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Mantis tiller reviews are all over the internet for a good reason. Known to be one of the best tillers on the market, it has an excellent reputation among landscapers and gardeners alike.

Mainly due to its high level of versatility. Adding that little extra push can have you making homemade pasta or grinding your spices in no time flat. With the Mantis being so lightweight and easy to wield and maneuver, many people think they cannot use it for heavy-duty operations like tilling up ground or ripping through sod like Best Stihl MM55 review or Honda mini tillers can.

Plenty of people do not realize what the MM55 is capable of doing until they take a serious look at their options firsthand. The best Stihl MM55 makes an excellent addition to any landscaper’s tool belt. The MM55 is one of the lightest mini tillers on the market at less than 30 pounds. With a high ratio of power to weight, it makes short work out of just about anything you have in mind for it to do.


Giving credit where credit is due, Stihl has gone back and re-engineered the Mantis tiller reviews are always giving props to since they hold many similarities. For its size, the MM55 pack’s plenty of torque with a 1.5 HP motor that cranks out 3.3 ft-lbs of max torque, which is more than enough for cultivating the soil or stirring compost bins full of decaying matter up into rich organic fertilizer your plants will love.

The best Stihl MM55 has a 12-inch tilling width that can be extended to 14 inches depending on your needs at hand, making it an excellent choice for working in raised beds or smaller areas. The shaft is adjustable with two different positions to accommodate your height preference.

With the Mantis Tiller reviews praising its lightweight design and durable construction, you can use it all day long without having to worry about over-exertion or the head of the machine getting too heavy for you to handle. Its size enables many people to take this mini cultivator inside their homes when not in use, giving them more room outside or in their garage.


They can easily store this tool out of sight when not in use is another plus on the list for many homeowners and landscapers alike. The Stihl MM55, like most Stihl products, has a three-year consumer and two-year commercial warranty and is CSA approved for safety.

The Cultivator attachment, on the other hand, exceeds expectations as well with its 12-inch width that can be extended to 14 inches just as the tiller itself can. Its ability to go into tight corners makes it an excellent choice for those of you who have smaller yards or garden plots to till up before planting your seedlings.

The spark Space-savvy homeowners. Indicates Plug cap is incorporated in the housing of the equipment. So the trigger plug remains shielded while being a simple task to change.


With some people accustomed to spending more money on a brand name tool thinking they are getting better quality, one must understand there are limits to what specific machines can do. No matter how easy or hard it is to use, if you are trying to rip through hardened soil or sod without the right amount of weight behind the machine in your hands, it will not cut it.

If someone were to ask me how much horsepower a best Stihl MM55 has, I would tell them there isn’t one. The torque on this bad boy just doesn’t allow for anything other than getting the job done effectively when paired with the right set of hands. With its lightweight design and high level of durability, whether working in your commercial landscaping business or personal gardening plot, you will find many uses for this versatile mini cultivator throughout the year.

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What is the best Stihl MM55 review?

The Stihl MM55 is a small but powerful cultivator built with 3.3-foot-pounds of torque output with only 29 pounds in weight. This engine will be strong enough to work through the soil, making it easy for you to plant seedlings or even transplant bigger plants with less effort. The 12-inch wide cultivator will make it easy to get between flowers or smaller plants without killing them with its curved blade system. The shaft has two positions depending on your height preference. The adjustable handlebar also gives you comfort while working. There are 3-year commercial and 2-year consumer warranties offered on this product.

Background information on Stihl: 

Stihl is a large company founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, Sr., and produces over 2 billion dollars worth of products each year for professional landscapers, farmers, and homeowners alike, including chainsaws, trimmers, brush cutters, and more. The Stihl company prides itself on its family values and maintaining an environmentally friendly image which has helped to catapult it into one of the top places to work in all of Germany for many years now with less than 5% turnover per year. With this kind of success also comes great responsibility. However, according to their environmental policy, they strive daily To protect people’s health and safety, to protect the environment in our operations as well as when working with others, and not least to preserve irreplaceable resources for future generations. You can see why I was eager to try out one of their products myself!

Background information on mini tillers:

 A mini tiller is a small engine-powered machine that rotates cutting blades at high speeds to turn over the soil which enables you to plant things in the ground faster than digging by hand or with a shovel. Many people also use them to mix fertilizer into planted areas before they are seeded, rotate sprinkler heads after installation, remove weeds from flowerbeds, or even just simple weed cutting in between rows.

What makes this Stihl product different? The MM 55 is a lightweight cultivator built with 3.3-foot pounds of torque output in 29 pounds, making it tiny but mighty. Its 12-inch wide cultivator makes it easy to get between flowers or smaller plants without killing them with its curved blade system, which also gives you comfort while working due to the adjustable handlebar.

What are others saying about the best Stihl MM55? According to reviews, this is one of the most reliable mini tillers on the market today for commercial landscapers at an unbeatable price point! It seems every person loves how well it gets the job done. They have had one for many years and would never dream of buying anything else that has made this product go ahead and be ranked in the top 3 mini tillers of 2014.

My experience using the best Stihl MM55 review: I was extremely pleased with this product, making it hard to put down once I started. It is very lightweight and never bogged down while digging into the soil, which was terrific since my yard has some pretty tough clay that makes it difficult to break up. It seems that the curved blade system is what makes this product so effective, helping to get deep down into the dirt but doing so gently. Hence, you are not afraid of breaking bigger plants while working since it doesn’t have unnecessary force behind it. I highly recommend this for anyone who has a smaller gardening project on their hands or needs something simple to till between plants or clean up around the edges of their yard.

Conclusion: If you are looking for an excellent solid mini tiller cultivator at a great price, I highly recommend the best Stihl MM55 (review) mini cultivator to get your garden going this season. You can purchase one at any local hardware or home improvement store near you that offers outdoor supplies, including Ace Hardware and Home Depot, for a reasonable yet competitive price.

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