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However, a few organizations –for example as DeWalt battery adapter, the attention of this particular article –have reacted in a means which allows people to continue utilizing some of the cordless instruments we have grown mounted on as though they’re an extension of these.

Essentially, it Usually Means That if You can not use swap-out for larger battery life immediately. Regardless of the scarcity of this first power pack, There’s nevertheless some genuinely Terrific news for you:

List Of Best Dewalt Battery Adapter

A DeWalt battery DCA1820 charger

I think that any instrument junkie, long-time holder, and user friendly of DW cordless tools or only simple, old fanboy should be eager within the Dewalt battery adapter. For those of us who’ve any aging equipment or merely want to have more power to our 18 Volt cordless drills, then it’s a Ryobi battery charger.

The DCA1820 (product number) gets the latest lithium-ion battery engineering the company has come up with and supplies a broad assortment of compatibility for its DeWalt battery adapter. Their assortment of tools that demand the 18v into 20v capacity operates only splendidly with this specific inexpensive battery adapter. Also, the limits will be relegated strictly to the XRP battery charger designs.

The other thing is that when you’re one of those that like a broad array of portable or corded tools, then that could be considered a significant improvement for you personally. The DeWalt battery adapter has as many as approximately 40 different portable instruments that are 18v.

You ought to be content to be aware of this particular DeWalt battery adapter like James Bond in his normal element, wooing several females and all while spending so much time to find the business done: it may hook up with them all.

There’s some helpful info to understand the voltage selection, as well.
Considering that the Dewalt battery adapter variety is 18v to 20v, it allows the user to vary the battery voltage demanded. Does that create that the adapter useful together with increased tools and lets users adjust the optimum voltage required by every instrument? As a result of this foresight from the provider, even low voltage tools can be employed in combination with the most 20v batteries to reach more powerful tools. This can be the feature that may make your older tools, rather literally, have a new life.

Perhaps you have ever seen a film wherever it appears that his love has ever expired at the ending, however then suddenly, brand new life is breathed into them, and they return, apparently better or stronger than previously? Properly, it may well not function as superman. However, that’s sort of what to expect after you slap a 20v Dewalt battery adapter to your previous 18v equipment for this battery adapter: thankfully after, except without the love facet (unless you are really in deep love using your tool place as I mentioned that I was earlier ).

Another crucial thing here to bear in mind is that should you consider buying this adapter before handing over the dough for a new power tool, then I think it’s important you realize what things to expect. Your Mature Yeller 18 Volt may sound as though it is due to your replacement. However, you can rest sure that the operation you’re going to escape from this adapter and a brand spanking new DeWalt 20-Volt battery will both surprise and please you at an identical moment.

What is the Compatibility of the DeWalt DCA1820 Battery Adapter?

The DW Adapter includes six battery life Choices that include:

3 Ah
1.5 Ah
2.0 Ah XR
3.0 Ah
4.0 Ah XR
5.0 Ah XR
It would help if you observed that the blue tooth batteries 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah might also be employed in combination with Dewalt’s 18v instruments, so that unquestionably supplies a little additional compatibility for you, as well.

Of course, there is also still another motive to smile about this, as the stark reality is that your teeth will not be blue at all–and will you! Is not this amazing?


The charger and battery of Dewalt battery adapter usually do not force you to buy separately or as a set–they can be purchased separately but can likewise be purchased as a package. If you already have a useable charger (or battery), then you needn’t fork over the dough for these exact things.

Today, quite a few tools possess the”Bare Tool” installation, and that more or less forces us to get each thing one by one, which is expensive. However, others come in a package, which necessitates us to pay longer about something people do not need—no more problems with this.

Dewalt battery adapter is very variable. It can function as is built to be used with a wide variety of battery-operated tools within the popular and highly-rated De Walt arsenal.
It enables the full use of battery models up to 20V, even when coupled and combined with DeWalt 18v tools.

An excellent 3-year warranty is furnished and includes completely free support for one calendar year immediately after they buy, which is pretty impressive for something as cheap as it’s. It’s also easily available and value-priced in online shopping portals such as Amazon.

It is very lightweight due to the material’s design and the angle, which accounts for the battery fairly well. The trendy thing is you may acquire 20v power usage with an 18v fat loss. Soon be if they visit that you are whirring away faster when they’re using their new instruments.

Your furry friend might not realize the significance of this (until he is aged Yeller obviously ), but rest assured, your friends will probably.

The look enables a slender and unobtrusive account (see image above), which means it doesn’t add to your tool in the way of bulk, awkwardness, or clumsiness. Whenever you factor this into the lightweight I mentioned above, I think you will appreciate these factors when you’re busy using your drill and aren’t bothered by fatigue or handling issues.


This Dewalt battery adapter may not be employed with all the 18V XRP battery charger among the unhappy truths. Yes, sadly, it’s accurate: Not many objects are perfect; the DCA1820 battery charger fails with chargers of various previous types. The somewhat small but extremely essential point that you remember. It’s possible that you place an order for one of these little gems and, upon its arrival, realizing that it’s maybe not compatible with the current charger you’ve in hand. A very simple and fast test at the Death Star ideas — or in the product or service specs — will probably tell you quickly if this is true that the droid–err, a charger that you search out.

A different Dewalt battery adapter is required to get the job done on this particular DeWalt 18v to 20v adapter. It appears to be a no-brainer; however, once I looked into other men and women who purchased it online, some people have to dictate it without even appearing closely at the item details (or perhaps just not contemplating it). You that I note that this is an ADAPTER ONLY, and maybe not an actual charger.

To put it differently, it links to this application and permits one to attach the Dewalt battery adapter but does not connect to any power socket nor charge battery life. Suppose you don’t have a working charger. In that case, subsequently, you may fundamentally need to buy a single or even perhaps”eternally” borrow one from your neighbour (we don’t recommend the fiver-finger discount).

In the event you are the same as my buddy had been back when we were teenagers, then you can only accept it in the close friend or relative and then feign that it was consistently yours!

I have mentioned that before, but I think it’s very important to emphasize that it may not be harmonious with every single portable DeWalt battery adapter ever made. Yet again, this might appear obvious to most of the individuals personally — to not say that the simple fact that we already stated it above, and I could add–but for people retained or recalled that aspect, you should know you should be sure to inspect compatibility with your equipment BEFORE setting an arrangement for this particular adapter. The little bit of time you spend today can save you frustration and time later, and possibly cash, to boot up. Double Check THE COMPATIBILITY!

High quality or high power batteries are not friends on this particular Dewalt battery adapter, so, as always, see the fine print. Again, it has a specific variety of tools and batteries with which it works, and this will not include the higher-capacity batteries, so keep this in your mind if buying. It is kind of just like if a new kid walks to the wealthy snobs in the park and inquires, “Hey, what’s up?” The fast result will most likely be dumbfounded silence and adopted a whole lot of frustration. A little foreknowledge goes a big way!
Perhaps not the DeWalt power-tool lineup and also matching adapter.

Last Word

The short and long of this is that this is an exact straight-forward product with a very clear function: it enables the usage of 18 and 20-volt batteries in certain older cordless DeWalt battery adapter. The only main questions made to find solid responses to’re”How excellent will it be? Is your cost honest?” And”Just how compatible is it with a variety of tools?”

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