buy professional construction tools and equipment from leading American manufacturers and brands.

Let’s take a look at a few of the store’s in order to get most profitable tools.

Top 10 Tool Stores in the USA The largest construction hypermarket in America. Everything is here: machinery, materials, equipment. For summer cottages, houses, lawns, regular work. From the simplest to the most expensive professional level. Daily sales and discounts. Here in the USA at uniquely low prices you can get Dewalt cordless tools, devices from Ryobi, Rigid, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch. Delivery to the warehouse is free. A VPN may be required to access the site. Large supermarket with construction tools. In business for over 35 years. Simple division by type of instrument, free shipping on orders over $ 50, regular promotions for certain categories of goods. Large selection of everything branded; With Tools-Plus, you can either order an inexpensive Bosch screwdriver from the USA, as well as buy profitable products from JET, Generac, Freud, Metabo, and Hitachi. A very large (although not visible) specialty store. Electronics, machinery, equipment, spare parts. All hand tools, pumps, welding devices. Down to laser levels, screwdrivers and key sets. Everything at very democratic prices. At competitive prices, he sells Dewalt tools in America. It is very convenient if you already have a specific model (or at least a brand) that you can fill in the search field.  Shop is one of the largest American distributors of various saws. Chainsaws, cordless saws, chainsaws, various professional equipment for lumberjacks and builders. Only originals, only verified products, long warranty period. For the delivery of specific goods, it is better to first contact us with the tickets. Shop with constant discounts on professional car repair equipment. Suitable for both auto repair shops and home lovers. Very inexpensive prices and thousands of products to choose from.  America’s premier online auction house where everything is sold. In the past few years, it has also been trying to reorganize into a store format, and there are many firms operating here selling their products – just like on Amazon. If you want to buy something cheap from private users, or you need a certain product from the manufacturer, this may well be found here. Many people decide to buy Milwaukee on Ebay in America, here through us they often take Dewalt and Makita for themselves. You can find all the tools on eBay in this section. Quality instrument manufacturer from Canada, operating since 1978. Here you can find very reliable tools for home and garden, for working with wood, for landscaping, creating accessories, gardening. Product catalogs change every quarter. . One of the largest suppliers of equipment and tools in the USA. Hand tools, lubricants, cutters, machine tools, lifting equipment. Necessarily with a guarantee. A lot of tools for working with weapons are also sold here – but keep in mind that such does not supply Russia.  One of the favorite auto mechanic stores in the States. Everything for car repair and modification. A lot of professional (and too heavy to transport) equipment, but also a lot of hand-held devices that will be profitable to deliver to Russia. Especially considering that here they are often several times cheaper.  Large supermarket for all household needs. Tools for the farm, for car repairs, for construction. Generators, machine tools, jacks, sandblasting, compressors, starters, hydraulics, building mixtures, overalls. Storage boxes, keys, drills, saws. Here you can profitably buy Dewalt tools from the USA, as well as devices from brands such as Hobart, Bannon, Klutch, JET, Milwaukee, RDS and many others. Regular good discounts (-20%, -30%), be sure to check out the Deals section!

Also good suggestions, especially if you need to find something specific, can be found regularly on Ecrater. This is a free platform for any seller. There are many different shops and private users offering their own (including used) goods. Many options for a wide variety of prices.

A wide range of offers can always be found in America’s two major online stores – Amazon and Walmart. Makita, Bosch, Nikota and other US tools are sold there at low prices. Well, if you want the latest models, be sure to check out the stores of the manufacturers themselves. Here prices are even lower than elsewhere, especially if there are no discounts on other sites now. So, buying a Milwaukee tool in America will be very profitable at Well, if you want to order a Dewalt tool from the USA, take a look at



In 1922 Raymond E. Dewalt cordless hammer drill invented the radial arm electric wood saw. Raymond sought to improve the productive capacity of the factory he ran.

Two years later he founded the brand of power tools DeWALT , to manufacture and sell to the world his Wonder-Worker ‘the wonderful worker.

Today, DeWALT brand lithium-ion cordless drills are among the best in the world, serving the same purpose as your early saw – to work more efficiently.

If you want a good cordless drill, you will probably want to buy a DeWALT drill. Therefore, in this article I will show you some of the best cordless hammer drills of this brand .

Best DeWALT hammer drills

DeWALT DCD796P2 Brushless Hammer Drill

DeWALT DCD796P2 Brushless Hammer Drill

Probably one of the best lithium battery hammer drills in terms of value for money. The DeWALT DCD796P2 is without a doubt a good cordless drill.

A DC voltage carbon brushless motor , that is, a brushless electric motor , drives the chuck of this drill at a speed of 2000 RPM in high speed and 550 RPM in low gear.

The brushless motor is the best motor for power tools for several reasons:

Maintenance-free – forget about replacing the brushes when the time comes.

It is shorter: the drill is more compact and you can work with it in tight places.

It consumes less electricity: essential in a cordless drill, as it not only saves battery, but also extends its useful life.

This type of engine has only one drawback: the price. But as they say, quality has to be paid for .

But the DeWALT DCD796P2 cordless drill isn’t just good for its motor, it’s good too. Located just above the trigger of the drill is a reduction gearbox that raises the tightening torque from 27 Nm for fast speed to no less than 70 Nm , short.

This gearbox makes the DeWALT DCD796P2 a real hammer drill cucumber with a very low weight (1.8 kg) and a very compact format (thanks to the motor) that you can use for almost everything: assembling furniture, drilling metal and wood, drilling in wall, install sheet metal roofs with self-tapping screws, mount wooden pergolas with Spax type screws , etc.

After hearing this, you will want to know what its drilling capacity is , because we are going to see it. In wood and with the short speed you can drill with bits up to 40 mm in diameter. In metal 13 mm and in masonry the same, also 13 mm. This means that this DeWALT drill comes to have the capacity of a medium power corded electric drill. Which is saying a lot, because we are talking about a battery .

And speaking of battery, this model uses DeWALT XR Li-Ion batteries and it supports batteries of two capacities: 2 and 5 Ah. The former last a long time, but the latter are eternal. In addition, the batteries include a button that indicates the state of charge in real time.

There is one aspect that is not usually given importance when buying a hammer drill but it does: lighting. Specifically, the DeWALT DCD796P2 drill replaces the old model, that is, the DCD795P2. And the three main differences between one and the other are the following:

Dewalt has improved the tightening torque on the DCD796P2: now it is 70 Nm in short (on the DCD795P2 it was 63 Nm)

The new model has the hardness selector of the mechanical ball clutch in silver color (yellow on the old one)

And the most important: the new model includes a much more powerful and dimmable LED in three intensity levels.

In addition to adding an extra 7 newton meter of torque, DeWALT was right to modify the lighting system on his cordless hammer drill. In the old model it was not dimmable, but fixed and it must be said that the light helped, but it was somewhat short.

In contrast, the new LED of the DCD796P2 is much more powerful and can be dimmed on three levels . In the first two levels the light turns off automatically after a few seconds, in the third it does not.

In flashlight mode, the light on this DeWALT drill remains fixed and does not turn off until you change the selector to another position , which is located at the base of the drill, next to the LED itself. At this level, the light intensity is only comparable to the spotlights in a football stadium and allows trouble-free work even in the darkest places. It is perfect for use in the car engine, in meter batteries, in false ceilings, etc.

Bottom line: a great cordless hammer drill from a great brand . By the way, this model includes an automatic metal chuck with a locking shaft (changing the bit with one hand) and accepts bits up to 13 mm.

DeWALT DCD777S2T XR 18V ​​Brushless Drill Driver

DeWALT DCD777S2T XR 18V   Brushless Drill Driver compressed

This is without a doubt another of the best DeWALT drills. The difference between the DCD777S2T and the DCD796P2 is that the former has no striker. So this is a very good drill for metal and wood. It is ideal, for example, for woodworking enthusiasts.

The performance in terms of torque is similar to the previous one: 65 Nm in low speed and 26 Nm in long speed . It is true that the maximum rpm is somewhat more limited, as it only reaches 1750 RPM.

An advantage of this screwdriver is that it is somewhat more compact and lighter: it only weighs 1.5 kg. This is achieved with a smaller battery: 1.5 Ah. However, given that its electric motor is also of the brushless type , that is to say, without brushes, the autonomy of this model can be comparable to that of a cordless drill with a universal brush motor that mounts 2.0 Ah batteries.

In fact, the arrival of these motors has made some tool brands bet on making smaller and more compact drills .

DeWALT XRP DCD996P2 Electric Drill

per minute compressed

Specifically, the angular velocity and impact rate of the DeWALT cordless drill DCD796P2 are as follows:

Position       Speed                                  Striker impacts per minute

Tier I              450 RPM                            8600 IPM

Level II          1300 RPM                          25,500 IPM

Tier III           2000 RPM                           38250 IPM

This, added to its powerful brushless electric motor, results in a powerful drill capable of drilling in masonry with a drill bit of up to 16 mm (no less), 15 mm in a metal drill and 55 mm with wood bits.

The output power of the DeWALT DCD996P2 cordless drill is 820W – higher than most DIY corded drills. So if you want to buy a good professional cordless drill to work with, this is a very good drill.

My take on DeWALT cordless drills

In my opinion, Bosch Professional cordless drills , as well as those of the Makita and DeWALT brands are without a doubt in the top 5 on the market. In the case of the DeWALT brand analyzed here, these have the advantage of a better value for money, since Bosch tools, although they are also very good, tend to be generally more expensive. Makita would be more in line with DeWALT on price.

DeWALT is a brand that began manufacturing radial arm saws for carpenters and, consequently, its electric table saws for wood are among the best on the market, given the extensive experience that this American brand has in this sector. A sector that, in addition, has a greater relevance within construction in the case of the United States, the original country of the DeWALT brand, since many of its homes use wooden structures.

If electric saws are essential for the carpenter, electric drills are no less so, since wooden structures are assembled with large-gauge screws that require a high torque for insertion. And precisely, the need for a powerful and effective hammer drill is fully covered by DeWALT lithium battery powered drill drivers.

It is true that this brand, in my opinion, maintains a very high level of quality in all its power tools. For example, DeWALT saber saws are also among the best on the market . However, I think that if there is one thing DeWALT stands out, it is in three product categories: manual and stationary table circular saws, combination wood routers and hammer drills.

In particular, it is enough to hold a DeWALT cordless drill in your hand to see that it is clearly a good quality professional power tool. You just have to look at the quality of the plastic, the rubber of the grip, the good feel and robust feeling of both the percussion selector and the mechanical clutch pressure regulator, and especially the robustness of the metal chuck to be convinced of your purchase. And it is enough to use it thoroughly for a couple of weeks and see the great performance it offers both drilling (wood, metal and wall) and screwing (wood and self-tapping) to finish convincing yourself.


Bottom line: DeWALT is one of the best drill brands in my opinion, and possibly the best, in terms of value for money. I recommend it without hesitation for professional use and intense DIY.

DeWALT, which will be in existence for 100 years in 2022, has become one of the best brands of power tools for wood. With a wide range of high-quality products such as circular saws, milling machines, jig saws and, of course, lithium battery powered electric drills .

The 5 Best Ryobi Tools of 2021 Brand


Ryobi (Tools), a brand of the TTI Group, one of the largest manufacturers of power tools in the world, is a brand that provides all its customers with professional features at a super competitive price. That is why Ryobi is the brand of millions of homeowners, carpenters, DIY enthusiasts.

With a Ryobi multitool, you can have an incredibly useful tool with different accessories, including flush and wood / metal blades, sanding base, and numerous accessories that are perfectly designed for a wide range of applications. They use a swinging motion that rotates the side-to-side blade for safe and effective cutting, sanding or scraping on a variety of materials; Including plastics, metals, woods and composites. And thanks to their compact and slim design they can easily reach narrow and hard-to-reach areas.

Analytical Index:

Walk to a certain improved orange store home and you will be faced with a sea of ​​green. The orange store in question is Home Depot and the green one is Ryobi. Since the early 2000s, Ryobi has been a major supplier of power tools to Home Depot, and it is difficult to avoid its products promoted by final aisles.

Although not all products have gained strength – TEK 4, where are you from? – This Anderson brand, based in SC, has been innovating slowly over the years, finding its way into residential workshops … MORE and even gaining acceptance from contractors. What are the best Ryobi tools? Well, funny, you should ask …

Nail and Deliver: Ryobi P330 18V ONE + 15 ga angled finish nailer

Nail this fact to your head: it is difficult to use the hand nail clipper. I am aware that the garrison was nailed by hand for centuries. But time advances and often in a good way. Modern engine nailers allow you to place a trim nail in a decisive hit, without the wobble and heel associated with the hand hammer repeatedly stained in a light trim.

Of all the numbers in the name of the Ryobi tool, the important thing is this: 15 . This 18V cordless tool, operating… More from the ONE + platform, raises substantially heavy finishing nails that are of 15 gauge. As Fine Homebuilding reminds us, the 15 gauge is the magic number because it allows you to stretch your nails up to 2.5 inches.

Even though it is officially a finishing clou, its 2.5 “long nails unofficially also allow for light structural work. Recently, I put some light cedar fence boards slightly with the P330. Contractors can turn their nose on this product, but who cares? This is more for the homeowner who would never think of buying an air compressor system yet needs a clou with some muscle.

Shock and Awe: Ryobi 18V ONE + Dual Power Worklight

I am convinced that someone on the Ryobi product development team was fired for incorporating a 120V power option, along with the expected 18V ONE + battery pack. Nowadays, it is totally seditious – even unpatriotic – to offer customers freedom of choice.

An off-note: Gremlin’s infested on / off switch has a mind of its own. Otherwise, this is … PLUS a truly inspired product. I would even consider buying it again if my model provided by the manufacturer dies.

Bringing it home: Ryobi One + 18 volt alternative cordless saw

Congratulations, old standby: you are still running after 4 years of ownership.The Ryobi 18V ONE + alternative saw is not the most powerful on the market, but it handles well, balances perfectly and cuts smoothly into a saw receiving.

Reliable controller: Ryobi ONE + 18V compact drill

Although another drill has supplanted the Ryobi ONE + 18V Compact as my “daily driver”, “this bright green beauty still remains in my toolbox for smaller spaces or for those acrobatic moments that I have to reach high to countersink a dry-wall screw. I used the same unit years ago and it’s still going strong. Okay, it will protest when you try to exercise or drive on difficult substances like concrete and some wood. But that’s when you bring heavy weapons, … MORE, such as the cord drill or the cordless hammer drill.

Finishing it all off: Ryobi 18 Gauge ONE + Brad Nailer

 Have you tried hammering on thin and thin nails? Your fingers feel incredibly greasy when dealing with nails less than 1 inch long. An 18 gauge nailer is just what you need. The advantage of these smaller nailers is that they will not split the thin coating, such as quarters and the conical parts of the crown molding. Adjust the Ryobi 18 Gauge ONE + Brad Nailer depth so that the nail or brad head is level with the work material, and there is no need to fill in the nails – just paint right … MORE.

Everything you need to know about Swaging Tools?

Swaging Tools

It is important to know the types of Swaging Tools for multilayer pipes that exist in the market, saves time and follows the basic points to take into account step by step.

Swaging is a connection technique that involves deformation of the material to ensure the assembly of two pieces. Widely used for sanitary and heating installations in multilayer and PE-X, it is also of great interest for copper or steel networks. Faster than welding, Swaging is a safe and easy to control method that does not require a fire permit.

Best Swaging tools

There are two types of Swaging tools: hand tools and battery or power tools. For a professional, the use of cordless or electric tools is obviously recommended. In fact, the Swaging machine (with battery or pluggable) allows a speed and standardization of the operation that guarantees a perfect Swaging. This machine is accompanied by clamps and inserts of different types, to adapt to the diameter of the tube and accessories to connect . There are three types of jaws.

The mother gag with inserts

The mother jaw system is very practical, since the inserts allow you to change the tube material or diameter without having to change the entire jaw. A way to simplify work and save time ! This makes it very easy to work indifferently on steel, copper, multilayer or PE-X, and on any type of network. In terms of size, the inserts correspond to tubes ranging from 12mm to 28mm for metal tubes and 32mm for multilayer.

One Piece Gag

With this solution, there is one clamp for each diameter and crimping profile. It is easy to use because it does not require insert management. However, it represents an additional cost for the installer who will have to buy and store the different jaws in order to be able to secure each diameter (from 12 to 63 mm) and Swaging profile.

The adapter with chains

This solution is used for large tube diameters, greater than or equal to 40 mm.

Note: Solutions and diameters may vary depending on the machine manufacturer.

The different stages of Swaging:

The following are the different actions that the installer must perform to ensure good Swaging:

Cut the tube

In order to cut the tubes to the desired length and depending on the material (multilayer, PE-X or metal), the installer can use a tube cutter, a fine tooth saw or a mechanical saw. For metal tubes, care must be taken to cut the tube completely to avoid the risk of corrosion. Cut the tube at a 90º angle to the tube. When cutting, take into account the length of the tube that is inserted inside the fitting.

Tube Preparation

After being cut, the ends of the tubes must be deburred, inside and out, to remove debris or burrs. This step is important to avoid damaging the O-ring when inserting the tube into the crimping fitting . Deburring the inside of the tubes also serves to prevent pitting and corrosion of the metal tubes. Internal and external deburring can be carried out with a material-adapted manual deburrer or an electric pipe deburrer. Finally, check that the O-ring is correctly positioned on the fitting.

Special feature of the multilayer pipe

When cutting the multilayer tube, it can be slightly deformed, so it must be calibrated to regain its cylindrical shape. In addition to deburring, the multilayer tube must also be chamfered, i.e. a small bevel must be made on the inside and outside edge of the tube to avoid damaging the fitting’s O-ring. For this reason, it is recommended to use a calibration tool to deburr and calibrate the tube edges at the same time.

Mark the tube

To achieve reliable and quality Swaging , the required insertion depth must be marked on the tube. This marking can be used to identify any modifications to the accessory before Swaging. To identify a change before or after Swaging, it is preferable that the marking remain visible and close to the accessory.

Mount the fitting on the tube

Next comes the stage of assembly. To accomplish this, simply insert the tube into the fitting, twisting slightly and Swaging axially at the same time, up to the insertion mark. When it comes to a fitting without a stop, the tube must be pressed to the marked insertion depth. Warning: Forced insertion of the tube into the fitting can damage the O-ring.

Attachment Swaging

Before Swaging, the installer must check that the Swaging jaws, inserts and/or chains are free of dirt. You should also check that the clamp is in perfect working order. Make sure to use the appropriate clamps for the profiles of the accessories to be pressed. It is also important to correctly position the clamp on the accessory to avoid incorrect Swaging. Check the correct operation of the Swaging tool according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Finally, once the Swaging process has started, it should not be interrupted. To visually determine the quality of the Swaging, some accessory suppliers offer solutions such as the installation of a control ring that changes appearance after Swaging.

The basic points to keep in mind while working with the Swaging tool

  • Be sure to use the correct jaw size depending on the diameter and profile of the accessory.
  • Check the correct condition of the jaws before use.
  • Check the cleanliness of the inside and outside of the tube.
  • Place the Swaging machine correctly in the accessory.
  • Finish the process once the Swaging has started.

    Swaging is a technique that an installer must master to guarantee a connection in a quick and easy way. It is achieved in any type of material, it only requires using the appropriate material and following some basic steps before and during its execution.

Connection: multi-layer crimping accessories

Today, connection technologies are numerous and varied. Among them, the connection with multi-layer Swaging accessories is particularly convincing for its speed and ease of implementation. What are the advantages of these multilayer crimping accessories? Why and how to use them? Let’s do a review:

What is a multilayer connection for Swaging?

In the market for more than 10 years, the multilayer pipe is part of the family of synthetic or composite pipes type PE-X. However, it has more qualitative characteristics compared to other systems. In fact, due to the presence of aluminum in its composition, the multilayer tube is easier to handle and is very robust.

The advantages of multi-layer Swaging accessories

Easy to use: no soldering required.

Fast: up to 40% less time compared to traditional systems.

Economic: it is up to 20% cheaper than copper.

Safe: allows cold connection and does not require a flame (gas).

Application cases of the multilayer Swaging accessory

Heating installers increasingly use this solution in new construction and renovation, due to its profitability. The multilayer connection adapts to various types of applications such as:

1)Hot and cold sanitary water supply.

2) Low temperature power supply, heating / cooling system.

3)High temperature networks.

How do I assemble a multilayer Swaging accessory?

  • Cut the tube with a pipe cutter.
  • Deburr the inside and outside of the tube.
  • Mark the insertion depth of the tube.
  • Insert the tube into the fitting.
  • Fit the fitting to the clamping jaw (the latter requires clamps or inserts adaptable to the tube diameter and the type of fitting used).
  • The multilayer accessory for Swaging is a simple, reliable and economic solution that is applied both in new construction, as well as in rehabilitation and reform.

Ryobi Table Saw: Choosing The Best 2020

Ryobi Table Saw

One of the essential tools in the world of woodworking are table saws. There are a wide variety of models, so choosing one can be a difficult task.

To help you make the best choice, we have prepared this buying guide where you will find all the keys to making the best purchase.

Table saw

A table saw is a tool designed to make precise cuts longitudinally or transversely to different types of materials. They are ideal for any carpentry job.

They consist of a powerful electric motor that turns a circular blade or cutting saw at high speed. They differ from traditional hand saws in that they have a support surface to comfortably carry out work.

The best Ryobi Table saws of 2020

Touching all sectors of DIY, Ryobi has proven to be a tough competitor, whether they are sanders, drills, screwdrivers, lawn mowers, saws or grinders, the brand has nothing to envy the others. Since the beginning of the production of its tools, the brand has set itself very specific objectives: to produce tools that comply with safety standards and regulations and to offer its customers high-quality tools with a quality / price ratio that defies the competition. .

Opinion Ryobi EMS305RG Radial Angle Saw

This saw is a perfect example of the brand’s promise of quality. Extremely powerful and easy to operate, this saw will save DIY professionals and carpenters a lot of time. Its high speed of rotation cuts the wood like a knife in butter, without risk of damaging it thanks to its sharp tooth disc.

RYOBI 2200W – 305mm Stationary Radial Miter Saw EMS305RG

Advantages of the Ryobi EMS305RG radial cut-off saw

  • The motor on this saw has an incredible 2200 watts of power.
  • When changing the blade, the shaft is locked for greater user safety.
  • The angular precision is 0 ° 15 ° 15 ° 22.5 ° 30 ° and 45 °.
  • This saw has two LED lights for optimal visibility.
  • A suction nozzle is built into the tool so you can keep your workplace clean while breathing in as little dust as possible.
  • The GripZone handle offers you a nice and firm grip on the tool thanks to its honeycomb structure.
  • Its LiveTool indicator alerts you if there is voltage to the device via an indicator light.
  • The degrees of cut vary from 0 ° to 45 °.
  • The impressive diameter of the blade is 305mm.
  • The maximum capacity of 90 ° 90 ° miter inclined 90 ° is 110 X 300 mm.
  • This saw has a laser beam that guides you through the cutting process.
  • The extremely sharp and robust blades on this saw are made from tungsten carbide.
  • The rotational speed of the vacuum blade is 5000 rpm. Unlike other saws, whose rotational speed decreases considerably during cutting, this saw does not show a large difference in speed.

Disadvantages of the Ryobi EMS305RG Radial Miter Saw

  • The 20.7 kg weight of this saw makes it very difficult to transport.

Opinion Ryobi EMS216L Radial Angle Saw

This saw offers great power and great stability, thanks to its “D” shaped side extensions. The powerful motor at your disposal allows your blade to have a high rotation speed even on hard materials.

Ryobi 5133001197 EMS216L Cut-off saw ø 216 mm 1200 W

Advantages of the Ryobi EMS216L radial cutter

  • The maximum right angle cutting capacity is 47 °.
  • The maximum 45 ° miter capacity is 158 X 48mm.
  • The maximum 45 ° miter capacity tilts 90 ° and is 185 X 70mm.
  • The maximum 90 ° miter capacity is 270 x 48mm.
  • The maximum 90 ° 90 ° inclined 90 ° miter capacity is 70 X 270 mm.
  • The rotational speed of the disc is 5000 rpm when it is stopped.
  • The weight of this saw is 13 kg.
  • The motor power of this saw is 1500 watts.
  • 48-tooth tungsten carbide blades allow clean cuts without damaging the material being processed.
  • The laser guidance built into this saw gives you great cutting precision.

Disadvantages of the Ryobi EMS216L Radial Miter Saw

  • The cutting capacity of the left bias is low (2 °).

Opinion Ryobi EMS254L Radial Angle Saw

This saw is the perfect combination of power and reliability. It complies with the safety standards of park products, in addition to offering extremely high cutting precision.

The rotational speed of its disk is 4500 rpm. Its motor has a power of 2000 watts.

Ryobi 48922101010119148 Radial Saw, 2000W, Multicolor

Advantages of the Ryobi EMS254L radial cutter

  • The 48 tooth blade diameter is 254mm.
  • The LEDs built into this saw give you excellent visibility.
  • The ExactLine laser technology guide allows you to make very precise cuts.
  • Its two extensions on the left and right offer it very high stability.
  • This saw is a compact version, very easy to transport and store.
  • The maximum 45 ° miter capacity inclines 45 ° is 200 X 58mm.
  • The maximum 45 ° miter capacity tilts 90 ° is 200 X 90mm.
  • The maximum 90 ° miter capacity tilts 45 ° and is 300 X 58mm.
  • The maximum 90 ° 90 ° inclined 90 ° miter capacity is 300 X 90mm.
  • The aluminum work surface provides reliable support.
  • The ball bearing makes it easy to slide the blade without risk of binding.

Disadvantages of the Ryobi EMS254L Radial Miter Saw

  • The maximum cutting capacity of the left bias is low (2 °).
  • The weight of this saw is high (16 kg).

Ryobi Multi Tool | ONE PLUS SYSTEM


The Ryobi Multi-Tool | ONE PLUS SYSTEM brand is one of the world’s largest producers offering innovative and functional power tools at very attractive prices. That is why this brand is often chosen by millions of users, from hobbyists, carpenters, craftsmen, to contractors, for whom price plays a very important role during selection. Every year, Ryobi develops new technological innovations that increase the productivity, safety, and comfort of working both at home and in the garden, so the Ryobi offering is constantly growing and the ONE + family of power tools gains new siblings that replace existing network devices.

ONE + system

The main idea of ​​the ONE + system is behavior in the sense of sustainable development, which takes into account the very important issue of environmental protection. The Ryobi brand makes commitments in this regard by producing ONE + series power tools, which use fewer batteries and use electronic ignition systems, which require fewer pollutant emitting motors. Thanks to the ONE + system, one battery is enough to power all the power tools in this series. This solution saves not only the space required to store batteries, but also money, since you don’t have to buy extra batteries when you buy more power tools.

Battery replaces power cord

When the first cordless power tools and garden tools appeared on the market, their main advantage was the possibility of cordless operation. Initially, the working time was very short, but over time battery technology developed, which also made it possible to increase productivity and extend working time. Currently, battery tools are matched with the parameters and performance of network devices and can be successfully replaced during various jobs at home, in the workshop and in the garden. In the Ryobi offering, we can find more than 100 tools that are part of the ONE + system and this number is constantly increasing. All this to meet user expectations and make work even more comfortable.

How many power tools, so many possibilities.

Ryobi’s ONE + offering is dedicated to all users who need simple solutions for their home. The wide range of offered models of individual power tools makes everyone find the right device with the most optimal parameters, adapted to their needs. A cordless drill , grinder, or saw will be put to use in the hands of any more ambitious DIY enthusiast, while battery-operated garden tools will come in handy for home garden care. In the ONE + product list, we also find many innovative wireless devices that will facilitate daily activities. ACordless pump will be useful for trips to the store, the lamp will provide lighting where there is a shortage, and the radio will make the time not only during work.

New at Ryobi

Recently, several ONE + products completed the Ryobi offering. A Ryobi R18JS7-0 jigsaw with a brushless DC motor joined the family of cordless power tools. This model is a stronger version of the top model of the R18JS-0 jigsaw. In addition to the induction motor, it is also distinguished by a higher number of working movements of up to 3,500 per minute, a higher cutting performance in wood of up to 135 mm and a lower unit weight of 700 grams.

In addition, the offer of garden tools from the Ryobi ONE + series has been increased. The list of products dedicated to gardeners includes an OLP1832BX battery cutter, which will work well for seasonal tree pruning. Thanks to the high pressure of the blade at the level of 250 Nm, the user can easily cut branches up to 32 mm (soft wood) and 28 mm (hard wood). At the same time, the length and weight of the tool of only 2 kg, increases the comfort of working in hard-to-reach places and well above the head.

Convenient Storage

With owners of small tool shops, basements and farm buildings in mind, the Ryobi brand has developed special wall cabinets and tool boxes for convenient storage of tools along with accessories. The tool cabinets are available in 2 models: in the version with the key lock compartment ( RHWS-0 ) and in the open version ( RHWS-02). Each of them has been designed to make the most of each element. Large tools or other items can be placed on top of the cabinet. The cupboard will allow you to store tools and other useful things in the workshop. At the same time, the bottom of the cabinet has been specially designed to be able to hang the Ryobi cordless tools, which fit perfectly in the prepared holes. The perforated walls, however, are useful for hanging hand tools, accessories, and other accessories.

Another convenient solution for storing and transporting tools is tool boxes. The model RTB19INCH 33 liter and RTB22INCH of 56 liters are perfect for this role. A spacious chamber makes it easy to store larger tools and accessories, while the smaller bins located on the deck are ideal for storing small accessories such as screws or bolts. Metal clasps ensure a secure closure of the box, and a comfortable handle will make it easier to transport.


So, the One + system is a unique Ryobi ecosystem that allows you to build a collection of devices around a single charger and battery. How reasonable is this decision? The answer is simple – if you need one tool, then you will not achieve significant savings, since you will have to buy both it and the charger. But if you’re planning on purchasing multiple devices, the savings are clear – the universal battery works with the entire Ryobi cordless and hybrid power tool range. For full-fledged non-stop operation, you need two batteries and one charging station – while you are working with one, the second is charged, after which the cycle repeats.

The One + system is a great solution for people who use the tool on an ongoing basis. It allows you to save money, facilitate the workflow, reduce the cost of work, and simplify the use of equipment. Ryobi batteries show excellent results compared to other companies – they are durable, do not degrade under constant stress, and are resistant to shock and damage. That is why Ryobi is popular among people involved in repair and construction, finishing, roofing, carpentry work. They are also suitable for domestic use – you are guaranteed not to be disappointed in Japanese quality!

Milwaukee Impact Drill


When we talk about essential tools (Milwaukee Impact Drill), we cannot fail to mention drills, since they are extremely useful both for the home and for large-scale jobs. And the Milwaukee models are some of the best on the market. Do you know them? Welcome to ReviewBox! We will talk to you about them!

Milwaukee is a leading company in the field of portable electric tools and accessories, thanks to the quality, effectiveness and innovation of its products. Throughout the article you will know the most important aspects of the drills of this renowned brand. Do not miss it!

First things important

Milwaukee drills are one of the most outstanding tools of this popular American brand, recognized worldwide for the excellence of its products. These drills are highly valued for their effectiveness, resistance, innovation and variety of models.

There are numerous premium, heavy-duty brands of drills, including Bosch. This German firm tops the list of market leading companies in the manufacture of work tools (as does Milwaukee).

When buying a Milwaukee drill, it is important that you take into account certain relevant factors, such as its different types and varieties, voltages and complementary accessories, among other highlights.

Best Milwaukee Drills: Our Recommendations

  • Milwaukee’s Best Drill Driver
  • Milwaukee’s Best Rotary Hammer Drill
  • Milwaukee’s Best Brushless Hammer Drill
  • Milwaukee’s Best Drill Driver

Milwaukee M4 2606-22CT Drill Driver

This excellent drill driver from the Milwaukee brand is characterized and stands out for its versatility and efficiency, since it works as a two-in-one tool: drill and screw. In addition to being extremely practical, efficient and versatile, this product has a very comfortable ergonomic compact design, and comes with a power source to charge the batteries quickly and lastingly.

Milwaukee’s Best Rotary Hammer Drill

Milwaukee M4 5374-20 1/2 “Rotary Hammer 680 W

This fantastic Milwaukee rotary hammer is highly powerful, making it perfect for jobs that require a higher voltage and higher strength tool. This wonderful product will allow you to pierce the hardest materials, such as steel, cement and iron without any problem, quickly, easily and effectively, making it an excellent purchase option.

Milwaukee’s Best Brushless Hammer Drill

M18 Hex Compact Brushless Bare, 1/4 “

This magnificent Milwaukee brushless drill is very functional and effective, since it has an electric controller that, unlike conventional variants of carbon brushes, does not produce friction and wear, making it more powerful, silent, resistant and durable. Besides, it does not overheat, requires less maintenance and uses energy much better.

Shopping guide

The main objective of this buying guide is to provide you with relevant information about the product you are interested in purchasing. For this reason we will tell you what are the most important characteristics of Milwaukee drills, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Milwaukee battery or electric drills?

Milwaukee cordless drills are cordless, allowing you to easily move to work without the limitation of a cord or the need for electrical power. However, these variants have less power than electric models and are somewhat more expensive.

Milwaukee brand traditional corded drills are powered by electrical power, so you will need an outlet to work. Despite this and the fact that you will handle yourself in a smaller space, these varieties have greater power and resistance than the battery ones.

What are the benefits of Milwaukee drills?

Milwaukee drills are some of the most recognized products of this famous American brand of portable power tools. They are characterized and stand out for their excellent quality, resistance and innovation, which makes them highly valued by users.

On the other hand, Milwaukee drills are very versatile and adaptive, since they are manufactured to adapt to all types of tasks, whether they are domestic or professional. In addition, they have robust designs and a high power that allows it to be used for various surfaces.

Apart from the fantastic qualities mentioned previously, these practical tools come with a safety system to avoid electrical overloads, and come with multiple complementary accessories that facilitate and optimize their use. And you can find a huge variety of models according to different functions and needs.

What types of Milwaukee drills can I get?

Milwaukee drills are characterized by having a great variety and assortment of models, so you will always find an option according to your needs. Here we will mention some types so that you know their main characteristics and peculiarities.

Percussion drills. They are the best sellers on the market due to their versatility, since with them you can drill, screw and hammer. You can find various Milwaukee models adapted to all types of surfaces (even the hardest ones), such as the Milwaukee PH 26 hammer drill.

Impact drills. These electric drills are used to screw or unscrew large screws that require greater force. Milwaukee cordless impact drills are characterized by their high power, so you can loosen any type of screw effortlessly with them (such as the M12 and M18 models).

Screwdrivers. These Milwaukee variants combine two tools in one: the drill and the electric screwdriver, so they are very functional and cheaper than if you bought both products separately. You can find several very effective and functional models, such as the Milwaukee M18 FPD-502X.

Other varieties:

In addition to the types of Milwaukee drills that we mentioned previously, there are other varieties adapted to various uses and needs.

Rotary hammer drill. Also called demolition hammers, they are the drills with the most force and power that exist, since they can drill all kinds of materials. Milwaukee models (like the M18 or 18V) have interchangeable chucks that will be adaptable to different uses.

Cordless drill. Milwaukee cordless drills can be used anywhere with complete freedom of movement, unlike conventional corded variants. In addition, you can find multiple models (such as M18 FUEL or Milwaukee 2462-20) with more professional finishes than classic drills.

Angle drill. Angle drills have a format that allows them to access the most difficult places. Milwaukee models (such as C12 RAD-0 or Osd 2) have an ergonomic structure specially designed to allow you to easily reach complex places that you could not access using a conventional drill.

How Impact Drill Differs From a Hammer Drill?


Amateur craftsmen are often faced with a dilemma: what to buy for home – Impact Drill or Hammer Drill? Both tools are designed for drilling. Both have a kick function.

The question is not which is better – but what tasks do you need the tool for. After all, it is one thing to drill hundreds of holes every day, gouge reinforced concrete, make holes for sockets, and quite another thing to drill a wall every couple of months to hang a shelf or cornice. An unsuitable tool will either fail quickly or lie unnecessarily. That is why it is worth figuring out how an impact drill differs from a hammer drill. Let’s start with how it works.

Principle of operation and features

  1. The hammer drill differs in the impact mechanism. The drill is based on mechanics – the friction of gears. The impact is weak, with a small amplitude. This is compensated by a high frequency (about 30-50 thousand beats per minute). When working, you need to press hard on the tool.
  • The impact of the perforator is realized by pneumatics (a piston moves in the cylinder, transmitting movement to the firing pin). The amplitude and energy of the impact are high, and no additional effort is required. The frequency of blows, on the contrary, is relatively low (up to 4-5 thousand per minute).
  •  Operating Modes. With a drill, the blow complements the rotation, i.e. the first is impossible without the second. There is also simple drilling. Rock drills usually have 2 or 3 modes: hammer drilling (main), non-hammer drilling and chiseling (clean hammer).
  • Efficiency. With equal power tools, the capabilities of the drill are much more modest. In other words, to drill the same hole as a hammer drill, the drill will consume 2-3 times more energy. And there is something that she is not at all capable of.

Differences in application

Impact drill “in the teeth” brick, foam concrete, other types of lightweight concrete. But drilling these materials will be slow and time consuming. The reason is that the impact energy of the drill is low. What is convenient is to drill wood and metal, as well as tighten the fasteners.

The hammer drill is most effective when drilling concrete or stone. If you work with it on wood or metal, then the holes are not as accurate as when drilling with a drill. For these works, a cam chuck is installed in the hammer drill chuck, but beating is still present.

The “native” equipment for the perforator will be crowns, chisels, spikes, blades. This is “heavy artillery” for the respective tasks. You can, for example, remove tiles or hammer grooves.

Comparing Tools

A standard screwdriver/ drill uses an electric motor to apply torque to a screwdriver bit, thus turning the screw. A gearbox is almost always involved. The key here is that the electric motor provides the torque directly.

In a hammer drill, part of that torque is used to drive a cam mechanism to move the bit back and forth on its longitudinal axis. This means inside and outside the screw. This is mainly useful for drilling hard materials like ceramic, concrete, masonry. This is NOT a feature that would generally be desired to turn a screw.

An impact driver or impact wrench (power tool) uses a rotating mass to engage / disengage the shaft of the bit, each time it is struck. Think of it this way: you have a regular wrench attached to a bolt. It would be easier to spin a hammer in a circle and have it land on the key and deliver a short, sharp, heavy-duty blow; than using the same torque / effort you used on the hammer on the wrench directly. It’s basically a way of trading speed for torque that also has a beautiful side effect of reducing reaction forces in the body of the tool, meaning your wrist doesn’t have to resist torque as much. This is beneficial for driving screws all day:

An old school MANUAL impact driver has nothing to do with modern power tool impact drivers. Basically, you put the impact driver on the screw head and hit it with a hammer, the hammer hit keeps the bit embedded in the head and the internal mechanism converts part of the longitudinal translation (hammer hit) into torsion around the length shaft (by turning the screw). The idea is to avoid CAMOUT or peeling the heads. It’s usually only important these days for Phillips screws.

Differences between rotary hammer and rotary hammer:

Not all exercises are up to the task to satisfy you. To obtain maximum torque, an exceptional drill is required with various types of compositions such as dense wood, softwood and various metals. But to interrupt the concrete, you can opt for a rotary hammer or rotary hammer. The area unit of the inhabitants of the house largely ignores the hammer drill. Inconsiderably, you would like to understand the variations whether or not you have a task with it or not.

The difference is really in those issues.

  • Characteristics and their differences.
  • Hammer factors and their differences
  • Chuck factor and its differences
  • Tool style and its differences.
  • Do not go over a hole: compare
  • Never press hard, compare
  • Keep debris away, compare
  • Small hole deserves first drilling – compare


Impact drills and hammer drills may look very similar to each other, but differ primarily in purpose and in some operations. A hammer drill is most often used to drill holes in a hard surface such as brick, concrete, and masonry to install fasteners and other construction equipment.

Rather, the primary function of an impact driver or impact drill is to drive screws into walls. Regarding the operation too,

Hammer drilland impact exercises differ from each other. The hammer drill uses much more pressure than an impact drill. It is almost like a hammer working fast in a back and forth motion.

On the other hand, impact drills use heavy-duty blows accompanied by rotating bits to drill holes in heavy, dense materials such as concrete and hardwood. To cut a long story short, hammer drills and impact drills can vary considerably. However, there are some hybrid versions of rotary hammers that accomplish the functions of both variants reasonably well.


So which hammer drill or hammer drill to choose? Let’s summarize the main points:

Impact Drill – small impact force. Can drill brick and concrete, but the efficiency is not very high. This consumes a lot of energy. Not recommended for intensive work. Frequent hammer drilling will wear out the impact gears.

Hammer Drill – you can drill and hammer in concrete of any density, stone, brick. The crown allows for fairly wide holes. Some models have a jackhammer function. If necessary, you can drill wood and metal, but a) with low accuracy; b) not very convenient (due to the heavy construction).

6 Useful Tips From Experts In Dewalt Screwdriver



DeWalt cordless screwdriver is in demand from buyers all over the world – from Argentina to Japan. They are used in various fields of activity – in one-time household repairs, periodic work in a workshop or garage, and the most powerful models are used in production. The operating potential of screwdrivers can be significantly expanded through the use of additional accessories.

DeWalt screwdriver can be divided into two main categories depending on the type of power supply: mains and cordless. Networked, as a rule, are more powerful, but rechargeable batteries offer the user a significantly higher level of mobility.

A suitable speed and torque setting should be selected immediately before switching on. Most instruments have two speed settings. The first is suitable for working with fasteners – in this mode, the device produces the lowest number of revolutions and the highest torque. The second (and, if available, the third) are intended for drilling. There are special switches for tuning the instrument.

For high-quality screw tightening, it is necessary to select a suitable torque value. It is best to carry out a test screwing into an unnecessary part of the same properties before finishing a new material. This will help determine the optimal regimen. It should be borne in mind that with a suitable setting, the screw head must be flush with the surface when screwing in before the ratchet mechanism is triggered. Over-setting can damage the workpiece – cracks and other material deformations.

Before tightening a particularly powerful fastener, it is worth drilling a hole under it. In this case, the diameter of the drill should be slightly smaller in comparison with the same indicator of the fastener. Hole drilling helps prevent overloading and ensures good screw driving.

There are two main types of tool holders:

BZP (keyless chuck) – Allows you to replace accessories without the use of any special tools.

Key Chuck – A special key is required to change tooling. Some inconvenience of work is compensated by the high reliability of this type of clamps.

The design of some Dewalt Screwdriver allows, if necessary, to change the chuck.

Bits (for working with fasteners) and drills (for drilling holes) are used as attachments for cordless and power screwdrivers. Also, it is not always possible to do without a bit holder when tightening and unscrewing screws.

When choosing a drill, it is important to consider the type of material in which you plan to drill and the diameter of the holes required. Pay attention to the maximum drilling diameter that the tool can provide. Neglecting this factor can lead to overloading the screwdriver motor and, ultimately, to its failure.

The most common type of holder is magnetic. They allow you to easily and quickly change the equipment depending on the type of fastener. Other types are needed under certain conditions. Thus, copper-beryllium holders avoid sparks during use and are operated in hazardous areas.

  • Depending on the shape of the tip, these accessories are divided into many categories:
  • Phillips is the most common. Designed to act on conventional screws.
  • Pozidriv (“double-cross”) – designed for unscrewing stuck fasteners or screwing into especially dense materials. Additionally, pointed splines provide a more firm grip on the bit.
  • Straight – used when tightening fasteners with a straight slot.
  • Torx is shaped like a six-pointed star. There are two subspecies of such bits – ordinary and protected (differ in the presence of a hole in the end surface).
  • Hexagonal and rectangular – Designed for fasteners with appropriate slots.

Other forms are extremely rare.

  • It is common to find accessories that have two tips – for example, the tip is cruciform on one side of the nozzle and flat on the other.
  • The best option for carrying out various jobs in a domestic or industrial environment is to purchase a set of bits, which includes accessories of the most common and often used types – Philips, Pozidriv and straight bits.
  • Corresponding rechargeable batteries are available for cordless screwdrivers. Most of these DeWalt accessories are of the Li-Ion type

Such batteries are distinguished by the absence of a “memory effect”, which allows them to be charged without waiting for a complete discharge. On the other hand, NiCd batteries provide high performance in low temperature environments.

When choosing equipment, you must follow the advice given in the instruction manual. It is also worth considering the technical characteristics – battery voltage and capacity. In general, the higher the voltage, the more power the screwdriver can develop. The capacity is responsible for the duration of the battery life without recharging.

Dewalt Screwdriver Safety Engineering (TIPS)

The most obvious hazards when working with a corded screwdriver are electric shock and fire due to short circuits. In order to avoid electrical injuries, you should follow a few simple guidelines:

Do not allow yourself to make changes to the design of the tool (cutting off the plug, handicraft lengthening the wire, trying to repair or modernize the device at home). This can lead to a breakdown in the electrical circuit, and subsequently, to receive electrical injuries.

Do not allow power tools to come into contact with water. The use of a screwdriver, into which water has got into, is fraught not only with its failure, but also with electric shock. The same applies to chargers.

Do not allow the maximum tension of the conductive cord during operation. Insufficient contact between the plug and the elements inside the socket can lead to short circuits, thermal overload of electrical components and, as a result, fire. A safe way out of the situation is to buy an extension cord.

Before screwing the screw into the wall, use a special device to detect hidden wiring. Of course, the rubberized handle of the Dewalt screwdriver will be able to protect the user from electric shock, but the further finding of the fastener in this position will inevitably lead to other people getting electrical injuries.

Also, do not neglect special protective accessories. The goggles will prevent small particles from entering the eyes when drilling wood or metal. Gloves help to avoid not only calluses, but also cuts, scrapes and abrasions that can occur when exposed to certain materials.

We must not forget that the screwdriver has rotating structural elements. They may have jewelry, clothing, or long hair wrapped around them.