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Makita has undoubtedly one of the most massive traces outside of almost any power tool manufacturer. They are also carrying out something no other manufacturer is undertaking, creating a lineup of one battery. While other manufacturers would like you to get a 12V device, an 18V tool, and a 36V device, Makita is currently working to make a single lineup where Ryobi cordless vacuum is giving it a competition. Measurement and they’ve got a 36V that rivals almost any 36V power, and on top of that, they all run their 18V battery stage. Therefore speaking of a large stage, let’s jump in the Makita Cordless Vacuum evaluation.

Makita Cordless Vacuum XCV11Z

Most suppliers create some form accomplished and present a clean work-site is a must, plus let’s not neglect to have the ability to tidy up your vehicles. Therefore there’s undoubtedly a demand for such a tool.

While you think that it would be effortless to produce a vacuum, it is maybe not. A portable vacuum needs to be small but mighty. A vacuum should get ample run time plus also be silent. It has to own lots of suction; however, it needs to safeguard the air it is coming, and the list continues. Therefore when you think of a makita cordless vacuum, think of all the items that need to be perfect to create a top-performing vacuum.


The makita cordless vacuum uses a brushless motor and produces 57 CFM using a 27″ water lift. The machine as a whole weighs 10.1 lbs. You could force this vacuum with someone of the Makita 18V star batteries. Even a 5Ah battery will give this about 60 minutes. There isn’t only a battery status estimate; however, you can force the unit up to two different modes. Makita developed this using good hose management.

You may undoubtedly get and store the hose onto the side of the vacuum. Makita cordless vacuum utilizes a flexible hose. One massive characteristic would be the hose locks into the vacuum; therefore, it won’t pull out of this hose cleaner if you pull the hose. To access the 2-gallon litter bin, you can find just two latches on every side of this vacuum. Another fantastic feature could be that the onboard accessories. You can easily access the crevice and ground application.

Overall performance
I talked to a few of my buddies who possesses this makita cordless vacuum, and his sole gripe was the absence of strength. I’d see a gripe on Amazon regarding electricity. This is where I am just a small loss.

For example, I adore the capability and believe that it has plenty of energy for your size. I am not positive if they have been comparing it to a full-size dirt extractor or just what.

As mentioned previously, I have a handful of box makita cordless vacuums. This is suitable in accord using the other vacuums’ power, which I am maybe not seeing an energy issue.

As far as dust, yes, it quickly picks up dust, sawdust, and more. With the HEPA filter, then I am unable to view anything appearing outside of the backport. Sawdust is lightweight and easy to find up, so we tried some items that have been a little heavier such as screws, washers, claws, and things you would find lying around.

Again, it frees them up without any difficulties. Today it’s maybe not likely to suck on up bricks, but that is perhaps not precisely what it is designed to perform. This is just a vacuum cleaner for your work site to tidy up when you are done, clean your vehicle up, and more.

A few of my favorite capabilities are how easy it is to gain access to the accessories. I don’t need to open a seat up to get into the equipment, which is tremendous.

The different feature I like is how the battery life status gauge. I don’t need to start a compartment to look at the status or clutter around.

Many folks may be considered a bit frustrated. It will not have a strap, but I have always utilized a deal, which means this can be terrific for the needs.

You can choose up this makit cordless vacuum for about $170 on Amazon. About the price, it is a fair cost. In the event you possess exactly the Makita lineup, it can be an excellent pick-up. But if you’re not part of the family, you have to invest in a charger and battery, not sure if this may be well worth the cost.


I’ve got a couple of vacuums like that particular box vacuum cleaner, plus they are always my go-to vacuums. They are easy to carry, powerful and around, and have decent run time. Makita cordless vacuum is the same.

I like the power, I love the HEPA-filter plus I like the onboard accessories and just how simple they will be to access compared to other vacuums like this. Overall, this is just a superb vacuum cleaner.

Makita XLC03R1BX4 Compact Vacuum and XLC03R1WX4
The Makita cordless Vacuum package (XLC03R1BX4) emphasizes value. The vacuum is employed with the cause or locked-on with a slip switch mode for extended use.

The makita cordless vacuum is more streamlined, weighing only 2.7 pounds and having a 2Ah 18V battery installed. It comes with a washable fabric filtration system, making it a lot easier to ditch the canister and continue cleaning.

Much like some other Makita equipment, this makita cordless vacuum and nozzle come in the recognizable black and white teal. The XLC03R1BX4 package includes just one fast-charging 18V LXT 2.0Ah ion battery and a Rapid, the best possible Charger. You can get right up to 1-3 minutes of run-time working with one two-wheeled battery life.

Makita XLC03R1BX4 along with XLC03R1WX4 Capabilities & Specs
Design Quantity: (XLC03ZBX4 along with XLC03ZWX4 Instrument Just )

Trigger with Lock

Coloration: Black (XLC03R1BX4) or White (XLC03R1WX4)

Skill: 1.6 pints

Air-flow: 49 CFM

Static lift: 25 in.

Operate period: 1-3 min.

Bodyweight (w/2 Ah battery): 2.7 pounds )

Makita XLC04R1BX4 Upright Vac
The differences between the Makita cordless vacuum and also the XLC03R1BX4 have to do with using the controllers and energy. Alternatively of the trigger/switch combo, you now also get yourself a three-speed pushbutton controller program. This model also includes more incredible CFM and inactive raise (suction system ) and additional run-time due to a deficient power atmosphere.

Makita XLC04R1BX4 Functions & Specs
Type Range: (XLC04R1BX4 and XLC04ZBX4 Device Only)

3-speed Push Button controls

Shade: Black

Capacity: 1.6 pints

Airflow: 5 3 CFM

Static elevator: 3 1 in.

Operate time (minimal ): 33 min.

Fat (w/2 Ah battery): 2.8 lbs.

Makita XLC05R1WX4 Compact Stick Vac
This last makita cordless vacuum lowers the power down into at least one tsp but leaves the ability, manners, suction, and run time of the Teal and Black XLC04R1BX4.

Makita XLC05R1WX4 Capabilities & Specs
Design Amount: (XLC05R1WX4 and XLC05ZWX4 Instrument Only)

3-speed Pushbutton controls

Colour: White

Capability: 1 tsp

Airflow: 53 CFM

Static elevator: 31 in.

Run time (Low): 33 min.

Pounds (w/2 Ah battery): 2.8 lbs.


These makita cordless vacuums carry a considerable cost, and the industry has lots of rivalries –even in cordless. Nonetheless, together with four versions to pick from, you ought to be able to select a rod vac that satisfies your needs. For present Makita customers, picking right up the nude tools models gets the most sense.

All these vacs might well not need the ability to skin paint your garage off the floor, but they will handle small area cleanup only lovely. We always enjoy plenty, and options exist here.

Makita BCL180W 18-Volt

A standard makita cordless vacuum wouldn’t stand up for the, and you’ll need something heavy-duty and includes sufficient suction to clean up using one of these forms of particles.

Even the Makita cordless vacuum BCL180W causes this possible as it employs a sturdy enough engine that could get debris such as sawdust and routers, which other vacuums may fight with.

The 18-volt lithium-ion battery can recharge in only fifteen minutes, and this reduces regeneration.

Based on plenty of internet opinions, this is great to utilize it upon bare floors and carpets; it can get most if not each one of the dirt out, however, do not expect this to match a canister or even a vertical in conditions of power — not one of those corded does.

On the list of cordless vacs in the marketplace, it is among many lightest in just under 3 lbs.

One particularly great feature the BCL180W makita cordless vacuum has is how it can use the battery-powered of additional Makita power tools. You may use the bigger 3-ampere LXT batteries out of additional Makita power tools on this.


Lightweight and streamlined enough to wash hard to reach areas around your home

Weighs only 2.7 pounds

It requires only 15 minutes to control

more robust XLT battery, which expands the run time to 20 moments

Relatively easy to remove and attach the battery

Above-average suction to get a cordless vac

Floors’ attachment could be swiveled 90 levels.

Interchangeable battery along with additional Makita Resources

Straightforward to drain

Regular suction through the cost cycle


Limited expansion sander

The battery cannot be left on the charger when it’s complete.

No charging index


The electricity switch does not lock in place.

Small canister

The filter clogs quickly.

High Priced

Big and hefty charger

Cannot stand its own

What to Anticipate from your Makita BCL180W?

Even the Makita cordless vacuum is lightweight and expenses rapid (only around 15 minutes), and it is excellent when you have children at home and need to spot tidy messes that they create but still don’t have time to attend hours to bill fully. Different versions, although people with lithium batteries, will need five or more hours to charge entirely.

Even the superior ergonomic and compact, lightweight design usually means that you won’t strain your arms utilizing this.

It may be used to replace space and dustpan because it’s not going to take up a lot of room from the cabinet — take be aware that the charger is still quite tight.

Frees up to ten moments of constant use from an entirely charged 18-volt lithium-ion battery

includes a crevice tool, extension wand, and flooring nozzle

Powerful suction for a fast and reliable cleaning

lightweight at only 2.7 pounds

Has a bag-less 2-stage filtration

Comes with a rapid optimum charger which recharges the battery at fifteen moments

The charger comes with an integrated buff that keeps the battery cooler across the charging procedure, thus optimizing the battery life.
Appropriate for 18-volt XLT batteries of makita cordless vacuum which twice time to 20 minutes

includes a seven-year guarantee on the tool also an additional year on charger and battery

Attachments and Components
It comes with thee attachments — a crevice tool, extension wand, and floor nozzle.

Also, the deal will be just one 18-volt lithium battery, as well as the charger.

Spending moment
To fully recharge the battery will probably require just a quarter-hour.

One reason for that is that the charger comes with a chip that directly communicates with all the battery and controls the voltage and temperature. A built-in fan that keeps the battery more trendy throughout the charge cycle helps increase battery life.

But do not abandon the battery plugged in the charger beyond fifteen minutes (or if it is whole ) because it might degrade the service life at the lengthy run, and Makita cordless vacuum recommends that you unplug it immediately after it’s total.

Battery life

To get a full charge, you will receive around 10 minutes maximum. If you abandon it, it’ll last longer in the event you turn it in periods.

If you would like it to survive longer — you can get the 18 Volt LXT battery backup, plus it’s going give you 20 minutes of continuous usage.

Take be aware the 3.0ah LXT battery will take two as much time to charge, about half an hour.

But on a side note, Makita cordless vacuum recommends that the battery must not be drained flat because achieving so repeatedly can also influence the battery’s support life, possibly multiplying it on time.

Whenever you are feeling, it is going to be more empty, unplug in, and control.

Within one inspection, a consumer mentioned that it would best to let the battery cool down first before recharging. This would extend its lifetime — he had been advocating users not to control it instantly and let it sit for a couple of hours previous to plugging on a charger.

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