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Dewalt is iconic, keeping positions with just a couple of true childhood reminiscences that are permanently ingrained in my own brain. Even though black and decker jigsaw could come to a head to their reddish tool chests and hand gear, Dewalt jigsaw is exactly what I think of when I consider the very first genuine strength tools I’ve laid my fingers.

Now, they certainly were my Dad’s tools-but. Finally, I grew up to have my own personal. Dewalt is a well-loved device brand for plenty of explanations. It is infrequent that the large yellow and black ever make a misstep with their gear as well as the high quality and performance always stand out.

When Dewalt announced in late August that they would be launch new cordless tools targeted toward woodworkers, I had been pretty eager to get my fingers on them. Now we are going to chat about a few of their new additions, the Cordless Jigsaw. Let us get started around the Dewalt Cordless Jigsaw evaluation and determine the way that it stands up to the Dewalt heritage.

Dewalt Jigsaw Summary

Jigsaws have an intriguing heritage. One point you might not understand is the way they arrived into being. In 1946, an engineer by the name of Albert Kaufmann with all the organization Scintilla, stumbled upon the concept once he replaced that a needle using a sword onto a sewing device.

This provider was later sold to Bosch tools. However, the arrival of what we know to be always a jigsaw started the following.

While I chiefly utilize Jigsaws for cutting edge timber, they have a whole lot of uses in alloy and PVC; nevertheless, their flexibility does not end there. You’ll find blades created for virtually every single material, like tile, granite as well as cement siding and shingles.

Jigsaws are surprisingly versatile and satisfy just about any tradesman from electricians for pipes and woodworkers. Dewalt jigsaw will also be starting a cone grip ribbon soon, that will produce fans of their alternate style pretty happy.

Often my encounter using jigsaws has made me underwhelmed. A lack of strength in cordless models or an overall lack of equilibrium in others hasn’t made me an enormous believer in jigsaws generally speaking.

Dewalt’s preceding cordless jigsaw was well regarded, but this version has a couple decided up-grades. I would 100 per cent say this model from Dewalt can earn a believer out of the very sceptic tool-users on jigsaws.

Dewalt Jigsaw Attributes

The DeWalt Jigsaw is run using a Brushless Motor for maximum durability and performance on the 20V platform. Founded at 5.2 pounds, this jigsaw is solid, however, not excruciating. Dewalt included a well-liked of tool lovers today, light-emitting diode lighting.

This can help to light the work surface for the optimal/optimally visibility throughout use. There’s also a dust blower that can help clean the cutting area of debris and it is rather powerful. You really do have the choice to purchase a connection to connect to some dust collector easily.

Even the D-shaped grip is well designed using rubber over mould and top-notch ergonomics. The design of these controllers has been designed and instinctive. The lock button provides additional security. The Dewalt Vacuum Jigsaw employs T-shank jigsaw blades and includes a one-inch stroke length.

The keyless blade change is quite simple. The release Movement opens and sparks the current blade, while the brand new one is inserted. Close the knob overlooks the brand new blade.

Dewalt jigsaw included some rate controls on this model that peaks at 3200 spas. Higher levels are perfect for milder materials such as timber. Joining this with a changeable rate trigger permits the user optimal control within the decoration.

This dewalt jigsaw includes four trimming styles, three which are vented and just one square. Orbital styles offer a cut, but a slightly less smooth finish by the combined forwards and up-down movement of the blade.

The right clip is ideally suited for alloy or hardwoods. Dewalt included a no-mar plastic shoe that’s removable for cleaning and accessory insertion.

DeWalt DW331K Jigsaw

Request any professional woodworker about their favourite wood cutting edge device, and they will most probably let you know it is the jigsaw. Indeed, if you have been researching on an excellent jigsaw lately, you may have encountered the DeWalt jigsaw DW331K. This can be a somewhat common mid-century to the high-end jigsaw that is used by several professionals around the world. Within this item evaluation, we are going to observe how well it works and when it’s well worth the cost. Could you stick with us until the finish?

Specialized Characteristics


The DeWalt jigsaw DW331K has an astonishing 6.5-Amp horsepower engine. At this ability rating, it can cut right through any material having a fantastic response. We think this is the sweet area value of the jigsaw, and this unit hits it using a bull’s eye. It doesn’t stall or under-perform, regardless of content density.

When equipped with a suitable blade, this DeWalt jigsaw decoration will provide a sleek reduce of both wood and metal sheets. Naturally, it may be used to cut other substances such as stones such as granite, ceramics, etc..

Additionally, the thickness of reducing (stroke span ) can be quite a generous 1-inch as long since it’s properly used on commercially readily available materials which are not any more than 3/4 inch thickness, it should become much more than sufficient to extend a clean lower.


The rate is still yet another major attraction from the DeWalt jigsaw. Needless to say, it’s variable rate control, together can expect out of a hoop of the quality. It performs rates of five hundred — even 3,100 SPM. The factor speed allows this decoration to adapt to the stuff for an even more successful reduce.

Also, changing the speed is super easy with the rate lever located at the other side with this jigsaw. As a result of the tall form variable of this handle-top jigsaw, you cannot adjust the speed to the fly. But, all in all, that isn’t a huge problem since most handle-top jigsaws run such a manner.

Moreover, there a 4 rotational actions settings within this version that farther assists the varying rate environment what this orbital setting will shift the forwards and backward aggressiveness of this blade which makes it more versatile and more effective when trimming different substances of different densities.

Dirt Selection

The dirt blower in the DeWalt jigsaw DW331K sends a steady flow of atmosphere from top to floor, clearing the cut line from debris along with sawdust. This allows more visibility that further aids in obtaining a far more accurate reduce.


This DeWalt jigsaw utilizes the industry-standard T-shank blades, which are well-known because of their stability and accuracy. Besides, you’re able to eliminate the blades in an issue of seconds as a result of the blade clamp lever.

You won’t so much as a need to touch the blades to achieve that. That is so how easy it’s to remove a blade in the DeWalt DW331K.


The DeWalt jigsaw DW331K weighs only 6.4 lbs. It really is lightweight for a handle-top jigsaw. What this means is that this model is extremely pliable and certainly will restrict hand exhaustion when used for a long time period.

Also, the handle is coated with a soft rubberized layer making it very comfy to hold. You may take this unit in 1 hand, or use the conventional 2-hands for equal relieve and comfort.

What’s more, the thick rubberized coating will a superb job absorbing the vibrations which get transmitted from the blade into the deal. The point is, this decoration from DeWalt delivers you one of their most comfy chopping experience in a decoration.

Other Functions

Bevel Detents: There are 4 bevel detents in the DeWalt DW331K that permits you to make rapid and straightforward bevel cuts of 0, 15, 30, and 45-degrees. It could further be locked position in producing repetitive pruning cuts.


After you purchase this DeWalt jigsaw, you get the machine and a kit box which contains a T-shank blade, even a non-marring plastic shoe, as well as a user’s manual.

The bare minimum to get you started. We find this is just a recurring blueprint that jigsaw manufacturers adopt by shipping their products only with all the bare minimum. Whatever the instance, jigsaw blades can be obtained nearly everywhere and also do not even cost a lot.

Selling price

This DeWalt jigsaw is not the lowest priced decoration we’ve reviewed. That does not really mean to state that it is a costly model. It isn’t! To get a midrange to high-end model, we presume it is very affordable with a good build construction and a highly effective motor.

Naturally, we favour the Porter-Cable PC600JS a little bit more because it’s a better price-to-performance ratio and is just a tiny little less Executing than that version. But, all matters considered, the DeWalt DW331K will be your superior product here. Our information is so simple. If you can spend it, do it.

Final Thoughts

I wish I could tell you I could find something negative to say using Dewalt jigsaw. This doesn’t often happen as equipment consistently have something, even whether its tiny I would like to see enhanced.

If it weren’t for this, then there might not be Gen two or gen-3 tools in the industry, so it is really a superb point to find some kernel of negativity. This tool includes features both the homeowner and professional will love like LED lights, and a tool-free knife varies. The bevel adjustment is simple, and the controllers are both comfortable and intuitive, something we can all love. Bra-VO into Dewalt for this version, also much like the Bosch Cordless Palm Router, it has been clearly one of my favorite resources to critique that past year.

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