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Small Chainsaws are among the most versatile and efficient tools employed by homeowners and professional workers equally. Usual pain staking yardwork becomes considerably more comfortable with the use of this invention. The device alone has changed and evolved over the last ten years, and now small chainsaws are easily unearthed, which can be instrumental in the dwelling care tasks of ordinary homeowners.

They are sometimes quite helpful for those who wish to avert the annoyance of seeing by hand and ideal for anyone else who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of obnoxiously loud machines. A massive portion of optimizing this item’s efficiency is choosing the very most good small chainsaw, which works for your choices and needs.

However, if you’re interested in purchasing the optimal/optimally chainsaw, are not sure just what model and make to put money into, you’ve arrived at the perfect location. We’ve completed the search for you with these chainsaw evaluations and guides that will help you find the most suitable one for you.

The Small Chainsaw recommended here would be the top favorites because they have an excellent combination of features and quality. For an Amazon Associate, I earn qualifying purchases throughout the backlinks to support this website. If you get a qualifying product, you’re maybe not charged anything extra. However, I’ll find a small commission to help pay for my expenses. I trust you find that my information is convenient and find the ideal chain saw for your requirements on this record.

Best Small Chainsaws Reviewed in This Information

Here’s a quick comparison graph revealing the top-rated smaller chainsaws. I’ll go in-depth about each of the tools along with their features later in this guide. However, this gives you a sense of what’s open and a simple means to easily compare them.

What Could You Work with a Small Chainsaw For?

The fact that you’re looking at this chainsaw guide means that you already have some tree or even bush chopping projects in mind.

But, did you know you can execute a whole lot longer having a Small chainsaw?

Just before we enter my reviews of the best lightweight and small Chainsaws, Here Are a Few of the Best Things That You Can do with these Small tools:

Prune Limbs: Small chainsaws are ideal for work, such as removing limbs off small trees. In fact that you never want to use powerful chainsaws for this endeavor because it makes the work more harmful (and so they’re major ).

Trim Bushes: Hedge accessories and electrical trimmers can get you far when trimming stinks. When you have heavier branches, a small chain saw can easily tackle bushes and make the work go considerably faster.

Fell a Tree — “Felling” is the technical expression for Chopping down a tree. Lightweight chain saws are great for jelqing smaller diameter timber because they are more comfortable to hold at low elevation.

Cut Logs — right after felling a tree, it’s possible even to use a tiny leash to cut it up into manageable logs. Something similar is real for clearing after trees that have dropped in your lawn abruptly.

Split firewood: Among the most widely used reasons for owning a lightweight chainsaw, it uses dividing belief as though employing an ax because of this goal.

Which Sort of Small Chainsaw Should You Buy?

Whenever you’re selecting the optimal/optimally chain saw for your needs, you are going to have to choose from a petrol-powered, semi-automatic electric, or battery-driven device.

You can also decide in the event you need a conventional handheld chain sawmill, a pole saw, or even a dual-purpose device.

 Small chainsaws for these own features selection.

Electrical power Resource

Gas-powered Chainsaws: Why Work with a mixture of fuel and oil; Most powerful; Quickest Chopping equipment; Extended cutting times; Pull-cord beginning; Simple repairs; Strong; Reasonable price; Heaviest; Loudest; Produces emissions.

Demands petrol and 2-cycle oil combined at 40:1 or 50:1 each the maker’s recommendations.

Electric chain-saws: Constructed through an expansion cord; Second most powerful type; Cuts lower compared to very best petrol chain saws; no limitation on cutting occasions (always conducts ); pushbutton start; Repairs need skilled assistance; Maximum selling price; Lightest; Quietest; Cleanest (no emissions).

Demands an expansion cord. Even a 100-feet 10AWG version is your optimal/optimally alternative.

Battery-powered Small Chainsaw — Uses rechargeable batteries; Much like the capacity to electric chainsaws; Reducing period is restricted to the battery (30 mins to a single hour);

Pushbutton beginning; Repairs require specialist services; Most costly; instead, they are more than electrical chainsaws; they are peaceful; thoroughly clean.

Has a battery. Consider buying accessories so that you have much less downtime after cutting down.


Handheld Chainsaws: All these are the regular small ChainSaws utilized for a Great Number of jobs. You hold all these power gears together with two fingers: one hand goes to the top handlebar to direct your cuts and the other controls on the straight back grip with the throttle activate.

Pole Saws: All these are a distinctive type of saw that features a small chainsaw attached to a pole’s ending. This design gives you the ability to get up high in the air to decrease tree limbs from space with just a tiny bit of blade.

2-in-1 chain saws: These Small Chainsaw transform in between a handheld rail and a pole saw. This provides you the luxury of possessing one strength tool that may perform it all; cut hardwood onto the earth as well as in the air.

How Small If You Go When Choosing the Very Best Lightweight Chain-saw?

Every small chainsaw has a specific size known as the”information bar span.”

 Which retains the chain.

Even a 14-inch chainsaw, for instance, comes with a bar that measures 14 inches. This means that you may technically lower an object of timber up to 14 inches thick.

As for the Sorts of tree cutting projects, you can play smaller dimensions bar spans; here’s an Overall principle:

6″ to 2 ″ inches — Pruning limbs and clearing brush.

10″ into 12″ inches — Eliminating shrub branches and cutting smaller tree logs.

14″ inch — Cutting small trees, slicing up logs, and dividing firewood.

Now, you could be tempted only to get yourself a 14-inch chain saw so you may perform each one of the cutting tasks listed above; however, that’s maybe not exactly the smartest thing to do.

When you are utilizing a chainsaw, you want to fit the information bar span into the typical thickness of the wood you are cutting edge. By way of instance, it’s perhaps not harmless to hack away at a bush with a 14-inch chain saw.

The safest method to employ a chain saw is to make two inches of clearance by the blade’s conclusion when cutting on. So, for a 14-inch chain saw, it’s best to cut hardwood that’s 12 inches in diameter or even smaller.

Observing this info will lessen your probability of both”kick back,” that is, a sudden backward spinning of the blade as soon as the string nicks an object with the tip.

Can cutting an occasional tree limb or lean division be superior using a 14-inch chainsaw? Indeed. But, if you’re going to do a lot of this kind of job, then it’s safer to utilize a bigger 6″ to 2 ″ chainsaws for that goal.

Smallest & Lightest Chain Saw Opinions & Buying Guide

Today you are aware of how to pick the most significant small chain saw to suit your own needs, and we are now able to move onto the list of all reviews.

Beneath, you will come across the smallest and lightest chainsaws offered in every single kind: petrol, electric, and battery-run.

This list can help save you hundreds of hours of hunting for smaller chainsaws permit you to easily compare each of the most incredible models and their features in 1 place.

I’ll begin with the tiniest dimensions, 6″, and work my way upward to the biggest, 14 in.

Most Useful Small ChainSaw List

BLACK+DECKER Smaller Chain-saw Lopper

6-inch Bar Duration (Electric)

Would you like the tiniest chainsaw possible?

One which is easy to use to get a lot of tree pruning accomplished in the briefest period?

If so, this little chainsaw lopper will likely be your handheld machine.

. Also, it makes painful cuts, Which Are Easy.

And secure.

This small chainsaw also includes a mechanical (Fixed movement ) Oiler to retain the pub and chain well continuously lubricated. Besides, it only requires a few drops of oil in the reservoir to keep all those parts from overheating.

However, the ideal part may be that the automated Tool-Less Chain Tensioning system, which puts the right tension for the chain. This prevents above or under-tightening, both of which can harm your chainsaw or injury to the operator.

If you want one of those optimal/optimally electrical power instruments to speed during tasks like shrub pruning and brush cutting-edge, this modest one-of-a-kind chain saw may be the ideal choice.

Solar Joe SWJ800E Small Chainsaw

8-inch Bar Size (Electric)

Are you looking for a lightweight chain saw you might employ to cut limbs that are from reach?

Afterward, this electrical pole observed is proper for you.

It truly is excellent for one thing and one thing just –cutting high tree branches.

And because of work like this, you desire an easy-touse lightweight rod saw just like that one. It only weighs 7 pounds, which can make it straightforward to go and hold for prolonged periods.

As for height, the pole expands 8.7′ ft. That provides the typical person who’s between 5′ to 6′ ft tall a total reach of 14′ into 15′ ft into the trees.

This small chainsaw also comprises an Automatic (set Flow) Oiler to scatter the bar plus chain. Thus, it’s not necessary to dash something to keep those elements precisely maintained.

Even a Tool-Less Chain Tensioner helps make string adjustments quick and easy and takes an effortless twist of the twist thread.

If you need a passionate rod noticed for trimming tall trees, this may be the least expensive choice as it conducts electricity–maybe not gas or batteries.

Greenworks 20672 Small ChainSaw

8-inch Bar Size (Battery-Powered)

In the event you liked my earlier modest chain saw inspection but ended upn’t a fan of working with an electric cable for power, then you’re going to be much happier for this product here.

This Small Chainsaw offers the same advantages as this previous review; however, it runs on rechargeable batteries.

Using this particular battery-powered rod noticed, it is possible to proceed freely without any constraints. The only real disadvantage is that you’re confined to a single hour, cutting some time until you have to recharge. If that sounds overly limited, get an additional battery with your buy.

As for bodyweight, this Small Chainsaw is a little thicker –in 8 pounds–as it can comprise a battery.

If you’d like one of their ideal pole earnings for trimming tree branches, then this is just a considerable alternative.

WORX WG309 2-in-1 Small Chainsaw

10-inch Bar Duration (Electric)

Once we all input the 10-inch measurement for a new chainsaw, your own choices start to open up.

Using this powerful tool, you secure some significant advantages of the rod saw, and a handheld Small Chainsaw wrapped up into a handy miniature chainsaw bundle.

This 2 In 1 tool isn’t hard to use and provides you the flexibility to tackle both limbs that are high up along with small trees on the ground. The blade is also long enough to lower smaller size trees into viable logs. The expansion pole comes with a tremendous reach at 8 ft.

For everybody looking for a small multi-use chain saw, this deal with double features is difficult to overcome.

BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Small Chainsaw

10-inch Bar Duration (Battery-Powered)

Perhaps you like a 10-inch chainsaw but don’t require an expansion rod’s accession such as my prior evaluations.

Or perhaps you want a small battery-run chainsaw that could be used everywhere, any time, without having to be tied to a cord or fuel-tank.

If that’s the circumstance, you then certainly can’t go wrong using this particular. 

And put into demanding the lithium-ion battery lasts approximately 30-45 minutes for precise reducing time. That’s a frequent tradeoff for those luxuries of utilizing a battery-powered powered instrument. Selecting a second battery life is essential if you plan to get any moment wide-ranging work.

As the Tool-Less Chain Tensioning program creates the manual bar and chain alterations a snap, the Manual pushbutton Oiler does require one always to scatter those elements. Improvement.

Because of its price, you can’t receive any cheaper to get a small chainsaw which runs on batteries with those features.

Tanaka TCS33EDTP Small Chainsaw

12-inch Bar Duration (Gas-powered )

In the 12-inch dimensions, we move into small gasoline-driven chainsaw territory.

And this version is considered the very best gas chainsaw of its kind.

I need to warn you upfront though this is a high-value tool meant for arborists and experienced leash end users. It’s not intended for beginners.

The reason being is that it just has a top deal.

A top handle design produces this chainsaw simpler to utilize when trees. But some expert operators also use it on a lawn to split firewood and slit tree up logs.

Extra caution is advised that this chainsaw mill is not as stable without a back grip for aid. It can also comprise a safety series brake to halt the chain from turning up when a kickback does happen.

An Automatic (set move ) Oiler produces perfect chain lubrication, and the anti vibration System makes it a lot simpler to get a handle on.

While it would have been nice to possess a Tool-Less Chain Tensioner for straightforward chain alterations, alongside its Access Chain Tensioning program (software contained ) is nonetheless an excellent alternative.

Makita XCU02PT1 small ChainSaw

12-inch Bar Duration (Battery-Powered)

In case my last assessment was a bit intimidating, so do not worry that this 12-inch chainsaw is safe for several knowledge levels: beginners, casual lumberjacks, and even practitioners.

Your combination of convenience, efficiency, and endurance.

Since that can be a little battery driven Small Chainsaw, then you can put it to use only about anyplace enjoy a gas-powered machine. Additionally, it is very gentle at 10 lbs, so carrying it for lengthy intervals shouldn’t be an issue.

The 12-inch pub and string is a good span that makes it possible for you to accomplish nearly every shrub trimming edge task. The single thing you might be unable to do on this specific system is cut right into the infantry.

What makes this chainsaw stand out of the contest is that it might endure up to two full hours of clipping time when you opt for the four Lithium-ion battery package.

It’s the fastest recharge time out there in 20 minutes into a full cost.

Additionally, it has among the ideal bar and string lubricant approaches offered –Automatic (Adjustable movement ) Oiler–that self-lubricates and gives you the capacity to adjust the circulation of petroleum whenever you need it.

A superior Tool-Less Chain Tensioning process is also contained and a safety chain brake.

For lots of individuals, that is the right small chainsaw that they could find that will not utilize gasoline or demand electricity through a cord.

Solar Joe SWJ698E Small ChainSaw

12-inch Bar Duration (Electric)

I’ll continue to keep this review brief and on this point.

If you are on the lookout for a 12-inch chain saw, which is super cheap and may run daily long, this could be the very best and Small Chainsaw you will discover.

Since this is an electrical version that plugs into a power outlet, it has unlimited cutting times. With a squeeze of the trigger, you’ll be able to slice through a wide range of timber with no downtime.

The body weight is also fantastic at 7 lbs, and the automated (set circulation ) Oiler takes each the guesswork out of bar and chain lubrication.

This chainsaw also includes a tiny screw for string tension alterations.

In all honesty, there are not many possibilities for lightweight 12-inch electric chain saws. So, if this seems like the sort of machine you want, this will be your top pick with all the best capabilities.

Remington RM4214 Small ChainSaw

14-inch Bar Length (Gas Powered)

This previous set of testimonials includes 14-inch Small Chainsaw that will be the longest possible to get, and soon you move outside of the small chainsaw category.

You may probably already know; gas chain saws would be the very best kind you may choose for all in one performance and power.

As well for most people, that is the best smaller gas-powered chainsaw new for their needs. The span would make it perfect for chopping trees, splitting logs, cutting dirt, and accomplishing occasional limb pruning and brush draining.

dimension accessible, but what makes this best Light Weight Chain Saw you can get are such attributes:


Quickstart Engineering for smoother begins.

Automated (Flexible crossover ) Oiler that is the best of its type.

5-point Anti-Vibration System for easier handling and relaxation.

Tool-Less Chain Tensioner Method for quick series alterations.

She was bucking Spikes for digging right into videos to encourage the machine through long cuts.

String brake for safety.

If you’re searching for a high-quality chain saw, you may utilize season; this is it.

Greenworks CS40L210 Small Chain-saw

14-inch Bar Size (Battery powered )

In the event you don’t enjoy the idea of owning the very best small gas driven chainsaw, then this 14-inch battery is another best choice.

You can do each of the same tree cutting tasks that I discussed in the previous inspection. Nevertheless, you don’t need to mix fuel, clean out atmosphere filters, or search engine components.

Bearing this specific Small Chainsaw , you change it pull on the trigger, and get to work.

Even the Lithium-ion battery lasts about 40 minutes for continuous cutting on time; in reality, it ends up being more for just 2 hours using intermittent use. It is possible to use the battery and other Greenworks services and products that can save you money on buying additional lawn gear.

In 9.8 pounds, it is one of the lightest weight loss chain-saws you may pick at this span.

The computerized (Fixed circulation ) Oiler has been an easy chain purifying system, and alongside it, the entry Chain Tensioner (instrument contained ) is straightforward to utilize.

A safety chain brake can also be included to safeguard you from kickbacks.

In general, this is a decent fresh chainsaw for anyone who desires to get a great deal of work done fast.

Greenworks 2022 Light Weight Chainsaw

14-inch Bar Length (Electric)

My last recommendation for a chainsaw is your popular Greenworks version.

It has a small size and lightweight design–even 8 kilos –rendering it straightforward for anyone to make use of for extended periods.

Additionally, the electric cable for power usually means that you could cut off wood non-stop without any interruptions.

A lot of people who buy their fingers on this new tool like this. And the cost makes it more attractive (often found at under $ sixty ).

The computerized (set Flow) Oiler is also an excellent element to get you don’t have to be concerned about oiling your bar and chain while cutting.

Last, the Tool-Less Chain Tensioner offers quick string tensioning without the need for a unique tool.

Because of its price tag, ease-of-use, and power, this chainsaw offers significantly more than adequate characteristics for many house owners. Perhaps it’s just what you have been on the lookout for?

Extra Information on the Lightest Chain-saws

Best Small Chain-saw Budget Factors

When folks hear the words”little” or”lightweight”, they often connect them with”low cost” tools.

But, when it regards chain-saws, that’s sometimes not the case.

As an instance, you can find several little gas-driven chainsaws that cost more than $400 and therefore are advertised to resident tree employees. For example, Husqvarna makes just one of those lightest chain saws you may find in every size pub length. But those machines are not the most economical.

If you’re looking to find the most useful little gas driven chainsaw or the lightweight chainsaw that is likewise cheap, your very best bet is always to choose a few of the brands on my list of testimonials above. I’ve achieved my best to supply you with the top smallest chainsaws for the lowest prices.

Also, if you’d like to save the most amount of money in a chain saw purchase, then you’re going to want to decide on a chainsaw mill. These models are the cheapest you can buy (significantly less than just $80 ) simply because they do not require high priced lithium-ion batteries to conduct or complicated petrol motors.

Eventually, shorter is always cheaper to get just a tiny chainsaw. A 6-inch Small Chainsaw will cost significantly less compared to the 14-inch edition. That is, it costs considerably less to create a 6-inch pub and string than producing 14 inches of metal.

 Go for a more extended chainsaw period.

Small Chainsaw Preservation

Whether a Small Chainsaw is small or large, cheap or expensive, there are a few essential items you want to do to keep your device functional and long-lasting.

Execute these steps following each use of your chainsaw and with it switched away.

Using a rag or compacted could of atmosphere, get rid of any dust, dirt, or wood chips from the bar as well as string.

Eliminate the string and clean some debris out of the bar groove using a thin nozzle.

After the Small Chainsaw has chilled, wipe down the engine and chassis.

ReFill the bar and chain petroleum reservoir.

For little petrol chainsaws: Drain any leftover fuel from the gas tank and store it in the following container. Additionally, clean the filter.

For battery-powered chain saws: Place the batteries on the charger so that they can recharge.

For many types of chainsaws: protect the bar and string using a knife cap to defend it in the elements and stop unintentional injuries.

Small ChainSaw Safety Recommendations

Safety must be your number one priority when utilizing a lightweight or small chainsaw.

Even though these devices can sound not as threatening because of their modest dimensions, they genuinely are just as damaging since more giant chainsaws.

To maintain yourself and many others about you secure, follow these hints whenever using the Chain-saw :

Employ a helmet and safety glasses (or perhaps a helmet with a face protector ).

Have on cut-resistant gloves and boots, chainsaw chaps, and a long sleeve shirt.

Put on hearing security. See my best chainsaw safety equipment guidebook.

Never Ever trim one-handed. Always support the chain saw with two hands.

By no means trim back knee height using a handheld chain saw. Only work with a rod viewed.

Never slice with all the suggestions of this series. This could be the”kickback zone” and could cause the blade to vibrate backward unexpectedly and injuries you.

Stand together with your body into the remaining Chain Saw. It puts out your body of this direct path of the kickback.

Closing Thoughts on My Very Best Light Weight Chain Saw Testimonials

Since you realized, the best tiniest and lightweight chainsaws are sold in quite a few varieties. You are not merely stuck with buying a small chainsaw mill. You can also go for a battery or electric-powered version.

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