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When it involves rate, precision, and artistry while fastening, nail firearms are tricky. Milwaukee nail gun (as they genuinely are technically understood ) are for repairing hardwood and softwood trim around doors and windows. But they’re also practical for building household furniture, craft projects, and other unusual jobs with timber. Powered using a battery-powered, perhaps not compacted atmosphere, they’re remarkably speedy resources. So handy and light, which for all positions that they outclass traditional compressed-air nail firearms. Pull the trigger, and such guns drive and sink a slim complete nail without fuss. And not as burdened by an air hose and a breaker plugged in an outlet, you can move around very quickly. No wonder professional end carpenters adore these things.

How We Tested Milwaukee Nail Gun

To test this Milwaukee nail gun, we compared this with a Porter cable nail gun that mimics what happens in end carpentry and craft endeavors. We desired to be sure our evaluation was more challenging than that which these firearms would typically fall in at each day’s work.

For example, when testing for nail-sinking power, we fired slowly and systematically into crimson walnut, either 3/4 inch thick and 1-1/2 inch thick. After we increased the length of the nail, we doubled up the pine for the rifle had been firing right into either oak that was 1-1/2 inches thick or 3 inches thick (to ensure that guns rated for longer nails could countersink the fastener once the fastener was more than just two inches).

We ready bits of various materials for rapid-fire simulations, including white pine, radiata pine, birch, and stained plywood, along with MDF (medium-density fiberboard ). In these cases, we’re more concerned about the tool’s accuracy and speed about its raw ability to sink a nail into a rigid material.

We mimicked an evaluation from the trimming or builtin cabinet construction; we put our evaluation materials (either as one layer or like a sandwich of various substances ) more than Douglas fir, a standard and demanding monitoring material. In that manner, we could be sure that the Nailer could not merely fire through the evaluation stuff in the front part of the wall but the framing at the walls socket itself.

Milwaukee 18-Volt Brad Nailer

We understand the brand is not given to hyperbole with decades behind us analyzing Milwaukee Electric instrument services and products. But we seemed askance during its claim the new 18-gauge Milwaukee nail gun can fire into 2-inch oak. Well, maybe not merely does 2740 try this.

It sets every nail with a unique and sharp cavity over the head, great for taking filler. And then there ends our short occupation as Milwaukee nail gun skeptics. Other noteworthy features on the tool comprise its mechanics, which opens the entire top of the Nailer’s nose to get full and straightforward accessibility to clear jammed nails (which we didn’t experience). Additionally, it features a slim profile and a well-shaped grasp that contribute to its easy-handling nature. This creates nailing trim a pleasure.

Milwaukee Cordless Framing Nailer

I am an enormous fan of Milwaukee resources. I adore their innovation, high quality, and dependability. Yet, I wasn’t the most massive fan of cordless nailers’ very first production like the conclusion nailers. I think many folks would agree, they had any problems to address, and a lot of buyers weren’t delighted.

Milwaukee repaired all the issues and released variation two that everyone seems to enjoy. So when it came to your cordless framing nailer, I was not sure what things to anticipate.

Try out all manufacturers of cordless framing nailers. I had been obsessed with the Paslode. While it was expensive and hard to get petrol, it had been the sole cordless framing nailer, which was quick and reliable. Then came the Hitachi Framing Nailer. No petrol and Nailer has been fast as well as reliable.

Though I like the Nailer, ” I was not necessarily a lover of at which they set the on/off button and then bump and sequential flame button, which lies under the deal and can also be a pain to access. Nevertheless, it had been my own go-to Nailer for nearly all of my tasks because it was trustworthy.

As an example personally, Milwaukee nail gun took everything I like about the Hitachi. It made some fantastic upgrades such as a more accessible entry panel over the device’s back, much larger publication capacity, and. It still has what I love about the Hitachi, rapid flames, quick rates, dependability, and no extra charge for gas.


You may get the Milwaukee nail gun like a bare tool or as a kit. This is 2745-21, which may be the apparel. You have the Nailer, 1-battery, a charger, and the tote. I have the lengthened mag in the picture, but this can be sold independently.

That is no ramp-up period to fire a nail, which is a huge advantage. The Milwaukee nail gun will fire three claws per second. The application also offers a dry flame lockout that’s essential. I can not let you know the number of times I have utilized a Nailgun rather than realized that I had been shooting.

The Nailer weighs at 9.4 pounds.

The Nailer is driven with a Milwaukee nail gun M-18 battery life. You can make use of a bigger battery these, for instance, the 9Ah or 12Ah however, the optimal/optimally balance has been all the 5Ag, which is highly effective and a lot of run times.

Head is smaller compared to Dewalt, as well as also the Hitachi cordless nailer.

The Nailer will utilize thirty °-34° claws. When I applied the Nailer, I conducted 30° nails through the Nailer.

The Nailer will manage 2″-3-1/2″ nails with a shank diameter of .113″ — .131″.

The Nailer has a standard magazine that holds forty-three nails.

If you prefer to have more than 43 claws for every magazine, you can upgrade to a larger mag using more power. You will be capable of going out of 43 nails to 9 3 pins for every mag, and it’ll cost you roughly £ 75 for the update.

I love this feature of how an individual may decide which mag they want to use. I like having the ability to choose a smaller or larger capacity dependent on the job.

The milwaukee Nail gun includes got the traditional rubber over-mold grip that’s acutely cozy.

I like how what’s obtained on the rear of the tool. Hold the power button to make it on/off. There is also a”mode” button to select from bump to successive flame. That was a built-in rafter hook that folds away when not in use. The Hex wrench is comprised and also has a storage place onto the Nailer.

This will be to gain access to the front when you have deciphered. To the face of the tool, you can find no-mar rubber pads; therefore, if you’re on a slope, the Nailer will not slide around. Fixing the depth is easy. On the front part of the Nailer, twist the knob left or right to correct the thickness.

The application comes with a no-mar nose bit that’s removable if an individual doesn’t desire it.


While there’s a lot to look for in a Milwaukee nail gun , such as the expense to own, care program, endurance, and simplicity of usage, I have a few things I genuinely need. As an example, I have to hold speed and reliability. When I can have that, I am sold along with also a believer at a semi-automatic nailer.

To begin with, it may be your speed. I don’t have anything to complain about with the rate. The Nailer is rapidly and exceptionally easy to operate together with. Therefore point number 1, that the nailer matches. And I adore the no ramp time up. When I struck the trigger, it fires.

This is only one among those compact endeavors we used the milwaukee Nail gun on. I had to construct a 50 percent wall to separate the kitchen from the stairs. I also applied it about framing a wall in the cellar and another between the kitchen and dining room.

Time and time again, the Nailer shot claws at rapid rates. I had one difficulty, and also that has been just the moment. As it fired the last nail of this group, it didn’t entirely sink it and bent the pin.

Now I might have struck something, and that was the reason. However, I did not see anything demanding it’d have hit to cause a bent nail. Again, this comes about with all framing nailers, so, to me personally, this is extremely reliable.

Therefore once I think about the consideration that the Nailer is fast and reliable, and I put in that it is easy to use. The expense of possession is little since I don’t require gasoline; this is a great framing nailer.


You can pick this Nailer upwards at The Home Depot for approximately £ 350, and it will be a bare tool. Yes, it’s a large price tag, but should you evaluate it into the Dewalt, and it is only a little more economical, ” I feel you are receiving a greater nailer for me. Personally, Milwaukee nail gun is a great price.

Even the Nailer is rigid, exceptionally trustworthy, and fast. So all said and done, it’s worth the cost.

Score discussed

Quality — This is merely one of the resources you may feel it is demanding. Everything is stable and well assembled for the project website. Our 4.5 stars are only since we now haven’t tested it on the long haul of a season or even more.

Characteristics — This tool includes a no-mar trick. Still, the optimal/optimally feature may be the ability to improve to some more extensive journal for people who need to keep more nails.

For me, that is tremendous. There have been times that I was nailing all day and might have loved a more significant potential, but I had endeavors where it had been of a punch record, like creating this wall at the previous images. How can you assert without committing this type of 5-star evaluation with this particular alone?

Functionality — Apart from the Hiatchi, this Nailer was one of many better acting cordless nailers we’ve tested. The Nailer is fast and reliable and warrants a 4.5

Layout — This is a simple decision. First, the head is not large so that it’s not top-heavy like other cordless nailers. This Nailer has a nice balance to get a cordless nailer.

Secondly, the on/off and bump feature isn’t challenging to get access to. I like having the Nailer on; it will also stay on for a little while without turning like every other cordless Nailer we have analyzed.

Worth — While the value is decent, particularly if compared with other cordless nailers, a 350 price tag is still a significant financial commitment.

Ultimate Thought

Overall, Milwaukee struck a Homerun with all the Milwaukee nail gun. The Nailer is fast, demanding, and simple to work together with. On top of that, it’s reliable, and I did not find myself being forced to grab because of the hammer going home any protruding nails. Get a framing nailer; this is the only one to get. This is now my go-to Nailer. I like it, and Milwaukee nailed this one. Sorry I could not support myself with all the pun.

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