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I’ve found there are just three sorts of opinions in the direction of Milwaukee flashlight along with work lights.

To begin with, many users possess and adore their Double Milwaukee flashlights.

Afterward, some prospective users are open to seeking them out; however, they aren’t ready to start their pockets.

At length, several people haven’t purchased one, nonetheless, objecting to the use of proprietary li-ion batteries.

To assist the next group of men and women, those that might require a push the fence, here are five explanations for why you NEED a Milwaukee flashlight or work light. If you are not convinced, then maybe they aren’t for you, after all, which is okay.


Inch. A Lot of Flashlight Choices

Inch. There’s a milwaukee flashlight. It’s a little chunky, however durable and bright like dewalt flashlight. This could be the Rover”pocket flooding mild,” which is probably planning to function as absolutely the most flexible”newcomer ” light for many users. If you begin with that one, search for model no. 2112-21.

The back magnet isn’t as strong like I’d like, but the base magnet is. You won’t ever notice such a thing about thicker or bare metal surfaces, but it’ll slide a bit on thinner or thin and coated steel surfaces. Milwaukee increased the magnetic strength in their smaller and lighter alkaline-powered light. I use both, some times for different objects and some times interchangeably.

You understand I thought I would like the alkaline-powered Rover lighting better, but that I don’t, partially because you can’t work with it using rechargeable ni mh cells without sacrificing the brighter atmosphere. The RedLithium USB method has grown on me. There exists a pivoting LED work light too. This 1 was a prototype at an NPS series, and thus that’s why it is more conquer than a production version.

Last but not least, Milwaukee now offers a pivoting-head LED flashlight using a pocket and magnetic base. This is a bit pricier than others; however, it provides selectable flooding and spotlight modes.

Milwaukee also has RedLithium USB headlamps. Even the RedLithium USB product lineup has non-lighting tools, such as digital degrees and warmed gloves.

  1. Constructed USB Charging Port

Every Milwaukee flashlight or work light has an integrated USB (micro) charging port so that you can get it charged for use with little add-ons or attachments.

  1. Swappable Cells

However, you might even recharge the batteries separately. In this manner you can pop into a fresh battery and have the work-light up and running in seconds, instead of needing to control the battery in the Flashlight.

Yes, even I still know several prospective users would rather normal 18650-sized Li-ion cells, but in this method of doing things — using a proprietary battery — even provides for more predictable operation and less difficult sourcing.

Deciding on 18650 cells along with also a superior charger demands some desktop search. If you need another RedLithium USB battery, you know exactly what things to purchase, and without thinking about it, do some desktop search. Additionally, you also do not require any special chargers, with the builtin charger designed around exact RedLithium USB battery specs.

  1. They’re Darned Handy

I have used mine a lot. My Milwaukee flashlight are sometimes used hand-held, and other times they are fastened to magnetic surfaces.

After we had warranty services on our icebox, the tech experienced a RedLithium USB Rover.

An H-Vac technology was here on two events, and both times his cordless work light, which looked just like some small battery-powered halogen light, was conducted out of juice. “Here you go,” along with also my RedLithium Rover, lit up the scene.

When a second technician arrived to displace heat exchanger gaskets, he had a beat-up, but trustworthy Milwaukee M-18 work light. I showed him my assortment of RedLithium USB flashlights anyway, along with his eyes lit up.

Have had great experiences with these flashlights and work lights (and headlamps), but it had been the most recent H-Vac tech visits that drove home a”Milwaukee is murdering it together with these products” state of mind.

One among those technician’s halogen-styled cordless light has been temperamental, and also its battery ran out unexpectedly. The different tech’s M-18 work light looked much-loved, plus it did the hint. But it looked to me personally that they might have profited from a work light that they could take a ladder up down narrow basement staircase at a pocket.

  1. You’ll [Most Likely ] like It

Generally, I’m not too fond of built-in Li-ion batteries. The capacity to restore worn-out batteries would be an advantage. Also, I enjoy that I can charge the batteries in the tools or another charger.

I was somewhat hesitant about how these flashlights could work outside to me. However, I’ve been with these more. At the time, I love these, and for different types of software.

Milwaukee’s newest RedLithium USB charger doubles as a battery charger for charging USB apparatus (having a RedLithium USB cell for power), and it is another bonus. I believe the different RedLithium USB chargers to be optional, which is excellent for discretionary attachments to have added functions and intention.

Even the RedLithium USB line up pf Milwaukee flashlight has been arriving a little more with every calendar year’s brand new releases. I would be ready to guess there are a couple more tools available on Milwaukee’s roadmap. However, I would not say no to more lighting remedies. They have been getting it directly so far.

I want to learn more regarding your adventures with those products. I have not seen many”in the wild nonetheless.” Still, those services and products are too considerably smaller and easier to stash apart than additional Milwaukee innovations like Packout program bins.

For those who have not experimented with Milwaukee flashlights or work lights, nevertheless, what are you looking forward to?

Pricing and Spring 20 20 Promo Offer

The cheapest Milwaukee flashlight will bite your wallet somewhat more than your prior Flashlight and work-light purchases. However, you will find occasional reward prices or promos to help soften the price tag.

The torch and work-light kits commence at ~60.

Milwaukee Flashlight

The Milwaukee RedLithium USB flashlight a part of a fresh collection of private lighting alternatives that’s off Milwaukee’s normal course. What is different is that they run on a single 4V lithium-ion cell in contrast to the 12 or M18 battery packs. That makes them less cumbersome and simple to carry in a tool purse.

The point is most compelling as a group. The combo of milwaukee Flashlight, headlamp, along with floodlighting using pretty compact sizes, suggests you may carry lights options for nearly every circumstance and also maintain all of them on your tote all of the moment.

Huge area for the entire crew, but you will have the ability to stay productive virtually anyplace.

Milwaukee Redlithium USB Flash-light Construction

The string’s Flashlight follows Milwaukee Flashlight — a full-size flashlight with great creative and mild high quality. You are going to observe comparable features on a more compact scale with this specific version.

The absolute most obvious is your metallic structure. Just about any flashlight I carry for Jobsite and leisure outdoor usage share this because of this toughness it brings. Anything else is relegated to this gift pile for birthdays and Xmas.

You will locate a much similar, yet smaller, design on Milwaukee flashlight hard-line folding blades. It is removable, but in practice, it really will not wish to move anywhere. I like having it there, though the strength is on the poorer side for its dimensions. So if you decide to flex out it (that’s almost an assurance for me), then you’ll have a hard time bending it back again.

USB Charging
Like most of the lights in the RedLithium USB show, there’s an onboard charging interface. This one requires some work to find and start, at least at first. Provide the bottom of this light an up twist to reveal that the micro USB port. This is a trendy design that hides the charging port with an oring for protection. The plan fits tight, though, which means you will have to do the job; it is pretty hard to get it open the first moment. It is easier after that, but it is going to stick a few still.

Battery accessibility
To access the battery to swap out it or put that inside the standalone charger, unscrew the base cap just like you also do most flashlights. The battery also includes of the perceptible fit compared to the headlamp that only falls out. This one fits much tighter. A recessed slot on either side helps your fingers grasp across the battery to pull it out.

The battery of milwaukee flashlight will not always have positive and bad links at the top and underside — they truly are on both sides. You’ll have to make sure you seat the battery perfectly. You’ll find index arrows that will help you center it, and you will also rotate the battery before it slides into place. You won’t have the ability to reinsert the housing until it truly is set correctly. It all appears more complex than it is really. After you do it once, you won’t need to think about it back again.

Sustain Command
Even the Milwaukee flashlight contains three manners — low, high, and strobe. High can give one 700 lumens, which will be very solid for this size lighting. I’ve got others which move as high as 1 000. Nevertheless, they are designed only for outdoor and tactical usage and therefore are much more limited on run time. Low will provide you 100 lumens and is a really good amount for close up inspection. While the flooding lighting or headlamp is probably a much better alternative, you can place the ray to flood, and the buckle clip will keep the light from rolling away if you need it for job lighting. Strobe is very good for signaling or being a self-defense defense instrument.

The capability button of milwaukee flashlight to manually control the manners is determined by the base where it is simple to use your thumb. A 50% click enables you to cycle through the modes, making it just a tad bit more suitable to find the one you wish to work well with before clicking on fully on. Naturally, you can also bicycle with full clicks.

There’s a slip focus to your lens of Milwaukee flashlight to go between spot and flood beams. I prefer a twist focus because it enables me to dial in the precise sum of flood/spot mixture I’m looking for. Anyhow, even though I usually wind up in complete location or flooding and maybe not between.

Lighting High Quality

Milwaukee flashlight works by using their TrueView 5000 K LED in this mild, but it’s maybe not quite as obvious as it is about the large labor lighting fixture. The side of this beam is warmer toned than the center. Therefore it is hard to find that the neutral color had a spot beam. It grows more workable once you slip the attention to flood, where the center throws an even more neutral throw, and the hot tones move to the corona.

The Bottom Line

I like the Total look of the Milwaukee Flashlight. The focusing beam, stable output, and measurement are all big pluses, and onboard recharging and easy battery improvements.

My big tip for advancement is at the belt clip. I’d strengthen it and ensure it’s readily removable when you spin the spine cap off. This may guarantee you can flex it back in position whenever the unavoidable occurs.

As for minor developments, I would like to see the attention are a spin move in the place of push/pull to locate a way to keep that charging interface from sticking quite so much better. I like the hidden layout of Milwaukee flashlight, though, so I would rather handle the rod than watch that it moved into the outside of

At $6 9, this light is priced nicely in its kind of moderate dimension rechargeable devices. Finding a rechargeable, more flexible focus light within this output range between Coast or LEDLenser will put you back well over £ 100. Simultaneously, you might be tempted to check other options out there. It will become a very compelling solution when considering it part of a private light strategy with all the headlamp and floodlight along with a restricted lifetime warranty.

Milwaukee RedLithium USB Flash-light Requirements

Model: Milwaukee 2110-21

Power Resource: RedLithium USB 4V battery

Out-put: 700/100 lumens

Explained Runtime: 16 hours (non ), 4.5 hours (high)

Modes: High/Low/Strobe

Ip Address Score: Ip-67

Length: 6.65 inches

Excess weight: 0.50 pounds w/battery

Price: $46.49

Warranty: Limited Life Time

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