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It hit me when Dewalt announced these were coming outside using a gyroscopically-controlled lithium-ion screwdriver of their own .

As you may know, Milwaukee screwdriver and Dewalt are part of the same business. Therefore it is reasonable for innovations and technologies to both sometimes be handed back and forth.

Dewalt didn’t only to produce streamlined cordless motorists; they kicked off a new 8V Max lithium-ion ion Dewalt cordless screwdriver stage round it.

Overview of Dewalt Cordless Screwdriver

Dewalt 8V Gyroscopic Cordless Screwdriver

Capabilities & Technical Specifications (DCF680)

Gyroscopic controls — slow to get precision, fast to get power

Pivoting manage (90°, 0°)

Variable speed (0-430 RPM)

40 in-lbs highest torque

Flexible clutch (15 settings + maximum )

Spindle lock allows for manual use.

One-handed 1/4″ hex chuck

Reversible (additionally controlled via gyroscope)

Removable rechargeable Li-ion battery pack

8V Max 1.0 Ah battery recharges in approximately 1 hour

~120-130 1.5″ sheetrock screws each charge

LED work light

DCF680N1 kit comes equipped together with the screwdriver, (1) 8V Max battery plus a charger, and kit tote

DCF680N2 kit carries a second battery pack
What Exactly Does the Gyroscope Do?
In essence, it has righty tighty, lefty loosey. Press the dewalt cordless screwdriver trigger/activation switch, and then twist the gyroscopic Dewalt cordless screwdriver in the direction you want the bit to spin. Twist the instrument clockwise to drive screws and fasteners forwards or clockwise to loosen or remove them.

What kinds of end-users was that this motorist created for?
Cabinet installers, maintenance workers, tradespeople, and those who utilize an impact driver typically to get more significant pieces and guide lien on smaller types. This is a pocketable motorist, which is also great for users.

What is the Goal of Dewalt’s Innovations Staff?
The improvements crew supports the skilled software department. Essentially, their intention is always to think of fresh ways to eliminate complete user loopholes.

Exactly what shame does the gyroscopic cordless screwdriver solve or ease?
Most significantly, the gyroscope dewalt cordless screwdriver allows for a more intuitive rate and direction handle. The gyroscope permits control into a wider variety of movements and when compared with a traditional cause. Users will give it a quick twist (~10°) for the whole rate, or even a feather touch around ~0-35° for increased sensitivity and nicer alterations.

8V Max Style Target
Even the 8V Max battery dewalt cordless screwdriver packs are made using 14650 naturally-occurring cells somewhat of 18650. (Assume AAA vs. AA). This allows for a broader focus on reliability, size, and durability.

(I can consider at least one product that’s certain to be released into the new 8V Max platform!)

Tool or More to Customers
The workforce designed the product to get a 100% duty cycle (similar to Milwaukee’s M-4 screwdriver). It’s designed much more for tradespeople, commercial, and commercial customers and equally in buyers’ hands.

The motorist was mainly designed using device screws and lighter obligations and repetitive installation tasks in mind. It’s better suited for tasks this you could ordinarily work with a handbook lien for.

Pivoting Handle

The dewalt cordless screwdriver comes with a pivoting handle, which allows for pistol grip and inline orientations. It will not help genuinely pivot; it swivels; however, the outcome is precisely the same.

The handle position may be unlocked from each side of this software, but the swivel mechanism operates in one direction. It will not seem to remove out of whatever else.

Gyroscopic Operation

To operate the dewalt cordless screwdriver, you first must press on its trigger switch. Of course, that is not a speed control trigger button; it’s more of an on-off switch. However, Dewalt’s motorist isn’t precisely as very intuitive to utilize, at least in the pistol grip orientation.

With the Dewalt cordless screwdriver, you can’t just function the driver by twisting your wrist detect that I wind up needing to alter my whole arm a little. This is because the application’s axis of rotation will be over the hand. Using all the B&D Gyro, the rotation axis is on your hand and can be closer to the center of the wrist spinning.

It is merely an issue of clinic and acclimation. The wrist’s image isn’t hard to fix; a flick of the wrist and alter of the arm take somewhat more hours for muscle building to grow.

I initially uncovered the screwdriver to be slightly more comfortable, or at least easier to restrain, when kept in the straight-grip place.

With a little more usage, the driver was comfortably gripped and used in the two orientations.

Even the gyroscope dewalt cordless screwdriver and control circuitry is tuned correctly and implemented and allowed for operation at any angle. Don’t forget, the electronic gyroscope dewalt cordless screwdriver used in this instrument measures relative motion and isn’t the same kind of mechanical gyroscope that twists like a top.


In case nut-busting torque is everything you’re after, this isn’t the cordless screwdriver for you.

In one evaluation, I drove (4) #8 x 3/4″ timber screws most of the manner into particle board shelving material without initial drilling pilot openings. The dealt cordless screwdriver may deal with it, but barely — I needed to utilize the powered-off driver to complete trimming the screws manually.

In my opinion, this will be the sort of powered dewalt cordless screwdriver which must not be used on fasteners you can not or would not use a guide screwdriver on. That’s how it had been made, plus it is a perfect thing in this.

Handle Grip Convenience

The grip looks made for a comfortable grip from any angle. In practice, I don’t grip on the dewalt cordless screwdriver with the clasp as shown; I typically grip it my wrist would be directly, together with my thumb onto the activation switch and also my pointer finger resting on the Dewalt cordless screwdriver emblem. If I don’t maintain it in this fashion, my wrist finishes up bent and uneasy when I spin the driver to induce or eradicate a fastener.

You can contain the dewalt cordless screwdriver vertically back in inverse traction, as when working inside a gearbox on the table; however, don’t expect you’ll get it right to the very first try.

Dewalt 8V Max Li-Ion Battery Platform

The dimensions gap between your 8V Max lithium-ion battery pack and a standard 12V Max battery pack is appreciable. Dewalt12V Max batteries have been coordinated otherwise, precisely why this looked to be a better comparison.

It is likely to be soon interesting to see what other sorts of services and products Dewalt patterns around the 8V Max form component.

It should be noted that 8V Max battery packs are all rated at 7.2Cable.

Some of you could find it interesting that the battery package was created from Japan, evidently employing Sanyo cells rechargeable.

“Trigger” and Electricity Lockout

The lockout switch is found only under the trigger/activation switch. This helps avoid unintentional activation once the motorist is hauled in a tool bag, toolbox, or pouch alongside additional tools that might press the activation switch.

1/4″ Hex Bit Chuck along with Adjustable Clutch

The 1/4″ hex bit chuck works like a charm using 2″ power pieces. If you would like to use 1″ ion bits, then a little extension or holder is advised. Gently lock into the chuck just by mimicking them and can be taken out using a fast pull of the knurled collar.

I am happy to mention these just one ″ insert bits have been ejected from the chuck upon launch. Maybe that is by style, possibly by chance, but it is lovely not to need to reach for pliers to get rid of a trapped piece.

In terms of the adjustable clutch, you can find 16 settings in all. In my interview with Dewalt cordless screwdriver merchandise director, I learned that the clutch is trained to the shallow ending and isn’t linear. It gives users greater control and the ability to fine-tune the tool to precisely the same torque they desire for smaller fastener setup activities.

Little bit Holder

I should embarrassingly admit that it took me a few minutes to figure out how to place the removable piece holder. It holds bits reasonably nicely and will not pop off the tool if you don’t would like to buy too.

Should you try and lock in 2″ power screwdriver pieces by pressing them, you’ll get frustrated and harm your horns. It requires a lot less pressure if you give the bits correctly oriented with a quick spin.

Battery Lifestyle

Right at the surface of the driver is just a 3-LED battery power fuel gauge.

You ought to be able to push 100 1-1/2″ sheetrock screws per battery charge. Dewalt’s evaluations place the amount at 120-130 screws, which is quite impressive. Extra battery packs are still not available for sale. If you believe that’ll require a spare, the 2-battery kit (DCF680N2) will soon be available.

The battery packs are rated at 8.0Wh (8V x 1.0 Ah) and recharge about 1 hour.


Experts: streamlined lightweight, lightweight, almost pocketable, gives wide rate control range, can be used appropriately manually for the last fastener tightening or first busting free.

Negatives: takes a bit getting used to, low summit torque limits utilize to light-duty software

In general, Dewalt cordless screwdriver is smartly designed and well made. But, it is not going to become the best alternative for all users. It appears that the role, however, the driver is not built for medium-to-heavy-duty driving duties. Its peak torque rating will be far less than even some 4V cordless screwdrivers. This driver is an approximately improved handle for lighter duty activities, maybe not energy.

Initially, the driver wasn’t very comfy to hold and use. However, using just a tiny bit of clinic, ” I got used to it. Using a typical motorist, you only need to align the tool and squeeze the trigger. With this driver, you must align the tool, squeeze the activation activate twist on the tool, and shift and adjust your arm to pay how it moves sideways since you spin it automatically. This is not a fault of their product’s layout, but its size and geometry.

I recommend the 8V gyro-controlled motorist for builders looking to get a dewalt cordless screwdriver headset using a greater low-torque and rate controller.

Even the 8V driver is designed. My sole gripe is that it took more to develop into used to it than that I predicted; however, it shouldn’t be unexpected that a new style and design — notably one which violates the mold — requires a little exercise to learn to work nicely.

Dewalt 12V MAX Screwdriver — DCF610S2

Specifications of the Dewalt

Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas.

3 LED Lights offer prominence without shadows

One-handed loading 1/4″ hex throw takes 1″ piece tips.

Belt hook included for portability.

3-year guarantee

Nuts & Bolts of those Dewalt


This tool is designed for a single-handed operation using its simple spring-loaded 1/4 hex throw that makes changing out 1″ hex bits a breeze. The brand new lighting that is innovative would be your most effective we’ve experienced. They have extra 3 top energy SMD LEDs practically removing shadows. Balance, slimmer grip, and tool equilibrium when standing up are typical thanks to this pancake battery design. We would have liked to see a 5-year warranty like any other tool manufacturers do now. The contained belt hook can be a tremendous improvement also.


The DCF610S2, the nozzle of the 12v MAX technique, shares the same innovative 3 LED light system from the lineup’s two impacts. It is also the lightest 12V Max energy driver, weighing at just around 2.2 lbs. In the event you screw above the head for protracted periods, you’ll appreciate this tool at 6-1/4″ long it’s ideal for cabinetwork or in friendly workplaces.

The tool has a changeable cause producing up to 1050 RPM. Within our movie inspection, we efficiently conducted 3-inch screws via a 2×4, 1×4 oak, and 3/4″ plywood. With the 15 torque options clutch, you can tone it down to more delicate tasks like installing plates. We discovered the cause to be precise and complete control when occupying from the 3″ screws. The power was constant under significant pressure and readily remained directly to the dewalt cordless screwdriver.

The slender ergonomic design and lightweight make this a profitable combo of dewalt cordless screwdriver. Because you can see the dewalt cordless screwdriver suits just like a glove in the consumer’s hand, it balances well and has a superior, hardy texture for it. Even the 1/4″ Hex chuck features one-handed performance and can be quite handy when employing a 1″ add bit as it’s spring-loaded.

Even the non-marring rubber grips are a terrific addition; not only can they defend surfaces from scuffs but also add grip to this device onto a slope. We enjoy using hex hardware through-out. Most application nuts are interested in serving themselves and using all hex components, and it’s a breeze to disassemble and support. (Dis-assembling your instrument VOIDS your warranty)


As you know now, the Dewalt cordless screwdriver is just one of the latest program traces from 2010. Even the DCF610S2 does not disappoint, as it’s a mighty compact marvel of software innovation. It is terrific for practically any application and also trades. It felt solid and drove screws with precision. The only thing we all feel this tool will be lacking is a battery fuel index.

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