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Dewalt Or Makita? What To Choose? How to differentiate? Dewalt VS Makita More than a hundred years, the DEWALT Power Tool has been in demand in the electrical materials market. Among the huge number of different electrosphere instruments, it has established itself as one of the best.

The DeWalt tool brand has been characterized throughout its history by continuous industrial development and the constant search for innovative solutions.

It is most widely used in the construction and woodworking industries. Over the years, Devolt has developed over 300 models of this instrument and over 1000 accessories for it. To familiarize yourself with the models of this DeWalt Power Tool, it is best to go through with it first.

Today, with more than 1,000 factory-owned and authorized locations, Dewalt has one of the largest service and repair networks in North America. The factory manufactures and markets more than 200 different electric mechanical hand tools and 800 accessories.


As practice has shown, when working with any other power tools, there are frequent breakdowns and even failure due to dust getting inside the tool. DeWALT has developed and installed an innovative dust removal system.

After analyzing the level of impact of the tool on the body, the company’s employees have developed and installed a new technology, Perform and Protect, which almost halves the level of vibration and controls the torque. All this in a complex allows you to extend the durability of the tool.

In addition, the Devolt power tool is as safe as possible.

This is facilitated by the installed overheat and overload indicator lights of the tool, a zero voltage switch, safety clutches and other built-in innovations.

All tools presented belong to the TOP electrical appliances. Where DeWalt Power Tools comes with screwdrivers and perforators, grinders and saws, machine tools and polishing machines, tile cutters and drills, chargers. And also branded accessories such as batteries, attachments, drills, clamps.

So, Dewalt Or Makita It is significant that all DeWalt products have a three-year warranty. In addition, an absolute twelve-month warranty is provided, that is, if any part fails, it will be replaced free of charge within a year.

Buying power tools in the DeWalt store, you can be completely calm about the quality of the product. And besides, the prices there are much more acceptable than those of other sellers of this product. You can also make a purchase on credit.

Turning to the store’s website and contacting the managers, you can easily select the desired tool, pay for it in any way convenient for you and receive it directly at the specified address.


DeWalt products are probably yet to be truly discovered. Meanwhile, in the United States, it is the most common brand of power tools. Only Makita enjoys similar popularity with us. In this review, we will compare the products of the two brands and try to answer the question: which is better to choose – DeWalt or Makita?


Let’s start with what defines the face of each brand – the assortment. Both DeWalt and Makita offer a solid range of tools that meet the basic needs of builders: drills and wrenches, jigsaws and circular saws, grinders, routers and planers. There are also more highly specialized tools – for example, diamond saws, lamellar cutters, wall chasers. Machine tools are well represented, but measuring technology is clearly not a priority.

In principle, DeWalt does not produce gardening equipment. Meanwhile, Makita has a fairly wide range of chainsaws, lawn mowers and brush cutters – both electric and gasoline. In terms of tooling, the American manufacturer is in the lead.

DeWalt offers the widest range of durable, high-quality consumables designed for tough jobs. In addition, the company has developed its own cases for storing and transporting tools, and there are two whole series – TSTAK and Tough System. Thanks to their standard form factor, they fit comfortably on shelves.


The products of both brands are classified as professional. And although DeWalt positions its instrument as an industrial one, in practice this only means improved performance and quality. It is not intended for round-the-clock work on construction sites.

Innovation and quality

Both companies have almost a century of history (DeWalt is slightly younger), which means that they were at the forefront of the emergence of electrical equipment. Therefore, over the years, a tremendous experience has been accumulated, which allows you to choose the best technologies and achieve high quality. This is a huge plus for both brands.

Over the years, DeWalt has introduced many inventions: from the radial arm saw (in 1922) to the cordless plunge-cut saw (in 2008). Even with the release of the tooling, our own original developments are used.


In terms of quality and functionality, DeWalt and Makita tools can compete on equal terms. Both brands produce professional equipment with a large margin of safety. The price range is about the same, although DeWalt has a higher upper bar.

It’s hard to say who wins in the confrontation – Dewalt or Makita. The final choice is up to the master, who will evaluate the convenience, ergonomics and functionality according to his own criteria. For our part, we can recommend both brands.

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