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I am convinced many people use and possess some cordless tools. It was not long ago that battery-operated devices were restricted to drills, impacts, Jobsite lighting, and smaller saws. That has changed within the previous couple of years. Today you can buy battery operated dining table gears, pig drive mode 7-1/4″ circular gears, and powerful miter saws. This DeWalt chop Saw evaluation would focus on DeWalt’s 12″ FlexVolt Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw Kit (DHS790AT2); thus, grab a glass of tea, and we’ll dive in.

Types of Dewalt chop saw

DeWalt Chop Saw Evaluation Overview

The DeWalt chop saw was the initial release within their FlexVolt line and carried precisely the version variety DHS790, a 1 2″ Dual-Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw that comes with a 120v engine which can be powered by both of their 60v/20v FlexVolt batteries, or from the way of a corded 120vAC jack, that has been comprised in the kit I bought.

Most other cordless miter gears are 7-1/4″ and don’t need near the capability, functionality, or functions as the sole at this DeWalt chop Saw Overview.


The DeWalt chop saw noticed weighs at approximately 56 lbs. The 15amp engine packs plenty of power to twist the enormous 12″ blade in 3800 RPM.

Even the Dewalt chop saw can be powered by either two Flexvolt batteries or a 120-volt power cable.

First, DeWalt chop saw is composed of predicting their own cut-line blade placement platform onto this DeWalt FlexVolt Miter observed. This basic yet efficient system uses an LED lighting over the blade to cast a shadow onto your workpiece, in just the position where the edge will reduce off. In my experience, this shadow was relatively simple to see even in daylight and also onto mild wood such as walnut.

The mild is activated by its switch instead of a few gears that merely electrical power their visual cutting manual mechanism once the blade is still moving.

This enables for safely lining up your workpiece without conducting the chance of amputating a few fingers. Even the LED light switch and the cause using integrated lock are located on a comfortable D-handle. This D-handle allows for steady and easy ambidextrous functionality and control of those watched, despite gloves.

The watched contains 11 distinct popular good attributes, and also bevel scales are easy to learn. They fasten tightly to maintain the angle whereby you place itas will the slipping function.

The contained debris bag expands to the dirt vent to get dust when a vacuum isn’t attached. It must be mentioned the charger that was included is not a charger.

The kit’s full contents comprise:

DHS790 12″ Miter Found

2 FlexVolt 6.0AH Batteries

Dual jack fast charger

DCA120 120vAC battery power adapter

Blade wrench

Dust bag

Two 60 enamel 1 2″ blades

Assessment Functionality

I’ve experienced the joy of working with this watched some endeavors since purchasing it. It has lots of electricity with all the FlexVolt batteries to slit through 4×4 landscaping timbers and stacks of pressure-treated 2×1-2’s enjoy a warm knife through room-temperature butter.

I experienced battery life to become considerable for some endeavors. I found that using the saw in the sunlight, with all sunlight warming the up batteries, did look too negatively impact the run time.

If they are set about the charger while too sexy, they may take longer since the package came together with the 120-volt port; battery time isn’t near as large of a deal as it could be. The adapter dissipates at an identical place while the two batteries connect the cable into an energy supply, and also your work remains.

Overall performance with batteries vs. the cordless adapter was marginally different, however. I discovered the engine to conduct louder, much less straightforward, and require merely a minute longer to bolt to entire RPM though linked to this corded adapter. Even though the observed seemed various, once the blade was spinning at full rate, reducing operation has been still unchanged.

The locking mechanisms for keeping the saw’s angles were very cozy, and ” I had an issue together with all the blade proceeding in between cuts.

How the batteries additionally work in almost any 20v DeWalt chop saw working within a job excellently. I would make my cuts, then soda a few of those FlexVolt batteries right into my drill and assemble my bits.

Despite the two batteries using different heights of charge, they watched performed alright. Inside my adventure, as soon as the batteries have been getting very low, then the watched brake will not operate.


As stated, the saw works very well, but is the price worth it? The kit I bought during the time of creating that particular review can be purchased from many suppliers for £ 699. This viewed is essentially a cordless variant of DeWalt’s traditional corded only 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780), which extends for around $550.

I guess that should help you expand in the FlexVolt line of gear; then you could utilize two other high capacity batteries for the present 20-volt tools, then yes, it is well worth the price.

In the event you don’t desire this sizable (1-2″) miter saw, don’t need double or sliding bevel choices, or don’t have any additional cordless DeWalt chop saw software, then this watched may not be the only for you.

Thankfully, however, its accessories (batteries, charger( corded adapter) are available from DeWalt in lots of diverse have FlexVolt batteries and may not desire or desire precisely the corded adapter).

DeWalt offers an A20 volt MAX 7-1/4″ sliding miter saw (DCS361B) to get anyone that does not like too much capacity because a12″ watched but require the liberty of cordless.

Final Thoughts

If the operation specs match your wants and possess other DeWalt chop saw , I suggest this installation to highlight your variety of black and yellow gear. The dewalt chop saw batteries are a fantastic add-on to my 20v tools. The 12″ size and power get this a”go-to saw” for me.

The speedy installation of merely clicking in two batteries has been a real game-changer. I wish that DeWalt will come using a dual bank Quickly Charger, though, similar to the one bank Rapid Charger, comprised of many other FlexVolt instruments. Charging both big batteries utilizing the enclosed charger sounds as though it takes time once the Quick Charger spoils you.

At some time of purchase, ” I was to the fence because I didn’t know if I wanted this a powerful dewalt chop saw, but with most things, the saying goes”obtain once, shout the moment” so I bit the bullet and also placed my purchase. I have not regretted it one bit; even I don’t presume you will either.


The brand new dewalt chop saw from Dewalt offers some excellent options that allow it to be an incredibly modern and truly great price miter observed. Aimed at the lower end of this marketplace, Dewalt has taken a lot in the brilliant capabilities and inserted them to compete at a marketplace that’s full of the most terrific value saws.

Concerning caliber, this version features hidden sliding rails to prevent the XPS technique, which allows you to accelerate your cuts accurately. Add the most round of good quality, and you have miter watched that will last you for a very long moment.

Portability is one of the model’s vital features with well-equipped carry grips and a streamlined sliding body. She was moving around while working goes to become very easy. Great for most of the jobbing carpenters in addition to keen home customers.


This is an excellent value dewalt chop saw that offers many capabilities and the grade of Dewalt at a price worthy of the DIY enthusiast and the expert. This is an incredibly popular saw with fantastic reviews. The cutting edge capacity is a great size significance. You may work with some pretty hefty materials. The traditional pull design offers easy to use and a watch, sure to get the job done well. The observed is driven by way of a potent engine, which will make sure it stays at an affordable high price that is affordable for the majority.


This is a heavy-duty dewalt chop saw designed to withstand the most challenging job on the building website. It may readily handle a tall volume of construction timbers effortlessly. The cutting capability is excellent and will ensure many occupations; in the event, you are searching for one saw to accommodate your more expensive and small jobs, that could be one to look at.

Pushing into the high price mount, this is a real workhorse having a potent engine that won’t enable you down. Suggested for high volume usage, it will sit at a workshop or onto a construction website and work all day long.


Coming in ardently at the mid-price range, a quality dewalt chop saw for skilled use that will operate on for years without the issues. The cutting capacity within this found isn’t the biggest and will restrict the number of tasks you may undoubtedly do; however, it will utilize timbers for inner studs without the issues and your four x-ray two kinds of wood for lighting structure.

When you experience various gears and want a noticed that is streamlined and produces a high-quality finish to your smaller jobs, then this is for you personally. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, it’d be well worth searching for a saw using a more considerable ability.


This slipping compound miter noticed supplies some very unique and convenient features. The camera lock attribute enables the quick setting of the angles, which means you may quickly cut many different angles. If that is going to be working on varied endeavors, it could be just sole.

It gives accurate modification of the trim’s depth, allowing rebates and grooves to be cut without difficulty. The cutting edge potential is enough to get the job done with a vast array of materials of this dewalt chop saw and take to a massive number of tasks, not just the more compact timbers. Miter saws are using a more significant cut depth, yet this is pretty good. Straight back up into the mid-budget can be a saw that could suit the professional churning out many varied cuts.


Built about the timeless pull miter watched action such as the DW777 dewalt chop saw that is a managed that provides a pretty good range of capabilities to get a midrange price. The potent motor lets cutting-edge materials and blades are available to cut on a wide assortment of substances, including metal.

The large cutting capacity means that this dewalt chop saw will be at home about the construction site and at your house for your do it yourself enthusiast. It’s quick and effortless watched to utilize a traditional design that’s functioned for many years and has progressed for a person who would like a saw that is straightforward and basic to use with the capability to tackle significant jobs than look no further.


Still securely at the mid-price range, the slide dining table high miter saw supplies a highly effective motor that could run all day long working in the building industry. This viewed works being a rip saw and a miter watched; therefore, you’re covering two tasks using one tool. It supplies a good assortment of miter settings that’s fantastic for your user. The cutting edge capacity continues to be not the deepest, however, an excellent device none. Building timbers afterward, you have to look at a miter watched using a heftier trimming; however, ensuring all of the smaller wood dimensions.

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