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DeWalt is one of the biggest automotive equipment producers in the world. From wood-working supplies to backyard improvement gear, they make all of it. DeWalt 60v blowers are among the ideal leaf blower as makita cordless blower readily available on the market. Excellent product quality and also excellent support are you need to become completely loyal. From countless DeWalt tools customers, we hear that solution quality is top-notch.

DeWalt foliage blowers arrive in various abilities like 20V, 40V, and 60V. Also, the CFM varies according to the airflow and power that you demand.

DeWalt 60V Blower

The new Dewalt 60v blower that wasn’t announced via media launch or any official public way will seem like considered a House Depot exceptional. We can not find it stock and sometimes even recorded somewhere else, nor is it found in a bare-bones instrument structure. Maybe that may change; however, at that time of the informative article, you can only get it in homedepot. Furthermore, it’s only offered by retailers for pick-up or”express delivery.”

The new Dewalt 60v blower includes an”axial” design structure, with the blower fan inline with an output signal tube.

The new blower can strength through debris at up to 600 CFM of air volume at 125 MPH.

125 MPH airspeed

600 CFM airflow

Variable speed trigger

Velocity lock

Brushless engine

Weighs 9.1 lbs

The package comes with a DCB115 charger along with a 3.0Ah FlexVolt battery life.

I should observe that home depot’s product record says that the brand new blower delivers a 129 MPH air rate and 423 CFM airflow volume. All these were accurate in this previous FlexVolt mill version. Dewalt’s specs say 125 MPH and 600 CFM. Additionally, the preceding version comes with a concentrator nozzle, but there’s no mention of a nozzle comprising all the brand new DCBL772X1.

Initially Feelings

From what I could tell, the brand new Dewalt 60v blower is an improvement in every area. It has the axial (inline) form factor of the 20V Max cordless blower, which I discover to be compact, cozy, and convenient, also includes significantly upgraded specs compared to preceding FlexVolt and 40V Max blowers.

DeWalt failed to stray far in their 40V Max commercial lineup inside the FlexVolt OPE lineup design. That’s pretty clear as the dewalt 60v Blower looks like it has the double into the 40V Max Blower. Even as many blowers go to an inline style, DeWalt adheres to all the harmful ingestion method. That introduces a small spinning in the atmosphere stream, so you see that the minors curve in the nozzle reduces it. Most of that results in more friction to the atmosphere to fall upon and a lack of energy, even if it is slight.

You’ll find DeWalt 60v blower cruise controller lock for your trigger. It’s a mechanical stop that allows one to dial in a power setting appropriate to this endeavor. It’s not hot or sophisticated, but it does its job nicely.

I can’t even imagine why Dewalt 60v blower has never officially declared the mill, yet it just appears to be in stock in the home Depot retailers. From what I’ve experienced, the “Express shipping” solution usually means an order could be fulfilled via a neighborhood shop instead of out of a regional warehouse.

It may be that Dewalt 60v blower would like to continue to keep matters hush; therefore, they could last to market their other blowers in the interim, or this can be a limited-time evaluation? Usually, garden and lawn programs are declared ahead of the entire year.

While the context and accessibility behind the new blower are uncertain, it is an updated version, at least in the newspaper.

However, 1 factor to keep in mind is that the faster airspeed and increased quantity will come at an affordable price. Run the brand new Dewalt 60v blower at full rate, plus it’s all but ensured to possess diminished alveolar. That’s probably why it is offered in a package having a 3.0Ah (9.0Ah in 20V Max mode) battery. But the other FlexVolt blower package also comes bundled with a 3.0liter battery life.

The cost for this particular kit would be in terms of the other FlexVolt mill kit, $269.

So, do you pick the traditional blower fan-style design and style, or the higher-spec axial-style design? Except Dewalt has functioned some engineering-defying magic (which, although unlikely is possible), I would assume that the brand new blower won’t last as long as the older layout, given that it produces quicker and more air at full speed.

You will locate a 2-finger, changeable speed trigger alongside a contoured, over-molded handle, which produces a comfortable grip around the control center. There’s also a lock switch, which is handy for storing or hauling the tool since there is no trigger security.

The DeWalt 60v Blower diverges from Your 40V Max model in a couple of ways. First, the battery positioning would be on the left side of this handle instead of beneath it. I enjoyed the positioning below the handle as an appendage comes down to safeguard the battery and give you a reliable platform to place the blower on. Together with the FlexVolt model, your battery remains at greater risk in case you drop it.

The other change is a couple of nozzles to select from. The conventional nozzle provides up you to 423 CFM and 129 MPH. Moving to a horizontal nozzle attracts down your volume to 287 but advances the atmosphere speed to 175 MPH.


Using the battery, you will see a little forward lean to the dewalt 60v blower — that’s a significant issue. That stability keeps the nozzle pointed towards the earth facing you personally, so you may not need to place too much energy in the task. I make use of the wide nozzle for most assignments. It is an excellent guess to wash off the leaves and clippings out of the sidewalks and driveway. I’ll also use it to push away the leaves from your fence lineup since they buildup.

The flat nozzle lowers your atmosphere volume enough that you’ll need to use it for the obstinate matter. It is most useful for damp leaves and marijuana that you would like to eliminate those surfaces and pathways around your premises. It’s not going to complete quite as much good moving wet leaves from the grass, nevertheless.

Overall, the power isn’t mind-blowing off, primarily if you’re utilized into a petrol blower. But also for the property owner, this does an enjoyable job of retaining challenging pathways clean.

Runtime is a matter of attention, and clearly, it fluctuates based on the speed you have it set on. Utilizing the 3.0 Glass battery, which accompanies the kit, I continuously conducted the blower for 14 minutes, 38 minutes. There has been a small shift in engine pitch around 11:30 since the battery dropped down to its very last bar. That’s extended enough to get the business finished. However, there are more economical options out there.

If you want to utilize the mill at a minimal rate, then you can opt all day — literally. I flipped it into the lowest usable rate (blowing dry sawdust with hands to receive it out the doorway ) but still had three bars after an hour. That is not most users, though.

The Bottom Line

The DeWalt 60v Blower takes the base of its layout from its 40V Max cousin. The only downside to this is a portion loss of power due to atmospheric pollution caused by the side intake hastening the atmosphere near the main tube, which also takes a small bend to stabilize the spinning. Although you still get decent effectiveness, it will probably be a few percentage points increased by proceeding into an inline design.

Ergonomics are reliable and extend a comfortable grip and proper forward bending equilibrium. The characteristic set is essential, emphasized by a lock-off switch, mechanical rail control, and two nozzles.

Performance, as I said, is realistic for landowners. The moderate air rate and quantity are terrific for draining challenging pathways, for example, sidewalks and drives. But, you’re going to be disappointed, attempting to move base material on the grass. Runtime is excellent; however, not great. On high, you can get a bit under 15 minutes. DeWalt intended the dewalt 60v blower lineup for its prosumer homeowner, perhaps not the industrial yard care Guru, represented from the blower.

DeWalt 60v Blower Important Features

Powers via debris at up to 423 CFM of air volume at 129 MPH

Flat concentrator nozzle increases air speeds to 175 MPH to power through stubborn Particles.

High-efficiency liter motor maximizes run motor and time lifetime.

Variable-rate activate and pace lock for the complete power controller.

cushioned and ergonomic design modulates control and minimizes pressure in your arm

Made to defy everyday heavy-duty use

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