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The tool of the well-known company Milwaukee Cordless Tools Review can be bought either at auctions and trading platforms eBay, or on Amazon, or directly from American retailers (Cpooutlets, Tool up, Home Depot, Acmetools, etc.

The main advantage of buying Milwaukee Cordless Tools Review, the eBay tool: firstly, it is a game at the auction, when you choose a cheaper product with a low starting price, and then we try to win it, and, secondly, it is a separate purchase of sets.

We try to buy a tool without unnecessary accessories, namely, we are looking for the “carcass” of the tool, without a rechargeable battery, without a charger, without a case, without accessories and consumables. We buy only a naked carcass since a carcass is several times cheaper than in Russian dealers.

In this case, the battery of Milwaukee Cordless Tools Review can be bought either non-original or original, but also for a promotion or at a favorable offer. Pay attention to the rules for sending batteries (no more than 2 batteries in a package, with a tool intended for them, and no more than 100W * h in a battery).

Another nuance of such a separate purchase – a bag or a case can be purchased or found locally, already in our offline stores, it will be much cheaper than a branded one. A charger (for example, Rapid charger 48-59-1808) at auctions starts at $ 15. So it shouldn’t be a problem.

Cordless tools from Milwaukee can be divided into two main large series

Tools with a 12-volt battery (called the M12 series) and with an 18-volt battery (M18). Also in these two series, there are FUEL models – these are brushless battery devices, a brushless motor is used as a motor, which does not require maintenance and has high efficiency. As a rule, such tools have an advanced controller that ensures the operation of this motor, with the control of many parameters (rotation speed, pulse torques, and currents, blocking, etc.). In combination, this controller evaluates the battery charge (and provides various protections – overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, temperature, etc.).

For Seeding, an easy overview of several popular Milwaukee tooling models:

1.   Screwdriver Milwaukee Cordless Tools Review 2553-20 M12 FUEL 12V Brushless 1/4 Hex Cordless Impact Driver GEN II

This is a compact heavy duty screwdriver that has just gone on sale. Small dimensions are ensured by the use of a capacious and powerful M12 RED LITHIUM 12-Volt battery, which is located in the handle, and an impulse reducer provides a radial shock up to 170 N * m. For such a kid, this is a colossal value, there are practically no analogues in such sizes.

The screwdriver is adjustable (3 rpm / impact values ​​+ drilling mode).

The chuck is designed for a 1/4 “shank, you can use drills with this shank.

 2. Impact drill М12 2503-20 FUEL 12V Brushless 1/4 Hex Cordless Impact Driver GEN II

Milwaukee Impact Drill

Like the previous tool, the M12 2503 hammer drill is compact and very powerful for its size. You can find this pair in kits.

The drill has a percussion mechanism, which can be very useful at home for small jobs. This is one of the most popular drills in the M12 range.

3. Impact drill М18 2704-20 / 2706-20 One Key

Very powerful (140 Nm) cordless drill / driver with impact function.

Model 2706-20 is distinguished by the presence of Bluetooth (One Key) – you can customize it for yourself.

A very successful model, it replaces a hammer drill at home. For large-scale repairs, it is better to buy an SDS puncher, but for homework this tool more than fully meets all the needs. Hanging a picture or making a hole in a concrete wall – no problem.

The brushless motor gives an additional plus in drilling and impact power.

4. Pulse screwdriver 2757-20 ( 2758 / 2759 )

These models have Bluetooth (One Key) and allow you to customize the modes (number of revolutions, tightening torque).

The screwdriver is an interesting type of tool that differs from the classic screwdriver in the absence of a cam chuck. And the impulse gearbox ensures reliable operation in the most difficult conditions and materials. In a pulse, screwdrivers provide a torque of more than 1000 N * m.

Model 2757-20 has a 1/4 “shank chuck (regular bits), you can use drills with the same shank.

Model 2758-20 is designed to work with 3/8 “sockets and bits, and Model 2759-20 is designed to work with 1/2” sockets and bits. The latter can “change” the car – there is enough moment of breakdown and tightening of wheel bolts and nuts.

 5. Powerful impact wrench 2767-20 M18 FUEL  

One of the most powerful cordless impact wrenches, not just in the Milwaukee line – in general among all cordless (and not only) tools.

The level of torque ensures reliable operation not only in tire fitting (including trucks), but also in the installation of metal structures, etc.

The maximum reducer provides about 1800 N * m, but has a stepwise adjustment (only 4 modes).

Milwaukee’s range of wrenches includes both friction ring and ball (Friction Ring / Pin Detent)

 6. LBM 2781-20 ( 2780 / 2783 )

A very useful, convenient battery-operated “grinder” – an angle grinder (125 mm disc). Unlike cheap Chinese “handicrafts” – this angle grinder has functional electronics inside, soft start, brake, various protections, etc. Work with one M18 5.0Ah battery – about 20 minutes (cutting off metal, longer for stripping). It’s continuous. Episodic – many times longer. I personally cut metal 8 mm (corner), very convenient.

Depending on the model, “grinders” have different switching mechanisms, see for convenience.

Model 2781-20 has a side switch-slider with “Slide Switch Lock-On”, Model 2780-20 has a “pedal” without locking (“Paddle Switch No-Lock”). Pay attention to model 2782-20 – this is a circular saw for metal.

 7. Reciprocating Saw 2625-20 Hackzall Reciprocating Saw

There is also the  2720-20 Fuel Sawzall , a very powerful reciprocating saw. There are also 12V models in the line ( M12 2420-20 ), but it is the 2625-20 model that is the most compact and convenient. You can work with one hand, lightweight, much more convenient than other similar models, due to the applied “folded” design of the gearbox.

You can not only “cut branches in the garden”, but also confidently ensure the dismantling of structures, including for metal in difficult conditions, especially where it is impossible to crawl with angle grinders.

If you need power, look towards the 2720-20 model.

8. Cordless engraver М12 2460-20 (analogue of Dremel).

A very convenient and inexpensive tool is a straight grinder. She is a dremel engraver and a mini-drill. Powerful, you can work on metal without any problems. The battery is used for 12V (M12).

Many attachments are compatible with the original ones from Dremel, which is convenient, and the price is low.

9. Multitool-Renovator 2626-20 (M18) and 2426-20 (M12)

It is an interesting and useful tool that allows you to work in difficult conditions. The oscillator mechanism allows you to transport stripping, cutting, polishing work on various surfaces. A special clamp allows you to install files and attachments from any other model (universal mount). Model 18V (2626-20) is very powerful, comfortable, and can be operated with one hand. The 12V model (2426-20) is more compact and lighter, but not as powerful – but also inexpensive.

10. Rapid charger 48-59-1808 and RED LITHIUM M18-48-11-1850 battery

When buying and choosing rechargeable batteries, be careful – take only the original. Lots. where “For Milwaukee” is written – these are duplicates, non-original batteries. You can also take batteries not for 5.0 Ah, but also smaller, see for yourself, sometimes it is convenient to have a small battery (for example, for a reciprocating saw or screwdriver – for convenience of work). But with the 9.0 Ah models it is more careful – they cannot be sent by plane.

The Rapid charger 48-59-1808 is universal, suitable for both M18 and M12, charges the battery in half an hour and is generally convenient. Z / y for 120V, there are instructions for revision, but if you don’t want to figure it out, you can just buy a transformer for 500 rubles (small-sized adapters with 220 -> 120V are sold without problems).

I propose to look at a brief overview of several tools – a cordless drill-driver and an impulse driver from Milwaukee (the models are old, tested for more than a year).

At the moment, the second generation FUEL brushless cordless drills are on sale (and at the May presentation there were already FUEL GEN 3). Also, check out the hammer series – cordless impact drills, which can be handy for simple household chores.

Milwaukee Cordless Tools Review Overview

I will definitely tell you about the compact drills of the 12 series the latest model is 2 compact interior and compact cost so much that they were presented so long ago there are no analogs of this, then this battery jigsaw is very convenient If you work a lot and often you are not tied to power wires and tied to the network you can always You can buy something into a power system with a battery Despite the fact that the cost of batteries How much you can buy one or two batteries?

I note myself that the whole quality tool was used conveniently though out there are many interesting design solutions that facilitate use increases In general, Milwaukee Cordless Tools Review product reliability is included in top three of Dewalt and celty tools if you want to make a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

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