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dewalt 60v chainsaw
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The excellent Dewalt 60v chainsaw has experienced a revolution in the previous decade. It’s gone electric–or maybe more precisely, cordless. The arrival of high-capacity lithium storage cells, advanced forms of motors (especially brushless), and also even the capability to swiftly prototype power-tool routines and bodies using 3D printing has created something astounding: a more silent, clean-cutting, well-balanced, and productive chainsaw which runs on a battery charger.

Dewalt 60v Chainsaw

Choosing the Right Saw –Cordless vs Gas
We will make a few generalizations to help new users know cordless chainsaws along with their gas-engine counterparts, and which is a more generous match. First, petrol engine Dewalt chainsaws are loud–roughly a hundred and five decibels; a chainsaw is all about corresponding to your corded electric circular found, at approximately one hundred decibels. You want hearing security for the two resources. However, there’s no comparison between the two. Because of weight, cordless chainsaws are equal to, or a handful pounds more massive than their petrol equivalent. A fueled 50-cc petrol engine saw weighs 1 1 into 1 2 pounds using an 18-inch pub. Cordless chain saws within this evaluation weigh everywhere from 1-1 kilos to about 14.

Even the additional fat is not a deal-breaker. The majority of the saws cut smoothly and without vibration. For instance, pruning, landscape preservation, and light-duty route upkeep, cordless dewalt chainsaws can hold their own towards gas engine saws. For small tasks, a cordless chainsaw might even be more quickly than the gas engine equivalent, as you don’t need to choose the opportunity to add gasoline. Just push into a charged battery and also proceed.

The equivalency discussion with gas-engine saws breaks down here: timber felling for timber or firewood, storm and tragedy cleanup, industrial tree removal. These jobs demand the speed and torque given by a petrol engine watched.

Depending on precisely what they have in typical, both the types of saws require bar oil and require a sharp string. Together with both electric and gas chain saws, you have to understand how to sharpen its chain, and you need at least a single spare line. Run to a nail buried into a log or unintentionally find the saw’s nose right into the filth also then there moves through your sharp chain. Your best choice would be to swap from the string and extra sharpening till it’s possible to draw the saw inside.

DCCS670X1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX brushless Dewalt Chainsaw

Cordless outdoor power equipment [OPE] is not entirely fresh. Still, the usage of the modern battery technology coupled with all the performance of highly robust and efficient brushless motors has created a wholly new degree of gear for both commercial and commercial usage.

Although Dewalt 60V chainsaw is regarded as the property owner’s device, separate in your 40V MAX commercial lineup so that this chainsaw expands the usefulness and worth investing in the FLEXVOLT tool platform. More agile compared to the 40V MAX chain saw given the compact battery-package [60V, 3Ah] it weighs at the full pound lighter [12.2pounds ]. As one of a few 60V MAX OPE applications that this model includes a very low kickback 16″ Oregon model bar. String split, car darkening, along with tool-free chain tensioning round out the noticed’s primary capabilities.

Tests from your Dewalt engineering team also have it put at approximately 70 reductions per fee on 6″x 6″ walnut. It contained a variety of diameter log and stump chopping that range from 5″ to 14″ oak. Our time in the woods enabled for a hundred cuts, requiring a battery change at cut number 6 4. Generally the saw has 1 & 2 2/3 batteries.

That is not plumbing associated.

A couple of our friend’s social networking have inquired precisely why we’ve been revealing that the corded OPE therefore much that this spring, imagining that it isn’t pipes or HVAC-related. While I would concur that these tools are a little off our reach of product and trade focus, I would give the fact that most people have an application for these tools in your home AND at the job site. Even the blowers, for instance, are a substantial time saver above a drive, the chainsaws could demonstrate invaluable too, but complete I find that they are fascinating because of how well planned and how successful they are.

Given I already have spent heavily on cordless tools for my business enterprise, expanding the utility of my batteries to assisting me in acquiring work done across the lawn all attractive. Moreover, who would like to take care of the incessantly fickle two-stroke engine with its yearly carburetor issues? Together with all these battery tools, you merely insert a battery from the truck, pull on the trigger, and also go. Very cool really plus gears such as the Dewalt 60v chainsaw and trimmer are extremely quiet enabling you final pass-thru trimming the garden at 9:30 pm, even likely without your neighbours knowing it!

Straight back to it
The watch played perfectly in what we threw at it. Honestly, I was impressed and at the power saw because I pushed the Dewalt 60v chainsaw hunting for its limitations. The walnut hardwood has been dropped earlier that spring however just cleared to make way for an upcoming building website, and no rot was present that made the tree trunks prime for challenging the observed.

So you might be asking yourself whether the newest production of battery operated outdoor power equipment is worthy for the pro-Jobsite also so I’d have to honest and state the following tools won’t completely substitute a gas engine model in all instances but because you can see in the movie Dewalt 60v chainsaw has packaged a few strength and supplies a substantial run time in general.

I have other Flexvolt batteries and will think of that my new Dewalt 60v chainsaw of choice on account of the ability and agility it offers. Add to that the fact this electric motor comes entirely without a 2stroke carburettor along with also the inconvenience of annual launching issues. While the battery-powered OPE that proceeds to enlarge by all-powerful tool brands, we are excited about testing out additional tools as they arrive at promote, therefore, please wait for those reviews soon.

Dewalt 60v chainsaw warranty, as stated on their internet site, will be just as follows: 3yr Limited, 1yr Free Service, 90-day Money Back Guarantee.

Community retail pricing (Minnesota): £ 329.00

DeWalt DCCS670X1

DeWalt supporters won’t be disappointed for this particular saw. It’s a potent cutter, and the cookie-cutter count doesn’t say how enthusiastically it moves on its work, by this tremendous massive motor along with an equally gigantic battery to provide the required present. It is simply watched to-use. It has excellent battery life reliability and access; its tool-free chain tightening further enriches our impression of this. Our only real dislike is the thumb-activated security switch, and it is far too stiff.

Dewalt FlexVolt Chain Saw

We’re taking a closer glance at each watch and today I will introduce for one of personally the Dewalt 60v chainsaw (version DCCS670). It is but one of 2 DeWalt 60v chainsaws at your contest — the other getting a 40V Max watched having a 6.0Ah battery-powered. DeWalt’s FlexVolt tech is distinctive, for good reasons I will explain so on, and what better way to examine drive it all than merely by sawing up a whole lot of logs?

DeWalt DCCS670X1 Very First Impressions

FlexVolt 101

The most transparent stand out feature with the Dewalt 60v chainsaw could be your FlexVolt engineering, which here is a brief explanation for people unfamiliar with this the FlexVolt technique works by using uniquely equipped batteries which change voltages — between 20V and 60V — based on the application’s voltage demand. But, DeWalt’s 20V Max batteries can’t be used to strengthen the FlexVolt instruments, and there is not any cross-compatibility with DeWalt’s 40V outdoor power gear.

There exists a handy flip-up tab to the acrylic cap however take notice: that the caps are simple to open using 1 / 4 twist and also the large diameter makes it easy to bring acrylic however there is a portion of the lid which enters the tank and displaces what sounds to be an unneeded amount of oil.

If you put in too much, then it is going to melt if you change your cap. Even though a number of the competitors have minimal trigger safety plus some have electronic versions that the Dewalt 60v Chainsaw features a mechanical lockout.

The tool-free bar modification is suitable, but of course, you depend on a single stud and your strength in the place of just two claws and the leverage of the wrench. Gleam chain brake (like your blade brake on a circular observed ) which most of one other saw don’t have, which is a delicate touch of Dewalt 60v chainsaw.

Flexing Some Muscle Mass

You can find the complete testing method in the shootout article, however, suffice it to say that I wanted to understand everything about the saw feel and effectiveness. As I began generating some sawdust, ” I realized the front and back handles of those Dewalt 60v Chainsaw are very wide — in actuality, they were the broadest of the competitors.

It supplies the noticed a reliable, stable texture in the fingers, especially with the back handle’s full-wrap rubber grip. Men with more significant hands will appreciate the total amount of grasping surface area.

Get a Grip
Whenever you make vertical cuts to your log, you also use what is called a bucking clasp, as you rock — or the dollar — that the saw straight back and forth marginally to rate up the cut. This can be the main reason bucking spikes are of fair use: they have been designed to grip on the negative of this log and help you gain downhill leverage against your wood.

In case the bucking spikes are insubstantial — as the DeWalt 60v chainsaw are — then the security of your guard from the log using a high-value grip suffers. The bucking grip itself rates Great. It is better in the felling grip — a flat reduce used if felling a tree — rates Very Good in this hold.


With a mean of 5.93 seconds, the FlexVolt is merely among three Dewalt 60v to crack the 6-second mark cutting via an 8-inch pine log. It ranks 3rd in battery efficacy measured as reductions per Watthour (read: fuel efficiency or gas mileage) by an average of 0.40. The saw run time is surprisingly decent to get a 3.0 Ah fuel tank, however clearly, with sixty volts, that is a pretty monumental task. The production battery tested is rated at 167 watthours but also the last production models will be larger and ranked more significant.

Design Considerations
I discovered the unwanted cover design let chips pile up above the tension knob and forced it able to clog the saw. This ends in a spray of wood chips from the front part of the foundation which may impair visibility. The processors really should flow freely from the base of the observed. Hopefully, a design tweak can fix this at the not too distant foreseeable future.

Dewalt 60V Chainsaw Max or 40V Max?

So how do you choose involving the FlexVolt lineup and their 40V lineup of tools?

Very well, think that FlexVolt supplies a profound seat of cordless layout tools. Even the FlexVolt battery works with the brand’s 20V Max line (however you can’t conduct a FlexVolt device with a 20V Max battery). Although the Dewalt 60v outpaced its 40V brother in speed, the 40V line is really where DeWalt 60v Chainsaw is targeting landscaping Pros. Even the FlexVolt line is most appropriate for property owners and construction Pros who want to do some job around the job site from time to time.

The Main Point

Ultimately, the Dewalt chainsaw positions 4th out of the eight gears from the shoot out, having a third-place finish at cutting on speed and 4th position end in play. It is in the top 1 / 2 for each operation test plus has a great feature set.

The FlexVolt engineering lets you employ the 60V Max, 3.0Ah battery using almost any 60V or even 20V DeWalt instrument. I love that sort of endurance. I consider this Dewalt 60v chainsaw for a part with this shootout’s next grade: stable performers, however, needing a few improvements to move up to the top tier.

Experts incorporate comfy, generously–sized grips, the easiest to use tool-free adjustment system of Dewalt 60v chainnsaw, the exact good inclusion of the coast-down brake for basic safety and also faster handling, a quarter-turn acrylic cap with a large flip-up tab for much more comfortable handling with gloves and the best oil-pouring access of all the brands tested.

Cons incorporate an enclosed side cover design that allows chips stack over the strain knob and clog the Dewalt 60v chainsaw often, allowing onto a spray of wood chips outside leading of the found that impairs an individual’s visibility rather than allowing the chips to stream from their ground as they have to publicly.

Dewalt FlexVolt Chain-saw Key Attributes

Low Kick Back 16-inch Oregon bar and string
Tool-free series tensioning and pub tightening knob
Auto-oiling system w/quarter-turn oil cap
String brake


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