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When it comes to speed, precision, durability, and artistry, while Fastening nail guns, Makita cordless Nailers are not easy to beat, Ridgid framing nailers (because they are technically understood ) are for fastening wood and softwood cut around windows and doors. But they are also helpful for craft projects, construction furniture, and other unusual jobs with timber.

Powered using a battery, they genuinely are remarkably rapid instruments, so light and elegant that they out-class traditional compressed air nail guns for all tasks. Pull the trigger, and one will sink and drive a makita cordless nailer without difficulty. And not as burdened by an air hose and also a breaker plugged into an outlet, you’re able to proceed smoothly. No wonder specialist finish carpenters love these things.

How We Tested Makita cordless Nailer

To put these Makita cordless nailers through the paces, we chased them into various materials typically used in end carpentry and craft endeavors. We wished to be convinced our test was more challenging than that which these guns would naturally fall in at a day’s work. For example, when testing for nail-sinking power, we terminated slowly and gradually and methodically into red oak, both 3/4-inch thick and 1.5-inch thick.

When we raised the length of the Makita cordless nailer, we awakened the oak so that the gun was shooting into the oak that has been 1.5 inches thick or about three inches thick (to be specific, guns rated for more extended claws could indeed countersink the fastener as soon as the pin was more than two inches).

For instance, simulations ready strips of different Substances, such as white pine, radiata pine, birch, stained plywood, and MDF (medium-density fiberboard ). We were more concerned with this tool’s accuracy and rate than its raw ability in such circumstances.

However, to be on the flip side, anytime we simulated an evaluation in the trim or built-in cabinet arrangement, we set our evaluation materials (just as one coating or like a sandwich of various materials) over Douglas-Fir, a typical and tough framing cloth. In that manner, we can be positive that the Makita cordless Nailer could fire via the evaluation materials at the top part of the wall; however, the framing at the wall socket itself.

Makita Cordless Finish Nailer

Makita Produced a reliable nailer in their Cordless Nailer. This Nailer does operate on the side, and whether it has a slower cycle time than analog alternatives, it’s a heavy rifle. With this, Makita Cordless Nailer. For pros on the Makita platform, this NailerNailer could be worth the appearance.

Makita cordless Nailers Are among those tools. Probably have a demand for them. Undoubtedly, they have been flexible and permit many constructions and trim work to be done effortlessly—an add-on to the roster of high actors from Makita. Let’s dip into the Makita Cordless Finish Nailer Review and see how it piled up.


Makita is a new well regarded in almost every Sector. They have an exact sizable line up within their collection and also cover everything from OPE to concrete, woodworking, and so much more. If you aren’t familiar with Makita cordless nailer, they indeed are just one of those very few tool manufacturers who are possessed and managed separately from others.

Once you find innovation within their tools, it’s not inclined to be viewed along with different brands for a few times. This is among the many causes of Makita’s motivates loyalty from specialists industry-wide.

Makita is based in Japan, together with factories throughout the world. With a History crossing back again to 1915,” Makita features a robust tradition of generating equipment for experts everywhere.

Not just that, however, an exciting actuality is they indeed were the very first to ever launch a rechargeable battery drill in 1978, and also the very first to bring lithium-ion batteries into tools in 2005. With such strong roots, it’s no wonder that their following is as accurate since they are.

Features The Makita Cordless Nailer weighs 8.4 Lbs and only 11-5/8 inches long. They are operating on Makita’s 18V battery system platform.

I analyzed this makita cordless Nailer working with a 2.0 Ah battery, but this NailerNailer will employing a 5.0-liter battery life. The Makita cordless Nailer pushes 16-gauge finish nails from 1 to 2-1/2 inches in length. The metal magazine provides long-lasting storage up to 110 claws at one time and also has nail length markings to confirm the size of their feet in the NailerNailer.

Even a no-mar tip prevents harm to the workpiece while the NailerNailer is in use. Also, the dry-fire lock-out prevents firing when nails aren’t as present. This safeguards both the NailerNailer along the workpiece out of harm. LED lights make it possible for a clear line of sight while still being used.

A depth adjustment knob allows for quick Changes of nail Depth to your optimal/optimally finish given just about every software. This is a crucial characteristic of nailers for me; rather frequently, I like a countersunk nail if I will soon be filling.

Makita cordless nailer added a standard and sequential fire mode That is switched using a coated button. A cause lock boosts safety during use, and the activate pressure required to operate that the tool is excellent for frequent usage. It is permitting minor delay to get straight back to get the job done.

Rubber overmold, along with bumpers on the tool, Makita cordless nailer enables optimal grip and protection against external damage while using the tool. A cushioned belt clip allows for easy attachment into a user’s belt or device bag if not in use for suitable storage.


So let’s get into the nitty-gritty right here. Just how did this Makita Cordless nailer work? Did it stand out from the crowd? Yes, the quick response was it had been a potent performer, but I would not state it had been that the optimal/optimally NailerNailer I have used.

Now, to split it down further, let us find out precisely what stood out. Within this, NailerNailer adored that the feeling. Makita Cordless Nailers, generally, are thicker and more expensive compared to pneumatic models, which means you consistently must be prepared for that.

Makita cordless nailer did an excellent job developing this new tool to remain comfortable throughout use without any needed functions. It had been simple to move this NailerNailer in restricted corners in addition to awkward locations; something complete nailers need to have the capacity to do.

The alterations on the gun were User Friendly and demonstrated Effective also. You can easily create the alterations needed to accomplish a complete flush or even a minor countersink after a filling is desired. I never fail to advise analyzing claws in garbage material just before you begin your project to ensure that you’ve got the desired thickness as the materials will affect that. Gun of Makita cordless nailer is the tool-free jam clearing mechanism.

While I’d no jams occur during screening and subsequent usage and trust in meI strove finally jam; it happens for many motives. However, I always get tool-free methods for typical issues, and the setting varies only to use any other instrument.

Will be The flaws between firing. Here is something you will find on them, but I never fail to see the Trade-off of compressor filling and re-filling flaws to be disruptive. I don’t view Makita’s Nailer’s slight delay among shooting as such a thing meaningful or troublesome. This Makita cordless Nailer is an ace at capturing individually as well as if utilizing the successive fire manner.


This Makita cordless Nailer runs about $325 bucks from Your Home Depot for The BARE-TOOL. The charger and battery that I tested this by a 2.0Ah battery operate about £ 129.00 as nicely. This NailerNailer is one of the cheapest priced cordless finish nailers available in the industry now.

While it is a little pricey, it’s also a reliable nailer that works properly. My encounter with cordless nailers has been their daily life isn’t very what you’d expect. This Makita cordless nailer can overtake them if that is how it is; this nailer’s worth is superb. This NailerNailer was fashioned for your professional, or so the cost point drops along with other nailers for a reason that class. Undoubtedly, if you’re around the Makita battery stage, it’s a no-brainer to provide it a go.

Final Thoughts

Complete nailers are among my most used equipment. I love The enhanced holding capability across brad fingernails; however, I also love the smaller size compared to larger nails. There is no doubt this NailerNailer is up there at cost; however, many professional tools are. Mailer can be a viable option for anyone needing the portability of the Makita cordless Nailer and therefore are onto the Makita battery system platform. Makita designed this NailerNailer for your professional looking to trim on the cable and preserve performance plus also they succeeded.

Makita 16-Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer XNB02

There is a new Makita cordless nailer on its Way to merchants, and also have an early sample to check out. The straight end nailer fills out a line that comprises an 18-gauge brad nailer and 23-gauge pinner around the 18V stage, and an equivalent pinner on the 12V CXT lineup. They truly are still lacking a 15-gauge angled nailer and framing NailerNailer for the mobile platform, — you’re here to find out more on the topic of this Makita XNB02.

The Most Important Thing

Makita cordless nailer competes well in the cordless finish nailer class With a fabulous creation and outstanding performance. The firing delay and heavier Weight over pneumatic guns get this to the type of tool, which’s ideal for occasional end-users punch lists instead of a primary choice. Its most significant advantage will be the time and effort it conserves you as soon as you do not have to establish a compressor, run the hose, and then reverse the whole process once you’re done.

Crucial Features


Makita chooses a metal backloading magazine. It adds a few Bodyweight; it is more robust than plastic, enabling the slider activity to do the job far more smoothly when you reload. On the side, you’ll notice markings that will immediately inform you precisely what size nails are present out of the previous user or project, even though it’s in millimeters rather than inches.

Selector Change

Having two modes to work with is not that big of a deal on Its, nor will it be an uncomplicated tool-free manner switch. Makita goes off from common trends and places their turn to the reduce left, only above the battery. It is coated to help avoid putting any particles indoors.

Jam Clearance

Even the Makita cordless nailer has just one of the Ideal jam clearance mechanisms I’ve found. Only flip the lever and elevate to get into the driver region. You’ll find other systems very much like layout design, but Makita’s activity is much more comfortable and easier to operate with. It’s nearly as simple as you can expect.

Fast Charger

Chargers are not usually a highlight of anyone’s feature set. But, Makita includes a Rapid Charger as they perform with all the bulk of their cordless tools. You may expect that the 2.0 Ah batteries at the package to charge in roughly twenty-five minutes. Even if your battery remains sexy, the charger will be actively awesome to begin the bicycle quickly.

Hard-plastic Situation

Makita packs the XNB02 in a hard plastic storage case that Readily consists of the entire kit and stacks attractively in your shop, vehicle, or trailer.


Everybody anticipates to Handle an extra burden on any cordless nailer. The Makita XNB02 is no diverse, weighing in at 6.9 pounds bare and 7.75 kilos with all the 2.0 Ah battery on our scales. That places it nearby the higher ending.

Balance Is Quite weight-forward Once You’re using it in a Vertical orientation. Changing to a flat grip when you are near a ceiling or ceiling, it weighted forward. However, that the top-to-battery harmony is in check. Once more, almost every cordless finish nailer you utilize is about to own truly equal weight distribution. It is something you’ll have to go used to if you should be making the change from pneumatics.

The handle is very comfortable with its mixture of silhouette And rubber overmold. The diameter is a bit thicker than Makita’s motorist line up, but it is merely about ideal for handling this weapon’s Weight and balance.


I Used don’t have a job lined up to put the Makita XNB02 on, So I caught some garbage materials from all over the shop to simulate precisely the range of stuff you are most likely to use a 16-gauge nailer on.

The NailerNailer has a moderate amount of ability to work with. In contrast to our analog guns, it is a little underneath the most robust designs. Some of their more problematic substance, it drives 2″ claws flush onto the shallowest placing and cut them at complete depth. You’ll still need to examine the thickness scrap, particularly in hardwoods, when you are likely to push the 2-1/2″ limit.

The Makita 16-gauge cordless finish nailer Demands a Half-second to windup before firing whenever you pull the cause. This might be described as a make-or-break point for you, given that Hitachi figured out a way around it with their units. Also, it’s no problem with pneumatic guns.

Throughout the testing, then I now haven’t had any loopholes or misfires. They indeed will come back eventually like all nailers. However, it is not likely to function due to a chronic style dilemma.

One Thing Which may come into play for a Small percentage of Users is that your nail span. Some versions put you down to a 3/4″ nail. However, the tiniest Makita lets you go would be 1″.

Cost and Worth

Now at nearly $375 for the bare instrument, the Makita 16-gauge Cordless finish nailer isn’t affordable. Of the ample options you’ve got, on the other hand, it truly is the costliest. Comparatively, Hitachi’s variation is £ 299, and Milwaukee’s is 399, equally as the entire kit’s.

Makita certainly has outstanding Construction. Also, that’s What you’re going to want to contemplate in opposition to your financial plan and overall performance expectations as you compare designs.

The Bottom Line

Makita competes nicely in the cordless finish nailer category With a useful construct and exceptional functionality. The shooting delay and heavier Weight over pneumatic guns make this kind of tool most effective for occasional customers’ Punch lists rather than a primary alternative. Even the XNB02’s most significant advantage will be The period and work it conserves you when you are maybe not being forced to set up a compressor, Run hose, and then reverse the whole process once you’re done.

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