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If you have been after us for a while, you realize certain of the preferred mobile difficult solutions may be your Dewalt technique. Now we are getting back and having a peek at the Dewalt Tough system.

The Dewalt Hard strategy arrived on the scene a couple of years past and was a hit ever since. The difficult system we are covering now contains precisely the same benefits and features as we have covered in the past, but we now have a handful of extra attributes that we’ll pay below.


You shouldn’t be duped by looking at this specific system. Only since it is plastic, but do not presume it will not have a lot to offer. The truth is that throughout our Dewalt Tough system Review, we observed a great deal to love about doing it.

If you are familiarized using their elderly machine, you know that the cart is separate and also quite heavy. It’s heavy because it isn’t just supposed to carry these containers but also designed as a dual function for a dolly to move heavy things like bags of concrete. Using the new DeWalt tough system, you can observe that the cart has been built to the reduced box, which means this method is much milder than previous versions.


The tiniest of the Dewalt Tough System Boxes is about the same size as a conventional cordless instrument ruler and measures about 21-1/2″W x 12-1/2″D x 6-1/4″H out measurements. It can act as a little electrical power tool instance; nevertheless, it additionally includes a total of 8 little pieces of containers, which likewise make it an excellent job-site screw box. Of course, there’s also the choice to eliminate a couple of the small pieces containers and use it for the two at the same moment.

The lid of the Dewalt tough system has an integrated tiny parts organizer. A knob releases this excess compartment, which includes lidded dividers that could hold drill pieces, pens, etc… There is likewise some area between your dividers where I have been retaining my little medical kit. The lid compartments really are an added incentive because its real task is to preserve the yellowish small components containers neatly in place and ensure the contents tend not to blend.


The Large Dewalt Tough System instance is nearly double the size of this case and measures roughly 21-1/2″W x 12-1/2″D x 12-1/4″H OD. It doesn’t always have any of those little section containers and hence also does not include the lid, but it does comprise an insert tray.

The tray will not just a good career at a small hand tool organization. Because the tray includes really short wall dividers, so it will not do an excellent job keeping tools separated from their segments.

The divided sections are also too small for my requirements, or so the tray eventually ends up acting in the manner of a crap drawer. Despite the tray put in, the large event has plenty of space for my delicate hand’s tools.

I can continue to keep my hammer, mallet, quite a few clamps, a calking gun, and much more, without room to spare. It will be simple to fill the box into your point to be overly heavy to carry.

Extralarge TOUGHSYSTEM BOX (DWST08204)

The additional Enormous Dewalt Tough System instance is all but three times the small case’s size and measures roughly 21-1/2″W x 13-5/8″DX 16-1/4″H. You may notice the extra-large case is a bit heavier compared to one other cases.

Though I make use of the excess Large case of Dewalt tough system because of my power gear, it is the only case to incorporate an integrated handheld tool organizer. Along the rear wall of this case sits on the hand tool organizer which includes afew different slots that can hold all from chisels into screwdrivers. All these slots include rubberized rims which will support protect tools that are sharp.

The negative that’s retaining my screwdrivers actually uses little rubber fingers to hold the tools place. These palms are easily pushed apart to adapt various sized gear. The hand software organizer may be taken out of the case if it’s unneeded, or it can be moved to the Large casealthough the more compact magnitude of this massive case will limit your application lengths.

Thus the XL box comes with the hands application emptiness, however also for the most part I use exactly the XL instance for my own power tools. It is plenty big enough to manage a drill, impact charger, driver, 6″ round saw, jigsaw, and tiny belt sander. Resources are built to take care of job-site abuse, so I really don’t worry about these riding across the same box free of cushioning or separation. The same add tray that accompanies the Large case is also contained with the XL instance, but I am not now deploying it.

Dewalt Challenging System Sturdiness

All over again, even though you find a good deal of plastic, don’t let that fool you. The big areas that have to get beefed up are beefed up with metal. The entire handlebar process of the Dewalt tough system is made of metal. The latches that keep the box closed are metal. This way, they are not likely to break, and you are going to soon be from a box that works.

Plus, if the box falls, which they will eventually, the box will always be shut. Under the lid of the package, you will see Dewalt tough system augmented the lid. They added additional vinyl to make sure that the pliers won’t break or dent. So if you have to rest something heavy on the lid, it will be able to defy a heavy load.

Dewalt tough system Hard Process Maneuverability

At the bottom box of Dewalt tough system, there are just two big wheels made from plastic. If you’re going to be pushing this cart system facing you personally, you will have some issues trying to become more extension cords and other barriers. But if you’re yanking on the boxes supporting you, the brakes perform a wonderful job becoming within these obstacles, including expansion cords. Stacking the bins on top of one another is easy.

We have attempted other systems where it will take much finesse to pile bins. However, Dewalt developed them to become easier. The moment you put a box on the surface, it fits into grooves so that you know that you are lined up. You can find plastic holders that transport just about every box with each other. You merely have to make sure that these are open before you set a box at the top; otherwise, you will have to take the box away and decide to try again.

Dewalt Tough system Program Business

The dewalt tough system contains three containers, huge, medium, and small. The huge and medium would be pretty much open bins, which have a little tray onto the top. For me, I would love to observe many more alternatives to organize stuff. While they’ve been intended to hold bigger components like saws, it’d continue to be nice to have areas to store saw blades.

The more compact box is terrific for the organization. The more compact box is perfect for the company. You will find just four trays you may keep bits or what you may like. Underneath the lid, there is additional storage to assist you to keep organized. As smaller gears bound the more compact box, the company within this box is fantastic.


Portable storage containers consistently capture vulnerable to outside elements. We keep them out from the rear of the truck; we forget that they have been out on the floor, and who knows what else? Dewalt created the containers to be watertight. As you can see, there is really a great rubber gasket to support shield your things at the carton. So provided that the lid has been shut, you must not have to worry about your equipment getting moist.

Hardest of the Difficult

The difficult method 2.0 together with the biggest update being deciphered. Latches around the front, latches across the side and latches towards the top.

First, the steel latches from the initial, demanding system have been replaced with a far beefier shooter-shaped piece with an infinitely more confident and more solid texture.

Secondly, the side has also been updated. The brand new version incorporates an instant connect design that permits them to immediately snap in place when an instance is set right into them. However, what’s amazing is that they are wholly compatible with all the original tough system cases. An old instance can be placed anywhere on the stack. It has a fantastic backward grip.

Third, DEWALT added just a tiny pop up T latch onto the lids of the new boxes. This lets the new half-size organizers click into position.


My very first response to seeing the Dewalt Tough System was virtually area. I have found a few problems using the system, and also my biggest gripe is using the athletic trays. Preserving my hand tools organized is just a major concern, yet I might have to come up with my very own add to do that.

I’d also attempt to make the boxes more stable by adding alloy reinforcements to the mat lock holes. Each one of the containers really is costly within reach of these competing modular approaches ($45 – £ 60 ), but I feel you’re receiving a stronger box for the price. But, I don’t actually believe that the L-Cart is just as excellent a deal.

As I said above, I believe that the L-Cart gets the device; however, it is coming in at anywhere from $170 to $250 online. Sure this is slightly more technical than your typical hand truck; however, not that much more technical.


Entire, we appreciate those boxes. They truly are tough and give security for your own tools. Having a portable system which meets these requirements prerequisites is essential to a thriving product. If you are looking for mobile storage choices, the Dewalt tough System should be viewed.

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