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It would help if you had a makita palm sander. It truly is effortless. Even for those who haven’t any interest in woodworking, then it still needs you. It will aid with craft assignments, restoring a yard sale treasure repairs into walls, ceilings, and trim. Additionally, it will immediately remove rust from the garden application, which has been put away moist. Devote a couple of hours using a hand sanding block to clean some jagged paint, and you’ll quickly come back to the manner of believing.

Whether you are a professional breeder or only a do-it-yourself handyman considering woodworking, a nice, clean glossy finish would be desirable from your woodwork. Many of you would say owning the optimal/optimally disk sanders might do the trick. That is precisely why we present for you personally this Makita Palm Sander review for your advantage.

List Of Makita Palm Sander

BO4556 Palm Sander

Starting with selling and repairing lighting, motors, and transformers within a hundred years ago, Makita Corporation has grown into probably one of the very trusted makers of power tools. In accord with the standing, Makita supplies you with that the BO4556 Palm Sander for your polishing and sanding ease.

In this Makita BO4556 Palm Sander inspection, we’ll take to show you buying this palm/disc sander will eventually become your favorite woodworking companion. Let us guide you during the contents of this Makita Palm Sander assessment.

Makita Palm Sander Overview

Many could say that the best porter cable sanders will have the ability to give the timber that they truly are doing the clean, comfortable complete using just as little headache as you can, no matter how challenging the wood could be. Even the Makita Palm Sander provides you a lush, luxuriant finish having its all-ball-bearing construction.

Furthermore, it does not create a mess, also thanks to its through-the-pad dust collecting system! It’s likewise acceptable for one-handed operation. Its slimline body style provides it an elementary grasp. Its particular handily placed shut-off switch allows you to envision off it without actually lifting your other hand.


Minimal vibration and low Racket

Helpful for no-mess surroundings

Easy-to-operate paper clamp

Matches your hands just right


No varying rate. Single-speed of 14,000 RPM

Function Analysis

Slimline Human Anatomy
Even the Makita Palm Sander includes a sleek, trim design that allows the user to have easy-grip. This helps one-handed use of the tool as it matches your hands beautifully and a gratifying element for any user in most power tools.

Through-the-pad dust collection method
With its efficient through-the-pad dirt collection system, the Makita Palm Sander makes sanding a cleaner work, together with holes in the center that pops up, sawdust debris, and guide them into the dust bag attached to it.

Nonskid elastomer coated coating.
To prevent skid and slide, the machine utilizes many rubber-backed rugs or stick-on strips. However, these are some short term options and also would develop into danger over time. However, this surface area makes it immune to skidding or slipping, eradicating risks of injuries from falling.

Easy-to-use paper clamps
More reputable on sticky surfaces, paper springs guarantee that the sand-paper remains securely secured in and retains the process of setting up the paper quickly and straightforward.

Closing Verdict
For those who have read within this Makita Palm Sander inspection, the Makita BO4556 Palm Sander is a disk sander of relaxation and convenience.

It not only receives the job of committing your toenails exactly the finishing you want; however, you also get to do it with all the ease you might ask for and with just as little clutter as you can, creating your surroundings even more breathable.

Makita XOB01T

The Makita palm sander looked to sand too fast because the DeWalt, which will be surprising given that its top speed is 1,000 rpm less than its yellowish competitor. Even with the powerful battery sensed well-balanced, and its dust pickup is acceptable. Downsides? The sander has a highly effective gyroscopic action, which takes a little forward prejudice to maintain its sanding on-track. Once you get used to this, you’re good to go.


makita palm Sanders doesn’t need a good deal of care, but they do need a bit. The ideal thing you can do to this is always to blow off the dust out of it using compressed air (or a can of compressed atmosphere bought at an office supply shop ) or make use of a store vacuum and work outside, especially its air vents.

Now shield yourself, especially your arteries: Utilize a dust mask when trimming. More significant models possess a foam strip to help the mask create a far better seal into your face; nevertheless, they might even have a vent that lowers humidity buildup below the mask.

Clean as much when you work to stop massive piles of talc-like dust from turning. And when you are finished sanding and prepared to rest, either cleaner or brush off yourself before moving in or alternative blank place. It’s also a great notion to wear an old shirt, coveralls, or a store and leave in the trimming location instead of bringing dust into your home.

Having a floor mat beyond the shop (or workshop ) is acceptable. Remember what your mother explained: Scrub your toes (or shoot your workout shoes away )! This lessens tracked dirt, and which is more significant than merely a nuisance. Remnants of sanding grit you shoe soles can scrape finished flooring, and also tracked-in dirt can cause an eye-watering or throat-scratching irritant because it spreads throughout the home.

Using a sander Is simple, and there Are Just a couple of Important rules:

Move the Makita Palm sander slowly and steadily across the work area. Racing forth and back is hard on the instrument and the surface.
Don’t jump greater than one level of self-explanatory as you move from coarse to eloquent. Otherwise, it is possible to go out of 100 grit to 150 (bypassing a hundred and twenty ) but tend not to go from 100-grit to 220 grit. It will not hurt to move via each size of self-indulgent, from coarse to but for all but the best of job, it is not needed.

Vacuum the top clean with a shop vacuum and a brush attachment when done with every amount of self-employed. This eliminates any trapped grit particles concealing on the surface. To get furniture-grade completing, wash the surface clean using a tack cloth (a tacky bit of cloth employed to choose up dust; it’s sold from the paint aisle) before proceeding into the next self.

Don’t hint the shredder near the edges since it is going to round them off. When you would like preferably a somewhat curved corner, then this is a great matter. As an example, paint sticks better to your gently curved corner compared to a sharp one.

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