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Milwaukee band saw deep cut

If you are a plumber, or militant DIY-er having many pipes to trim, the Milwaukee band saw is a present against the tool gods. This is really popular with contractors and application renters because this saw can be as burly as they have come.

How To Make use of Milwaukee Band saw

On the lookout for an excuse to buy the mack-daddy of cordless ring saws but can not warrant it like a DIY cost? With a hand pipe threader, a tap and die set, and also the proper pipe and fittings, you can cut and manufacture industrial furnishings to get a few hundred bucks –a ton less compared to a $1,000+ price tag that high-end industrial pipe household furniture orders on web sites such as Wayfair. In my opinion, Dewalt Bandsaw is the only competitor against Milwaukee.

Step Inch: De-grease

Provide the pipe and fittings a detailed cleaning with almost any de-greaser or effective ammoniated cleaner before you begin to sand; then, you don’t wish to spread out the remaining grease from the extraction procedure. Denatured alcohol additionally works well to break the oil down clean pipes off –be mindful; the threads could be extremely sharp.

Step 2: Scuff-Sand and Clean

Sand the pipe and fittings with nice glue or so-called wet-dry newspaper (sandpaper can be employed with a cutting edge lubricant). You don’t require such a thing far coarser than one hundred twenty – or even 220-grit paper. The key thing is to abrade off shiny spots, rust, deep scratches, and so on. You can even use an ammoniated house cleaner in conjunction with wet-dry sandpaper while you are doing this. Then apply moist and clean paper towels to wipe down the pipe and dry the pipe entirely. Follow one more wipe using a lubricant such as mineral spirits or alcohol and a blank bit of paper towel or towel.

Step 3: Paint

Apply primer when painting metal, which has been abraded/cleaned, especially if there are bare places or regions where rust must be taken off. (Do not paint galvanized pipe using oil-based primers or paints that are named”alkyds.” Use paints, which can be referred to as”acrylics.” Otherwise, the paint can peel once confronted with humidity) Use one coat of spray metallic primer, followed closely by two topcoat coats, which might be gloss enamel or satin tooth. Hold on to the canthus. It’s not pointing specifically at that which you want to paint. Press the cans activate and continue within the object within a forthcoming motion. The moment the spray pattern clears the other end, then let go of the match.

Alternatively, keep the pipe’s industrial end having a butcher’s wax coat. You might have to rework occasionally to keep the finish. However, it shields already-rusting pipe out of corroding further.

Milwaukee M18 fuel Compact Bandsaw (2829)

Milwaukee has declared that the new M 18 Fuel streamlined saw, model 2829. Technically there are two new versions, 1 using conventional design and a double trigger safety upgrade. The new Milwaukee M 18 Fuel compact saw is Supposed to Be exactly the :

Fastest-cutting in its course

Have the largest cutting ability in its class

The new band saw is thought to get the fastest cutting speed, and greatest cutting ability of any compact group saw.

Milwaukee M18 fuel Compact Band Saw Specs

35-3/8″ blade

3-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ cut capability

540 SFPM

Variable-rate activate

LED work light

Tool-free locking modification shoe

Rafter hook

Weighs 7.7 lbs without battery

All-metal direct driveway

Additionally, there’ll undoubtedly be an optional/separate tool-free pipe reamer attachment that mounts to the device’s rear facet. Even the reamer may deburr 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ electrical conduit.

The dual-trigger compact band saw includes a knife cover accessory, which is available and added into the single-trigger model.

Blade addresses support to protect the blade track from harm and also minimizes blade exposure into this consumer.

Purchasing Options and Pricing

Package (2829-22): Includes (2) M18 High Output 3.0Ah batteries, Quick Charger, contractor bag, along with the extreme blade. )

Bare Tool (2829-20)

Dual-Trigger Milwaukee Band Saw Package (2829S-22): Nearly identical to this 2829, the 2829S Includes a dual-trigger layout which Demands both hands around the instrument for it to function, and it also comes with a band saw blade covers

Milwaukee band saw claims that this noticed cuts quicker than other compact saws; it also has a higher capacity.

On paper, the Dewalt observed has a higher FPM evaluation; nevertheless, it might well be that Milwaukee features a higher operating slicing-edge speed. No-load rates are just one matter; software speeds are another.

The truth of that thing is that asserts such as”the speediest cutting rate and most significant reduction capacity of any compact group watched” have to be backed up with info that is prized.

If you want my opinion, it appears fairly reasonable a 2020-generation Milwaukee band saw will function more quickly and quicker compared to a brushed-motor band watched that Dewalt started in 2013, irrespective of what exactly is based in your newspaper.

The newest Milwaukee band saw noticed weighs 7.7 lbs with battery and the Dewalt 8 pounds.

What’s also interesting is a cordless power program like that one might typically be compared with XC battery packs. But Milwaukee band saw is bundling the new compact band saw with their next-gen High Output 3.0Ah compact batteries.

Milwaukee found the Makita XBP03 has a slightly smaller blade dimension, 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ max cutting capability, and 630 ft/min no-load cutting speed. The Makita weighs 9 lbs with a battery.

The Makita package is blown off at some time of the bill, to $340, as it is sold with (two ) 5.0Ah batteries, an aluminum housing, and a rear-side blade cap. Makita intended their saw to one-handed operation (if or where needed).

Makita will also have another version with a vinyl wheel guard that weighs 7.5 pounds with battery life.

Thus, compared to Dewalt and Makita compact group saws, Milwaukee increases the cutting ability from 2-1/2″ into 3-1/4″, which can be rather a huge leap.

The newest Milwaukee band saw comes with a lowered cutting speed compared with the other models we checked on paper. However, I would assume that the saw produces quicker real-world application rates. Without proof of the subject, Milwaukee’s authorized section couldn’t have rid some argue that the watched delivers the fastest cutting rate of almost any compact group watched.

And we’re talking about a tool with a brushless motor vs. competing versions with motors that are brushed. Milwaukee noticed features Constant Power Technology, which maintains cut-rate from the toughest applications for optimal functioning. From all this, the takeaway for me personally is that the Milwaukee band saw probably preserves cutting rate [in certain applications?], which could all for his or her claim to be true despite the debate on paper specs.

We are going to find outside to Milwaukee band saw for additional information and clarification relating to it particular.

Considering Milwaukee’s older/previous M18 cordless compact band watched, version 2629, it (also) has a 3-1/4″ cutting capability, 480 SFPM rates, dual-actuation trigger, and 10.25 lb weight.

If you are already a Milwaukee M 18 cordless power software person, the brand new compact group saw is considerably lighter than the former version (24.9% in case my mathematics’s correct). Also, it has faster on-paper specs. Additionally, the brushless motor will provide you with a boost in power and efficiency.

Comparing pricing, the brand new compact band saw apparel is 449, the older version is 399. You obtain High Definition 3.0Ah batteries and a Rapid design and the new kit, also standard XC 3.0Ah batteries with the older package.

For your 50 gaps in kit prices, the newest band saw is faster and lighter than the former model (probably largely due to the brushless engine technology ), includes a faster charger, and comes with higher Definition 3.0Ah batteries. That seems sensible, but users will see some promos, rebates, or even other incentives to upgrade.

Milwaukee band saw traders have the old nude tool-only watched (2629-20) for about $249, compared to $279 for its new saw in bare tool-only format.

In general, this seems like a great brand new offering by Milwaukee, plus it appears to be an excellent idea they have different single and dual-trigger versions.

The conduit reamer attachment also seems like a neat layout. Some could charge it is an extra buy; however, people who don’t need it will be glad they’re not forced to pay for your features.

Milwaukee 6232-21

Portability and compactness are just two main marketing points of this particular model. On top of that, it is effective at dealing with a range of materials. However, it truly is chiefly foreseen for cutting edge plastic tubes or even more compact parts of timber, based on the blade you opt to put in. The system can also be quite durable, well-designed. Also, it doesn’t demand lots of previous experience. In easier terms, it is a good choice for experts and intermittent users.

Milwaukee is a rather well-known brand, plus they put a great deal of energy into the plan, dependability, and client care. If you decide to go for this particular brand, you’ll be able to count on good warranty conditions, responsive customer support, and also, most importantly — top quality.

The Style

The number of mobile units is quite much like each other. You can find a few noteworthy differences, but the concept stays precisely the same. The most crucial thing one needs to start looking for when it comes to the look is compactness. This model is more lightweight, user-friendly. Also, it stands out among the better ones in the whole market the moment it has to do with design functioning. It could be utilized with a single hand significance, to put it differently and have much more control over the job, security, and speed.

The borders of the chassis are all shielded with thick rubberized shrouds. Once it seems like a standard attribute, it is worth mentioning because it reveals just how resistant and durable than the Milwaukee band saw 6232-21. In reality, it can withstand a serious beating because of those protecting mechanisms and can be employed on busy worksites.


This particular version can be used for cutting metal, plastic, and wood, even as we all mentioned. However, it is forecasted chiefly for plastic and alloy because plenty of other models cope with wood with greater ease. This particular unit doesn’t feature greater than 1 speed; the efficiency of cutting various materials is significantly reduced. It does possess a wheel that somewhat regulates the blade’s speed, but it’s far out of a multi-speed unit. So, even though it isn’t tough to cut a variety of substances, it really is advisable that you use it chiefly for pieces manufactured from plastic or metal.

Other Capabilities

Total safety is at a reasonably decent level. The unit doesn’t contain an astonishing volume of safety mechanisms. However, there are over enough to continue to keep you as safe as possible, provided that you be sure that you fulfill the requirements and enhance security along with efficiency. A few people today tend to bypass the incorporated safety techniques to receive seemingly better performance. However, it is not at all at the chance.



Simple to use




Absence of flexibility

Matters we enjoyed about This.

The first thing we found about this version is its simplicity. While other ones are often quite complex and even confuse confusion, this one is rather simple. It will not require too many alterations from this package, except to get several fine-tuning of this blade. Besides that, whatever you have to do is a plugin, and that is it.

The other substantial advantage over its rivals is the purchase. As soon as it is definitely not a low-cost item of devices, it can be viewed as affordable and budget-friendly due to additional characteristics and expert operation. Whether you are a DIY er or some professional, then you’ll certainly discover that it’s useful and efficient.

Things we didn’t like

The blades aren’t included with the item. But this isn’t a big deal. However, it is often a real nuisance for people who are unaware. The blades are a breeze to find online; nonetheless, it truly is another measure that many men and women aren’t prepared to take, particularly if they’re searching for a plug-and-play model.

Keep the absence of blades at heart if you are thinking about investing in this specific model because it can be an unpleasant surprise should you forget about doing it.

Standard Impressions

As far as consumer impressions proceed, many people like this product. Some think it is a bit noisy and shaky, but these are negligible elements. This bandsaw’s major feature is your mixture of simplistic style and design, along with superior efficiency. It’s not something one needs to use for huge initiatives that want continuous functioning, but it has a fantastic power tool for different applications.


If you are looking for an all-around portable noticed which doesn’t charge a lot of money, take an instant and test this one out there. It’s miles away from the most effective one in the sector, but it offers significantly more than adequate characteristics for clean performance and fine cuts on the flip side. One thing that might bother you is how a few proprietary components might be hard to find a hold of. However, those situations are rather rare.

Devoted specialists may desire to start looking to get something with more versatility as far as the supporting materials go. Still, amateurs have not had too many problems using it. It doesn’t perform miracles, but it really does its job quite well.

Milwaukee M12 Band-saw Assessment 2429-21XC

Almost every manufacturer has a 12V lineup, but none are just as big because of the Milwaukee band saw M12 line. With that said, they attracted a second cool application to their vast line of tools, the M12 milwaukee band saw. Yes, you might be reading the correct, a 12V bandsaw. If you feel like we did a double-take when we heard that news. Just how powerful or may be useful can a 12V band saw be? We considered that the idea has been very trendy, but how much labor can a little saw do? Now Milwaukee surprised us with them 12 Jig Saw as we thought that a 12V jig watched was of the joke.

This was until we experimented with the watched and found out we have been more of the joke because 12 jigsaw all our expectations. So how does Milwaukee Band Saw consume? Is it even worth the money?

How trendy would be the notion of having a 12V compact Band Saw? To me, extremely cool. This will permit a user to do so much, such as minimize conduit, black pipe, rebar, and much more. But a 12V, come on. How many reductions would it truly produce? All these are our specific thoughts.

Allow me to tell you from the minute we chose up it, we were sold, which was earlier even pulling the cause. The first thing we all found was the total amount of the instrument. This found is exceptionally light, weighing only 6.75lbs, making it the best device for a single-hand cut, especially building over-head cuts. The length of this saw is only 12″, so you can enter tight spots to create these reductions. Complete with exactly the weight and size, and this saw is extremely easy to control.

Okay, nice, it is sensible and easy to restrain, but who cares if it’s doesn’t cut, right? Following Milwaukee, it is possible to create 150 reductions into 3/4″ EMT until you deplete the XC high capability.

We tested this assert primarily because we can not count that high and didn’t have ample material close to producing many cuts. However, we did cut by a lot of rebar, EMT, PVC, and ground bets.

We likely left concerning 50 reductions, and the program revealed half-power left for the battery life. Considering we were cutting on heavier stuff than the 3/4″ EMT, we plan to consider Milwaukee’s word of 150. Get this, and the saw cuts 3/4″ EMT in 3 minutes. Another item to say is this saw features a 1-5/8″ x 1-5/8″ trimming capability and also uses a variable speed trigger.

Earning the cuts were rather uncomplicated. We had little oscillation, and we had complete control of the observed. Actually, we even tried to jam the saw cutting EMT to find the watched to stop also into your surprise, then it simply conducted through without even a hiccup.

When you make cuts as if you are supposed to and never jam the watched throughout the work, the observed does a fantastic job, and the grade of the blog is excellent. Milwaukee band saw has an LED light placed over the blade, so, therefore, it casts a shadow of the specific location you will end up cutting, which will be helpful.

As opposed to the Bosch 18V ring saw that you need to take out 2 Phillips screws, then opening the M12 bandsaw is a snap. You can find two tiny clips that a user slides to start up the doorway. If you need to change a blade, the tension release is on the outside and very easy to access. Transforming a sword is just a piece of cake.

If the foundation has gone out of alignment and you also want to align the blade, then there’s really a little screw on the outside you need to use to get the blade functioning correct. Ours was accurate without wanted adjustment. A modest fixed brush cleans the debris off one of the brakes, plus this particular brush might be replaced.

There’s also a small magnet by which the blade passes on to grab steel shavings and assist in safeguarding this tool’s durability.

We experienced difficulty finding something we did not like about the observed, and whether it includes just one XC battery, we would have liked to noticed two batteries. But I am certain that this would have raised the purchase price point. Considering the battery charges in half an hour, it is not a substantial deal to us.

1 huge note is that this noticed is the only band saw on the market using a fully integrated lower guard that addresses the blade outside the busy cutting edge area. This saw additionally satisfies OSHA specifications for one-handed cutting-edge.

This really is just another cool application out of Milwaukee band saw. It allows you to produce your reductions quickly and true. Couple this with Milwaukee’s additional m 12 tools; also, you can’t go wrong.

Milwaukee M12 Band-saw Includes

2429-20 M 12 Sub-Compact Bandsaw Instrument

30-Minute Charger

(1) M 12 ™ XC High Capacity REDLITHIUM™ Battery

(1) 48-39-0572 18TPI Sub-Compact Portable Band Saw Blade

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