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The Best Benchtop Bandsaw is used for creative woodworking. It lets you make intricate cuts and cut holes in any size. Amongst professional woodworkers and hobbyists, this is a favourite tool. You can use it on metal as well as lumber cutting. It cuts uniformly through large and small pieces which makes this a favourite tool amongst woodworkers. You can use it for cutting any shape with curves and irregularities.

This tool gives you better control as they come with adjustments that are easy to set. These are 5 tips to find the best benchtop bandsaw to let you get creative with woodworking.

Types of Bandsaw

1. Bandsaw for materials

You can choose a bandsaw based on the material you want to cut. There are different bandsaw for cutting metal and wood. The only difference between a wood bandsaw from that of a metal is the blade used in cutting them.

You can use different types of blade for cutting wood in various designs. Most of the wood bandsaw also cut through thin sheets of metals. You can choose a specific bandsaw depending on the material you choose regularly to work on.

2. Directional bandsaw

Amongst the directional bandsaw, the vertical directional bandsaw is the most versatile tool to use. They serve a variety of purposes such as contouring and polishing of wood. They can be used to cut in a vertical direction and can cut stock of wood with speed.

Horizontal bandsaws are mounted on the floors and can be used for groundwork’s. The adjustments and speed changes can be done quickly in a horizontal directional bandsaw. They can be used for miter and bevel cuts and ensure smoother operation.

3. Flooring bandsaw

These are the most powerful tools that come with a ripping capacity and can be used for cutting large lengths with speed. They have a powerful motor and are expensive. They can be used by home users who can choose smaller models for intricate and small works.

4. Handheld bandsaw

They come with easy adjustments and are ideally suitable for cutting small pieces. They can be used for trimming works in wood, metal, and plastic. These are portable and are handy for home use for cutting, trimming, and small jobs. PRICE ON AMAZON


1. Model of the blade teeth

Variable tooth patterns are available which can be chosen depending on the work and design you choose to cut. You can choose a hook tooth blade for cutting hardwoods, hard metals, and plastic as they have wide teeth setting.

You can use the chip tooth blade to cut through soft metals. Toothless blades are used with bandsaws for cutting fragile materials such as ceramic, glass, etc.

2. Cutting capacity

Choose the cutting capacity based on the thickness of the material you choose to work with regularly. You must look at the throat and resaw capacity for metrics when it comes to choosing a bandsaw based on cutting capacity.

 You can take a look at both of these measures which are given in inches to know how much stock you can put on the table for cutting it.

3. Motor speed

The motor power and speed are responsible for the performance of this saw. Look for the speed of the motor and horsepower metric to know its cutting speed and performance.

 Most of the bandsaws are made for cutting small to medium size stock. Choose for a bandsaw that has a higher SFM rating as it can use cut quickly through the stock of wood.

4. Band wheels

Choose a Best Benchtop Bandsaw which is made of cast alloy as they lower vibrations when you cut the materials like wood or metal. A bandsaw with fewer vibrations ensures clean and smooth cuts. A flooring bandsaw comes with large band wheels and needs minimal maintenance.

5. Frame of bandsaw

Choose a bandsaw which comes with a steel frame as they are sturdy and can be used for speed cuts. Wooden and plastic frames are inexpensive but not reliable for making smooth and clean cuts.

They could crack and break under pressure. If you are looking for a bandsaw for long term use you can choose the bandsaw with a steel frame even though they are costlier.

6. Table size

Consider the size of the table if you are not using a flooring or handheld bandsaw. The table must be large enough to hold the stock and can be used for cutting wood, metal, and plastic.

Go for the versatile table which also has a tilting feature for bevel cuts up to an angle of 45-degrees. You can choose a table with steel or cast iron brackets for working on various materials.

7. Cleaning and maintenance

This feature depends on the type of bandsaw. Smaller models require cleaning and maintenance. It is easy to clean and maintain most models of bandsaws. You have to follow safety tips to first lock the bandsaw before cleaning it as it could result in serious injuries if precautions are not taken.

 It is easy to clean the sawdust using the blower. The table can be easily cleaned with soft wool. Always wear gloves when you clean the blade.

8. Easy replacement

Choose a saw which has a feature to easily replace the blades. As a professional or a hobbyist, you might love creating intricate designs and might need blade replacement or change. Check the mechanism of changing the blade before buying a bandsaw.

9. Special features

Most of the Best Benchtop Bandsaw comes with adjustable features. You can look for some extra features such as laser guide, transparent window to see the blade, quick trigger release, etc. These extra features provide safety and let you enjoy woodworking better.

10. Verify the Price

Before landing into the final purchase of a Best Benchtop Bandsaw one should be extremely mindful of the market cost of the saw. The band saw that has all the required features of utility with the high efficiency of work delivery can pose a high price as compared to the ones which do not possess enough specifications to fulfill the users’ demands of making cuts.

Therefore it is necessary for the buyers to first verify the price and compare with the applied characteristic features in the band saw to prevent being trapped under the web of market and brand manipulations.

The band saws come in prices ranging from $99 and it goes up in the ladder depending on brand and specifications. The users therefore need to be mindful of the budget that they have in their hand and then the worthiness of the product to be bought. 

11. Portability

One of the special and attractive features in a Best Benchtop Bandsaw is its portability to a great extent. This attribute of being portable is more or less dependable on the factor of weight or the amount of pounds that the saw carries. The lesser is its weight the more portable the saw is and most of the manufacturing companies are in constant completion to come up with the most portable band saw in the market.


With all these 5 tips to find the best benchtop bandsaw listed here, you can find what suits you best for your needs. For regular as well as occasional work this small guide will provide you useful information about choosing the right one which suits you.

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