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Milwaukee impact drill set

When we talk about essential tools (Milwaukee Impact Drill), we cannot fail to mention drills, since they are extremely useful both for the home and for large-scale jobs. And the Milwaukee models are some of the best on the market. Do you know them? Welcome to ReviewBox! We will talk to you about them!

Milwaukee is a leading company in the field of portable electric tools and accessories, thanks to the quality, effectiveness and innovation of its products. Throughout the article you will know the most important aspects of the drills of this renowned brand. Do not miss it!

First things important

Milwaukee Impact drill is one of the most outstanding tools of this popular American brand, recognized worldwide for the excellence of its products. These drills are highly valued for their effectiveness, resistance, innovation and variety of models.

There are numerous premium, heavy-duty brands of drills, including Bosch. This German firm tops the list of market leading companies in the manufacture of work tools (as does Milwaukee).

When buying a Milwaukee drill, it is important that you take into account certain relevant factors, such as its different types and varieties, voltages and complementary accessories, among other highlights.

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Milwaukee M4 2606-22CT Drill Driver

This excellent drill driver from the Milwaukee brand is characterized and stands out for its versatility and efficiency, since it works as a two-in-one tool: drill and screw. In addition to being extremely practical, efficient and versatile, this product has a very comfortable ergonomic compact design, and comes with a power source to charge the batteries quickly and lastingly.

Milwaukee’s Best Rotary Hammer Drill

Milwaukee M4 5374-20 1/2 “Rotary Hammer 680 W

This fantastic Milwaukee impact drill is highly powerful, making it perfect for jobs that require a higher voltage and higher strength tool. This wonderful product will allow you to pierce the hardest materials, such as steel, cement and iron without any problem, quickly, easily and effectively, making it an excellent purchase option.

Milwaukee’s Best Brushless Hammer Drill

M18 Hex Compact Brushless Bare, 1/4 “


This magnificent Milwaukee impact drill is very functional and effective, since it has an electric controller that, unlike conventional variants of carbon brushes, does not produce friction and wear, making it more powerful, silent, resistant and durable. Besides, it does not overheat, requires less maintenance and uses energy much better.

Shopping guide

The main objective of this Milwaukee impact drill buying guide is to provide you with relevant information about the product you are interested in purchasing. For this reason we will tell you what are the most important characteristics of Milwaukee drills, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Milwaukee battery or electric drills?

Milwaukee Impact drills are cordless, allowing you to easily move to work without the limitation of a cord or the need for electrical power. However, these variants have less power than electric models and are somewhat more expensive.

Milwaukee brand traditional corded drills are powered by electrical power, so you will need an outlet to work. Despite this and the fact that you will handle yourself in a smaller space, these varieties have greater power and resistance than the battery ones.

What are the benefits of Milwaukee drills?

Milwaukee impact drills are some of the most recognized products of this famous American brand of portable power tools. They are characterized and stand out for their excellent quality, resistance and innovation, which makes them highly valued by users.

On the other hand, Milwaukee impact drills are very versatile and adaptive, since they are manufactured to adapt to all types of tasks, whether they are domestic or professional. In addition, they have robust designs and a high power that allows it to be used for various surfaces.

Apart from the fantastic qualities mentioned previously, these practical tools come with a safety system to avoid electrical overloads, and come with multiple complementary accessories that facilitate and optimize their use. And you can find a huge variety of models according to different functions and needs.

What types of Milwaukee drills can I get?

Milwaukee impact drills are characterized by having a great variety and assortment of models, so you will always find an option according to your needs. Here we will mention some types so that you know their main characteristics and peculiarities.

Percussion drills. They are the best sellers on the market due to their versatility, since with them you can drill, screw and hammer. You can find various Milwaukee models adapted to all types of surfaces (even the hardest ones), such as the Milwaukee PH 26 hammer drill.

Impact drills. These electric drills are used to screw or unscrew large screws that require greater force. Milwaukee cordless impact drills are characterized by their high power, so you can loosen any type of screw effortlessly with them (such as the M12 and M18 models).

Screwdrivers. These Milwaukee variants combine two tools in one: the drill and the electric screwdriver, so they are very functional and cheaper than if you bought both products separately. You can find several very effective and functional models, such as the Milwaukee M18 FPD-502X.

Other varieties:

In addition to the types of Milwaukee impact drills that we mentioned previously, there are other varieties adapted to various uses and needs.

Rotary hammer drill. Also called demolition hammers, they are the drills with the most force and power that exist, since they can drill all kinds of materials. Milwaukee models (like the M18 or 18V) have interchangeable chucks that will be adaptable to different uses.

Cordless drill. Milwaukee cordless drills can be used anywhere with complete freedom of movement, unlike conventional corded variants. In addition, you can find multiple models (such as M18 FUEL or Milwaukee 2462-20) with more professional finishes than classic drills.

Angle drill. Angle drills have a format that allows them to access the most difficult places. Milwaukee models (such as C12 RAD-0 or Osd 2) have an ergonomic structure specially designed to allow you to easily reach complex places that you could not access using a conventional drill.

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