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I’m not a handyman by any stretch of the imagination. I really couldn’t inform you of the gap involving a sliding bevel and also a bradawl. Nevertheless, I understood when I moved into our large, old home roughly a calendar year before, I had been going to possess a never-ending collection of projects, repairs, and routine maintenance Along With, along to find any job done, I had been going to require the ideal tools. This can be where Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set came into drama.

Porter-cable was set in 1906 — the identical year my house had been assembled — and was acquired from Stanley Black & Decker in 2004 — precisely the same season I got your home. If this name rings a bell, then it’s because they control a number of the biggest brands in the power tool industry, for example Makita set, DeWalt, Craftsman, Bostitch, Stanley, Black & Decker, and more.

Porter Cable Cordless Tool Sets

This 8-tool Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set One of the Finest Porter-cable offerings at the moment. It includes energy tools with excellent performance, ergonomic layout, and dependability backed up from the PC’s 3-year limited guarantee. Together side the means, the combo package additionally comprises two 20V Max batteries (1.5Ah & 4.0Ah) and also two-wheeled luggage for more comfortable transportation and storage.

The most frequently used power saw is undoubtedly the drill, and the cordless version included within this toolset is one of Porter-Cable’s most useful. The PCC601 1/2″ drill/driver of Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set is a conventional, 22-clutch setting, 2-speed model with a working LED lighting that offers sound functionality. Even though rather bulky, the drill can be a perfect option for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and mechanisms.

Even the PCC641 influence motorist in Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set, on the flip side, is an excellent power-tool also. It is filled with great options, such as house bits in once, but it’s also user-friendly and thoroughly effective. Precisely like this drill/driver, it also has 2-2 clutch options and can be used at two speeds.

Of one other tool within this combo package, the PCC660 saw, and also the PCC650 jig saw of Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set deserve a specific mention. The ribbon is pliable and contains a stroke span, which allows many different cutting tools, in addition to the varying rate cause for greater control on the cutting edge. The round saw is at least efficient, with a maximum speed of 4,000 RPM and a 50-degree slicing angle.

The oscillating multitool, reciprocating fighter viewed, and the grinder additionally game precisely the exact type of reliability and efficacy, having characteristics that place them over the contest. Even the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set, for example, delivers tool-free blade changing and has a style and design, making it possible for an individual to reach tight spaces with it.

Identically, the PCC710 oscillating tool in Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set goes on 18,000 OPM and makes small work of every single task you toss at it.
It is quite a great thing that porter cable decided to equip this toolset with working LED lighting, far too. Since it has 4 LED bulbs that provide 120 lumens of lighting power and a contoured, over-molded take care of, it truly is among many most useful products on the market. Two bolts of diverse capacity and two practical totes will also be contained, plus they nicely round this off tempting tool set.

Overall, the most PCCK619L8 Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set is your most significant one, which Porter-Cable has on offer and the most versatile one. Each one of the various tools contained init game precisely the identical type of PC efficiency and reliability. However, they also provide a few intriguing and valuable features that set them over the contest. Obviously, the batteries have been interchangeable with devices within the toolset, and that’s still another benefit.


Coming up is a much more straightforward offering from Portercable — a 4-tool combo Package with two batteries plus a charger and a kit bag. The main reason for its existence is its climbing enlargement of 20V Max cordless tools, with all devices included in this toolset being part of the product range. Of course, everyone these tools can be purchased independently, and on their particular, however, paying for them collectively within the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set is a lot superior notion. Not only does it spend less in the lengthy run, but it also attracts the already mentioned batteries, which can be interchangeable with every one of these apparatus. Pretty neat, would not you say?

The Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set is a somewhat good machine, acquiring excellent stability, two speeds (0-350 and 0-1500 RPM), 22 automobile options, and a LED operating light. It’s fairly evident that it’s maybe not acceptable for its very demanding projects, but it does quite a great job regarding every afternoon drilling/driving duties. Additionally, it includes a 1/2″ keyless chuck that makes it possible to change these bits easily.

The second tool in the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set is the PCC660 circular, which can be curious, a left-handed saw. It includes characteristics like the onboard wrench storage, 50° adjustable shoe, plus an outstanding cutting ability of 2-1/8″ (in 90°). Employing this curved saw causes no fatigue or hands distress. The most important reason behind that is the contoured over-molded take care of the presence of the overall low weight reduction.

The PCC670 reciprocating saw of Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set also deserves words of praise. The unit’s high energy drive-train effortlessly delivers 0-3,000 SPM that results in aggressive cutting edge speed. However, that doesn’t indicate that handling the company is challenging — the system’s streamlined design and the pivoting shoe make working with this type of true happiness. Furthermore, the PCC670 features a changeable speed trigger that allows an individual to use total control on the outer procedure, whatever the content.

The last tool in the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set combo is your PCC700 LED functioning light, which may allow one to work with each of the other devices in dim and dark environments with no compromise accuracy or caliber. This is a pivoting-head model with four glowing LED bulbs plus a level underside that enables the consumer to set it anyplace he wants and possess it directly direct the light where needed.

Together with the burden of merely 5.6 oz, the flashlight induces no less fatigue in case you’re carrying it for a drawn-out time.
This simple combo kit has probably the most crucial tools to demand your less-demanding do it yourself projects. With it, you will have the ability to drill drive and cut both the dark and bright colors — what more could a woodworker want?

Once we already mentioned, the offer also includes a package bag, a charger, and two bolts, so there is absolutely no room for worrying that you will be overlooking something. The Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set can be a somewhat good bang for the buck and another excellent combo kit out of the porter cable.


Porter Cable’s PCCK616L4 combo Package is similar to their own Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set, with Just a Few of differences. It includes the same drill/driver, while the reciprocating and circular saws are only slightly different from those comprised in the prior combo package. The PCC701 LED functioning mild, on the other hand, is relatively distinct from those seen in toolsets sold by other companies — it has a different form but is still versatile as well as useful. The offer also comes with a typical charger, both two 20V 1.3Ah batteries, together with the black & red storage bag.

The Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set maybe just like the one seen in PCCK619L8 along with PCCK614L4 kits, obtaining a high-performance engine that accomplishes the most speed of 1,500 RPM. Lightweight (3.5lbs) and streamlined (8.25″ extended ), this model is a joy to operate with — lengthier working sessions don’t trigger user exhaustion also it’s potential to use it into tight spaces. Aside from that, this drill/driver comes with conventional 22 clutch options, two functioning rates to pick from, and an integrated LED light that illuminates the surface in the front of the person.

The Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set, on the other hand, also provides a couple of benefits since it’s also a compact and lightweight machine that could be carried anywhere. Like most other porter cable power tools, it has an over-molded carrying handle, which gives a business grip, providing full user control within this unit.

The very fact that it can be used appropriately to get many different cutting tasks is enabled with its maximum spinning speed of 3,700 RPM and the existence of some 5-1/2″ cutting edge blade. It also features a beveling shoe that pivots up to 50° and will allow the user to engage in unconventional trimming applications. As expected, it can be used with different distinct batteries created from porter cable.

The Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set exactly the identical lightweight & streamlined style, letting an individual reach those restricted distances and cut through all sorts of substances without a lot of work. The complete control within the machine will be ensured by a pivoting shoe, even whereas the highest stroke speed of 3,000 SPM enables you to handle even the most demanding cutting projects.

With this particular reciprocating watched, it’s likely to use variable stroke rates and match the necessities of the current workpiece — that’s precisely what the factor speed activate is that there for.

Finally, the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set working led-light sports a comfortable handle that reduces exhaustion and a pivoting mind for adjusting the ray towards the desired spot. Contrary to the pistol grip flashlights sold with several other suppliers, the PCC701 sports have a detailed low profile and easily fit in restricted locations.

As you may observe, all the tools present inside this combo are equally well-designed and productive as well as When we incorporate this using the regular batteries, charger, kitbag, 3-years warranty, and the very affordable price, we now receive yourself a porter cable toolset that is a fantastic option for DIY buffs and value-minded experts alike.


The following we have probably one of the absolute most uncomplicated Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set offered by porter cable — the PCCK619L2. As you can observe from the list, it comprises just the two commonly used electrical power instruments: the drill and the impact motorist. These are followed by two 1.5Ah batteries, a charger, and the manufacturer’s 3-year minimal warranty. This toolset is not to function as contrasted with large 7-tool or 9-tool combo kits — it truly is a more straightforward supplying whose aim isn’t to replace your workshop; however, to Blend it.

Even though they will have various purposes, the two tools found in this package possess some shared capabilities. The first of them could be how they indeed are both run by search engine engines. As you probably already understand, the brushless engine tech has become the talk-of-the-town to the previous few years, now and for an excellent reason. Such engines adapt themselves to this task available, which will increase the performance and give the tool a longer lifespan.

The second common characteristic of Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set is that they both have porter cables’ signature ergonomic style and design. Both the drill and the impact driver also have grips with over-molded rubber coat on these, as well as a fantastic equilibrium. This, then, contributes to long drilling/driving periods that do not bring about the side or fatigue cramps, and that’s something that professional contractors will surely appreciate.

Even the PCCK607 drill/driver includes a low weight of only 3.2 lbs, and it is more than 10% lighter than its well-intentioned cousin, the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set. It offers 370 MWO and can be utilized for thick and quick software, and it also has a two-speed transmission, which assures increased control across your unit. The version’s compact size of 8″ allows operating in tight and even hard-to-reach areas. Simultaneously, its mode collar empowers alternating involving driving and drilling modes with no threat of shedding the clutch placing.

Even the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set, on the other hand, delivers 1,400 in-lbs of torque and also is an excellent option when it comes to heavy-duty applications. It has a transmission that reaches the maximum 2,700 RPM of rate plus a 1/4″ Quick-Change hex making little swapping exceptionally simple. While it’s quite useful, the unit still sports a streamlined size and is very easy to operate — the consumer tiredness is somewhat reduced due to the model’s compact design and style.

Our only significant complaint concerning its combo package will be that it will not include a kit bag. The majority of Porter-Cable’s other toolsets do have a soft-sided handbag together with the signature black & crimson style and design. However, this one curiously does not.

Nevertheless, the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set is still a pretty tempting offer, especially when considering its reasonably decent cost. It comprises just two of the most commonly used energy instruments, each of which has a good performance and a design that enables lengthy, fatigue-less working sessions. However, if you desire a drill and a driver produced by a well-known new, don’t wish to shell out too many dollars, absolutely consider the PCCK619L2 package for purchase.


intended for DIY fans and house owners who only do occasional projects and repairs, the PCCK604L2 Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set combo package includes 2 of their absolute most frequently-used energy tools — both the drill and also the impact motorist. Both are much lighter compared to most of these corded cousins, plus they are accompanied by two 20V Max 1.3Ah batteries, a charger, and some excess drilling and screw-driving bits.

Is this combo package the appropriate selection for the requirements? To find a reply to this question, keep reading — we’ll take an even more detailed look at every instrument.
The Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set has a 282-watt output and just two varying rates — that the slower one of 0-350 and the more rapidly certainly one of 0-1500 RPM. This means that an individual can choose a rate-setting in line with this material, he is taking care of, preventing damage, and increasing the overall operation. Owing to its burden of just 3.5 pounds, the PCC601 is very lightweight and is, therefore, a superb choice when there’s a demand for precision drilling into hard-to-reach areas.

Moreover, the model comes with a clutch, enabling an individual to switch between the two-speed settings rapidly. Altering the speed is as easy as pressing the activate, which is situated over a handy spot about the machine — that you never will need to take your hand off the drill to achieve that. A gentle media brings a slower rate while pressing the activate tougher boosts it.

We have to mention the presence of the 1/2-inch keyless ratcheting chuck, whose purpose is to provide much better control of the piece.
On the other hand, the more 1/4″ influence driver (PCC641) reaches the maximum rate of 2,800 RPM and produces a torque of 1450 in-lbs. It is lightweight (3.3 lbs ) and compact (6.9″ lengthy ) and enables working in tight regions without causing user fatigue. Additionally, it has a 1/4″ hex head throw (quick-release), which allows little one-handed pruning, as well as the handiest, LED working light that illuminates dark areas.

Even as we already mentioned, the tools are accompanied by two 20V 1.3Ah Li-Ion batteries, but they offer electricity for a lengthier period and recharge more quickly. This allows an individual to use the various tools for a more protracted period without becoming disrupted or needing to spend time recharging batteries.

The two tools found from the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set come with a beautiful design and also a compact build, letting an individual function in suburban areas. Both have come with batteries under their grips, and this gives them precisely the crucial equilibrium that all cordless saws have been unusable without. They have glossy, ergonomic handles and LED lights for employed in dimly-lit or solely darkened areas.

From easy household tasks to regular drilling, the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set includes everything an individual might need to get the business done as effectively and swiftly as you can. For the price it happens in, this combo package will be a slip — if you require new tools for your workshop, it should be one of your best contenders.

Porter-cable Power Tool Combo
Out of a considerable number of Porter Cable Cordless Tool Sets found in the industry, why do one pick to purchase a porter cable tool set? Once we all already mentioned, the corporation offers a reputation for manufacturing and selling electrical power tools using powerful functionality and reasonable prices. The equipment that they make may be overlooking the very innovative attributes. They can be nevertheless invisibly and function just as advertised.

If you have decided to get a porter cable combo kit, then there are always many things that you should find out about before creating the last purchase. From the following paragraphs, we’ll help you opt for the optimal/optimally PC toolset for the needs by going within a few things you’ll need to think about.

Which Tools Can I like??

This one is a no-brainer — the selection of Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set should depend upon your desires. Professionals who deal with heavy-duty tasks for most of their time should think about becoming one of the computer’s more substantial combo kits. Even the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set is an excellent example because it contains everything that this kind of man or woman may need — a drill, an impact driver, a jigsaw, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, a grinder, and an oscillating multitool, in addition to the LED flashlight.

On the flip side, homeowners and amateurs won’t desire more than just a handful of tools. One of the provider’s more straightforward offerings( for example, PCCK604L2 (drill + impact driver) should do the trick. For easy tasks like hanging placing or pictures handful screws and there, then that you don’t desire an immense combo package — you’d undoubtedly be wasting dollars and purchasing tools which you wouldn’t utilize even the moment.

How A Few Instruments Do I Need?
Do you’ll need two or three powerful tools to update your toolbox? Or can you personally, maybe, need to change out your entire workshop together with each one of the virtual devices? Assessing these questions may give you an insight into the range of applications you will need.

Fortunately, porter cable sells tool sets of varied sizes — there’s something that everyone else. For instance, the PCCK616L4 kit comprises an electrical drill, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, and an LED flashlight. All these are essential devices for anybody interested in woodworking and something that every critical DIY fanatic should have inside their workshop.

Brushless Vs. Brushed
If your financial plan enables you to accomplish this, select a Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set kit with brushless electrical power resources. Brushed and brushless motors possess a significant structural difference, together with the latter ones allowing the power saw to adjust its operation into the job at hand. This contributes to greater productivity, better effectiveness, and longer life span of this instrument.

But, there is also a substantial downside here. On account of this extra price for the design and construction of such engines, the ability tools with brushless motors at their hearts are about 30% costlier and pricier than their brushed cousins.

Luckily, most of the Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set fabricated from the well-known brands sport an ergonomic style, i.e., they are comfortable to operate with and don’t cause user exhaustion. Devices created by porter cable are not any exception for the principle — they also are equipped with over-molded rubber coatings in their grips, in addition to using an outstanding balance in between their upper and lower components.

Battery Options

Li-ion (lithium-ion ) batteries will be the best-represented batteries from the realm of Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set. As opposed to the Ni-Cad (Nickel-Cadmium) cells that might be very harmful and maybe not very environmentally favorable, the more majority of batteries certainly are a lot safer and function as both great, if not better.

All the toolkits we have clarified previously are based on Li-Ion battery packs, even although not each one of them comprises these packs — some will require you to get them independently. However, it’s perfect to know that cordless porter cable applications utilize the best batteries out there and that the company cares about the environment.

Extra Components
Although they are less critical since the absolute power and the total relaxation of these tools, things like bit holders, LED functioning lighting, belt clips, and fuel indicators can considerably increase your productivity.

What’s more, try to select a combo kit that includes a package tote — those matters will be of fantastic assistance when it comes to storage and transportation. Even though they are less hardy as DeWalt’s or even Makita’s plastic containers, the soft-sided bags provided by porter cable are still fairly well-made and function precisely the intention.

The Conclusion

Getting one of Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set can not turn out as an error. The apparatus fabricated by this American company is considered as a little of an intermediate among the homeowner-grade and professional-grade resources. This means they don’t match all of the whistles and bells; they nonetheless have a great style and a good performance.

But, one of the absolute most important things this would be the purchase price. Porter-cable tools tend to be less costly than those fabricated and sold by, for example, Bosch or DeWalt. It doesn’t mean they’re a great deal less reliable, even though — that they have been quite decent for that income.

Even the computer system combo kits we have examined here are famous because of this, as all those sports the perfect Blend of tools and accessories. The Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set, by way of instance, contains eight caliber gears, everyone who is covered by a 3-year guarantee.

This is a combo package that can replace both the old and worn-out tools in your workshop with the efficient and new instruments that’ll function for you for many years to come.

Even the corporation’s more straightforward offerings are equally too excellent. Toolsets like PCCK619L2 or PCCK604L2 have only two devices for each Porter Cable Cordless Tool Set, but can considerably assist the user with simple tasks around your home, together with milder professional projects.

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