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It is widely proven that DIY (household chores) has many benefits for those who practice it. Carrying out repairing or modifying items at home is an activity that more and more people practice. They are masonry, carpentry, painting, or decorating tasks that are done to solve a problem or improve the house.

DIY relaxes and is also a form of artistic expression. But, to be able to perform DIY tasks at home in the simplest and most effective way, it is essential to have the right tools. Next, we are going to tell you what tools you need to have at home if you are a true “handyman.” With tools like these, you can demonstrate your skills and carry out a wide variety of tasks around the home.

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Basic tools that cannot be missing (household chores)

1- The hammer: is a basic tool in any home and probably one of the most versatile. For any repair or change, having a hammer can be essential. There are universal hammers that are best suited for many tasks. It is a very inexpensive tool. Experts always recommend wooden-handled hammers as they absorb shock better.

2- The screwdriver: is also another classic of repairs and manual work. The screwdriver is necessary to assemble and disassemble a multitude of objects. At home, you should have a briefcase with screwdrivers of different sizes and tips, both star-tipped and smooth.

3- The tape: measure is also used for many tasks and there is a wide variety to choose from on the market. The most practical are the folding, fabric and roll-up. In homes, it is usually enough to use a roll-up tape measure between 3 and 5 meters in length, although there are pocket tapes up to 20 cm.

4- Pliers: They are ideal for small tasks (household chores), such as modeling objects or cutting and clamping many elements. Universal pliers are the most common and found in most tool boxes. Universal pliers can tighten and loosen mechanical joints, stretch parts, and cut wires or cables. For more precise and specific tasks there are also cutting pliers, pointed or stork, round nose or extendable, among others.

5- Spanner: Without a wrench it is practically impossible to do many repairs and crafts. Loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. The most widely used wrench today is the adjustable wrench. However, spanners, box, combination or socket wrenches are still used for certain tasks. 

6- The ladder: To access higher or more inaccessible places in the house, the ladder is a key tool. Wooden or metal ladders are perfect for jobs that require a lot of mobility. The stepladders, made of fiberglass, aluminum or white metals are especially suitable for jobs that need a lot of stability.

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 Power tools for household chores

When it comes to power tools, there are some that specialists recommend above all:

7- The electric drill: is useful for any DIY task. The hand drill is used to drill many different materials. It is the most versatile tool imaginable and its functions are not limited to drilling: with the right accessories you can also screw, sand or polish objects. For the home, it is enough to have a medium power drill, starting at 500W.

8- The straight grinder: is a power tool with numerous blades and accessories to handle many jobs, from cutting and sharpening to polishing. When buying a straight grinder for housework it is important to consider its turning power, weight, electrical consumption and available accessories. Most of the straight grinders are compact and light and their power consumption can range from 400 to more than 750W.

9- The electric sander: is aimed at people who want to recover old furniture or get good finishes from hand-built furniture. They are especially recommended to be used on wooden surfaces.

10- The thermal stripper:  like the electric sander, is used mainly in restoration work. The thermal stripper is used to easily remove paint, rust or varnish from all kinds of surfaces and, in particular, on wood. It is also called a heat gun. In addition, other uses for this tool are related to the removal of stickers or vinyls or to loosen rusty nuts.

With all these listed DIY tools you will have a very complete arsenal to carry out with maximum efficiency all the tasks around the house that you want to carry out. They are tools that are easy to buy at low prices and that you will surely put to good use.

 How to choose the most suitable drill

The drill is one of the most versatile power tools. With the right accessories, “it allows a wide variety of tasks to be carried out: sanding, polishing, screwing and even mixing paints.” The choice of the drill and the type of bit will depend, fundamentally, on the material with which we are going to work, be it wood, concrete, stoneware or tile, metal, etc.

Wired or wireless Drill?

It is the first decision we face when choosing the most suitable drill. The Corded drills are more appropriate for professional work because, as a rule, they have more power, they are heavier and also the percussive function that allows you to add a power drill the effect of a hammer. The most suitable power for professional work starts from 750 watts.

Professional drills also have more options such as the ability to control speed, the ability to turn in both directions and have continuous performance, that is, they are always ready.

The cordless drills are recommended for home use. They usually have a power between 500 and 700 watts and are lighter. As it does not have a cable, it allows access to smaller spaces and the tool can be moved to where we need it.

You have to look at the voltage before buying a drill as the voltage determines the power of the drill. If you are going to have a demanding use, it is more advisable to opt for a higher voltage.

Most of today’s batteries are lithium, which allows for lower weight, longer life, and does not lose power as they run out. In addition, tools for domestic use usually have a “brushless” motor , that is, without friction , which reduces friction and heat, improving their performance and, of course, the use of it.

Before choosing the most suitable tools for DIY jobs or, in the case of a professional, all the more reason to optimize the budget and efficiency when carrying out such tasks.

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