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dewalt grease gun (tool only)

Up until several ages back, I had not ever really contemplated using a Dewalt grease gun. Primarily because my activities requiring one are not limited. I honestly did not comprehend how a lot of these can benefit you in the very long run. Pneumatic dirt firearms have been around for a while, but the hassle of handling an air compressor when working on heavy equipment is never fun. Luckily, the corded dirt gun is presently a favorite alternative for mechanics, heavy-equipment techs, and anyone who discovers value in this application. Just how will the Dewalt dirt gun rack upward? Let us talk about the gun and then run due to the DeWalt 20V MAX Grease Gun Evaluate.

DeWalt Grease Gun One of my favorite activities as a youngster has been helping dad dirt our trailers, trucks, and industrial snowblowers. Funny enough, it was not because of the mess or mess. As an alternative, because of how short and compact that the manual grease rifle is. Not just will it be a pain to actuate the gun (especially heavily utilized ones) but put in in a limited area also it is nearly not possible! Fortunately, the gone are the days of introducing reasonably captured and convenient battery-powered grease guns.

Why Dewalt Grease Gun is Awesome

Even the DeWalt DCGG571M1 is an industrial tier application assembled for pros and hardcore householders. As opposed to working with the typical problems of jelqing in tight spots, or so the long sessions lubricating lots of fittings on a tractor flourish, this tool simplifies the job.


Since this is a tool that may indeed be confronted with some demanding environments, the build quality is where it must be. The shell has been included in glass fiber reinforced vinyl, together with the remainder of the internals being put into everything that appears to function as diecast magnesium. In general, the construction and fasteners are of fantastic quality as well. This instrument is as rugged as it looks!

In 42 inches, this elastic hose is sure to achieve most areas you’ll be functioning. The nozzle includes spring-loaded guards and can be ranked at 10,000 psi maximum strain.

There is additionally a handy clip to safeguard the hose from pinching and damage. The motor produces no more than 10,000 psi to strength during even the significantly obstructed grease fittings. A lot more remarkable is the 5oz/min typical flow rate with a complete press on the trigger. At the front of the tool can be the same glowing LED work-light using an on/off switch to aid in dark and tight locations.

Even though the lighting can be fixed, it also provided a tremendous large beam to the task area. Most impressive concerning the DeWalt grease gun, maybe your runtime. It is projected you will load 16 cartridges on one single charge of the 20v Max-4 amp-hour battery. To conserve the device’s outer shell, the dart gun can rest on two no-mar foot, which is a part of the tool shell mold, with a beautiful polypropylene rubber overmold.

To restrain the stream speed of this dewalt grease gun into the matching, the cause is a pressure-sensitive potentiometer. The further the press, the more, the more flow you are going to get into the matching. To primary the machine pump system in between cartridges, there’s an atmosphere bleeder valve.


I had been able enough to grease up your joints on our daily motorist, as well as a snow blower and yard tractor with the DeWalt grease gun. With this particular, I discovered it carried out exactly as imagined and surpassed my expectations! It had been far better than having a guide gun to send grease to the fittings.

I had no problems personally; however, if you are operating on the front load tract or boom, you will need a way to rig up the tool at height. Although long, the nozzle isn’t very long enough to accomplish some fittings if it is around a lawn. All in all, this purpose-built dewalt grease gun did precisely what I wanted to do. It was much more straightforward than if I was with a handheld rifle or bulky pneumatic setup.

 Will not possess these. Mainly since the task of greasing is completed with regular maintenance and course with the arrival of sterile dirt fittings in parts of dewalt grease gun. But for a person who owns a farm or industrial products, this application is a necessity. It can conserve time and a lot of headaches and energy!

The bare tool may be obtained for $169.00 at the house Depot, also a pretty astounding price to get an instrument that will endure an incredibly long moment. For supplementary #30, you can grab the application, plus a battery and charger, to get $199 at The Home Depot.


To find the correct operator, ” I could see the value in owning the DeWalt Grease Gun. Lubricating grease fittings may be a very arduous and lengthy chore. Whether there are lots of valves or a few in tight cracks, it gets tough. For the future, I plan to zip through my more basic greasing tasks with this particular application. No matter what, it makes maintenance much more straightforward.

DeWalt DCGG571B Battery Powered Grease Gun

This DeWalt grease gun comes with a potent motor that produces up to 10,000 PSI. The cordless engine is run by a lithium-ion battery that could drive 16 cartridges each fee. Well suited for high-volume pump pushes of up to five ounces, this dirt rifle is most suitable for heavy machines and massive autos. Even a 42-inch extra-long, elastic hose and nozzle make reaching those hard-to-access bearings a breeze, and also a variable speed trigger permits precision grease application.

Other characteristics of the product are glowing LED lights for working in darker spaces along with an anti-debris filter that protects the pump mechanism from grime and other contaminants.

Since this dewalt grease gun is somewhat on the side, it also offers an anti-scuff foot to enable you to place down and break the instrument on horizontal surfaces while being used. Additionally, it is easy to load up and handle. Overall, the battery-powered motor and hose make greasing go by much quicker.

We detected two disadvantages to this Dewalt grease gun. It is larger and heavier than competing designs, which makes it a bit little hassle to do the job inside a few applications.

Two, the base version doesn’t appear standard with battery life. Therefore it must be purchased separately unless you currently have a 20-volt battery hand. That may add to the total cost of the system.


Be attentive when loading barrels right into a grease pump of this dewalt grease gun. You will desire to protect against introducing contaminants or foreign particles that might damage the machinery.

Always assess that the dispensing nozzle is clean before deploying it. To do this, pump a small quantity of grease through the nozzle and then wipe it off with a fresh rag.

Now, you are acceptable to go to lubricate any fittings or other areas without inadvertently also adding dust.

Be sure you make use of the appropriate grease for each part or fitting. Fat is sold in various formulas and weights, making it vital to decide on the most suitable one for the task.

Before introducing fresh grease to a fitting, ensure you wash off the fitting itself to eliminate a number of the built-up grime. This may aid the part-time work more smoothly.

If a dust gun is pressurized, be sure you store it unpressurized if not in use, preferably at a horizontal position to prevent oil leaking of their dirt.

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