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The attack of the war hammer titan was absolutely devastating. He took advantage of his strength and began swinging it around, sending Titans flying everywhere. He almost had Eren cornered at one point, but before he could make contact with him, another Titan blocked his path and put itself between them.

This unknown Titan looked like a human male wearing a scarf and cape. But as soon as he turned to face the War Hammer Titan, he noticed that they were completely different from all the other Titans in the area – instead of being mindless monstrosities bent on devouring humans, this one actually had a mind with sentience!

Confused by this development, the War Hammer Titan hesitated for just a moment… which was enough time for Eren to escape.

The war hammer titan

The War Hammer Titan continued to battle the other Titans but was unable to pursue Eren any longer. All he could do now was kill as many of them as possible before they reached his friends or family.

For so long, he had dreamed about this moment… but today, it finally came true! He had finally transformed into a Titan himself and saved someone from being devoured by these mindless beasts that have been plaguing humanity for more than 100 years! The people of this world would remember him forever!

War hammer titan eren

But then another unnerving reality set in – there were still at least 150 Titans left roaming around outside the walls, which meant that everyone living inside the city of Shiganshina was still in great danger!

Goddammit, I can’t stay here and keep fighting! We need to get the H-Crushers together and start fighting back! This thought echoed through his head as he began to run towards Shiganshina at that very moment.

“You’re right, we do,” a voice agreed that suddenly came from nowhere without warning… and soon, a man appeared in front of him.

“Who are you?” the War Hammer Titan asked, wondering what was happening at the moment.

“I am Vulcan,” the other replied to the question without any hesitation or delay before continuing with his unexpected assault against him. “War Hammer.” He then punched straight into the chest of the War Hammer Titan and shattered much of his body from that single attack alone!

What?! How is he this strong? Why couldn’t I dodge his attack when I could easily see it coming from a mile away? The thoughts going through everyone’s head were undeniable! This completely blindsided all three parties in this battle – Eren Yaeger, Mikasa Ackermann and even Armin Arlert, who was watching from a distance.

How the hell did he get so strong in just two years? His mind raced with questions as he continued to watch the battle with increasing interest and intrigue.

“I created a new metal,” Vulcan explained with a smirk on his face after Eren asked him how he got so powerful in their brief conversation during the fight with the War Hammer Titan. “And I call it ‘Prestige’! My strength has increased 10 times over since using this new alloy!”

He then began thrashing around another group of Titans that just happened to stumble upon his location while Eren and Mikasa tried to find cover from all of this madness. Somehow, each strike from Vulcan’s war hammer

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