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Porter cable lights are seemingly simple devices, so it doesn’t have to be difficult to neglect to do your research before purchasing one. But it is worth being aware of what goes into such ridgid work light –especially when you believe you are counting on whichever one you buy being reliable throughout power outings and camping trips for many years to come.

Buying Guide For Porter Cable Light

Bulbs and Features

Most of all, Porter cable lights now use LED bulbs, so which means that you don’t need to worry concerning the dimness and speedy battery drain of old incandescent flashlights. And since LEDs are so busy (the majority of the energy they draw out of your battery travels toward making mild, not heating a filament as with incandescents), you also don’t have to sweat replacing the bulb, even since most LEDs are supposed to survive provided that the torch itself.

porter cable lights are even now more feature-packed than ever. A few include strobe lights that can be useful if you’re attempting to find someone’s attention in a crisis. Afterward, you can find numerous manners and hues –those selected out of only for aesthetic choices to appropriate to particular scenarios, like red wavelengths are easier on the eyes and less liable to get up your bunkmates when you should be trying to slip out of their cottage through the night to answer nature’s call. And solar or USB charging can free you from the hassle of swapping batteries out.

While all these sound elaborate, remember everything you’ll probably be utilizing the flashlight for buying your future 1. You may not desire all of the fancy tricks–or you might.

How Flashlights are Rated

Porter cable lights may frequently have an IP address rating–like IP65 or IP68–which provide you with a good concept of its durability. The very first number suggests its protection against solids; half is your max, meaning it needs to be wholly impenetrable to things like dust and sand. The 2nd number indicates how water-resistant or watertight it is, even at which eight is the maximum and the way it can be submerged in water over one meter. Sometimes you will also observe a score such as IPX4, or IP6X, at which, in fact, the”X” only usually means that the merchandise has never been analyzed for security against solids or liquids.

That ranking only provides a partial image of their flashlight’s longevity, however. Just like the substances employed –ranging from lightweight but less-than-durable plastic to rubberized enclosures to heavy anodized aluminum–and also perhaps the torch floats in plain water in addition to being watertight, not to mention the warranty.

Porter-Cable PCC701 Flash-light

It is necessary to own a Porter cable light that uses precisely the same battery platform as the tools are on the steady increase. Most organizations that make energy tools are now also fabricating unique task site LED lighting — those are usually sturdy, ergonomic, and easy-to-operate pieces of devices that arrive in very helpful in specific scenarios.

Porter cable light has jumped into the game, has a couple of models, and PCC701 Function Lighting is just one. Having a contour that’s slightly different from the flashlights made and sold by other companies, this model features whatever you need for appropriate illumination of this working surface.

Nevertheless, the only way to know when this is the perfect job-site in the most suitable spot — continue reading and have to know everything about its features.

Weight — 0.35pounds

Dimensions — 5.75″ x 2.75″ x ray 2.25″

Electricity Source — Battery (Li-Ion)

Form of Bulb — LED

Voltage — 20V

The Basics
Having an excellent job site Porter cable light consists of crucial importance in functioning in areas with low light. A superior workforce light needs to own features like the pivoting mind, a grippy deal with, and a reasonable run time. Opportunely, PCC701 possesses these qualities and more.

Compatible with an extensive range of portable batteries, the version has a runtime of 8hours after used in combination with a 1.5Ah mobile phone. This is a streamlined, non-toxic torch that readily fits into areas where types made by the majority of other producers will not in shape. Although affordable, Porter cable light athletics an excellent build quality and also seems very lasting as well as reliable.

Those who regularly need to do the job in dimly-lit distances are sure to love the glowing beam made by this model. It isn’t the cleverest occupation blog lighting outside there. Nonetheless, porter cable light does its work nicely when it comes to close-up work. Following Is a more in-depth analysis of its attributes:

The Functions

Style and design
One thing about the model’s layout is instantly evident — its shape. Unlike the pistol-grip occupation site flashlights fabricated by different programs, the Porter cable light includes a relatively compact and low profile. Since you can already imagine, making it highly proper for usage within tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Furthermore, the model’s small measurement enables an individual to put it in a zip-lock tote and make it waterproof.

The overall quality of Porter cable light is still just another great feature. It is a well rounded LED light with a fantastic construction — a casual fall upon concrete won’t cause it to break apart. That is, and you will consent, among the essential features as soon as it regards job site finishes.

The model’s reflector comes with a vast selection of angle alterations (160°) and enables an individual line that the ray of sunshine at the desirable place. The machine’s switch additionally deserves praise — it is large, quite simple to use, and comes sealed below a rubber boot.


Porter-cable does not seem to list PCC701’s brightness specification. Yet, making a side-by-side comparison using other similar apparatus puts that this flashlight into the 50-lumen group. Even as we all said, this means that the version isn’t the smartest LED lighting on the current market, but it nevertheless will work well for close-up performance.

Tilting the model’s pivoting head up at the ceiling will likewise distribute the lighting across your area. This could come in very handy in some specific situations, including during failures.

Due to Porter Cable light massive capacity, an Individual can anticipate days of usage on a single battery charge. This is quite impressive, which may switch this device into an essential portion of everyone else’s toolbox. However, the Bare Tool version comes without a battery-powered, and that’s precisely why we recommend getting hired into Porter-Cable’s PCCK616L4 combo package.


Low Profile Flash-light

Adjustable headlamp

Great Runtime



The unusual shape could turn down potential buyers.

Not the brightest LED work lighting outside there now.

Things we liked about it

Although affordable, the Porter Cable Light includes numerous advantages that make it seem to be a much costlier, pricier apparatus. This is a well-built type with a handful of convenient characteristics that turn it into an invaluable article of gear for every significant handyman.

The machine’s low profile and streamlined structure will undoubtedly benefit all people who often need to function in urban spaces. Another useful feature of Porter cable light is your model’s pivoting head — also, it lets the person correct the beam angle and point the light into the desired area onto the working surface.

Furthermore, the unit’s runtime also warrants memorable phrases of compliments. This LED performs light might be used appropriately for days in conjunction with a few among Porter-Cable 4Ah lithium-ion batteries. It’s a great little flashlight. The uterus but supplies a fair amount of light when it is needed.

Things we did not like
Most of the ability tools users are used in this pistol grip style perform flashlights. The plan of why Porter cable light may appear weird and unusual could potentially turn them down away from obtaining it. Moreover, this version’s lumen power can not be weighed against this of those flashlights offered by manufacturers, including Makita or Bosch. This is a homeowner-grade device and maybe not something ideal for large projects.

Basic Impressions

As we all anticipated, the customers are ordinarily extremely pleased together with all the construction and functioning of Porter cable light. Most of these knew what they’re getting and tend not to whine regarding the system’s nonlumen level. It’s a beautiful LED work light for more easy jobs, discovering it has a fantastic runtime and a pivoting head that assists with getting the beam in the ideal place.


Fitting in the palm of one’s hands and also giving enough illumination for little projects, this compact LED workout flashlight is yet another tremendous Porter Cable Light. It isn’t exactly the most potent apparatus of this type you could get. However, it does its job well and without even hiccups — and that’s what matters the absolute most.

Porter-Cable PCC700 Flashlight

When speaking about Porter cable light, lots of unique forms of services and products spring into mind. However, most people immediately think of their rocky, ergonomically-designed function flashlights created and sold by most power tool manufacturers. Offered as bare applications and combo kits, all these devices offer a bright light that lets work in darkened places.

Portercable’s PCC700 model is not that distinctive from the flashlights sold by other businesses. It does have a handful of impressive characteristics that set it above your contest, such as the pivoting mind or not one, however, 4 LED bulbs. It also features a contoured, rubberized grip that makes it feel great in hand and a big, easy to use change.

If you often find yourself in poorly ventilated regions, the PCC700 might be described as a real game-changer for you.

Weight — 12.8 ounces

Dimensions — 5.3″ x 3.1″ x ray 7.3″

Electricity Source — Battery (Li-Ion)

Luminous Flux — 120

Voltage — 20V

The Basics

Sometimes, cutting, drilling, and forcing the need to get done in areas with inadequate illumination. In case your energy tools have no incorporated LED lights, you are helpless. That is where an excellent flashlight is available from — it will provide you with a glowing light that you want to complete the work. The rugged job-site models will be the best option for this, and Porter cable light is undoubtedly some particular.

Built to continue, this LED flashlight comes with a sturdy structure and a rubberized handle that provides optimum relaxation. It has a flexible head, making it possible for an individual to tip that the lighting wherever he desires. Creating 120 lumens of lighting electricity, the Porter cable light is capable to precisely stabilize the work area and permit you to fill out the job without any problems. Following Is a more in-depth look at its characteristics:


The design of this porter cable light is also quite like that of the other Porter-Cable products. The pistol-style treat of PCC700 is contoured and over-molded, meaning that it has a rubberized grip that stops slippage. The flashlight feels amazing in control, particularly with all the batteries connected to it. The balance is perfect, and there’s no need to be worried about consumer fatigue. Furthermore, the machine is relatively stable as it’s standing on the desk plus will not readily tip over.

In our view, the optimal/optimally thing about this flashlight’s design is that it includes a pivoting head. This means that the ray is flexible and that you can readily line the light towards your functioning space. This is a rather practical feature to most those who regularly have to make use of their hands-on high power tools and can’t wield the flashlight simultaneously.

Unlike most of the jobs, blog LED lights now available in the sector; the Porter cable light contains four instead of merely 1 LED bulb. This allows it to deliver an impressive number of one hundred twenty lumens and present brightness, illuminating a shadowy area instantly. Your runtime — the version is a battery-saver and can do the job for long periods even with a 1.5Ah battery.

Still, another thing about mention here is that this flashlight is a section of their 20V Max platform. It follows the batteries are interchangeable between the gears, allowing one to utilize this work light with another Porter-Cable power tools’ cells.

Equipment & Warranty
Regrettably, the Porter cable light isn’t followed by almost any equipment, even though that’s not hard to fully grasp if we believe the purchase price. Nevertheless, it is accompanied by a pretty generous warranty bargain — a 3-year restricted warranty, three months of the money-back guarantee, plus 12 months of absolutely free support.


Comfortable contoured handle

4 LED bulbs — 120 lumens of lighting electricity

Pivoting head

Genuinely Reasonable Price


The lowest adjustable angle is parallel with the surface.

No belt or magnet clip

Things we liked about it
The range of this flashlight’s advantages undoubtedly outweighs the number of its disadvantages. First, that can be a well-designed device because it has an ergonomic contour without sharp borders plus seems excellent in its hands. With all the battery attached, the Porter cable light comes with a good equilibrium and induces no more shortness with prolonged usage.

It has a pivoting head that is just one of the best characteristics and an item we all enjoy most relating to this. It is something that lets the user tip the ray of light directly onto his surface. For instance, if you have to work upon the wall, you may put PCC700 on the floor and then adjust the column to some necessary amount.

The gentle it gives is very clear and bright enough to light a dark room. The runtime also deserves praise, as does the simple fact that the model includes an exact generous guarantee offer.

Things we didn’t like
Although the version’s pivoting head of Porter cable light works just as advertised, we can not help but want it could angle further — it can’t go lower than parallel to the outer lining it is based on. Moreover, the device comes with additional features such as belt or magnets clips, which includes a pretty negative influence in its overall advantage.

Normal Impressions

Nearly all end-users concur that Porter cable light can be a great job site flashlight because it possesses the same power and design to become terrific utilization of the terrain. They commend that the model’s flexible mind and durable structure, in addition to its battery life. Most of these say that’s a trustworthy bit of devices and yet another outstanding merchandise from porter cable.


Porter cable light is definitely among the most excellent products of this sort we have reviewed so far. With four colossal light-emitting diode bulbs, 120 lumens of light energy, swiveling mind, and stable structure, it’s a fantastic choice for each contractor who regularly finds himself working in dark or poorly ventilated regions.

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