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DeWalt cordless screwdriver is in demand from buyers all over the world – from Argentina to Japan. They are used in various fields of activity – in one-time household repairs, periodic work in a workshop or garage, and the most powerful models are used in production. The operating potential of screwdrivers can be significantly expanded through the use of additional accessories.

DeWalt screwdriver can be divided into two main categories depending on the type of power supply: mains and cordless. Networked, as a rule, are more powerful, but rechargeable batteries offer the user a significantly higher level of mobility.

A suitable speed and torque setting should be selected immediately before switching on. Most instruments have two speed settings. The first is suitable for working with fasteners – in this mode, the device produces the lowest number of revolutions and the highest torque. The second (and, if available, the third) are intended for drilling. There are special switches for tuning the instrument.

For high-quality screw tightening, it is necessary to select a suitable torque value. It is best to carry out a test screwing into an unnecessary part of the same properties before finishing a new material. This will help determine the optimal regimen. It should be borne in mind that with a suitable setting, the screw head must be flush with the surface when screwing in before the ratchet mechanism is triggered. Over-setting can damage the workpiece – cracks and other material deformations.

Before tightening a particularly powerful fastener, it is worth drilling a hole under it. In this case, the diameter of the drill should be slightly smaller in comparison with the same indicator of the fastener. Hole drilling helps prevent overloading and ensures good screw driving.

There are two main types of tool holders:

BZP (keyless chuck) – Allows you to replace accessories without the use of any special tools.

Key Chuck – A special key is required to change tooling. Some inconvenience of work is compensated by the high reliability of this type of clamps.

The design of some Dewalt Screwdriver allows, if necessary, to change the chuck.

Bits (for working with fasteners) and drills (for drilling holes) are used as attachments for cordless and power screwdrivers. Also, it is not always possible to do without a bit holder when tightening and unscrewing screws.

When choosing a drill, it is important to consider the type of material in which you plan to drill and the diameter of the holes required. Pay attention to the maximum drilling diameter that the tool can provide. Neglecting this factor can lead to overloading the screwdriver motor and, ultimately, to its failure.

The most common type of holder is magnetic. They allow you to easily and quickly change the equipment depending on the type of fastener. Other types are needed under certain conditions. Thus, copper-beryllium holders avoid sparks during use and are operated in hazardous areas.

  • Depending on the shape of the tip, these accessories are divided into many categories:
  • Phillips is the most common. Designed to act on conventional screws.
  • Pozidriv (“double-cross”) – designed for unscrewing stuck fasteners or screwing into especially dense materials. Additionally, pointed splines provide a more firm grip on the bit.
  • Straight – used when tightening fasteners with a straight slot.
  • Torx is shaped like a six-pointed star. There are two subspecies of such bits – ordinary and protected (differ in the presence of a hole in the end surface).
  • Hexagonal and rectangular – Designed for fasteners with appropriate slots.

Other forms are extremely rare.

  • It is common to find accessories that have two tips – for example, the tip is cruciform on one side of the nozzle and flat on the other.
  • The best option for carrying out various jobs in a domestic or industrial environment is to purchase a set of bits, which includes accessories of the most common and often used types – Philips, Pozidriv and straight bits.
  • Corresponding rechargeable batteries are available for cordless screwdrivers. Most of these DeWalt accessories are of the Li-Ion type

Such batteries are distinguished by the absence of a “memory effect”, which allows them to be charged without waiting for a complete discharge. On the other hand, NiCd batteries provide high performance in low temperature environments.

When choosing equipment, you must follow the advice given in the instruction manual. It is also worth considering the technical characteristics – battery voltage and capacity. In general, the higher the voltage, the more power the screwdriver can develop. The capacity is responsible for the duration of the battery life without recharging.

Dewalt Screwdriver Safety Engineering (TIPS)

The most obvious hazards when working with a corded screwdriver are electric shock and fire due to short circuits. In order to avoid electrical injuries, you should follow a few simple guidelines:

Do not allow yourself to make changes to the design of the tool (cutting off the plug, handicraft lengthening the wire, trying to repair or modernize the device at home). This can lead to a breakdown in the electrical circuit, and subsequently, to receive electrical injuries.

Do not allow power tools to come into contact with water. The use of a screwdriver, into which water has got into, is fraught not only with its failure, but also with electric shock. The same applies to chargers.

Do not allow the maximum tension of the conductive cord during operation. Insufficient contact between the plug and the elements inside the socket can lead to short circuits, thermal overload of electrical components and, as a result, fire. A safe way out of the situation is to buy an extension cord.

Before screwing the screw into the wall, use a special device to detect hidden wiring. Of course, the rubberized handle of the Dewalt screwdriver will be able to protect the user from electric shock, but the further finding of the fastener in this position will inevitably lead to other people getting electrical injuries.

Also, do not neglect special protective accessories. The goggles will prevent small particles from entering the eyes when drilling wood or metal. Gloves help to avoid not only calluses, but also cuts, scrapes and abrasions that can occur when exposed to certain materials.

We must not forget that the screwdriver has rotating structural elements. They may have jewelry, clothing, or long hair wrapped around them.

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