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There is a good chance you’ve come around or heard a impact wrench when visiting an automotive repair shop or dealership. They aren’t necessarily gear made for experts, and should you intend on undertaking routine focus in your own vehicle, investing in a change wrench is advisable. Like other electrical power tools, a porter cable impact wrench is intended to create your own life and job a lot simpler. What’s more, there are currently various offerings from assorted suppliers, including cordless impact wrenches that use batteries, so you don’t need to take a position to an air compressor.

Porter cable impact wrench list

To learn more on the subject of affect wrenches, assess the table of contents, but listed here is some information regarding the best impact wrenches you may get for your car as well as your garage.


Impact wrenches may create construction and automotive tasks a lot easier. If you intend to receive you, then consider the porter cable impact wrench. The newest enjoys passionate support from fans who love amazing design, durability, and overall performance. They likewise take pleasure in financing parent corporation Stanley Black & Decker with an enviable reputation in the business. This specific kit is really a great add-on to your collection if you are presently sold in the product line. It should be simple to swap batteries out also work the controllers. The others might think twice because of the price, though the operation is robust.


3 year limited warranty

car LED light

1,700 RPM

330 ft-lb max torque


A price tag can be just a little high to get an entry kit (Amazon’s generally seems to get great earnings on this one).

Has a cheap charger

no rate controllers

Our Require on This porter cable impact Wrench

This is an excellent porter cable impact wrench instrument to have on your toolbox if you need to handle drag nuts and large screws often. It has precisely what someone could anticipate in the cordless effect wrench, including lasting batteries, great ergonomics, highly effective torque, and adequate speed. It even comes with a built-in LED lighting, which automatically lights up whenever you pull on the cause and shuts off upon release.

This should help immensely if coping with initiatives in crowded or darkened areas. However, also, it lacks some things, for example, speed control of porter cable impact wrench for better finesse. The price is likewise rather high when you compare it to similar options on the marketplace.

The Basic Principles
This porter cable impact wrench from Porter-Cable must be sufficient for many individuals because it can do ordinary tasks easily. Are you trying to extract the lug nuts out of the brakes of a car? Accomplished. Would you like to travel a massive screw to a thick post? No Probl em. If you’re by now on board with the brand’s offerings, then go up ahead of time and get this.

You will not be disappointed with the quality. It’s the same because it often was. You may want to find the empty instrument if you already have compatible batteries to decrease the cost.

The Functions

This porter cable impact wrench includes an anvil magnitude of half an inch using a hog ring to facilitate the socket switch. It is effective at earning 2,500 affects a while to operate a vehicle things down faster. The max torque is graded at 330-foot pounds that’s adequate for general actions round your place or perhaps the auto shop. It might achieve a rate up to 1,700 rpm thanks to the highly effective 20V brushed motor without any heaps. The bare instrument weighs about 4.6 lbs as the addition of a battery takes up to 6 pounds. It measures nearly 10 inches from front to back again.


Take care of this porter cable impact wrench, using it exclusively for its intended purposes. Always clean it up after use. Don’t overcharge the batteries to reduce bloating. If it overheats, then turn it off permit it to cool down for a short time. Lubricate moving elements from time to time.


This really is actually a complete kit of porter cable impact wrench with batteries and a charger. However, the charger included would be your less expensive variant that takes time to control. In the event you wish to be more productive, then get the quick charger.

Who can utilize this Impact wrench?

This porter cable impact wrench will help auto proprietors as they will need to replace their wheels just about now and then. Even though they always have the ability to take out the lug nuts using manual labor, the duty will probably take them quite a while and call for a wonderful deal of work.

porter cable impact wrench enables them to complete the work in just a couple of minutes. Professional carpenters, interior designers, along with DIY pros, may also desire to get one for odd occupations. There are always tight bolts that won’t budge no matter how hard you try. Just take this tool out, plus they will soon be gone in easy. It’s is but one of the better cordless effect wrenches for automotive usage.

What did you like relating to it Impact wrench?
This is really a pretty decent item of the package the moment it will work out. Unfortunately, 1 porter cable impact wrench inspection complained of receiving a defective one that did not power on. This must be an odd lemon while the corporation’s services and products have generally been dependable.

Yet another matter may be the absence of a rate change to reduce rotation when working with vulnerable materials. Too much speed and torque could result in damage in such instances. Although it does possess a varying speed trigger, a few users could love a higher controller position.

What do users say about any of its Impact wrenches?
This porter cable impact wrench will work well right from the package. It absolutely was able to pull on tug bolts from a tractor thanks to the powerful motor. That is not any requirement to struggle or postpone fixes if the wheels require any work. Contemplating the performance, the selling price isn’t all that awful. It’s, however, within striking range of their other tools within this particular class. Yet, shaving tens of thousands of bucks certainly wouldn’t have hurt.

The fantastic news is that the purchase price has gone down since it was initially introduced into the industry. The charger has caused plenty of loopholes using its gradual pace for a better one if you can.


Porter cable impact wrench continues to be a cult favorite thanks to the pedigree and history. With some luck, it needs to stay like that with all his impact wrench. Don’t forget to examine rates at different stores since you may come across a better deal elsewhere.

Porter-cable PCE211 Impact Wrench

The porter cable impact Wrench can be useful for loosening and removing lug nuts without difficulty. Particularly in the event you work with cars regularly, this little investment will probably repeatedly pay for itself. I used to be a little unsure about this PC impression Wrench at first. However, I chose to give it a try.

How can it fare? That is what I will be described within this Porter Cable impact Wrench assessment. I will detail what you need to be looking for when researching the market and whether or not the PCE211 stays up for its competitors.


Highly Effective

Excellent for your House Wrencher

You don’t need an air compressor or hose.


Much less flexible Because of cord

A bit large, occasionally overly large for wheel nicely

If not utilize to put lug nuts back to

One of the best things that you might say concerning any of porter cable impact wrench is that it feels almost solely easy. You can readily remove lug nuts together with ease in a matter of moments, something that is great for all those seeking to avoid using more manual methods to disassemble an object rapidly. While utilizing the skate in about 80 ft pounds, then I managed to swiftly disassemble every single lug nut out of a genuine scooter rather fast to find the spare parts for the place I was working.

A crucial aspect of the porter cable impact wrench and general ability, though, is the burden of this skate does not transfer to a hands-on. I noticed that made my hand believe amazing amounts of annoyance had been that it continually sensed this apparatus’s pressure, which makes it an incredibly uncomfortable experience to really loosen lug nuts.

Making sure the apparatus doesn’t produce just like a lot of this power as it’s also perfect for people who are searching for something exceptionally calm and with tiny vibrations–the porter cable impact wrench helps make not many actually evident vibrations and sounds during use when compared to other products, making it an exact good pick for those that are at a group-centric doing work setting which makes it great to have devices which don’t produce a whole lot of noise.

One of those not-so-great facets of the item, though, is the inability to ditch the torque and be in a position to shoot it back a notch. If you’re not careful, you will merely over tighten certain bolts and nuts when placing them in, so it is vital that you stay conscious of this and don’t allow your self to be confounded via this prospect.

One thing that is very important about its porter cable impact wrench is the 1/2″ hog ring that accompanies it, making it uncomplicated that you switch sockets without a lot of issues. For people looking for an item that may effectively be able to handle various sorts of sockets without a lot of hassle involving, it is an ideal product.

But a number of the largest issues I experienced on the product have todo using its design–a great deal of this burden of the porter cable impact wrench is transported in the back, meaning that it will not accommodate much in front. When I utilized the tool in a level height and a straight 180-degree angle, I personally found it had been nice, but if I had been pumped or tightening out of an alternative angle, it’d not be as consistent using balance. This wound putting an unneeded quantity of weight on my wrist, so a thing which produced the practice of loosening bolts in succession maybe not best.

The button additionally is not probably flexible, rendering it, so it’s necessary to take it down for the whole period of the procedure. I’ve appreciated in different models of porter cable impact wrench an automatic switch as an easy method that you start loosening or trimming and stopping the actions with one click on. This makes the method a lot easier to navigate and puts a strain on your muscles out of always holding down a button.

An aspect of this item that works could be the instantaneous stop and start operation of this tool. You can make sure you never loosen or tighten of porter cable impact wrench too out of your control in the place of experiencing a minor delay in the beginning or finish of the activity, giving you a more intuitive and easy experience.

An easy benefit of this porter cable impact wrench is it has a 3 yr guarantee that may offer you access to a reasonably solid customer support platform for virtually any difficulty you’re having. If something goes wrong (which just occurred twice after roughly a year of use ), it would be an instant turnaround to receive it fixed, which I greatly appreciated.

Features and Benefits

Power / Torque
Definitely, one of the most crucial things of porter cable impact wrench you need to be on the lookout for when shopping for an impact wrench may be the amount of power and torque it’s. Both factors will largely impact the tool’s performance, which makes them principles if you want to use something effective and effective.

Many tools will openly say the voltage and the torque they utilize, which means you should readily see this advice. As an example, tools that use less power will usually possess a lower speed of rotations generally, with all the total amount of torque they’ve been related to the power with which they’ll be in a position to unwind and help remove lug nuts.

Another important element of porter cable impact wrench to look at when seeking to decide on an impact wrench is the particular grip that they utilize. Many may use rubber grips to be straightforward to catch a device while in the middle of sweaty palms, but others mightn’t possess as capable of a style. It is crucial to look at the wrench’s plan in advance to make sure it has a grasp that will accommodate different ailments.

As somebody who deals with arthritic pains, which produce it hard to catch items occasionally during a very long evening of work, the tool that I use must come with an intuitive grip, which keeps my fingers shielded. Through this, I can make sure that it’s less strenuous within my own body to function and have more control over the work I do!

Bring about
A flexible trigger on a porter cable impact wrench is essential because of the number of variable speeds it might offer. Several models would not have variable speed activates and alternatively run at either one rate or only have an automatic switch –both of these can succeed predicated on your private preference and the form of structure you perform. Nonetheless, it is essential to be aware of the difference until you call yourself a certain impact wrench.

Corded vs. Cordless
Another aspect that can make or break a purchase is regardless of whether the impact you get comes with a cable or not. Detecting a cordless wrench can be an enormous gain to those who are frequently working around a large number of folks in an in-house office, providing you the independence to walk around without worrying about which the cable into this energy tool is all really. An extra benefit with the is you’re able to accomplish hard-to-navigate spots easier, giving you probably a lot more angles than if you were tied down to an electrical socket with the way of a cable.

Style and design
A porter cable impact wrench overall design can be essential to keep tabs on when you’re trying to utilize your wrench at unique angles and potentially at different heights. This is because a few wrenches may well not need some perfect balance overall and could falter when placed in awkward situations, something you’ll need to track closely if you prefer to find the most out of your wrench.

Final Thoughts

As you have most likely seen, the market for influence wrenches is a somewhat tight one. There is plenty of rivalries, together with each brand and model bringing different benefits and negatives to this dining table.

While the DEWALT manufacturer is largely the leading brand name for possessing durable, effective, and dependable equipment, oftentimes, they’re outside of advantage for those that are following small finance. Rather, even if you should be attempting to have an effective product that also doesn’t set you from your own budget, the PCE211 can be just a superior effect wrench!

I hope this Porter Cable impact wrench evaluation has been valuable, and you’ll keep it in mind when you are looking to buy your next effect wrench!

Types of Impact Wrenches

There are mostly three forms of effect wrenches currently available: air, electric, and cordless. Air impact wrenches, also called pneumatic wrenches, are generally considered the strongest & popular with professional mechanics. However, they also require air compressors, which means they have been very convenient for home-usage. Moreover, they may be attached to an air hose limiting ease of usage in a garage.

If you’re searching for a direct wrench for home use, we recommend looking at electric and cordless choices. Electric affect wrenches provide loads of electricity. However, they might need an accessible power outlet, which may not be convenient for many automobile owners. It also has the same aggravation being an air impact wrench, so getting tethered to some cable; therefore, it may be hard to go around depending on what you are using the affect wrench to get.

Nowadays, cordless porter cable impact wrenches are common with individual car owners. Although they are somewhat more costly, they deliver great performance without becoming mounted on a cable. Of class, their downfall is that they’re battery powered, controlling a battery life or even keeping a fully charged spare lying. And given that they need a battery to use, they tend to become heavier than any influence wrenches. They may not be as powerful as a corded electric effect or perhaps a corded one, but also, for regular use, it is significantly more than decent.

Why Can I Need an Impact Wrench?

A porter cable impact wrench can be a beneficial software to have if you consistently work on your own vehicle. At some point, with normal hand wrenches and socket wrenches could acquire dull, also impact wrenches can eliminate even the very stubborn and unsalted nuts and routers. Another benefit to owning an impact wrench is that it’s helpful for a lot more than merely cars and trucks; it may be convenient throughout your home for other endeavors

There certainly is a wide range of scenarios wherever a consequence, the wrench could be convenient. Possibly you wish to remove the lugnuts off your automobile, so it is possible to rotate the wheels all on your, or you want to modify your brake rotors or even brake pads. Perhaps you are rebuilding your engine and don’t feel like going through every single nut and bolt. Irrespective of precisely what the endeavor is also a consequence wrench can decrease enough effort and time needed, plus they work even in restricted areas.

Can I Personally Use a Direct Impact Wrench for Everything?

While porter cable impact wrenches are very helpful in most scenarios, you’ll find times when you do not want to use an impact wrench. Naturally, there’s a possibility you can overtighten a bolt or nut if using a consequence, contributing to stripped threads along with even a weakened bolt. If you are working on forecasts to get a particular torque value, work with a skate wrench. Moreover, you generally wish to avoid using an impact wrench to drive a bolt in. To avoid cross-threading your bolt, it is best to start it by hand before having an impact wrench to twist it.

Moreover, it’s important to be certain you’re making use of sockets intended for influence wrenches. Common sockets aren’t designed to take care of the load out of an effect wrench and can slide, crack, or rest. If you are investing in an impact wrench, make sure that you also purchase a set of impact sockets.

The way to Choose the Correct Impact Wrench

It really is most likely you’re looking around for a cordless porter cable impact wrench when you intend to use it to get the vehicle. Unless you intend to invest in an air compressor for your own garage, then a cordless unit would be the way to go. But no matter the type of impact wrench you are planning to buy, you’ll find lots of functions to consider.

The very first and arguably most significant specification would be the most torque the affect wrench offers. The greater the torque that an impact wrench offers, the greater versatile and competent it is.

Regardless of whether you’re buying a corded or cordless impact wrench, you will want to look at your own weight reduction. Clearly, cordless units will be heavier due to their battery. However, it would help if you put a principle on what’s tolerable. The longer you utilize a heavy effect wrench, the more tiring it gets.

Based on what you anticipate utilizing the porter cable impact wrench for, you may have the ability to forfeit torque such as the size. A more compact torque wrench will permit one to receive into bigger spaces, which is something to keep in mind if your job requires it.

Even the drive/socket size is crucial, and you’re going to want to be certain you get what you will need. The most usual is 1/2 inch, also followed by 3/8 inch. Once more, buy a socket collection designed to be employed with effective wrenches to complete your package.

Some impact wrenches will have torque modification that enables one to control the torque it sparks. This characteristic could be convenient on particular tasks, particularly whenever you never want to over-tighten a more specific nut or bolt.

Comfort should also be something that you take into account, particularly for more extended endeavors. The previous thing you want to accomplish is to have a porter cable impact wrench not at ease to grip or grip. Look for ergonomic grip grips and even anti-vibration qualities to cut back strain in your hands.

Lastly, like most power tools, you will need to be certain that the manufacturer offers some warranty with the effect wrench. A – to – size warranties are quite standard, but stronger priced influences will probably provide a three-year and even a whole life warranty.

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