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In 1922 Raymond E. Dewalt cordless drills invented the radial arm electric wood saw. Raymond sought to improve the productive capacity of the factory he ran.

Two years later he founded the brand of power tools DeWALT , to manufacture and sell to the world his Wonder-Worker ‘the wonderful worker as Porter cable drill.

Today, DeWALT cordless drills brand lithium-ion cordless drills are among the best in the world, serving the same purpose as your early saw – to work more efficiently.

If you want a good cordless drill, you will probably want to buy a DeWALT drill. Therefore, in this article, I will show you some of the best cordless hammer drills of this brand.

Best DeWALT cordless drills

DeWALT DCD796P2 Brushless Hammer Drill

Probably one of the best lithium battery hammer drills in terms of value for money. The DeWALT DCD796P2 is without a doubt a good cordless drill.

A DC voltage carbon brushless motor, that is, a brushless, drives the Dewalt cordless drills at a speed of 2000 RPM in high speed and 550 RPM in low gear.

The brushless motor is the best motor for power tools for several reasons:

Maintenance-free – forget about replacing the brushes when the time comes.

It is shorter: the drill is more compact and you can work with it in tight places.

It consumes less electricity: essential in a cordless drill, as it not only saves battery, but also extends its useful life.

This type of engine has only one drawback: the price. But as they say, quality has to be paid for .

But the DeWALT cordless drills isn’t just good for its motor, it’s good too. Located just above the trigger of the drill is a reduction gearbox that raises the tightening torque from 27 Nm for fast speed to no less than 70 Nm , short.

This gearbox makes the DeWALT cordless drills cucumber with a very low weight (1.8 kg) and a very compact format (thanks to the motor) that you can use for almost everything: assembling furniture, drilling metal and wood, drilling in wall, install sheet metal roofs with self-tapping screws, mount wooden pergolas with Spax type screws , etc.

After hearing this, you will want to know what its drilling capacity is , because we are going to see it. In wood and with the short speed you can drill with bits up to 40 mm in diameter. In metal 13 mm and in masonry the same, also 13 mm. This means that this DeWALT cordless drills comes to have the capacity of a medium power corded electric drill. Which is saying a lot, because we are talking about a battery .

And speaking of battery, this model uses DeWALT XR Li-Ion batteries and it supports batteries of two capacities: 2 and 5 Ah. The former last a long time, but the latter are eternal. In addition, the batteries include a button that indicates the state of charge in real time.

There is one aspect that is not usually given importance when buying a hammer drill but it does: lighting. Specifically, the DeWALT cordless drills replaces the old model, that is, the DCD795P2. And the three main differences between one and the other are the following:

Dewalt has improved the tightening torque on the DCD796P2: now it is 70 Nm in short (on the DCD795P2 it was 63 Nm)

The new model has the hardness selector of the mechanical ball clutch in silver color (yellow on the old one)

And the most important: the new model includes a much more powerful and dimmable LED in three intensity levels.

In addition to adding an extra 7-newton meter of torque, DeWALT cordless drills were right to modify the lighting system on his cordless hammer drill. In the old model it was not dimmable, but fixed and it must be said that the light helped, but it was somewhat short.

In contrast, the new LED of the DCD796P2 is much more powerful and can be dimmed on three levels . In the first two levels the light turns off automatically after a few seconds, in the third it does not.

In flashlight mode, the light on this DeWALT cordless drills remains fixed and does not turn off until you change the selector to another position , which is located at the base of the drill, next to the LED itself. At this level, the light intensity is only comparable to the spotlights in a football stadium and allows trouble-free work even in the darkest places. It is perfect for use in the car engine, in meter batteries, in false ceilings, etc.

Bottom line: a great cordless hammer drill from a great brand . By the way, this model includes an automatic metal chuck with a locking shaft (changing the bit with one hand) and accepts bits up to 13 mm.

DeWALT DCD777S2T XR 18V ​​Brushless Drill Driver

This is without a doubt another of the best DeWALT cordless drills. The difference between the DCD777S2T and the DCD796P2 is that the former has no striker. So this is a very good drill for metal and wood. It is ideal, for example, for woodworking enthusiasts.

The performance in terms of torque is similar to the previous one: 65 Nm in low speed and 26 Nm in long speed . It is true that the maximum rpm is somewhat more limited, as it only reaches 1750 RPM.

An advantage of this screwdriver is that it is somewhat more compact and lighter: it only weighs 1.5 kg. This is achieved with a smaller battery: 1.5 Ah. However, given that its electric motor is also of the brushless type , that is to say, without brushes, the autonomy of this model can be comparable to that of a cordless drill with a universal brush motor that mounts 2.0 Ah batteries.

In fact, the arrival of these motors has made some tool brands bet on making smaller and more compact drills .

DeWALT XRP DCD996P2 Electric Drill

Specifically, the angular velocity and impact rate of the DeWALT cordless drill DCD796P2 are as follows:

Position       Speed                                  Striker impacts per minute

Tier I              450 RPM                            8600 IPM

Level II          1300 RPM                          25,500 IPM

Tier III           2000 RPM                           38250 IPM

This, added to its powerful brushless electric motor, results in a powerful drill capable of drilling in masonry with a drill bit of up to 16 mm (no less), 15 mm in a metal drill and 55 mm with wood bits.

The output power of the DeWALT cordless drills is 820W – higher than most DIY corded drills. So if you want to buy a good professional cordless drill to work with, this is a very good drill.

My take on DeWALT cordless drills

In my opinion, Bosch Professional cordless drills , as well as those of the Makita and DeWALT brands are without a doubt in the top 5 on the market. In the case of the DeWALT brand analyzed here, these have the advantage of a better value for money, since Bosch tools, although they are also very good, tend to be generally more expensive. Makita would be more in line with DeWALT on price.

DeWALT is a brand that began manufacturing radial arm saws for carpenters and, consequently, its electric table saws for wood are among the best on the market, given the extensive experience that this American brand has in this sector. A sector that, in addition, has a greater relevance within construction in the case of the United States, the original country of the DeWALT brand, since many of its homes use wooden structures.

If electric saws are essential for the carpenter, electric drills are no less so, since wooden structures are assembled with large-gauge screws that require a high torque for insertion. And precisely, the need for a powerful and effective hammer drill is fully covered by DeWALT cordless drills.

It is true that this brand, in my opinion, maintains a very high level of quality in all its power tools. For example, DeWALT saber saws are also among the best on the market . However, I think that if there is one thing DeWALT stands out, it is in three product categories: manual and stationary table circular saws, combination wood routers and hammer drills.

In particular, it is enough to hold a DeWALT cordless drills in your hand to see that it is clearly a good quality professional power tool. You just have to look at the quality of the plastic, the rubber of the grip, the good feel and robust feeling of both the percussion selector and the mechanical clutch pressure regulator, and especially the robustness of the metal chuck to be convinced of your purchase. And it is enough to use it thoroughly for a couple of weeks and see the great performance it offers both drilling (wood, metal and wall) and screwing (wood and self-tapping) to finish convincing yourself.


Bottom line: DeWALT is one of the best drill brands in my opinion, and possibly the best, in terms of value for money. I recommend it without hesitation for professional use and intense DIY.

DeWALT cordless drills, which will be in existence for 100 years in 2022, has become one of the best brands of power tools for wood. With a wide range of high-quality products such as circular saws, milling machines, jig saws and, of course, lithium battery powered electric drills .

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