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If you’re searching to get a group watched, Dewalt has you covered. Dewalt bandsaw comes in different variants depending upon your needs. For today, let’s pay the cordless ring saw so let’s jump in and move on to the Dewalt bandsaw review.

Things to Search for When Buying a Dewalt Bandsaw

Before buying a Dewalt bandsaw, here are some essential things to maintain an eye on.


The bandsaw is admired because of its accuracy instead of electricity, delta bandsaw is also the name when it comes to strength. However, power is equally important because it lets this energy saw to decrease as a result of a wider variety of stuff. By way of instance, an underpowered bandsaw which has a little motor will cut wood quite quickly but will have a problem when working with metal. The energy in a bandsaw is commonly quantified in horsepower plus they usually vary amongst 1/3 HP – 1-1/2 inches. The longer, the more remarkable.

Develop Construction

It’s every bit as important to look for the build quality of this band saw. An excellent build-quality produced from alloy usually means that the power saw is more lasting and can last you a long time. This is especially essential if you’re planning to use this tool to get heavy-handed software.


Both how big the bandsaw as well as how big this dining table has to be taken under consideration. If you mostly do modest DIY Tasks, it’s a waste of cash to get yourself a vast system. What’s more, the job table needs to accommodate the size of stock which you utilize often. Keep in mind that greater the bandsaw, the more expensive it gets.

Benefits of Use

To be the most productive with a ring watched, it needs to possess some user-friendly features. As an example, generating adjustments of these blades, whether it’s adjusting the thickness of replacing or cut it has to be straightforward. The presence of a fence is a lot more than welcome as it aids to make direct cuts.

The table should be ultra-polished and flat with all low friction. This gives more excellent manoeuvrability that translates into greater accuracy in your amount, enabling you to produce even more complicated models and materials.

Blade Guide

The blade information gives you the ability to adjust the”length” of this blade, which is in direct contact with all the material. To get the most accurate cut possible, ensure that the band saw has a rack and pinion program in making alterations. This allows the maximum level of adjustment accuracy possible.


It’s the toxin of the bandsaw. As this device is geared for precision, the bandsaw should output as subtle vibrations as you can. Search for ball bearing mechanism which makes a great career-limiting these vibrations and boosting the total longevity of their unit.

Table Tilt

While it isn’t the essential characteristic, a desk tilt stipulates plenty of flexibility and enables an individual to make even more complex patterns in the material. A desk tilt is usually a default option quality which arrives in flooring group saws.


Long gone are the days at which you break out your hands saw to earn a cut. What was a task that took time and attempt would be currently a simple and easy endeavor such as cutting on out a two ″ pipe? That is because today electricians have significantly more possibilities than just an effortless Dewalt bandsaw.

They now possess an instrument that may fit inside their hands and also create swift, accurate cuts without even departing burrs or sexy pipes. Dewalt isn’t the first ever to have a cordless ring found available on the industry. Many other businesses such as Milwaukee instrument, Bosch and many others have their edition. The Dewalt runs off their 20V battery stage, so if you presently have the Dewalt platform, you should get this at a bare instrument.


Overall the observed is not feature-packed with many ring generators are not packaged with valuable capabilities. Dewalt bandsaw designed this with an integrated hang hook which makes it possible for you to hang the tool up in between cuts. Plus whenever you hang up the device, you might ben’t destructive the handles or base.

Modifying the blade is simple. There was a tool-free lever you may go on to adjust and change the edge making it effortless to reunite to work in the event you break or hurt a group blade. The grips have a delicate grip style handle rendering it easy to hold and control while creating cuts. The Dewalt bandsaw can reduce to 2-1/2″ pipe and additionally features a fine big facial plate to help keep your job tight against your saw. The built-in, automatic LED does a decent job putting light onto your work and visiting exactly where you are cutting.


This Dewalt bandsaw could appear tiny, but it packs a powerful punch using a motor which produces 740 FPM. Cutting pipe and rebar can be a breeze with this observed. The line of sight is fantastic as if your fingers are off-centre and that means that you may readily see the blade. With all the saw being off center, you’d think that it will make the cutting a small tough, but that could be the furthest from the reality. Working with the saw truly makes your daily activities much more comfortable.


Dewalt supplies an excellent bang for your dollar with this particular saw. Is it the best cordless noticed available on the market? I shall leave that to you personally, but in my opinion, it is undoubtedly one of the most significant saws. In the event you own Dewalt, this can be a watch you should stick with. Might it be good enough to proceed from another battery stage to Dewalt bandsaw? I do not think so. I feel it is a slight accession to Dewalt’s presently sizeable lineup.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a beautiful Dewalt bandsaw, and Dewalt made a fine add-on with their 20V lineup. The observed is easy to operate with and light enough to perform overhead for extended lengths of time. This is a beautiful group watched plus yet one any plumber is pleased to include in their lineup.

The DeWalt DWM120K Portable Bandsaw Package
Even the 1-5 pounds, 14.2″ x 23.5″ x 7.9″ DEWALT bandsaw can be a great option that has a powerful 10 amp motor with a variable speed controller (100-350 pm). Its customers love it is hardy and potent, but also note that it doesn’t always have a cause lock. It has a 5″ deep dip capacity for round or rectangular stock.

It runs on 120 V of power and also has an armoured cord. Serviceable metal shroud and rubberized bumpers defend this unit. LED sight light allows easy visibility. A multi-position front grip provides users with increased precision and accuracy. Built-in hang hook allows dangling without hurting handle or castings. The application comes with a hex wrench, normal 44.875- from .500- by .020-inch blade, and kit box.

A three-year limited warranty and also a yearlong free service deal back with this Dewalt bandsaw. This band saw a kit is an excellent option in the event you would like to find a supreme quality, industrial-grade portable bandsaw.

This system gained very positive reviews out of its users. They love it is lasting, and it is incredibly highly effective, and also as just one individual illustrates enough to slice on the rigid steel used in metal piers that are utilized to stabilize house foundations or lift settled bases.

The single opinion is really on the carrying situation (which some believe is cheaply made). Also, not having a cause lock; however, as those do not affect the function, they are not just a massive bargain for consumers.


Variable-rate controller

Entrance handle is multi-position

Carrying case comprised

Lower-priced than comparable brands


Carrying case feels economical.

No trigger lock

DeWalt DCS 370B Cordless Bandsaw

The DeWalt DCS 370B is just a mobile bandsaw with a professional finish and powerful capabilities. Since it is portable, it’s relatively tiny at only 12.2 x 15.4 x 8.7 inches and weighs 7.75 lbs. It might be readily carried the job also certainly will easily match in a small work tote.

This Dewalt bandsaw is driven using an 18V heavy-duty battery which makes it possible for this unit to decrease through content at 570 FPM (foot per second ). It is just nothing to write home about, but it’s nonetheless very acceptable for a modest and streamlined band saw.

This model is also suitable for cutting edge small material less than two inches in depth. It is also has a reasonably decent 1/2-inch reducing capacity which can be extended to two inches on the fly. The truth is that shifting the cutting capability is one of the least complicated and best features of this little ring observed.

This streamlined Dewalt bandsaw has an identical ergonomic form factor which limits hand tiredness. Its handle is made from the very soft rubberized plastic that is comfortable to endure for extended hours. Not like other group saws we’ve reviewed thus far, this particular unit can be used in a completely different method. Indeed, as most ring saws ask you to bring the material into the blade, so the more DeWalt bandsaw allows you to get the edge into the cloth. It gives more excellent maneuverability and manages within your cut.

Additionally, changing blades on the unit is super comfortable thanks to its rapid blade shifting mechanism. It’s a transparent knob which you pull and thus releases the edge. Very quick!


Compact and tiny form component—ergonomic and limits hands exhaustion.

Blade tracking adjustment delivers special monitoring and increases the life of this blade.

Hang hook allows you to hang on the apparatus without inducing injury.


Not as successful as with other stationary band saws within this bandsaw review.

Expensive because of its power, attributes, and depth of trimming.

Who needs to acquire?

This model, because of the small shape variable and ergonomic shape is ideally suited for busy professionals who wish to choose their cutting edge capability tool into the endeavor. Electricians, technicians, plumbers etc. will discover proper usage for this particular Dewalt bandsaw. It is undoubtedly among the best small band saw on the marketplace.

DeWalt DCS371B Lithium-Ion Band Saw
Even the DeWalt DCS371B is very much like this DeWalt bandsaw except it is a bit more successful and has got a better cut capability of 2-1/2 inches. Under the hood with the small bandsaw establishes a 20V lithium-ion battery that enables it to carry out somewhat more straightforward than the version previously. It will cut quickly through high-density materials.

On top of that, DeWalt bandsaw gives you the chance to”beef up” this small band saw by buying upgrades. You can secure this unit with two bunch battery, either a three-pack or the vanilla bandsaw that does not come with a shower or even additional blades.

The trimming thickness is just a little bit superior having a maximum reduction capacity of 2-1/2 in.. Most useful, it is nearly similarly-priced as the Dewalt bandsaw which makes this version the finest portable bandsaw up to now. It might quickly go through SCH-40 pipe up to 2 inches without even breaking up a sweat.

We find out the blade monitoring alteration which boosts cutting efficacy and prolongers the life of the blade. Transferring this band saw on the outside stuff is super easy due to the double-sided bearing blade guide rollers. It provides non-friction and excellent manoeuvrability that then equates to more accuracy on the job.

One particular extra feature of the Dewalt bandsaw could be the clear presence of a light-emitting diode light that allows you to utilize this specific device in dimly lit parts. That can make it very practical, particularly if you need to do the job in restricted areas in a client’s site.


Small and compact form factor.

Ability to purchase extra blades and battery packs.

More extraordinary trimming ability of 2-1/2 in.. Can certainly proceed through SCH 40 pipe for up to 2 in..

LED function light for greater visibility in dark places.


Somewhat costly.

Length of trimming still relatively tiny at 2-1/2 in..


The best Dewalt bandsaw inspection comes to an end. We’ve seen several models that have their features and benefits. They are in different price ranges for different budgets and needs. Depending on your requirement, you’ll probably get the ideal Dewalt bandsaw cash can buy within this specific review. For those who have not, we recommend that you proceed through it more time.

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