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Porter cable is still a company that has been building high-quality power equipment and pneumatic resources for over a hundred years.

They’re a tool company with a well-trusted identity. Because they are one of those leaders in the power tool industry, it’s expected the Porter Cable Impact Driver is one of the ideals.

During this porter cable impact driver review, we’ll give you all the information that you require, together with our impression and i compared this driver with Hitachi Impact Driver. Therefore you may decide if this impact driver would be the most suitable for you personally.

Best Porter Cable Impact Driver

Porter-cable PCC740B Impact Driver

Even the Porter Cable Impact Driver is a very lightweight, premium quality impact driver that will quickly deal with the most challenging projects. This impact driver a part of how porter cables Get Linked collection. The PCC740B is an update on the original PCC640B.

Size: 9.9″ x 3″ x 7″ (25.1 cm x 7.6 cm x 17.8cm)

Weight: 4.6 lbs. (2.09 Kilogram )

Battery Type: Lithium-ion

Voltage: 20V

Impacts per Minute: 2500 pm

Warranty: 3-year limited

Porter cable impact drivers are very feature-rich equipment. Every attribute was created with practicality and quality in your mind.

The amount of torque that it produces is among the best characteristics of this impact driver. It supplies a generous 330ft/lb. Of torque (3960in/lb.) Employing a 1/2 inch hog ring anvil. As an effect driver at this budget, this is quite impressive.

Many men and women think that a high torque usually means the motorist’s impact is significantly faster. This is not correct. The torque is considered to how robust the impact driver would be. The speed is measured in revolutions per second (rpm). Even the porter cable impact driver PCC740B supplies a maximum of 1,650 rpm. Therefore, you can get your projects done fast. Additionally, it offers variable rate control.

Additional modest features increase the attractiveness of this porter cable impact driver. It includes LED lighting, which allows you to function in dark places. That is quite convenient for mechanics when working underneath cars or driving in areas where the lighting doesn’t accomplish nicely.


This change driver offers you a lot of strength at an affordable price.

With all the right battery, it’s enough to power to eliminate lug-nuts from trucks and larger vehicles.

It’s manufactured from the U.S. and includes a three-year warranty.

It only contains 1 / 2 of the rpm as the old version.

The battery has to be ordered separately, whereas lots of different brands incorporate the shower with all the
impression driver.

It will not work very well with all the 1.34Ah battery that arrives in the discretionary kit. It would be best if you upgrade to your 4Ah battery to get its full strength.

After achieving this porter cable impact driver inspection, we found that not only is that a good, stable effect driver. However, it is also a reasonable, robust price tag that can meet many budgets. Price is always an excellent deciding variable; nevertheless, you’ve got likewise to consider other facets.

As stated from the contrast, if you want an impact driver that may tighten fasteners at the lighting rate, then opt for something else. This doesn’t indicate the porter cable impact driver will slow you down. We’re just declaring that speed isn’t its best element.

Form speed item, we think that the porter cable impact driver may be your very best porter cable driver that the business has released considering beginning their journey right into developing influence drivers just a few short years ago. We would advise this to anybody, including the pros.

How can you look at it impact driver? We would love for you to depart from your thoughts and opinions. Moreover, sharing this inspection is the highest kind of courtesy we could buy!

Porter-cable PCCK647LB 20V Max Impact Driver

Even the porter cable impact driver is a strong brushless driver that gives 50 percent more runtime than its immediate predecessor. The motor is relatively potent, giving 1,400 in-pounds of torque to get major fastening applications. And the 2,700 RPM offers quick fastening too.

You can find a significant couple of other aspects relating to this tool that needs a far more sophisticated look. Read as this porter cable impact driver inspection would allow you to decide when that is the best impact driver money can buy.


Compact, yet Potent and quick

Reliable Wi-fi operate-time

Inserting and Taking Away the bits is simple.

Useful LED mild

Lighting and handy


Single rate just

Not the strongest body

Ability shipping Might Be much better.

The bundled-in charger is not that great.

What’s Our Require?

This lightweight and convenient porter cable impact driver is quite a celebrity. It only provides single speed features; however, the trigger-controlled rate level is quite snappy, and most users would not have a lot to complain in this regard. In case you use this instrument for the first time, you will have to exercise some caution as you may end up forcing the application too fast.

Once you get accustomed to the cause, matters should be delicate. And you’d certainly love the way a tool transitions to porter cable impact driver from being truly a standard screwdriver when the job beforehand is demanding. The application works both cordless and corded. However, the latter could render the tool-less speedy.


Size and Style and Design

The overall design of this program is relatively modern. And also, the dimension is almost right as well. The caliber shows through once you hold it in your hands. Folks who wear gloves would likewise locate the size best. This ergonomic size and design leave tackling the device within longer time phases, quite a pleasant encounter.

Brushless Motor

The brushless engine is powerful. The optimal/optimal aspect regarding the machine would be it lends to the longevity of this porter cable impact driver. Carbon brushes utilized in electrical motors burn off out over an extended frame—Fortunately, which should not be the situation here.

Adaptive Torque

This driving instrument does not have any clutch to get adjusting torque load. But quite amazingly, the torque adjusts itself automatically—excessive power burning materials. Quite simply, the system will stop employing torque if screws get in limited.

LED Light

The integral LED light is proven to work. It truly is glowing, adequate, and well-positioned. The work spot, as a result, gets sufficient light in any respect times. Also, it triggers and closes off itself properly. Contrary to other similar instruments, the gentle turn on before the drill turning and ceases simply after that the training is slowly still stopped. This produces the LED a brilliant job lighting.

additional impression motorists. You have to clean out the device once every surgery and make sure the battery is more optimally charged in any respect times. Besides that, there are not any other special maintenance requirements.

Battery Life
Even the 20V battery installation is both detachable and continues quite extensive. The batteries readily offer two times the runtime of other comparable effect batteries. Therefore, the battery process is confidence-inspiring that you would not miss out on your wired drills (in case you’re to them). Also, the two batteries should not take more than an hour or so or so charge.

Who Is This Porter cable impact Driver For?
This Porter Cable impact driver can be a well rounded and sturdy effect motorist. It is powerful, although just being 5.8 inches long. The most beautiful balance between power and convenience makes it an excellent tool for use inside the house. Amateur users would undoubtedly feel at home on this tool.

The more skilled or those who want to get a lot more energy would likewise locate this instrument merely right. However, if supplied a choice, of course, should budgets permit, they’d love to go for something more powerful and complex.

What Do We Not Like About That Model?
Don’t anticipate this particular tool to blow your socks off. You are certainly not likely to utilize the tool for loosening a nut onto your truck or possibly a small crossover. In other words, the energy shipping can function improved.

If the device made available a lot more power than what it does, it would have been a much more flexible instrument. Nevertheless, the only thing for porter cable; this is those who’d be obtaining this machine wouldn’t be anticipating to perform hardcore activities.

How Does Your Driver Examine to Other passengers?
• Portercable PCCK647LB vs. DeWalt DCF886M2 20V Impact Notebook

Even the DeWalt 20v drill appears not the same as your PCCK647LB. And also, its yellow-black color scheme adds to the contrast between the two applications on the outside. Features like the brushless motor, wireless performance, weight, and size are quite identical. Probably the only alternative area that the DeWalt disagrees with is its high torque at 1500 in-lbs.

Porter Cable PCCK647LB vs. Makita CT200RW

Even the Makita impact driver has an 18V motor (maybe not 20V) and has a dual-speed operation. The torque shipping and delivery, performance, speed, and different features are relatively equal otherwise. The battery life, however, expenses from 100 reasonably quickly.

What Do People Say About Your Porter cable Impact driver?
Most of us who have used this change driver like how powerful and compact the motorist is. Quite a few have been particularly surprised by just how mild the tool is. The little heft has had made handling relatively possible for even the ladies from your home.

On the downside, a few users are a bit skeptical about the impact-resistance of this tool. To put it differently, they’re perhaps not sure if the driver might take a beating or would have the ability to withstand a decline or two.


This drill may not come as a wholesome package. Ergo, if you’re buying a porter cable impact driver for the first time, then it is worth trying assistance from people to be aware of the average person tools which ought to be purchased to complete the setup. After you get all the tools you desire and start with it, you would find the application very successful, effective, ergonomic, cozy, and well-designed.

Porter-cable PCCK640LB 20V Max Driver.

Porter cable Impact driver Kit; then, it had been clear the business had shot a departure from your black and grey cordless tools into that I’ve grown accustomed. The brand new color scheme and floor treatment take me to what seems like a century past, into some specific space ship toy I played with as a child.

Underneath its rocky surfaces, the more porter cable impact driver shares a few technologies using a sibling business. The 20V Max slide pack batteries and the overall compact tool dimension tolerate a striking resemblance to some black and yellow gear I have analyzed. This is very cool, as you have an outstanding possibility to choose up a top-quality software at a value price.

A Brand New and Improved Design?

Porter Cable impact driver initially told us that it did not fundamentally replace the well-received PCL180ID impression driver for this specific version. As a matter of observation, the 20V Max seems to have all but eclipsed the 18V motorist at stores. This makes sense since consumers can pick the new porter cable as a worth leading solution and step up to the brushless DeWalt DCF895 when they want a truly superior choice.

The specs to get Porter Cable impact driver is on par with other pro-grade goods available in the industry. Using an impressive 1,450 in-lbs of torque and 3,100 bpm (blows per second ), fasteners should realize that resistance is futile. The drill is quick as nicely, turning at 2,900 rpm that’s indistinguishable to porter cable’s 18V PCL180ID as well as the second-fastest of most of the 18V models we’ve analyzed to date (See our March dilemma for our contrast of 1 1 various impact motorists ).

For some, the battery nomenclature might bear some excuse. “20V Max” is significantly more marketing than anything else. Also, it pertains to the very first no-load start-up voltage. So if you are a”larger is better” sort of man, comprehend these batteries are just nominal 18V ion versions in your heart rate. They are not harmonious with the last creation of porter cable 18V cordless tools. I’d be remiss, but I did not even point out that this pack is a new style with enhanced performance.

Projects and Feedback

I utilized the Porter Cable impact Driver Package on a Few of different projects. A single was to get a small porch construction occupation. And by”tiny,” I mean just two craftsman-style homes with entirely rebuilt front and back porches. All-the tension treated railing pickets had been set up with GRK”Uber-grade” smaller head cut screws with Torx drive bits. Of course, these fine screws have been even a challenge.

Then I proceeded on to the 2×6 leading railings to step up the trials, securing them with 3-1/2″ DeckMate Torx drive screws. Again, all these fasteners were sent home repeatedly without even the slightest pity. I assume it had been just the ideal device for your job. Whatever the situation, the battery life was more than adequate. And should you encounter some while you need more run time, you have got the second battery life, which you may keep at the case or right around the charger until you want it.

The next endeavor I applied to this driver was creating many raised garden beds as a piece of a”honey do” checklist. I honestly utilized plans for a raised garden bed available on the low e’s web site and built just about every foundation at under $160 each year. These are 4 ft x 4-foot beds, which stand 24″ tall and are made entirely from dimensional pressure-treated timber. You’ll find four cuts of wood, which means that you can completely manufacture them in an afternoon. The porter cable drove nearly 2 pounds worthiness of 2-1/2 inch deck screws throughout the pressure-treated lumber without breaking a sweat–and managed to end off both beds on a single slim pack battery.

Closing the Offer

I like what I am seeing the”Next Generation” impact driver is porter cable driver. I hope to view more tools and battery models in the future, though the jury remains out on whether enlisting Kenner to design that the outer casing improves the initial tool body. If you should be on the lookout for a discount but still need the functionality, this fresh driver from the porter cable fits the bill.

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