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The Ryobi Multi-Tool | ONE PLUS SYSTEM brand is one of the world’s largest producers offering innovative and functional power tools at very attractive prices. That is why this brand is often chosen by millions of users, from hobbyists, carpenters, craftsmen, to contractors, for whom price plays a very important role during selection. Every year, Ryobi Multi tool developers develops new technological innovations that increase the productivity, safety, and comfort of working both at home and in the garden, so the Ryobi offering is constantly growing and the ONE + family of power tools gains new siblings that replace existing network devices.


ONE + system

The main idea of ​​the ONE + system in Ryobi multi tool is behavior in the sense of sustainable development, which takes into account the very important issue of environmental protection. The Ryobi brand makes commitments in this regard by producing ONE + series power tools, which use fewer batteries and use electronic ignition systems, which require fewer pollutant emitting motors. Thanks to the ONE + system, one battery is enough to power all the power tools in this series. This solution saves not only the space required to store batteries, but also money, since you don’t have to buy extra batteries when you buy more power tools.

Battery replaces power cord

When the first cordless power tools and garden tools appeared on the market, their main advantage was the possibility of cordless operation. Initially, the working time was very short, but over time battery technology developed, which also made it possible to increase productivity and extend working time.

Currently, battery tools are matched with the parameters and performance of network devices and can be successfully replaced during various jobs at home, in the workshop and in the garden. In the Ryobi offering, we can find more than 100 tools that are part of the ONE + system and this number is constantly increasing. All this to meet user expectations and make work even more comfortable.

How many power tools, so many possibilities.

Ryobi’s ONE + offering is dedicated to all users who need simple solutions for their home. The wide range of offered models of individual power tools makes everyone find the right device with the most optimal parameters, adapted to their needs. A cordless drill , grinder, or saw will be put to use in the hands of any more ambitious DIY enthusiast, while battery-operated garden tools will come in handy for home garden care.

In the ONE + product list, we also find many innovative wireless devices that will facilitate daily activities. cordless pump of ryobi multi tool will be useful for trips to the store, the lamp will provide lighting where there is a shortage, and the radio will make the time not only during work.

New at Ryobi

Recently, several ONE + products completed the Ryobi multi tool. A Ryobi R18JS7-0 jigsaw with a brushless DC motor joined the family of cordless power tools. This model is a stronger version of the top model of the R18JS-0 jigsaw. In addition to the induction motor, it is also distinguished by a higher number of working movements of up to 3,500 per minute, a higher cutting performance in wood of up to 135 mm and a lower unit weight of 700 grams.

In addition, the offer of garden tools from the Ryobi multi tool has been increased. The list of products dedicated to gardeners includes an OLP1832BX battery cutter, which will work well for seasonal tree pruning. Thanks to the high pressure of the blade at the level of 250 Nm, the user can easily cut branches up to 32 mm (soft wood) and 28 mm (hard wood). At the same time, the length and weight of the tool of only 2 kg, increases the comfort of working in hard-to-reach places and well above the head.

Convenient Storage

With owners of small tool shops, basements and farm buildings in mind, the Ryobi multi tool has developed special wall cabinets and tool boxes for convenient storage of tools along with accessories. The tool cabinets are available in 2 models: in the version with the key lock compartment ( RHWS-0 ) and in the open version ( RHWS-02).

Each of them has been designed to make the most of each element. Large tools or other items can be placed on top of the cabinet. The cupboard will allow you to store tools and other useful things in the workshop. At the same time, the bottom of the cabinet has been specially designed to be able to hang the Ryobi multi tools, which fit perfectly in the prepared holes. The perforated walls, however, are useful for hanging hand tools, accessories, and other accessories.

Another convenient solution for storing and transporting tools is tool boxes. The model Ryobi multi tool of 56 liters are perfect for this role. A spacious chamber makes it easy to store larger tools and accessories, while the smaller bins located on the deck are ideal for storing small accessories such as screws or bolts. Metal clasps ensure a secure closure of the box, and a comfortable handle will make it easier to transport.


So, the One + system is a unique Ryobi multi tool that allows you to build a collection of devices around a single charger and battery. How reasonable is this decision? The answer is simple – if you need one tool, then you will not achieve significant savings, since you will have to buy both it and the charger. But if you’re planning on purchasing multiple devices, the savings are clear – the universal battery works with the entire Ryobi cordless and hybrid power tool range. For full-fledged non-stop operation, you need two batteries and one charging station – while you are working with one, the second is charged, after which the cycle repeats.

The Ryobi multi tool is a great solution for people who use the tool on an ongoing basis. It allows you to save money, facilitate the workflow, reduce the cost of work, and simplify the use of equipment. Ryobi batteries show excellent results compared to other companies – they are durable, do not degrade under constant stress, and are resistant to shock and damage. That is why Ryobi is popular among people involved in repair and construction, finishing, roofing, carpentry work. They are also suitable for domestic use – you are guaranteed not to be disappointed in Japanese quality!

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