Dewalt Oscillating Tools

Dewalt Oscillating Tools`Dewalt Oscillating Tools`

Dewalt Oscillating Tools

The DeWalt oscillating tools, or oscillating multi-tools on the current market, ideal for the professional or hobbyist who needs to make cuts, sanding, grooving, polishing, etc … Whether they are carpenters, painters, electricians or simply who enjoy DIY.

With a multifunctional DeWalt oscillating multi-tool we can make cuts impossible to make with any other type of saw. At least effectively and with good results.

Deep cuts, inclined or straight grooves and any type of special work, which with other saws – not so functional – would cost a lot and with poor finishes.

Its operation is peculiar. They vibrate thousands of times per minute to create a rocking motion. This makes the saw blade effective for cutting with an oscillation angle between 2 ° – 3 ° (normally).

This gives you the unique ability to make a controlled cut with relatively minimal positioning.

DeWalt Multi Tool

In the world of professional tools, the DeWalt multi-tool is known as one of the leading brands for its quality and performance. It is a brand of power tool, for the carpentry and construction industries .

Many oscillating tools on the market seem to be little more than vibrating sanders. They are useful for entering sharp turns. However, you expect more from your DeWalt oscillating multipurpose tool.

Why do you need Dewalt oscillating tools?

DeWalt Oscillating tools are great for some specific jobs. Such as scrap removal, drywall cuts, and cut-outs for installing laminate or solid wood flooring.

But most of all, a DeWalt oscillating tools are a simple solution to problems in hundreds of difficult situations.

As one restorer told us: “I can’t imagine how many uses there are for an DeWalt oscillating multifunction tool.”

Wood professionals told us something similar: “I couldn’t imagine that I would need an oscillating tool for my work, until I had one.”

Only a few years ago, DeWalt Oscillating tools were little known in the West. Thus, his varied work power was little known.

But little by little, with a wider range of options and lower prices, practically any brand of power tools has added them to its catalog.

Since they are infinitely useful, it is very likely that if you are reading this article you will have a multifunction oscillating tool sooner or later.

Wow, did you say “DeWalt Oscillating tools”?

Simply by changing the attachment of the multifunctional saw blade you can go from sawing to sanding in seconds. Helping you complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

DeWalt Oscillating tools have 3 main functions: cutting, scraping and sanding.

The scraping ability of the multifunction tool is directly related to the same qualities that make it good or bad in cutting.

Sanding is another story. While you can sand with a multitool, the result is not very good compared to an eccentric orbital sander or belt sander.

If you need a quality finish in the sanding, you will probably look for another type of machine.

DeWalt Main features

The variety of functions means that the DeWalt Oscillating tools cannot outperform each of the machines with a specific function separately. That is to say, it can do everything, but cutting will never exceed a saw, sanding a sander, etc.

Thus, for demanding jobs, we would like this type of machine to incorporate a variable speed button to adapt the speed to each material.

Although the CMT11 multifunction DeWalt oscillating tool has a dial that regulates the speed from 1 to 6.

It is of utmost importance that they have a safety switch to block the blade and for a fast running of the machine (CMT11 has a switch for this purpose).

Some machine models such as Ryobi and DeWalt lack a variable speed dial.

And some models like Ryobi lack lock switches for plunge saw blades.

It should also be noted that there are aspects where some models go beyond the basics.

Let’s not forget Ergonomics of DeWalt Oscillating Tools

The ergonomics of the best DeWalt Oscillating tools comes into play primarily through the weight and grip handle design.

Most models are attached using the standard large diameter round grip, similar to a grinder.

Models like DeWalt, deserve our admiration for having the best grip design with their handles and their oversized rubber.

Weight becomes an interesting topic. Especially since some of the wireless models come with compact batteries. mWhile others include extended capacity.

A practical guide DeWalt Oscillating Tools

The DeWalt Oscillating Tools is undoubtedly the best quality-price option on the market. It has worldwide assistance and incorporates:

  • The Fast Look system.
  • Transport case.
  • Manual.
  • Speed ​​regulator 1-6.
  • Quick cutting tool lock.
  • A grip for a better grip and enables it as a grinder.
  • It has an accessory for aspiration.
  • You can perform sanding, sawing, opening joints, cutting plastic materials, plunge cuts, sawing hard and soft woods …
  • Cutting and sawing of laminate-parquet, pipe cutting and nail cutting, among others.

Characteristics and technical data

  • 300 Watt power.
  • Voltage 220 / 230V
  • Oscillation speed from 11,000 to 21,000 rpm.
  • AW (vibrations) 19.7m / s2 – K = 1.5M / s2
  • Weight 1,2 Kg

Prices and Strength Do you want to spend a lot or a little?

The DeWalt oscillating tools cost from € 30 to € 400 or more.

Despite the large price range, we only see minor differences when cutting, sanding or scraping.

To our knowledge, the real difference is in performance and comfort.

Buying a reputable brand DeWalt oscillating tools will give you superior performance on saw blades and minimal vibrations. A multifunction tool that you will use for long periods of time.

We also assume that more expensive oscillating multi-tools should be better. Both in performance and longevity.

If you plan to use an oscillating multi-tool on a regular basis or anticipate doing professional work in the short to medium term, purchase a quality oscillating tool.

For occasional uses, you may be happy with a low-cost oscillating multitool.

More power is not essential !!

The higher power the better, of course. But it must be the key factor in choosing a DeWalt multi oscillating tool.

DeWalt tested tools with motors ranging from 1.36 to 3 amps.

And the surprise was that the variation in performance was minimal !!

DeWalt Oscillating multi-tools with lower amperage values ​​clog if too much pressure is placed on the workpiece during cutting or sanding. But so do higher amp models.

Thus, the lower amps work correctly with normal workloads.

Speed ​​and control of the DeWalt Oscillation Angle.

The indication of these parameters tells us that this accessory moves from one side to the other.

These tools usually oscillate between 2.5º and 3.2º.

The greater the oscillation, generally implies a more combative tool.

In terms of cutting speed, we find that the oscillation angle is generally given more importance than the amperage of the machine. With a greater angle of oscillation it will cut faster and more efficiently

On the other hand, the models with less degrees of travel are usually more pleasant and offer better control and precision in the cut.

It is of utmost importance to check the instruction manual !!!.

Blades are a big expense

However, with regular use, the blades are subject to wear and tear and must eventually be replaced with new ones.

Accessories for DeWalt multifunctional tools such as blades, saw blades, doctor blades, polishing felts, abrasive sanding paper, etc… are somewhat expensive if you don’t know how to choose the right tool.

We can find them of all prices (from € 4.68 to € 25 / unit) and they wear easily.

Over the life of the multitool, you are sure to spend more € on the tooling than on the machine.

The multi DeWalt oscilante tools are typically sold with kits with different assortments of accessories.

Based on the high price of saw blades or accessories, it is important to monitor the contents of the kit.

And although the amount of accessories that your machine includes may be in a blister of up to 30 pieces…. This will include 25 sandpaper of different grits, but only 5 cutting blades or blades.

You can find sheets of the following types:

Segmented saws for soft materials

Extra long life diamond saw blade for wood and metal

Plunge and Profiling Saw Blades in Wood

Precision Japanese Serrated Saws

Segmented blades with hard metal coating.


  1. SAW BLADES QUALITY HCS CARBON STEEL for wood and plastic cutting
  • BIMETAL SAW BLADES AND DISCS WITH 8% COBALT for cutting metals, wood with nails and plastics.
  • BIMETAL BLADES AND BLADES WITH 8% COBALT COATED TITANIUM for cutting metal, wood with nails and plastics. Extreme performance and 30% more durable tool.
  • DIP SAW BLADES WITH HARD METAL CUTS for cutting wood, nails and screws, fiber cement, plasterboard, plastic, sheet metal, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. Tool twice as durable.
  • DIP SAW BLADES WITH HARD METAL GRAIN COATING for milling joints and small grooves, cavities in different materials, tiles, plasterboard, porous concrete, building materials, fiberglass and epoxies.
  • DIP SAW BLADES AND DIAMOND GRAIN SANDING PLATES For milling joints and small grooves, cavities in different materials, tiles, plasterboard, porous concrete, building materials, glass fibers and epoxies. For extreme durability and excellent quality

We hope we have helped you with this little review of the choosing best DeWalt oscillating tools on the market today. Ideal multi-tools for the professional -carpenters, painters, electricians … – or simply for amateurs who enjoy DIY.

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