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A DeWalt drill press is excellent for several heavy-duty drilling applications that require one to drill to kinetic materials like steel. These drill presses also include a Broad Range of Qualities That are quite handy since you can Get These things in various magnetic drill presses, such as craftsman drill press

Drill measurement: an essential element to think about while buying a magnetic drill press is the most drill dimensions. When some drills can drill holes of up to at least one 1/2 inch in diameter, better models may go up to two inches in diameter for heavy use.

Motor Speed: Since these magnetic drill presses use an electric motor to get the drill, they got an engine rate rating. This evaluation can range anywhere from 450 RPM to up to 650 RPM, where a higher motor rate results in more excellent overall performance.

Electricity Saver: As these dewalt drill presses are made for heavy-handed software, they could consume a good deal of energy. When some types are ranked at 1300 g or 1400 watts, many more efficient ones could use only 1000 watts of power.

If you want you to heavy applications, then you can pick one from the very best magnetic drill presses discussed within this write-up.

Best Dewalt Drill Press

Dewalt DWE1622K magnetic drill push

Dewalt is among the earliest & most popular brands on the market, creating both electric and pneumatic energy instruments. Its electrical energy tools might be a terrific alternative for heavy handed applications, only like its magnetic drill press.

Even the Dewalt drill press can be present inside this article; it offers the essential drill measurement. When most selections out, there’s a drill measurement of an inch or something around that; this Dewalt drill press may go up to 2 inches regarding the diameter of the holes that you drill with it. Besides having a large-sized drill bit diameter, the higher motor rate with this drill media is also acceptable for the given size. It may go up to 450 RPM depending on the speed setting you are using with this particular drill press.

Its variable speed trigger gives two different engine speeds that include 300 RPM and also 450 RPM. All of this is possible because of its exceptionally efficient and silent 10 Glass electric motor. It lets you readily use this drill while having a drill journey of 4 ⅜ inches. If you are drilling a 1/2 inch steel plate, this exerts pressure up to 741 kilos that is high. One other fantastic thing about purchasing a magnetic drill press from Dewalt is that you get a decent build-quality together with a 3-year lengthy warranty with this, which is lovely to own.


The power of dewalt drill press is dependent on its engine, also if this particular unit, its motor produces the total capacity of 10 AMPs. It is guaranteed to offer the user enough electrical power for effortless cutting through all sorts of rigid materials — including steel. Exactly enjoy we predicted, the speed is adjustable, permitting one to pick out of two different speed configurations (350 and 450 RPM).

On the other side, the quick-change toss method permits tool-less changes and leaves the chuck-swapping a breeze. There is also shock protection, and that means you won’t have to be worried about overheating. Several of these internal elements of just about every drill press are prone to burning off. Thus we are a lot more than happy that DeWalt chose to equip DWE1622K for this particular feature.

Common Impressions

The end-users are satisfied with the handy layout and the fantastic performance with this drill press. They genuinely mention that dewalt drill press tends to make matters go faster, and it permits them to drill holes much more economically than any of their previous devices.

They emphasize the unit’s robust magnet, easy-to-operate controls, quick-change throw program, and the overload security that allows massive application program. As anticipated, the unit has managed to fit up with the expectations of thousands of end-users worldwide.

Best Capabilities:

Motor rate evaluation of up to 450 rotations per minute

2-inch drill dimension

3-year long guarantee

10 Glass electrical engine

2-speed settings via varying rate activate

Offers four ⅜ inches of traveling with the drill piece

The excellent build quality to get strength


Quite a Dependable and nicely constructed magnetic drill push

Offers the Most Significant drill bit size when compared with Different choices

Decent engine rate of 450 RPM because of 10 amp score


A bit to the Bigger side

prohibitively costly

Things we enjoyed about it

The DeWalt drill press pleased with its layout, electrical power, and user-friendly capabilities that ensure it is more adaptable and productive. The machine sports activities slim dimensions and low fat, and since a result, is hugely maneuverable and convenient for operating in limited areas. The controls are simple and can be utilized even by the entire do it yourself novices.

The unit’s 10.0 AMP motor produces a quick function of steel workpieces and permits you to adjust the rate in line with this job available. Changing the throw is quick and straightforward, and there’s no worrying about overheating as a result of the comprised overload protection. All this combined makes DWE1622K certainly one among the most potent instruments of the kind from the business — that the number of experts outweighs the number of advantages.

Matters we did not like

If it arrives to dewalt drill press, among the most important things is to get an adjustable-rate that is likely to produce the machine appropriate for an extensive spectrum of applications. Regrettably, this unit offers just two-speed configurations, which will be bent that amazing while reviewing it with these types of competitors.

Also, it is well worth noting that dewalt drill press isn’t an entry option, and as such, it truly is relatively costly. Individuals on limited budgets will need to look elsewhere.


Even though this version has several drawbacks, they shouldn’t dissuade you from thinking of it to buy — the variety of advantages will be only overpowering. Even the DeWalt drill press features heavy-duty construction and a highly effective motor, effectively completing a wide variety of drilling jobs. One will not have to be an expert to understand how to utilize this system — operating it’s straightforward and will be done even by the complete do it yourself, newcomers.

It is probably one of their most striking apparatus of the type we have undergone so far, plus it warrants our real advice.

Buying Guide for the Finest Magnetic Drill Press

After moving through the dewalt drill press mentioned within this post, you must learn that a whole lot about these in general. This is due to the reason that we’ve cited all the key attributes and selections of the many magnetic drill presses described previously. As you will have the ability to obtain the ideal press to you personally, many may still be confused.

So, we have been discussing using a detailed purchasing guide linked to dewalt drill presses. You may locate various factors and aspects related to the very best magnetic drill presses within this informative article. As a result, Make Certain That You Stick to this buying guide before the end if you also wish to buy a new magnetic drill media:

Drill Size

Certainly, one of the very important yet the most convenient ways to distinguish between the various models accessible there will always be to examine the drill dimension offered with a specified magnetic drill press. It merely lets you know about the most width or width of the hole you could make using this drill. As you’ll anticipate, massive core industrial and application demands require a large drill measurement while some other applications might burst using a smaller or thinner drill measurement.

For this reason, while some dewalt drill presses offer drill dimensions of 1 1/2 inch, additional heavy-handed models could encounter a drill magnitude of 2 inches. From these two options, the latter is the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications as it is possible to drill larger holes rather readily.

Also, you can change the current drill dimension of your drill press by changing the size. This bit size might be changed by ensuring that it is harmonious since you will notice down the road within this buying information.

Drill Depth

Another essential factor that should be thought about before buying any magnetic drill press would be its drill thickness. While the drill dimensions tell you concerning the flat measurement of those drilled holes, the drilled thickness lets you know about the vertical dimension of the hole that is drilled. This is sometimes essential to check if you commonly drill right into thick pliers or sheets of alloy.

While some selections offer you a drill thickness of 2 inches, additional lightest models may even go up to 4 inches. As you would expect, such models are convenient for industrial drilling or applications into various metal sheets at once. Thankfully, this drill thickness can be readily changed, employing the controls present on your drill press.


If you’re familiar with drill and drilling presses generally, you have to realize these usually offer support for several types of drill pieces. Such drill pieces might be convenient for different sorts of applications when employing a given magnetic drill press.

Nevertheless, the drill bit that you prefer to make use of ought to be compatible with your drill press before you may use it. How big is those drill pieces need to fit the drill measurement range offered by your magnetic drill press? In the event the drill size is 1 1/2 inch to two-inch, then only the very drill bits with this magnitude will probably easily fit init.

Motor Speed

Since you would anticipate, these dewalt drill presses utilize a motor to turn the drill bit and drill to some given surface area or thing. Although this engine directly affects your drill press’s performance, it is essential to look at its engine rate. Exactly as any power saw out there, the dewalt drill press speed is granted in RPM or rounds weekly.

You can assess the range of situations the motor is turning every second by assessing this motor speed rating. While some types provide a motor speed of 450 RPM or something similar to that, higher-end solutions provide a score of 650 RPM. Such high motor speed drill presses generally offer higher efficiency as being a greater rotation rate helps even though drilling to hardened substances.

Electrical power Intake

Since these dewalt drill presses are powered by a powerful engine that gets used for heavy-duty utilization, this sort of drills’ energy consumption is also extremely crucial to assess. As you would count on from any other electrical instrument or appliance, this capacity consumption is provided in watts.

It includes unique dewalt drill press choices with energy consumption evaluations such as 1400 watts or 1500 watts. On the other hand, better options come using a lower power consumption rating of 1000 g or 1100 watts. This possibility will consume less electricity while drilling into different surfaces and items than you would anticipate.


If you prefer to dewalt drill press and accurate openings in a given workpiece, you want to require the controls offered from the magnetic drill press. This mainly includes the motion control and the rate controller provided by a specified magnetic drill press. As you would expect, your magnetic drill press’s motion controllers permit one to align the holes.

About the flip side, the speed controller is fundamentally a variable rate trigger that helps change the motor rate of one’s magnetic drill media. While some magnetic drill presses comprise completely analog controls, others might even have virtual screens and switches to get even precise controls. All such controllers should be user friendly and offer high accuracy control to receive the very best ending effects.

Construction and Warranty

Finally, the creation and warranty offered by your dewalt drill press are also quite essential. It ensures you could make use of a confirmed drill for heavy handed applications for a long time without confronting any problems caused to tear and wear. For this reason, virtually any drill press which employs cast iron or steel in its construction can undoubtedly persist for a long moment.

In terms of your guarantee, nearly all of the dewalt drill press models out there have a 1-year extended warranty. But a few better and more reputable models may even include a 3-year extended warranty for reassurance.

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