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Dewalt framing nailer review

Are you now speaking on a battery-driven framing nailer? Battery technology has jumped the past couple of years, generating additional gears cordless than we’ve ever thought possible. Sure, the cordless nailers are out for a handful of years, however, when you think about the energy required to push a nail, it is relatively fantastic that the battery-powered Dewalt framing nailer could perform this particular action. How does Dewalt’s variant work, and is it worth the cost?

Dewalt Framing Nailer Summary

In the sector, you have three kinds of framing nailers, pneumatic, gas & battery, and battery life just. A pneumatic is very good because nothing defeats the rate of a porter cable nail gun. However, you have to worry about an air compressor and hose. The gas and battery nailer is fine as it’s very consistent and cordless. Its big con is you have to handle petrol, of course, if you come to an end, you’re at a standstill. A battery nailer is perfect since it’s cordless and you don’t have to address gas. Yet one of the knocks is it’s maybe not as consistent, and they are sometimes slower than other energy options.


The Dewalt framing nailer, version DCN21PL is a 21° nailer that could push to 3-1/4″ extended claws. The nailer is driven with the Dewalt 20V battery so that you do not require air or even a gas capsule to the strength that particular tool. The method comes with the nailer, a4 Ah battery, a charger, plus a nylon tote. Inside the nailer, Dewalt developed that using a brushless motor which makes it increasingly efficient and will provide it a lengthier run time. The grip is more expected of their 20V grip. Dewalt utilizes a smooth, over-moulded rubber clasp.

There’s an integrated rafter hook that may be tucked off in case you won’t be using it. This tool could accept claws from 2-3-1/4″ dimension using a .113″ — .148″ diameter. The aluminium journal holds forty-nine plastic collated nails. On the front of the device, there’s a twist nob which enables an individual to adapt the depth of the fire. But in case you buy yourself a shake, then you’ll require a hex essential to start the leading of the nailer. On the bottom of the device, there are several settings. You can change it in bulge to successive fire and additionally speed selector.


Overall I am delighted with the performance. As you can see from the above images, you’re able to fix the thickness of the nail. You may easily see among these claws is above the wood, while the other will be sunk below the timber. The different picture shows if I ran seven feet quickly together and that I was surprised at how consistent it slipped the nails into the wood. As you’d expect, this matches perfectly between two 16″ studs, and you also will shoot.

I used this on a wide variety of rapid framing tasks to your home. That is one support ray that I conducted a slew of claws. Even the nailer performed well and did not have to catch because of the hammer save a couple of days.


You can pick up this in The Home Depot for roughly £ 400 which comes with a battery and charger. While I believe it is a bit expensive, the flexibility of the cable and compressor would be well worth the extra price.

Final Thoughts

Overall I enjoy this nailer. it has just two negative ratings but that I didn’t have those difficulties. As an example, the nailer awakened the claws and the only moment I had problems, was during a user mistake. My fault arrived when I didn’t possess the nail head seated all of the ways while I was going too quickly.

This was an easy fix and can be a portion of getting used to different software. The nailer can be a small hefty. However, it is comparable to other battery nailers on the marketplace. I love losing the air hose along with a noisy compressor. You probably won’t be framing a whole house with this nailer. This Dewalt framing nailer is perfect for small tasks like remodelling, and developing a shed or other endeavours will probably be at which this nailer shines.

DeWalt DCN692 Cordless Framing Nailer

The farming process consistently will involve lugging around a cumbersome atmosphere compressor, conducting multiple atmosphere hoses and also a decent amount of setup work until we even start working out. Since Paslode invented the initial cordless gun in the 1980s, the notion of being untethered from atmosphere hoses has ever been attractive, but the extra cost and unreliability made it impractical. In this evaluation, we’re going to look at this DeWalt Framing Nailer and see whether it has precisely what is needed to displace my tried and authentic set up of valves, valves, and pneumatic nail firearms.

What Is In The Package?
If you purchase the package (DCN692M1), it includes all the Dewalt framing nailer, a 20-volt two ah battery, DCB115 charger as well as a gig bag. If it’s the case that you presently possess other Dewalt cordless tools that are part of their 20-volt Max platform, then the Dewalt framing nailer is available without the battery and charger.

In DeWalt’s numbering method, in the event the application version number has been accompanied with a”B’s”, it means BARE-TOOL (without attachments ). Tools ending with M-1 denote a kit with one charger and battery, while D-2 stands for two batteries with charger.

What Makes it Work?
DeWalt framing nailer layout has a brushless motor that spins pristine, keeping energy out of its spinning. When the motorist contacts the rotation engine, the blade pushes forward to induce the nail. Gently the nose of the tool from the workpiece or yanking on the trigger moves the motor (dependent on which firing mode you are inside ). The power is of course supplied from the 20-volt battery.

The Nails
The Dewalt framing nailer can take 2″ to 3-1/2″, thirty to 3-4 level removable paper tape claws, with clipped or offset round heads in shank diameters out of .113″ into .131″. Loading the feet resembles any nail gun — twist the pusher latch straight back and drop a rod of claws at the straight backside. Releasing the spring-loaded pusher bend pushes the strip of feet in the direction of the nose of this software. The magazine’s power is 55 nails, which is much under a traditional pneumatic framing nailer.

Dry Fire Lockout
The Dewalt framing nailer includes a sterile flame lockout feature that stops the device from firing once the publication is practically empty. When between 9 and 9 nails stay within the journal, the application will not fire until finally the following pole of nails is reloaded.

Length Of Generate Adjustment
Based on the kind and thickness of the timber and the period of the nails you’re employing, you’ll have to adjust the thickness of their countersink, or in other words, how deep the Dewalt framing nailer is driven. It is easy to dial in the suitable amount by turning the wheel — to the left can be tight also into the proper will be heavier.

Clearing A Jam
While perhaps not an everyday occurrence, liberating a jammed nail can be a real pain on some nail guns. It has a Fairly Easy operation on the DeWalt framing nailer. Take out the battery and also the strip of claws before loosening the two hex bolts at the very top of the publication. Gently the magazine out of this way causes it to be straightforward to eliminate the offending bent nail.

If the motorist is stuck at the downward place after clearing the bent pin, slide the booth discharge lever to retract the motorist. There was an LED indicator which lights around alert you about a jam and also the tool is not going to reset before the battery was taken away and reinstalled.

Non-Mar Tip
Even the Dewalt framing nailer comes with a non-mar tip that might come in handy if you’re renovating on siding or trimming you didn’t wish to mark up. In actual life, it is probably some of those items you’ll remove when and never see it again.

Sequential Hearth Mode
Putting the slider button to show one particular nail sets the Dewalt framing nailer into successive fire mode, which provides the maximum capability for driving the longest nails. Depress the nose, await the flywheel to twist up, and then pull the trigger to flame a single pin. These are ready; there’s a noticeable delay between when you depress your nose when the tool is ready to flame.

I guess it is a little under 1 second, that might not seem like plenty of time; however, it will take a bit to get used to. When using a standard pneumatic nail gun, it is almost instantaneous, and this delay is the most massive minus into this application.

Bump Fireplace Mode
Selecting the Dewalt framing nailer superstar will allow the gun to fire every time the nose has been pressed from the job piece when keeping the cause. Maintaining the reason will keep the flywheel spinning, which lets you firing nails one after another, without the wait just like in consecutive fire mode.

Motor Speeds
For shorter claws, utilize engine speed one, as it’s going to lengthen the battery run time. When just a tad bit more strength is necessary to induce longer nails, utilize speed two.

Rafter Twist
DeWalt framing nailer comprised a super useful rafter hook that flips out of this way when that you do not need it. Oahu is the perfect size to hold on the application on any 2X rafter or joist.

Battery Indicator
DeWalt framing nailer 20-volt batteries possess these unique index lighting to show you just how much charge is left in the shower. When you press on the button, all of 3 green lights mean full control. Two lights signal between 50 and 75% and one morning means significantly less than 50%. Both ah battery can induce roughly 850 brad nails on a single control.

How Can It Play?
The familiar DeWalt manage and trigger feel comfortable as they’re almost indistinguishable to this look in these cordless drills. The Dewalt framing nailer is much more significant and just a little heavier than the usual classic pneumatic framing nailer so that I wouldn’t provide it with any negative marks for measurement, particularly considering how much less it weighs than almost any compressor and hose setup.

Working it through the paces over the job site, it’d no trouble driving 3″ x .131″ claws into Doug Fir beams and studs. It did not spout every single nail totally in I-Joists and LVL’s, nevertheless, you are probably not going to strike way too many situations of anything more challenging to do the job with. The tool is useful, is equipped with a lot of valuable functions, plus it needs to endure to years of usage.

Am I prepared to ditch my air compressor and pneumatic nail guns? Perhaps not but, but the further I now make use of the DeWalt framing nailer, the other I love the hassle-free visibility. It’s a useful instrument for small projects or pick-up work, and it really can do just about whatever a standard pneumatic nail gun could do.

On our job-sites today, there is only one more air hose strung about. In the event, you are a DIY er that has not been invested in an air compressor. The Dewalt framing nailer will be worth considering as it’s going to place you back about as much as a professional tier compressor and framing nailer, however, you’ll receive the best in portability. If you previously have some DeWalt cordless batteries and tools, this is a double bonus.

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