Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer

Karcher cordless pressure washer

The Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer is perfect for places where you have difficult access to an electrical outlet. Their small size makes it possible to carry them wherever there is water intake.

However, you can also buy wireless pressure washers with a reserve or water tank , which makes them a little larger, but still portable . So you can take it, for example, in the trunk of the car to clean the bicycle when you finish the mountain route.

Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer are less powerful than gasoline powered high pressure equipment, but have the energy needed for routine household work.

Advantages of Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer

  • It does not need to be connected to the power while it is on.
  • They are smaller and easier to store.
  • Some have a water tank in case you don’t have access to a hose.
  • They include accessories to vary the flow of the water.
  • It works without polluting and they are quieter than those of gasoline.
  • They have good flow and pressure of water.
  • The batteries are fast charging and you can change them in case of damage. 

The 5 Best Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer Quality-Price

If you are interested in buying Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer but don’t know which specific model to decide on, don’t worry because here we present you with the 5 best pressure washers on the market.

They are of good quality, have low prices, the buyers who have already purchased them were happy with their operation, and they have the ideal power for daily cleaning of floors, walls and other surfaces.

Karcher KHB 5 Battery Outdoor high pressure washer 24 bar, 18 V, 200 L / h

Karcher is a very famous brand in the world of Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer, since they have manufactured many models for all kinds of occasions. But if we talk about a high-pressure cleaner, the KHB 5 Battery Set is the favorite, and now we will tell you why.

It is very small and compact, weighs 2.9 kg and has a pistol shape for greater grip comfort.

It connects to the A 3/4”hose and comes with different lances and nozzles to have different water flows, allowing different surfaces and materials to be cleaned.

The battery is placed at the bottom of the gun, and it is 18V / 2.6Ah, the best thing is that it has a power indicator that shows how much charge it has left.

The maximum flow is 200l / h, with a maximum pressure of 24 bar.

Worx WG629E Battery Powered Pressure Washer, 20 V

The best thing about the Worx WG629E high-pressure cleaner with a lithium-ion battery is that it can take water from anywhere, which does not limit its use to a place where there is a hose. It is designed to extract water from buckets, bottles, hoses, or anybody of freshwaters such as rivers or swimming pools.

Worx WG629E.1 Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer, 20 V, Black

  • Portable high-pressure cleaner so you can take it anywhere
  • Extract water from any source: bucket, drum, river, pool, bottle, etc.
  • Ideal for cleaning any type of surface or even for cleaning bicycles, camping accessories, etc.
  • Powershare platform; removable and interchangeable battery

With the variable speed control you can choose a water flow for work. In addition, by mixing the nozzle with 5 types of water sprays and the short and long lance, you can do any type of job, from washing the car to watering the plants with Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer.

Another of the qualities of this portable high-pressure cleaner is that its 20V / 2.0Ah Lithium Ion battery can be used in any other compatible Worx garden equipment. You should pay attention to the reference because although the machine is the same they come with different accessories and batteries.

Undoubtedly, the opinions of this portable high-pressure cleaner is great, because although it does not have the same power as an electric or gasoline pressure washer, its versatility and comfort make it an essential tool, especially if you want to take it camping or in the car and take the water from any bucket or source.

Also depending on the reference you buy, you have very useful accessories such as a transport bag, 6m hose , the extra lance, a bucket to extract water, a soap bottle and a brush.

Bosch Fontus 18 V Battery Outdoor Pressure Washer, 15 l Water Tank

The Bosch Fontus is considerably larger than the two models mentioned above because it has a 15L water tank that allows you to use it anywhere even without a close water connection.

Power for ALL 18 V: The included battery is compatible with all products in the green Bosch Home & Garden range with 18-volt system and with Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaners.

Includes: Fontus, 1 2.5 Ah PBA 18V battery, charger, SmartBrush brushing accessories, spray accessories, box.

The water tank is ideal if you want to take the Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer to distant places where it is very difficult to get a water intake.

This amazing Bosch model comes at a higher price , but it also has different accessories that are very useful when cleaning bicycles, cars, tables, walls, chairs or camping accessories.

It comes with a spray lance, brush, water filter, 4m hose , charger, and 18V / 2.5Ah battery that is compatible with any Bosch Green Line equipment.

It has 12 cleaning patterns , the water level can be displayed, the water pressure can be adjusted and it has wheels and a handle for transport.

Power High-Pressure Washer 1300 PSI Wireless 36V Lithium Battery

This Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer is really powerful, so it can be used to remove embedded dirt, to shine the car or to remove any highly invasive material from any surface.

Power High Pressure Washer 1300 PSI Wireless 36V 1.2 Gpm brushless lithium battery Green

2019 NEW BRUSHLESS HIGH-TECH ENGINE: the best product on the market made with the best most advanced technology and design.

Important Features:

  • Its high pressure of 1300 PSI or 89 bar is achieved thanks to its powerful brushless motor and the 36V battery that the pressure washer has incorporated. The water flow is 272L / h.
  • It has a very modern design with a handle that allows it to be transported easily, on the other hand, it includes a soap dispenser and a hose with a telescopic lance.
  • The charging time is approximately 1 hour and the battery being lithium has a long period of useful life.

GARDENA AquaClean 9341-55 High-Pressure Cleaner with Removable 14-liter Reservoir without battery

The Gardena AquaClean battery pressure washer is Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer, has large wheels to give it more balance and has a handle that makes it very easy to transport.

GARDENA AquaClean 9341-55 High pressure cleaner Li-40/60 without battery, surface cleaner for outdoors, removable 14 liter tank.

Powerful: With a pressure of up to 90 bar (working pressure 60 bar), the AquaClean Li-40/60 system removes even the most stubborn dirt

With Gardena hose connection: For longer applications, a hose can also be connected with the hose coupling

Mobile and efficient: large wheels and a stable handle for easy transport; accessory nozzles are the optimal solution for many cleaning jobs

Adjustable: thanks to the gentle cleaning mode, pressure can be reduced to clean delicate surfaces

Package includes: 1 Gardena AquaClean Li-40/60, 1 15 ° cleaning nozzle, 1 irrigation shower, 1 OGS hose connector

In addition, it brings a water tank with a capacity of 14 L , which can be removed very easily in case the user prefers to take the water directly from an external water intake.

It works with a 40V / 2.6 Ah battery which is NOT INCLUDED and the user has to purchase it separately. But if you bring a shower for plants and the oscillating jet nozzle 15 °.

Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer weighs 10.7Kg, the maximum pressure is 90 bar, the battery lasts 20 minutes in the cleaning function and 40 minutes in the irrigation function. As for the maximum flow is 230L / h in cleaning and 270L / h in irrigation. The purchase price is not entirely cheap if you consider that you must buy the battery separately.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Battery Pressure Washer?

In order for you to buy a portable pressure washer and be happy with the results of its operation, you have to take into account certain aspects before making the purchase, and then we will talk a little more about them.


Power is important to remove all debris adhering to the surface. Before buying Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer you have to pay close attention to the water flow and the water pressure. Both should be fairly high for optimal cleaning results.

The higher the number of bars in the specifications, the higher the pressure with which the water will leave the pressure washer, a good pressure is centered between 25 or 30 bars.

As for the flow of water, if you want a thick jet to wash the floor in less time, you can decide on a model greater than 200L / h , but if you are more interested in pressure than flow with one of 140 or 160L / h you will have more than enough.


Lithium batteries of Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer are fast charging, so on average 1-2 hours in the charger the batteries will be 100%. In some brands, the charging time is longer and takes between 4 and 5 hours .


In this equipment the battery tends to last only a few minutes, everything will depend on the water pressure with which you work, the softer the pressure level the longer the battery will last. Some cordless Best Battery Powered Pressure Washers have batteries that last from 20 minutes to 50 minutes.


In Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer you can get some that work with Lithium-Ion also known as lithium ions and others that have included lithium batteries or lithium polymers.

Lithium batteries are more flexible and less prone to spillage, which can happen more frequently than Lithium Ion batteries.

Both batteries are fast charging and have a long life, that is, they support many charges. The best thing about lithium batteries in pressure washers is that if you are not using them, the battery will not discharge, which can happen with lithium-ion batteries.


Prices of wireless Best Battery Powered Pressure Washer can vary depending on the brand you decide to buy, since some have much more expensive equipment than others, although they have the same benefits.

The price will also vary if it is a model with a water tank or not , depending on the number of accessories it includes, the power and whether it includes the battery or must be purchased separately.

Generally a battery-powered pressure washer can cost between 120 and 300 euros .

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