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Vacuum technologies have arrived in ways. Also, it has become possible to power more powerful tools with batteries. A few years back, most folks would have thought a Makita Cordless miter Saw as possible, however now there are numerous brands readily available, and deciding upon the right one for your shop can be a challenge.

We have plumped for cordless mitre saws to critique to you. Therefore, you’re able to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each brand. We will also tell you everything we enjoy and do not like about them and fill you on virtually any capabilities they might include. We have also contained a purchaser’s guide at which we take a comprehensive consider the corded miter saw to see how they operate and what is vital that you start looking for some time searching for.

Please keep reading whilst we have a comprehensive look at makita cordless miter saw and talk R.P.M., engine endurance, energy, and cross-cut size to help you make an educated buy.

Makita Cordless Miter Saw

Makita LS1019L Miter Saw

makita cordless miter saw has one of the most famous lines of electricity applications in the industry. They are famous for making quality gear that offers best in class operation. While they are known for plenty of different tools, they stand out and are well known because of their cordless lineup. If it comes to miter generators, they aren’t always the first firm that comes to mind for contractors. Effectively, that’s Going to change, therefore let’s leap in the Makita LS1019L Miter Saw Assessment.


Vacation, I presumed it was trendy, but it did not cause me to turn my head. Maybe not on account of the makita cordless miter saw or even the technology, but because I’m tenacious. When I was sold on the Dewalt DWS780 as the king of miter gears and getting a chop saw, the Bosch CM12SD Glide noticed that it conserves space in the workbench. I will not need to get sold on a new watched.

I want to inform you I had been dead wrong. Now I am not knocking the Dewalt or the Bosch. However, the makita cordless miter saw has been an incredible saw that would be the first to give Dewalt and Bosch a rush to get their money in my own eyes. I am reasonably sure that the Makita LS1019L is that my brand new favourite miter saw even though it’s a 10″ compared to this 12″ saws.


What you’re taking a look at above (The Rail process ) is what makes this viewed so unique. Many makita cordless miter saw possess the rails at the trunk which is fine if you don’t have a workbench or are still working in the straight back part of your trailer or alternative tight spots.

Rails from the rear prevent you from making use of a miter observed in those confined spaces whilst the rails can hit the walls at the bottom of Bosch released a Glide observed which simplifies tight space obstacles by using an articulating arm. Even an excellent strategy, however, in regards, together with burden reduction. With all the makita cordless miter saw, the railings are installed across both sides and that this is ideal even for restricted spaces.

Above you are looking at an advanced way to change your level. Rather than hitting the saw to change your status, twist the knob, then which will be located in the front of the found. Once you have your preferred either by way of a positive discontinue along with your choice, you can lock the handle straight back in place. This is such a cool idea, and also once the position is in place, it is possible to bet it will always be there cut after cut.

The black contrary to the chrome contrast makes it easy to browse your bevel angles. There’s even an override button to drive bevel cuts to 4-8 °—the size of this dining table or base. I am so utilized to some tiny shirt that I had been happy to find a more significant top on this unit. Despite the massive shirt, it just weighs 58 lbs.

The mitre capability is 0-60° left and right. Just like additional miter watched that this offers beneficial stops also practical ceases.

The 15 Amp motor (3,200RPM) is installed on an angle and is just one reason this saw comes with colossal ability. Here are some stats: 6-5/8″ Crown Molding (vertically nested) along with 5-1/4″ baseboard (vertical) reducing ability. Can this ability seem like a 10″ or even 12″? Weird because it’s a 10″ saw.

The perfect sided D-Handle is like other manages we all now have observed in the miter saw the group. However given that safety is a consideration, we all like the design of this push-button safety feature. A few miter saws we have analyzed have an unconventional security switch that is challenging to work with. With all the Makita LS1019L, the drive button is easy to control together with your thumb.

The makita cordless miter saw comes with an extremely visible red laser that will see where you are cutting. That was an on/off switch located on the top of the observed. For people who want the laser at the precise spot where they are cutting, you will be disappointed as it’s not meant to be used such as that. The laser is intended to be used for a left of cut or right of trimming which you can make easy adjustments. That I like.

The dust management system has been built wherever you can join a bag and sometimes better still, a dust collection program. A hose was given to make it possible for one to hook up this to a dust system quickly.

There’s a black knob in makita cordless miter saw that you can pull out to set to unlock the railroad system and the chopping capacity. Super user-friendly and you won’t have any worries concerning it unintentionally becoming struck into a different stance.

The makita cordless miter saw features a considerable spring that makes moving up the saw and down super comfortable, clean and lets you get more control within your cut. Noticed to assist support your work. You can transfer them out quickly, plus lock them in place using a thumbscrew.


We know this makita cordless miter saw has a great deal of neat and one of a kind features but does it function? For me, it is one of many very best Miter saws we’ve analyzed. The direct-drive motor isn’t only useful but extremely simple to use and operate. The electric brake is just another trendy element to improve all the total safety with this foundation significantly.

Our watched had been dead-on accurate directly from the box that was a nice breath of fresh air—no fumbling about with lining up things. We needed to install the blade, and also we were placed to clip back.

Irrespective of what you’re cutting, this noticed will be similar to forcing a new Cadillac in which everything is running smooth and that which looks adequately engineered.

The dust direction process is just one of the most effective we’ve observed, and that is having the bag or hooked up to your dust collector. Even chopping a 4×6, then the saw was able to collect most of that dirt.

Since you can see a dust collection system, this is almost effective enough to utilize in a performance area. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. However, the saw plays as it comes to collecting shavings when attached with a dust removal procedure.

One item that helps make me wonder the plan of the saw maybe the weapon. While the observed has extraordinary potential, you can only get rid of the canals for some reason. The fences do not slip or flip over to support encourage work.

So in the event, you wish to cut something exactly where you will need to bevel with a tall capability (crown moulding), but you need the support of this fence, you may be out of luck. Confident that you can keep one bar in place and eliminate one other weapon, we would like to see service on either side during this application. I genuinely need they created this with a sliding fence another way to support work.

Making mitre cuts is just a breeze plus I adore the front adjustable bevel.


The makita cordless miter saw retails for approximately $550 which will be slightly greater than some of those other 10″ miter saws. Considering that this saw may enable you to maintain your heavy 12″ back at the shop makes this an excellent buy for your price. The quality of the saw is perfect, and for 550 it truly is a beautiful buy.


Overall that is a substantial observed. My main criticism is that the fencing system and not being able to slip the fence to encourage particular applications.

If you are not going to be more dealing using wood that’ll require this fence’s support for bevel cuts, this can be an excellent observed to have. makita cordless miter saw made quality, and high-performance saw, which is extremely clean and healthy.

The dust selection is one of the best we’ve seen along with it being one of those most popular watched to operate. On the other side, the railroad system is a genius method to ensure this the perfect saw even for tight areas. I don’t work with crown moulding, so I think I found my new sliding miter saw.

Makita XSL06PT Miter Saw

makita cordless miter saw has an extensive record of the invention in power saws. They’ve brought this history into the forefront of this current power saw industry with creations from brushless motor technology and semi-automatic technologies. The XSL06PT acts as an operating demonstration of Makita’s creativity. This miter noticed was created to give always optimal performance within a long tool life.

The XSL06PT makita cordless miter saw Is Precisely the same because the XSL06Z and the XSL06PT come with just two 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Batteries and an 18V L.X.T. Lithium-Ion Dual Port Charger. If you would like a healthy, authentic, and cordless 10″ miter watched, however, you need to spare cash and have a peek at our review of this Makita XSL06Z.

Minimize High Quality
The makita cordless miter saw was made to create effortless cuts together with top-level accuracy time after time. This operation is partly because of its 2-steel rail sliding system. In addition to fluid amounts, then this design may help to save space.

Not merely can this watched supply delightfully even cuts, it can perform on the large selection of stuff. The perpendicular cutting capability of this makita cordless miter saw is a strong 5-1/4″. The crown moulding cutting edge capability is currently 6-5/8″ (nested).

Both impressive trimming ranges contend along with another top in class miter saws. Even the XSL06PT sport a highly operational miter array, 0° to 60° (left and right) with positive stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45° and 60°. In addition to a wide bevel assortment of 0° to 48° (left and right).

Benefits of Use
Like most electrical power tools from Makita, the XSL06PT was created to supply easy-to-use precision and power. As part of makita cordless miter saw, it does only that. End users report satisfaction in this saw’s out-of-box accuracy.

Is not just an exact makita cordless miter saw. And although the 2-steel railroad sliding system design and style do save distance, you’re still going to want about each of the space you may uncover. However, this weight reduction and heft results in this rugged performance people love about this saw. Perhaps not to mention, it is lighter and smaller than a range of awkward competitors.

Despite getting battery-powered, this powerful makita cordless miter saw could cut only about anything at all day—both 18V LXT® lithium-ion batteries which power that saw supply 36V of energy. Even the XSL06PT comes with a brushless motor capable of putting out up to 4,400 RPM.

Along with Makita’s computerized Rate Change engineering, which regulates the cutting speed and torque appropriately, the mitre observed mechanisms mean reliable and long-lasting power.

The makita cordless miter saw has been engineered for long-lasting performance. This is principally on account of this brushless motor layout. Makita is in the record books because the first business to use brushless motors in electrical power tools; they did this in 2003.

Brushless motors of makita cordless miter saw are a more modern and semi-assembled engine design and therefore offer appropriate amounts of power to actions and re-adjust whenever essential. It has this and a simpler mechanical makeup that retains brushless motors going not exactly 1.5 times long because it’s a standard counterpart.

makita cordless miter saw provides a comprehensive 3-year expert warranty for this miter saw in addition to the batteries required to use it. Many users don’t suffer from this specific miter found. However, while in the instance of the manufacturing defect, fixes are convenient and well-covered by guarantee. Due to some high number of licensed Makita assistance centres located around the U.S.A. (along with the entire world ), service is a cinch. You can find more information about Makita’s warranties on the site.

Included in the box:

Vertical Vise

Dust Bag

Triangular Rule

Hex Wrench

40T Micro-Polished Miter Saw Blade

(two ) 18V L.X.T. Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Battery

18V L.X.T. Lithium Ion Double Port Charger

Complete Price
The makita cordless miter saw Is Just One of the best-reviewed miter saws Makita has recently published. It is powerful, accurate, also long-lasting. It falls right into the more fantastic end of price selection. However, it also falls into the higher end of the high-quality range. Ordinarily, you will get precisely what you purchase. You can also find lots of satisfied buyer of this saw who would get it all over again, but won’t have to result from its striking lifespan.

Although the price tag increase could come as a jolt to veteran anglers used to plugging in their power gear, most users uncover battery-power to become exceptionally handy and incredibly operational.

Our Verdict
a handful of more modern makita cordless miter saws have received this kind of across the board praise while the XSL06PT. It is distinctively built, providing accuracy, endurance, and toughness without sacrificing power or versatility. This miter saw is also a substantial selection for a vast array of uses. It’d be an asset for endeavours as straightforward since D.I.Y. wood-working or as significant as complete costly construction.

In case you’re contemplating purchasing anything, then you should most likely take a look at Amazon’s price on the Makita XSL06PT.

Makita LXSL01Z LXT Miter Saw

makita cordless miter saw uses precisely the same lithium-ion batteries that led to their own 18V L.X.T. system to become so common. This is a superb little-watched: incredibly mobile with outstanding cutting edge ability which communicates much of their corded contest.

Minimize good quality
I enjoy the makita cordless miter saw as it delivers incredible cutting potential up to 2 1/16 inches and 1 1 3/4 inch cross-cuts at 90 levels. The potent Makita-built motor operates at a commendable 2200 RPM without having even being chained to a wall socket.

At just 271/2 lbs., this system’s compact style is excellent for job-site portability, and its own four steel railing sliding program increases rigidity to produce exceptional cuts that are accurate.
The six aerodynamic ball bearings are incorporated from the double sliding railing framework, offering enhanced rigidity that produces accurate, adjustment-free cuts right out of this carton. The saw also features a 2-stage electrical change to get enhanced operator security.

The makita cordless miter saw includes a blade diameter of 71/2 inches. This diameter is always for smaller tasks, and this saw is best used as a complement into a routine machine. You’ll have to go just a bit slow on large inventory, and since the blade rate is a little slow.

Ease of Utilization
makita cordless miter saw provides you with the simplicity of use and power. This chemical watched. It has a sizable dimensional lumber capability of two ″x 8″ at 45 levels and 2″x 12″ at 90 degrees. Only on a single charge that the Makita LXSL01Z was able to cut 26 inches of two ″x 4″ spruce (89 cuts), 351/2 inches of 3/4″x 31/4″ bamboo floor (131 stakes) and 134 inches of 8mm laminate flooring (215 amounts). The bevel assortment is 45 degrees left and five levels right, while the miter scope is 4-7 degrees left and 5-7 degrees right.

The makita cordless miter saw has positive miter stops in two different options: 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees left and right. The aluminium base supports more fantastic items for cutting. Additionally, it includes an immediate drive gearbox for a lot more efficient cutting edge and fewer fixes and a soft-grip deal for relaxation while working out.

Other options incorporate an electric brake giving unparalleled operator security, dual sliding mechanism, six linear ballbearings along with makita cordless miter saw new battery protection system. For improved functionality, overall battery life and battery cycle life, the new battery protection system offers over-discharge, current and temperature protection. The battery and Charger are all sold independently.

The battery is both L.X.T. lithium-ion. Together with all the 30-minute Quick the best possible Charger you receive 430 per cent greater energy throughout its life, together with three times as several cycles. The battery and the Charger will be marketed independently.

Along with this lengthier battery life, the more L.X.T. lithium-ion cell employed inside this noticed will probably self-discharge five times more compared to other, akin brands and it’s three business holding contact terminals. By knowingly tracking voltage, current and temperature, the Charger joins using the battery’s integral chip during the practice of charging to increase sticking to this exacting Energy Efficient Tips set from the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

makita cordless miter saw offers a more comprehensive warranty on the tool and a one-year warranty on the battery and Charger. Reunite the entire instrument, freight prepaid, to one of Makita’s factory or authorized service centres if any trouble develops within the period. If the merchandise does not fulfil you, you’ll return it in 30 days of purchase and the maker may give you a refund or even.

Total Value
This type of well-built makita cordless miter saw, which matches the Makita tradition of consolidating invention and functionality. It is excellent for performing finishes, and you could also utilize it for cutting edge software. It supplies perfect skate for its small size. Or repair work–small projects for which you may not want to draw your sizable miter observed.

Our Verdict
This makita cordless miter saw is an excellent purchase for workers who do not wish to be confined to their shop. No more running extension strings –you can merely take this view with you where you’re working. It’s a pure match for virtually any contractor’s tool selection. As it’s so sufficient, so very gentle, it is bound to make your life easier.

Furthermore, together with the thirty-day return policy and the 3-year warranty, you don’t have a thing to lose and even a lot to gain. Take a look at the current value on this miter watched and determine what deals are readily available.

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