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Have you ever sat and observed any of them tradesmen framework a structure? It is fascinating how rapidly some of those guys move. A wall is up and already being tied into the following wall socket in a blink of an eye. The only something vital can be a quick framing nailer. This need to maintain up with those men and misuse a worksite, which brings to the makita cordless nailer. Let’s jump in the Ridgid Framing Nailer Review and see what we like and do not enjoy about this pneumatic software.

Ridgid Framing Nailer Overview

Most of us know cordless technologies have come our way. As of today, however, it still can’t compete with the rate of a pneumatic framing nailer. The battery nailers are fantastic for more compact tasks or even punch frozen products, although you are rocking out a structure and carrying out heavy framing. Hose and compressor to get yourself a job done.

Ridgid R350RHF Framing Nailer

It looks as though everyone has fresh Ridgid framing nailers this past year. Ridgid has updated their favorite R350RHE (along with their roofing nailer) with a few things well worth noting. The new Ridgid R350RHF certainly shares equivalent faculties with its predecessor. However, it’s more than only a new model range using a slightly various layout.

What is the Same?

A number of the capabilities we adored on the prior version (and hope on a Guru level nailer) are still the following. Ridgid framing nailer HexGrip over-mold handles the deal with only a slightly different structure. It’s still true that you possess a sterile fire lockout, tool-free actuation assortment switch, toenailing claw, tool-free breeze clearance, and no-mar pad.

The journal has a somewhat different appearance but includes the exact 2 step backloading style. Fastener length and capacity remain the same as effectively. The thickness of ridgid framing nailer can be found in the same region using a marginally lower orientation. It’s still true that you have an excellent buckle hook, and the unit has a swivel coupler.

Ridgid R350RHF Round-Head Framing Nailer

Launch the box is half the pleasure for a new device. Included in the package is a jar of oil, an Allen wrench (presumably for servicing the application ), paperwork, not to mention the nailer itself. Straight away, this rifle feels wonderful in front and provides a good grasp large tool. Nevertheless, Ridgid framing nailer has done a great job trying to keep the burden just underneath 8 lbs. However, it maintains a high level of quality for most of the moving components.

Even the R350RHF has many excellent features that ensure it is easy to use and adaptable to various scenarios one might encounter while still framing.

Swiveling liter hose attachment

Nail drive thickness adjustment

Toolless switching between flame styles

Eight nails per minute firing rate (when utilizing fire-upon-contact mode)

Dry Fire Lock-out

Removable no-mar nailing pad

Swiveling instrument belt hook

Three-year warranty and lifetime service arrangement

Setup and Loading

Finding the Ridgid framing nailer prepared for action takes minimal effort and time. The gun was created for use with vinyl collated 21 level framing nails from 2″-3.5″ long. In the testing below, I am utilizing three 1/4″ nails because I couldn’t find 3.5″ at the stock exchange. Loading the pins is equally as comfortable as orienting the nails at the proper angle, slipping them down the journal, and pulling back on the publication clip.

I indeed could load two clips of pins for an overall total of around 60 claws. Only the most straightforward Ridgid framing nailer I have. I underwent zero bindings when pulling straight back or releasing the clip, plus it never slipped while bending the claws set up. It is necessary to be aware that this is not an oil-less pneumatic weapon. The instructions say to gently oil with 2 3 drops of oil until every day of use. Or petroleum it periodically during per day of instead a heavy usage.

After I loaded the Ridgid framing nailer implemented a few drops of oil into the end of their fitting. I then attached that the air hose and then set my compressor to the maximum recommended operating pressure of 120 psi to provide the best possibility of driving the long three 1/4″ nails. As mentioned above, the pneumatic fitting quickly reverted to either side using a quick flick of their wrist. This allowed the hose to drape on each aspect of this tool and left switching hands and rankings much less awkward.

Ridgid framing nailer makes it possible for the user to fine-tune just how much the nails are driven under the timber’s surface. I would suggest analyzing a couple of nails employing the identical stuff you intend on using for your project to get the very best results. Additionally, it is essential to mention that the compressor and tension you use will probably also affect how far the claws have been all driven.

I analyzed the driveway depth working of Ridgid framing nailer with some bits of douglas fir I had removed out of several walls I took out of my home and several bits of studs I’d recently purchased at my regional Home Depot. Both samples were analyzed by stacking these three high and nailing results from the surface grain together would when building a header.

I corrected the driveway thickness up to it’d proceed in both guidelines and drove a nail utilizing just about every placing. I applied precisely the single-fire manner to ensure that the maximum consistent outcomes.

At the older fir (pictured left), the claws set flush with the face to a great 1/4″ over the top layer. Unsurprisingly, the nails drove further into the milder, more modern walnut (pictured right) that most people will probably use for new projects. The claws of Ridgid framing nailer moved from sub-flush into 3/16″ roughly above the surface. After wanting different settings throughout my additional testing, I found myself retaining the R350RHF place to complete disk depth.

Switching Firing Modes

Yet another modern feature on the Ridgid framing nailer could easily switch between single-fire and rapid-fire manners. Single-fire mode demands the user to completely depress the head of their nailer on the surface to become nailed before the cause could be dragged. I’d implore anyone who is not a professional always to use the single-fire style since it features the safest and most accurate performance.

The rapid-fire technique of ridgid framing nailer enables an individual to preserve precisely the activate dragged down and firmly tap the head of their nailer against the nailing area repeatedly without the need to pull the trigger each moment. Switching between modes will be most comfortable with two hands plus is realized by simply pushing the button over the activate onto the rifle’s right side when turning the knob on the left side of their gun to point to the desirable mode. I found the actions of this selection device to become eloquent and crisp.

Ridgid framing nailer could take at eight claws each instant in rapid-fire mode. I did my very best to examine that claim. However, I found myself missing the necessary skills to fire more than 2 or 3 nails per minute since there were a few kick-backs when shooting every pin, which required me to refocus my target.

I suspect a professional ridgid framing nailer with an increase of ninja-like reflexes than myself will locate this function more useful than I did. I struck the promoted dry fire lockout throughout testing, which left five claws unfired from the magazine. This shields the tool from damage that may arise if it were to flame with no fastener.

No-Mar Nailing Pad

The Ridgid framing nailer includes a useful no-mar nailing pad on the head of this rifle to be used on decking surfaces. After eliminated, a noodle has been revealed, gives a business sting in the nailing floor. That is very helpful to reduce slippage while toenailing. Even though I built a little pub (see under ) with all the no-mar pad attached, I would likely leave it eliminated for just about any rough framing endeavors later on.

Let’s Build A Wall

I have the ultimate demand to get a small”wall” because of the framework of a counter for a portion of my basement above remodel, so I opted to put one together. I had been curious to see how much time it would take to build. Even the”wall” in query would be 8′ x-ray 26″ when constructed. Once every one of the bits was trimmed and ready to make, it took me only under 3 minutes to build the wall utilizing the Ridgid framing nailer set to single-fire mode.

Ridgid R350RHE 3-1/2″ Round Head Framing Nailer

Even the Ridgid framing nailer is a round head framing nailer made for acute framers who don’t want many bells and whistles–merely the features that make preparing only a bit easier and much more convenient.

I utilized this 7-pound truck gun to an excellent market vehicle, complete with power steering and door locks, but without heated seats. Those stupid seat warmers commonly end up breaking eventually, and it costs a fortune to receive them fixed. Anyway, actual men don’t need seat warmers, directly?

Ridgid R350RHE High-Level Basics

My daddy had a good philosophy regarding “extras” into virtually every product, from cars and trucks to electrical power tools: “The longer extras you purchase, the more there is really to break down.” That outlook creates a lot of sense, mainly if your objective is to get far more work done–more efficiently–throughout daily life. Ridgid framing nailer has done a superb job of incorporating characteristics that offer real benefits to the end-user without moving forward.

While the Ridgid R350HE nailer takes advantage of contemporary technology to produce a lighter-weight, more successful tool, it still doesn’t overdo anything. They predict their feature collection”Fasten Edge technological innovation.”

Ridgid R350RHE First Impressions

After you start the box, you are greeted with a studly article of machines. The design of ridgid framing nailer looks competitive and glossy at an identical moment. After you pull it out from this box, the very first thing you notice different concerning the Ridgid R350RHE is how much milder it seems than the additional framers in its class.

The power is derived by the magic of M G. For all people who skipped science class regularly, that’s the indication of Magnesium–the most abundant component in the planet’s crust; the most frequent element in the planet earth as a whole; and virtually the most usual component of the torso of this tool. As it’s just 2/3 the density of aluminum, so the device makes a difference whenever you’re using it daily.

The first challenge once it comes to a nail-gun merely is loading it. Even the bypass-slider journal loader with this Fuego-branded nailer is lively and comfortable, yet, it lets you be more efficient by accepting a wider variety of attachments than its competitors. However, the vast majority of us who don’t any framing incline to stay using just one size pinpoint during a build; it is lovely to own the option to swap out them if necessary.

Yet another understated touch is the swivel-mount air hose connector. It’s one of the capabilities that get to be almost so subtle; it’s barely noticed. And is not that the real attractiveness behind whatever else finished, right? An automobile with power steering is straightforward to move; you forget exactly what it had been like to drive one with no perk.

The same holds for pneumatic nailers–maybe not fighting an air compressor is just one of the activities that you may scarcely notice, but it also aids in turning into more efficient with the task at hand. On top of the, how many framing and completing nailers are you bought recently that do incorporate an inlet adapter? I might say most don’t incorporate some at all.

Additionally, like the dry fire lockout. There nothing worse compared to when you’re rocking together, as well as the work-piece you’re enjoying has a component fall off. Please do not deny it — we’ve done it at least on one occasion. At least on this element, we won’t ever make that mistake.

The Ridgid Hex-Grip is just one of those”Fasten Edge engineering” extras which some could consider using a cynical eye in the beginning. The jewel’s idea is that the raised micro-hex’ dots (in basic terms( it is a textured coating ) allow for better control and grip while utilizing this tool.

Please think of this feature as an excellent collection of tires that sheds rain through its complicated spider-web of springs and channels. Sweaty hands are not a problem because sweat is carried off throughout that micro-hex texture, which will not induce your hands and fingers to hydroplane across the grip floor. At this time, this is the notion.

Does this function? It seems to. It is effortless to grasp the control of the Ridgid R350RHE–even bare, sweaty-handed. Again, I was not even thinking about relating to this micro-textured surface area while using the tool. I only understood it was not slipping out my traction.

Ridgid R350RHE Framing Nailer Specifications
Model: Ridgid R350RHE

Electricity Source: Allergic atmosphere

Fastener Diameter: 0.113″ — 0.162″

Fastener Length: two ″ — 3-1/2″

Magazine Capacity: 60 — 70 claws

Collation: 20 — 22 degrees

Height: 13.75″

Length: 19″

Price: $229.00

Warranty: Lifetime Service Agreement

Jam-clearing and Adjustments
Speaking of nailing, there are often two significant hurdles to jump in regards to nailer performance. First, just how simple it to put precisely the fastener thickness, and secondly –exactly what about clearing a jam? Those two features might break or make a nailer in my mind.

I’ve owned nailers, which I’d kind of throw out a window compared to try to obtain an Allen wrench or equivalent tool to correct the depth-of-drive (DOD) or transparent a jammed fastener. And needless to say, the jam usually happened only as I was getting into a groove at work, which buzz-killed any expectation of completing time.

Fixing the DOD on the R350RHE can be as easy as turning a knob (cue angel chorus here!). There are no Allen wrenches to get dropped or anything else to that matter. You merely fire an evaluation nail, turn the knob, and repeat until you’re in the correct depth.

It has much precisely the same atmosphere when microwave ovens seemed on the spectacle –that the prep time was lower from 75 percent. This brings with it the exact effect–it’s going to take about 5 seconds to get the appropriate thickness setting dialed in (more angels).

Although I’d go for not dealing with jams, another expert of this framer is the simplicity of preventing you. I could clean a few. As soon as the nozzle is disconnected, you eliminate the fastener strip and then depress a small lever near the bottom of their motor home. Just like magic, only a tiny door swings open, and also you can go to town, clearing the jam out of the chamber.

I have utilized other nailers that induce one to spend what seemed like hours undoing the jam, but this feature managed to get fast and straightforward.

Overall, we wind up carrying out a lot of finished work with all our more compact Ridgid nailers; however, we get to split the big guns from time to time. There has been lots of fencing to perform, along with a bit more traditional interior decorating. We wrapped along with 3-1/2 inch claws to get our framing job.

The length of the driveway was effortless to dial in, and the ironic flame lockout kept us out of potential harm. The performance was flawless. Trouble started after we proceeded on into this fence together with 2-inch claws. I found that for approximately 20 nails, the software would jam. Then I realized that it wasn’t about every 20 nails — it had been every 20 nails.

When the first nail of the brand new strip would come into the room, the striker would shoot two nails out simultaneously, causing it. Oddly, it would just occur when loading two strands at one moment; point. When I replaced the strip with only one when the publication was vacant, then the very first nail could fire nice.

This proved to be an exact annoying and time-intensive error of the Ridgid R350RHE. It left me with all the recognition that I’d need to use them otherwise excellent nailers only on the cap of the nail span collection or confine the power of the magazine and then forfeit a few claws with every strip.


I want to demonstrate love for the Ridgid R350RHE Framing Nailer. Its features, assembly, and overall performance with all 3-1/2 inch claws set it into an outstanding group.

Nevertheless, the jamming issues with smaller feet are not something it is easy to overlook. If you’re an expert looking for a dedicated 3-1/2 inch framing nailer, you won’t be unhappy. If you require the flexibility of a vast array of claws, you’ll want to check at a different version.

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