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If you utilize timber, then a chainsaw is one of all things that you cannot do without. You may use an ax to cut and chop wood, but when your attention is to create fine cuts and utilize almost no electricity to do this, then a chain saw would be the way to go.

You’ll find plenty of these programs in the industry, and this has made picking the most suitable one for your woodworking needs a challenge. However, Makita cordless chainsaw is a reliable tool, and you can not ever really go wrong when you select these chainsaws for domestic or industrial needs.

Within the following column, I will review some of Makita’s chain-saws to earn your decision procedure just a bit simpler.

List of Makita cordless chainsaw

Makita XCU03PT1 14″ Cordless Chainsaw

If you’re on the lookout to get an effective chainsaw for the woodworking requirements, then a Makita XCU03PT1 is an excellent choice in that respect and a Dewalt 60v chainsaw is also a good option. Its effective 3 2 cc engine delivers enough electrical power that may permit you to do your duties without difficulty.

Makita cares about its tools’ outer operation, and the Makita XCU03PT1 uses a variable rate trigger, which significantly fosters its cutting operation. You may fix the series without having any equipment, making it possible for you to operate the saw handily.

Extended runtime is something you may well be enthusiastic about should you execute intensive woodworking jobs, and also, this particular makita cordless chainsaw protects you in this regard. It comes with just two 18V ion batteries for optimum strength and lengthy run time.

For makita cordless chainsaw, the power to modulate energy is just one of those highly popular matters because it allows one to use the watched to get long.

The Makita cordless chainsaw has an integrated switch that instantly switches off the saw if it isn’t in use. This can help conserve the battery; also, in this way, you will be able to use the found provided that you cut and slice branches and trees.

The chainsaw that you pick for the woodworking jobs should also be safe to make use of while ensuring your security and all those around you personally. The Makita XCU03PT1 includes an inbuilt lock-off lever that stops the blade from engaging inadvertently.

This reduces injuries on your workstation, and this is amongst the principal factors why I recommend this chainsaw to woodworking professionals and lovers.

What We Enjoy:

A trolling engine is hugely successful.

Longlasting batteries.

Lock-off security lever.

What We Would Not Enjoy:

Redundant electricity switch.

Adjusting this series is difficult.

Makita UC4051A 16″ Electric Chain Saw

A perfect chainsaw needs to be comfy to use, practical in performance, and deliver sufficient power for your woodworking jobs. I have used the Makita cordless chainsaw, and I will confidently say that it matches all these requirements.

This woodworking creature packs a highly effective motor that delivers a string rate of 2900 FPM that produces trimming and cutting wood effortless.

Even the Makita 16 inch electric chainsaw continues to be supposed to mechanically decrease this motor’s ability when it has been overloaded. This protects the rotor from burning out, a great feature that makes it possible for you to use the chainsaw for the longterm.

How a chain saw seems when you are employing it affects your adventure to it, along with the Makita UC4051A was designed for a smooth operating experience. Its rubber grip is more gentle on your own hands, and this helps to ensure that you’re at ease the full time you are using the chainsaw.

You won’t struggle to get this makita cordless chainsaw start working because it comes with a massive switch for an easy start. The chain oiler will work, and this ensures the chain saw is usable for the extended term.

The oil reservoir is equally large as well, plus it has a view window that allows one to track the level of oil in the chainsaw. Using the petroleum reservoir full, you aren’t going to have to disrupt your thick continuous chopping-edge exercise to add oil into the saw, and this will allow one to have yourself a lot done in a short period.

Performance-wise, the Makita UC4051A is both convenient and easy-to-use. This makes it a fantastic instrument for its ardent woodworker and the expert professional who need precise cuts when working together with timber.

What We like:

Ergonomic design for straightforward managing.

Potent and efficient engine.

Sophisticated blade and chain modification.

That Which We Would Not Like:

Filling oil is a challenge.

The ability strand limits motion.

Makita XCU04Z Cordless 16″ Chain-saw

Power and efficacy are good faculties to get on your chainsaw, and the Makita XCU04Z has brought them into lots. It runs onto a brushless motor that delivers high efficiency when working in your timber.

Woodworking professionals and fans require cordless options for power tools, and this Makita battery meets this particular demand. It runs on two 18V ion batteries, which deliver ample strength for weighty applications along with continuous work.

Its variable speed trigger enables seamless adjustments when working on timber surfaces, simplifying your surgeries further. The chainsaw also includes an inbuilt lock-off lever that stops the found from engaging accidentally. Your safety and that of others ought to be your primary concern if dealing with power saws, and also, the Makita XCU04Z caters to this requirement on this specific feature.

Yet another impressive feature of the makita cordless chainsaw is its automobile power-off functionality. This role shuts the chainsaw off when it is idle and also helps preserve essential battery life. Hence, you’ll use the saw for a long time, allowing one to reach a lot without needing to charge the battery continually.

It is perhaps not loud like other chainsaws created the Makita cordless chainsaw allure if you ask me personally. It does not emit fumes into the ecosystem, which makes it among the environmentally-conscious chainsaws on the market.

The makita cordless chainsaw has also been designed to keep water and dirt off from the inner elements, and also this increases its lasting character. Finances affect our buy decisions, of course, when you want to find a chainsaw which will serve you for lengthy and isn’t hard to keep up, then the Makita XCU04Z is an excellent alternative.

Everything We Enjoy:

Powerful Motor.

Elevated Longevity.

Lightweight and mobile.

That Which We Would Not Enjoy:

The vehicle closed feature changes work continuity.

Drains battery quickly.

Makita XCU02Z 18V X-2 1-2″ Chain-saw

If you’re doing work area isn’t mended, you will need to have a cordless chainsaw, which allows for free motion when focusing on your wood.

This MaKita cordless chainsaw review highlights the qualities of a chain saw that should come in handy if you wish to find a saw that provides you the freest reign to go about when trimming, cutting edge, and trimming wood.

Even the Makita cordless chainsaw includes two 18V ion batteries, which pack plenty of electricity for several significant woodworking.

You can find a lot done for this particular sum of power, and that’s precisely why this chain saw is now quite popular with woodworkers.

It includes a 12 in. blade, which cuts through wood with ease, but if you want to find more reducing capacity, you may want to have a chain saw having a bigger blade.

Makita services and products are built to be lasting, and through its EX-treme Protection engineering, Makita chain-saws can survive long. The makita cordless chainsaw comprises protective clogs inside its structure that station dirt and water away from the crucial machine components for more safety.

Being an electric chainsaw, the Makita cordless chainsaw produces no emissions, and this also will attract you in the event you’re passionate about ecological conservation. It is also somewhat dense compared to other chain saws of the same build and even power rating, making it excellent for those who prefer employed in a silent atmosphere.

Safety is one of the things I seek out within the makita cordless chainsaw that I buy for my woodworking ventures; of course, if you are worth work-related security just as far as I do, you may love front hand protector fitted on this saw. The shield guarantees you don’t receive your hands near the blade if working, and this will make sure that you remain secure at all times.

Everything We Enjoy:

Safe and Sound front guard.

Faster charging platform.

Efficient power management.

That Which We Would Not Enjoy:

It is restricted to simple actions.

The series modification is not relatively seamless because it’s been advertised.

Makita DSC6421RFG 20″ 64 C-C Chainsaw

Big blades make the work done more rapidly, of course, when this is what it is that you want to find in a chainsaw, subsequently your Makita cordless chainsaw can be a fantastic option. It comes with a 20-inch blade that cuts wood easily.

The big blade has been matched using a powerful motor, which simplifies operations further. Being a professional, I know that time is of this nature, which potent engine can help you become through complex woodworking assignments faster and with ease.

The 64cc engine generates 4.7 nozzle power at a rate of 13,500 RPM, and also this also makes this chainsaw well suited for sophisticated forestry perform like striping and tree felling. This chainsaw is overly powerful to get a novice to handle it correctly so that consequently, it should be made for professional landscapers and woodworkers.

You may worry about chips getting into the string compartment and grappling with your surgeries, but which won’t possibly be the instance with this particular Makita 20 in. chain saw. It frees wood-chips off, allowing one to go along with your wood processes without any interference.

It works on gas; also, it possesses a massive tank potential that will continue to keep you moving for a prolonged-term. Construction-wise, it’s a little bit awkward, and you may struggle to work it for a very long duration of time.

As a system of power, it decreases vibrations effortlessly to get a clean operation. Its advanced vibration dampening program retains beat to the absolute minimum, which makes functioning a pleasure.

Everything We like:

Simplifies complicated operations effortlessly.

Effortless to clean.

Reduce vibrations.

That Which We Would Not Like:

Pollutes the environment.

Heavy and bulky.

Various Kinds of Makita Chainsaws

Makita cordless chainsaw arrive in three variations discerned by how they’re driven. They comprise petrol, stainless steel, and electrical electric chain saws.

Each kind has unique advantages and disadvantages, which I shall highlight below to help you make the optimal/optimally decision while buying a chainsaw mill.

Gas-powered Chainsaws

Petrol chainsaws RunOn petrol, and they have been better than different kinds of chain saws in the market. They are also pricey compared to the others. However, even the amount of electricity they can generate can make them perfect if you have any elaborate woodworking assignments such as clearing woods or cutting on significant tree trunks and branches.

The drawback to gas-powered chain-saws is they have been louder, and also they emit gasses that hurt the environment. Also, they are costly to maintain, and that substantially raises the expense of operating them.

Corded Electric Chainsaws

Corded chainsaws are powered by electricity, and you will have to join them into an electrical outlet to use them. For example, they are not decisive, for example, the petrol models also make them ideal for largescale commercial use.

They indeed are cheap, and such, they satisfy woodworking and homeowner lovers. Portable since they’ve to be plugged into a wall socket to electricity them for use.

Battery Powered Chainsaws

Battery-powered chainsaws are electrical in temperament, and they run-on energy stored in battery cells. This also deals with the issue of the shortage of reliability, which corded chain saws knowledge.

Large battery-powered chain saws have enough capacity to deal with tricky jobs, but also, the nonstandard models require hardly any charge for these jobs.

They are easy to manage along with also your operations costs will be low when you pick a cordless option if buying chainsaws.

Buying a Makita Chain-saw ( Things to look out for)

There are a few things you have to take into consideration when picking a Makita chainsaw for your woodworking needs. I will share a number of these here to make the decision procedure as simple as you can.


Many chainsaws are produced from steel and heavy-duty vinyl. This also gives the saws the stability that they have to resist wear and tear during continuous usage. The length of the arm is still just another construction aspect that you must think about.

The length usually varies from one foot to 20 inches and the right woodworking job you need to do.


Makita chainsaws have different power evaluations. Gas-powered saws have a power evaluation between amongst 35cc and 60cc along with a score of 40cc and are what you will need to reduce branches and stumps effortlessly.

Simplicity of usage

The chainsaw you get ought to be user-friendly, and a number of the items to look at in this regard are the commencing mechanism and thing weight reduction. Electric generators have been turned on smoothly with a power button while gas saws make use of a draw-string that’s quite tedious.

Cutting capability

The cutting ability of a chain saw is not dependent on its power. Various generators have different configurations that make sure they are suitable for many tasks than others. Chainsaws that feature automated oiling mechanisms run efficiently than those without it, enabling one to produce precise cuts with greater efficiency.


Chain saws usually are noisy, but their noise ranges differ. Gas-powered chain-saws will be the temptations as the electric versions are bearable.

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