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Makita band saws are streamlined yet highly effective generators effective at cutting through challenging wood and maybe even steel. They are observed in workshops and specialist retailers, and keen dwelling amateurs and professional artisans utilize them.

Although this type of makita band saw, which is made up of rows of teeth that rotate around a couple of gears, can be most often used to make small work of clipping massive sheets of material, they are also able to be utilized to lower decorate ends along with elaborate borders on a laptop along with other workpieces.

Mobility is always crucial when selecting a mobile group saw, but factors like strength, care requirements, and some additional characteristics a particular model offers others.

Singling out a portable makita band saw that gives freedom without sacrificing ability may be challenging. Due to your mobile band saw reviews and comparison desk, you may pick from our set of their most outstanding designs to discover the one which most closely meets your requirements.

List Of Makita Band Saw

Makita XBP02Z Portable Bandsaw

The Makita band saw operates using an 18-volt battery and is very lightweight. Charge the shower, and you are all set at almost any location. It includes a varying rate dial which isn’t just intuitive to work with and easy to perfect, but also this enables you to fit the exact rate of the saw into this job at hand.

The Makita band saw comes with a security switch to switch the protection when you are not cutting-edge, therefore protecting fingers and surfaces. The Makita includes a large, movable front grip, and is lightweight, making it comfy to use even for an extended time.
Despite its benefits, though, the Makita does not offer you as precise a reduce as other types.

This deficiency of precision can be farther witnessed at the changeable speed dial that many consumers have claimed slipping and becoming relatively inaccurate. After all, it can be a very good watched with good power and also some beneficial features.

Basic Safety activate

Runs from an 18V battery

Incredibly lightweight

Some Grievances of the lack of precision

Variable speed dial Isn’t right.

Makita XBP03Z

Anyone from an electrician into a plumber into your carpenter can always be efficient when cutting alloy. When there are undoubtedly various power tools out there for this particular undertaking, the ring noticed is just one of many useful tools. Exactly what makes a round saw better, currently being completely cordless. Makita Band saw Review.

Makita Cordless Band Saw Assessment Overview

Makita band saw is known for their big line of power resources around the 18V battery system platform. They’ve got anything out of your drill into some vacuum into your mower. If it comes to the project site, Makita is a tool for every tradesperson and almost any undertaking.
Makita has a couple of ring saws on the Marketplace. Concise cordless ring saw it can be the software for you.

The Makita band saw (XBP03Z) is built using a high torque motor that produces 630 ft./min blade rate. A single 18V Makita battery-powered powers the saw. Much like other group observed, it has a front grip to help with stability and accurate cuts. However, this is gentle enough to utilize one hand.

The rear handle mimics the handle predicated in their curved Makita band saw that comes with an oversold comfortable grasp. To gain access to the blade, there are two tabs to open the cover. While they look protected, this might be a week level should they have banged or if the application drops. We’ve not heard any such thing however a spot to note. The band saw features a 2-1/2″ cutting ability. Much like other band saws we have analyzed, the rollers are stainless steel so that they won’t rust.

When it regards performance, we conducted this via a range of unique substances. We took it over to Randy’s along with the mechanisms adjoining door. We wished to get their view and see the way that it paired together with all ours.

The saw is intended to cut conduit, Unistrut, aluminium pipe, threaded rod and more.

Overall the consensus out of everyone else had been that the watched has been rapid, robust, smooth and super easy to utilize. As an example, I also love the size. Chopping pipe in front or below will soon be very easy with this specific saw as it doesn’t feel like your wanting to hold a lot of bricks on the face.


The Makita band saw retails for approximately $250 on Amazon for its bare instrument. As soon as it’s a neutral price, it is a large investment if you necessitate a battery and charger. I would love to find that around £ 250 using a mortar and charger.


Overall that can be a great Makita band saw. I like the speed, the energy and the weight rendering it straightforward to reduce off your mind or out front of you personally. This is great to get a plumber or electrician who’s cutting a considerable amount of pipe every day as this will save yourself some time and money.

If you’re looking for a compact group saw which additionally supplies plenty of equipment to grow in, then the Makita XBP03Z is an excellent choice.

Buying Guide

Today, you have a better idea about the appropriate Makita band saw to you. We have indeed to chat about precisely what you ought to be looking for in a band managed.

This is a sizeable investment, so you need to find that correctly the first time to prevent any unpleasant surprises. Let us Go Through the Various variables. You Ought to Take into Consideration If You Are Searching for the Greatest portable band watched:


The very first thing is comfort. Your band saw should be designed for natural holding. That means the handles must be padded and it must be aimed at natural holding.

The weight of the ring saw switches additionally into this. We believe you should always opt for the lightweight way to lessen fatigue and thus make cutting easier.


You have to tackle strength of Makita band saw in two or three parts. The very first portion of the segment concentrates on your own body. Regrettably, some lightweight band saws focus on what easy the tool is to continue in the trouble of longevity. There needs to be a balance struck.

Some group gears use a simple plastic outer coating when having a metal shroud to guard one of the device’s most vulnerable regions. We also recommend looking for a ring saw which comes with a sturdy holder for if you are not deploying it.

The second facet of longevity pertains to these blades. Can the edges persist for a sufficient amount of time? When blades break it as the blades are made of low quality (toxic metal maybe?) Or because of this simple fact, the motors are powerful to its edges utilized.

You don’t understand what you will need your band watched in the future. Your group viewed should be able to undertake an assortment of different alloys to ensure you’re never poorly made equipped to your job.

Makita band saw will be able to cut on everything from timber to the strongest metals.

Crucially, it must be able to accomplish so accurately. Slimming is just a single area of this practice. You ought to be able to lower directly and with smooth edges.

Still another attribute you ought to search for is if that group saw can cut challenging to get to spots. Is it lightweight enough? Might it be cordless? Would the blade trim in quite a few positions?

Additional Features
Bandsaws are incredibly complex now. The absolute most elementary characteristic you ought to search for would be a variable speed setting. The settings it has got the higher as this makes absolute accuracy and precision in your projects.

Some band saws comprise characteristics that protect against tear and wear on the blade by altering the micro-level blade posture. That fashion in which you may lower blade breakage and also a decrease in operation as time continues.

Other group saws comprise characteristics that protect against overloading and overheating via an internal link between the battery and the tool itself. This is excellent for safety and makes sure that the user and the application are held protected.

A Word on Safety
Once we discuss security, we have to say the group’s demand to develop a safety-lock. These tools are somewhat both dangerous, and stops pressing the button could be devastating.

A security lock prevents taking place and needs to be considered required for practically any band found you possess.

Additionally, it is rewarding to take a look at the supplied carry case. Make sure it includes a lock so your group saw can stick out of their hands of beginners.

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