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Bosch Reciprocating saw with the capability to float through heavy-duty cutting tasks that ask you to cut cement backing boards, drywall, laminates, timber, pipes (steel or PVC), plywood, or sheet metal. Then you definitely might need to consider that the Bosch reciprocating observed.

Within this review, we will discuss a little more on the topic of the tool’s qualities. However, we’re likewise likely to provide you with a synopsis of exactly what those who have purchased the device had to say concerning their overall experience with it. Afterwards, we will give you our recommendation on whether or not this application is something you should think about purchasing for your tool kit!

Top Bosch Reciprocating Saw

Bosch 18V Reciprocating Saw GSA18V-125
Ironically the past Bosch reciprocating Saw failed to carry out all that well head-to-head against its rivals. At some time, Bosch advised me they had an alternative at the works also it had been going to become something specific. We have our first glance at the Bosch GSA18V-125 in World of Concrete in 2017, and it truly is an entirely new approach.

Our initial impressions have been very positive. However, now it has been out for a handful of years, does it still retain that very first shine?


Exemplary cutting speed

Outstanding vibration management

Orbital Motion change

Among those most popular gears in its category

Longest saw in its class.

Though it’s more solemn and more significant compared to nearly all of the saws in its class, Pros will likely look beyond thanks to the Bosch Reciprocating saw excellent cutting operation.

Get it if you are searching to get a high heeled saw which reaps the benefits of intricate battery-powered designs. Walk if your highest priorities are a compact design along with lightweight reduction.

Best Capabilities

There’s no doubt the”hawkbill” design and style of Bosch Reciprocating saw is very distinct from other things on the marketplace the significant players have out there. And this particular design — especially in the handle and trigger — is also really a considerable advantage. The cause swings all of the way through the 90-degree switch in the deal also provides you with a ton of traction alternatives.

Whether you are cutting out overhead on to the ground, or transferring down a wall, then it is simple to correct your grasp to keep up improved ergonomics and decrease exhaustion.

Brushless Motor
Bosch Reciprocating saw utilizes one of their EC Brushless motors in a most cutting-edge rendition of the Bosch 18V reciprocating observed. Most of us know the positive aspects — longer life, far better electricity, and much longer life span.

With all the disappointing overall performance of the prior version, this represents a massive step forward in routine for Bosch. We’ll get to more details about this at an instant.

Orbital Motion
In an earlier shoot out, Ridgid crushed it from the timber cutting test. Exactly why? They had the only version with orbital action. Bosch Reciprocating saw does more than jump aboard; they offer three preferences to operate together with.

There’s”off” of class, and subsequently two orbital options, one more competitive than many others. We’ll look at the effects on performance in a minute.

Rafter Twist
I like rafter hooks on reciprocating gears and also the Bosch Reciprocating saw possesses a successful 1.

Core18V Battery
We will go into most of the depth concerning this Core18V battery’s operation gains in this short article we are always upgrading. However, only putting in this battery provides you the noticed an apparent performance improve. Keep the eyes open to the particular details on that—the kit is now available as an 8.0Ah Core18V battery.

Bosch Reciprocating Saw Key Characteristics

Bosch GSA18V-125 provides 0-2,500 strokes each minute with a 1-1/4″ stroke span.

Versatile soft-grip manage and simple toolless blade change system highlight improved relaxation and simplicity of usage.

Compact 19-inch span for easy manoeuvrability

Good design is aided by an angled-motor positioning, allowing greater accessibility to hard-to-reach areas.

Bosch GSA18V-125 reciprocating saw offers more considerable usefulness so users can be watched overhead and in embarrassing places for lengthier periods.

The first cordless reciprocating saw to feature three more orbital configurations (0-1-2), optimized to maximize cutting edge.

Delivers a lengthy and labour-saving 1-1/4″ stroke which enables more material to be removed

The handy factor speed controllers include a dial to set the desired maximum rate and an accelerator cause for correcting the operating status, for example starting a trim.

Wood Cutting
We set the Bosch Reciprocating saw through some preliminary testing on site. It’s undoubtedly got marked progress in performance, ergonomics, and have a collection. However, to see how much improvement is that there we return to the same type of screening we all did in our shoot out with the most important revolve around woodcutting.

For nail embedded timber, the Bosch Reciprocating saw cut a debilitating average of 53.21 minutes — moment to survive at the category. At the aggressive rotational motion, the missed time plummeted to 10.13 minutes with a 6.0 amp hour battery plus 9.67 moments with the Core18V. The next time it is just a significant improvement.

Head-to-Head Effects
Bosch Reciprocating saw has done nicely across the plank in our shoot-out cutting evaluations. It is definitely from the top-tier in woodcutting, at which it truly is 9.42-second average in two x10 nail-embedded PT was just 0.33 minutes away from the guide.

It scored very high in 2″ EMT too. Its own 4.31-second standard cut period has been 0.56 minutes in the leader. It followed up with a 9.28-second moderate in #5 rebar, losing only under 2 minutes into the pioneer.

Overall, Bosch gets the second-highest slicing rate score and is an attractive option whenever you’ve got to cut on various material forms.

More Efficiency Factors
Stroke Duration and Rate
Bosch Reciprocating saw in the stroke length in a longer 1-1/4 inches also joins it using a 2500 RPM max speed. Even with the lengthier stroke, even the rate should develop a bit to manoeuvre it in the first place.

Being a comparison, Ridgid’s Octane pushes 3100 RPM with a 1-1/8-inch stroke — not exactly 3500 linear inches per second of cutting-edge. Makita jumps around 3750 inches every second with 3000 RPM and also 1-1/4-inch duration. Bosch collapses behind just a little with slightly more than 2800 inches every minute of clipping edge.

However, this Bosch Reciprocating saw ability retains the blade shifting nearer to its very best speed and provides impressive cutting speed.

Variable Rate Dial
Every Bosch Reciprocating saw needs variable levels on more than just the trigger. You may go all out with rate and orbital action in wood. However, a metal trimming demands a bit more speed controller than you could handle the trigger. This Bosch 18V reciprocating found includes a changeable rate dialup with six marks, but boundless settings between these.

Vibration Management
Bosch Reciprocating saw is often quite good at the vibration control section also it demonstrates with all the Bosch GSA18V-125. With the shoe engaged against your cutting edge coating, it’s potential to lower minimal vibration in contrast to additional cordless models.

Blade Improvements
This Bosch Reciprocating saw still employs a rotating shaft blade lock adds a metal release which compels it. It’s a minor less cumbersome than the prior version. However, it’s still in short supply of a more self-locking and ejecting model.

The Main Point

The upgraded Bosch Reciprocating saw is an immense leap forward for Bosch’s cordless lineup. Even the Bosch GSA18V-125 carries the CRS180’s last place end and earns a critical run for the very best spot inside this course.

Put basically, the Bosch Reciprocating saw has improved functionality, reliability, and features from bounds and leaps within the former model and is a more legitimate contender in its category.

As good as it’s, there is still a place for advancement. Bosch Reciprocating saw might stand to bump the RPMs for even faster cutting. You can purchase a few progress by merely adding that the Core18V battery on your Bosch arsenal. Besides this, the observed is virtually perfect in its design.

Where Pros are going to take a second appearance is the purchase. It has £ 299 because of a BARE-TOOL — upward out of the 119 of the last variant, however with tremendous upgrades. This causes it to be that the most expensive on our record by a pretty sizable margin. There’s also a kit alternative which includes a Core 18V battery for £ 399.

Bosch 18V Compact Reciprocating Saw

It is hard to envision a job website without the reciprocating watched released the first Sawzall at 1951, you already used a hand saw with a lot of elbow grease. Electric hack saws changed the job-site for the better forever.

The look stayed almost unchanged for almost 70 years. The development commenced with small pocket recip generators also established its way to the higher-powered class with all the Bosch Reciprocating saw.

Excellent cutting-edge

Good vibration controller

Good value

The pretty standard feature set

Although it has three years of age (which sounds old in the rapidly-changing cordless tool marketplace ), Bosch Reciprocating saw continues to be a top-tier celebrity. It truly is a great tool, but we have to wonder just how high it goes along with a brushless motor and a more complete feature collection.

Purchase it should you want a no-nonsense streamlined reciprocating found with excellent cutting speed. Pass if you’d like extra whistles and bells and the benefits of a brushless motor vehicle.

Somewhat One-Handed Background

In the event you see an image of those very first Bosch Reciprocating saw, then you might think you’re taking a look in a modern saw watched, except for your black-and-white photograph and old-time garb of this tradesmen. Conventional reciprocating gears are corded, twohanded equipment that you hold as a rifle, save to your shoulder stock.

Battery technologies have cut the cable in many cases, but the gears remained balanced for two hands and overly thick for just a single hand usage.

We saw 12-volt types like Milwaukee’s m 12 Gas Hackzall modify the design to an even more compact watched that you could utilize with a single hand. They preceded that version using a bigger variant for its 18-volt platform now Bosch followed suit.

I will need to find out whether this style and design will be more useful in demanding software, of course, if it might lower the tiredness my crew usually feels by using a standard recipe. It would be wonderful to find the advantages of the compact dimensions and yet one hand usage without needing to buy into the 12-volt stage if I can allow it to.

Initially Impressions

This can be a special watched to be convinced — that I have not seen anything similar to it in the 18-volt course, although 12-volt fans will comprehend the appearance. The engine sits above your head and index finger, jutting up to allow to get a shorter period.

Only at roughly 15.75 inches of the bare tool along with 17 inches with the battery package, I will envision becoming this briefer saw into the close distances that a traditional recipe found won’t fit. The design would surely help in those applications.

In contrast to Bosch’s other recipes, how big is a happy medium? They have a pocket version at 1-1 inch long and a full-sized model approximately 1-9. The bare application is 4.4 lbs, but even with the extra battery pack weight, it is nonetheless relatively light as Bosch Reciprocating saw move.

Bosch Reciprocating saw asserts a Best in Class power-to-weight ratio, and this is understandable given that the importance within an 18 Volt platform. It truly is undoubtedly lighter than a few of the corded gears we have that feel such as cement cubes! You’ll find lots of that period cuts need to be made above the shoulders, so which means that particular smaller, lighter, more one-handed Bosch 18V Compact Reciprocating saw can be a more promising invention.

I’ve got to gauge my expenses until I estimate work correctly. The more reductions demanded the more extended hours it takes. Compared to other 18V recip generators, the stroke length is briefer at 0.83 inches. However, the high-speed speed is speedier at 3,050 SPM. In case the higher rate gets via material quicker, then I’ll be able to receive lots of work done and serve my clients.

Earning the Lower
My crew and that I had observed for several of the cuts you would require a reciprocating found to make: timber, metal, and rust. The ergonomic design of this device is outstanding. It gets the cutting edge occupation a lot easier. It is well-balanced and feels more like a drill in the hands than a huge watched.

Even though it’s designed for one-handed use, it also includes enough meat to make use of two fingers to control it easily with your guide hand over or under the housing. The controls are located in the perfect position and easily reached by the thumb and index finger.

As easy since these tools are, you need an exposed blade always to need to exercise protection. The edges are provided and flex easily. Therefore, it is perhaps not the best tool for a clean flush cut — it’s believed a demonstration tool after all. Whether you’re doing any presentation or just rough trimming, then never cut to drywall should you choosen’t know very well what’s supporting it.

Bosch entrusted it with the quality of the peripheral features to this notice. The blade switch is effortless. You’re able to switch the blade out (it may be hot should you just finished trimming!) At a matter of seconds with a twist of this blade lock at the rotating shaft’s summit.

You can work with it for lengthy periods for severe cuts over your shoulders thanks to this lightweight. The LED light illuminates the workshop delightfully if you’re in dark spaces.

Additionally, I like the battery gauge on Bosch’s 18V package. It is the first thing I check out when I grab it out of one of my guys. Does it need a charge, or will it be willing to go? There is absolutely no guesswork, and I like that.

The one thing that’s missing is that a changeable rate dialup. The variable speed trigger assists, but it is tough to feather it using enough control for such a thing other than starting up a clip. That’s okay — it’d not deter me from purchasing it, but it truly is something to be careful of when you need a variety of speeds in your own life.

By Dusk Until Sawn

Even the Bosch Reciprocating saw was medicated as other job site tools used using a crew of tradesmen, thrown at the truck, and hoped to work hard. We did not go out of the strategy to mistreat it. However, it has been through the wringer. The watched has held superbly.

The most challenging aspect of tasks in this way throughout the season is your heat. Aggressive ion gears may get too warm to function as summertime temps grow. The Bosch Reciprocating saw was at the heat and did not skip a beat. It’s a good value at £ 119. Once it features a variable speed dialup, the trade-off in weight and design is well worth it. I strongly suggest this to other Experts.

Bosch CRS180 Reciprocating Saw


Bosch Reciprocating saw tends to make the most significant power applications close to. All their tools are intended for your skilled and made for use and mistreated daily in and day outside. The Bosch reciprocating noticed is the same.

Now merely considering a number of the specs, then you might not have seen that a whole lot of difference like a varying speed trigger, 1-1/8″ stroke and a two-speed atmosphere that generates a portion of 2,400 along with 2,700. But that is where the difference stops. The first significant difference you are unable to view; however, feel real is your balance.

While this is pretty like other Bosch Reciprocating saw in the marketplace coming in at 7.6 lbs., the way Bosch distributes this weight is something you can feel. Now we aren’t knocking on the other big manufacturers since they’ve outstanding balance too, but once you select up the Bosch, you can feel how well they watched as an entire is assembled.

The fat will be even across the whole body of this foundation. The D-handle of Bosch Reciprocating saw is subtle and massive for those that prefer larger gloves in demo style. The front rest is nice and large and provides the user with a great deal of space to continue under the most authoritarian states.

Now you may have read the reciprocating review on the Sawzall and Makita and just how far we enjoy the blade locking system. However, Bosch Reciprocating saw is the best we’ve experienced. Like the Makita, an individual may change the blade with one hand, which will occasionally appear useful.

The big difference that you can feel and see could be your bending mechanism. The is stable and fair. The blade gets secured into the area, and there’s hardly any room for debris to input into the throw and then shake the edge in the lock, which will be just a small separate from the Makita.

The Overview
Among the carpenters at our present-day job site, we’re doing work at is eliminating a room out of his house. He’s got a back room which has been a porch. The old owner switched the chimney to some room, and instead of pouring the appropriate foundation, he simply built the space around the current set up.

Since you realize minus the suitable base, you may undoubtedly get problems down the road because you can imagine the area started to sink and that which base was there cracked. Instead of jacking the room up after carrying the corrective action, Jim chose to start from scratch. We wondered exactly what perfect time to take the Bosch Reciprocating saw over and have a few fun.

Now us his house has ever already used a Bosch Reciprocating saw before and always had fantastic luck together, and we’ve not used this specific model. Immediately after getting rid of the roof and exposing the joist, we began together with the foundation to get a little fun.

We started out trimming through some joists and areas to learn how well the saw was supposed to move, even in tight spaces. Again, the balance is excellent.

Therefore, it had been straightforward to regulate, even in the tight spots. The battery lasted us years, never sure the length of time, but much more than it requires to charge another battery to displace the old battery so that we didn’t have any difficulties with the battery.

We minimize through Conduit, metallic window frames, flooring, as well as other things. We strove to get the Bosch Reciprocating saw down and liquefy the blade to find out whether it would tear out of the Lock-Jaw,” however, the one chance was just before the battery will die. We could find the observed bog down some but not get the blade cut free of the application.

We likely moved through a right 30 edges, and just about every moment, the blade could pop up directly from the tool with no issues.

Instead of revealing each, we chose to insert a 1/2″ slice of Rebar right into a picture timber to show it into one cut. What we did was cut a little into the landscape lumber to aid hasten the video. Therefore this way, once we started cutting, we were missing on the Rebar along with wood.

We utilized a metallic blade of course if you’ve ever employed a metallic edge on softwood, you are aware of how slow it may cut through. Anyways, we wanted to place just small stress around the saw, which means you can find it in actions and find out whether it would seem down.

Since it is possible to quickly see the video, it cut right through the material and didn’t bog down or even have any difficulties. We knew that before we commenced since we had used that at the demo house daily before. But we wished to show you the watched in action.

Overall that can be a tremendous reciprocating observed. You will cover only a little more with a few Bosch services and products, but far with this saw, we would suggest paying a little additional. With the modest extra charge, you get many different instruments. As with the other Bosch agencies, they are genuinely professional-grade tools. The balance is excellent, and the lockjaw system would be your very best in the business by far.

Bosch 12V Reciprocating Saw

Historically, the Bosch Reciprocating saw can be regarded as being a”large” device. I remember being a kid, and my dad had a substantial corded reciprocating found that I could scarcely drag about. When I had been significant enough to help him with the demo function, the observed was not enjoyable to wield.

Sure it had tons of power, but it was exhausting to use, notably in awkward positions. In these times, that can be far less of an issue. Bosch Reciprocating saw have altered how pros and DIY’ers operate, and the size of these tools appear to keep diminishing.

The polar opposite of the daddies old red reciprocating watched would be that the Bosch 12v Pocket Reciprocating found. This only puts a brand new twist on the conventional monster of a semi-automatic trimming device. Let’s dig deeper into this particular option in the Bosch 12V Pocket Reciprocating noticed assessment.


As mentioned previously, my biggest gripe with many reciprocating saws has always been their size and weight. Even the Bosch counters that by arriving as one of those slimmest saws of this type on the marketplace. Using it throughout the screening, and some other work around your house, I detected zero arm fatigue.

In the typical homeowner, which may earn a small difference, but to your pro, this can mean everything. Using those tools for one hour or two straight can create the elbows and pliers sore! I was relieved likewise to notice the corresponding performance — that thing seems all comfortable!

If I were able to imagine a target audience with this tool, it’d undoubtedly be challenging. After testing on the seat, also deploying it for routine tasks, this could attract a DIY’er or most specialists. A concrete structure, great functionality, caked prices, and the Bosch Reciprocating saw to create a tool suited for all those.


When looking at the application and analyzing it further, the Bosch is a relatively high-quality tool. The chassis appears to be glass fibre reinforced nylon with thermoplastic elastomer overmolding its”grippy” sections.

The only criticism I have on the Bosch Reciprocating saw is that even though they will have completed a fine work of including overmolding, there’s no stippling on the oversold itself. The smooth thermoplastic provides an excellent buy about the application; however, using hands can be challenging to grip onto.

Originating from someone similar to myself that has been accustomed to most primitive tools, I had been thrilled to find an LED job light. That is mounted to the company end of this tool under the blade lock. This proved to be super convenient if employed in restricted spaces having small mild.

And despite the battery beginning to drain after a great deal of use, it had been refreshing to notice that the light was still kicking what seemed to become a full bore. This was enough to make me grin during testing!

Right over the work lighting is when the blade can be mounted and fastened with a twist lock. During all my screening, the edge never dismounted or arrived loosely — which is good because this is always a panic by an individual of this software. The twist-lock designs are compelling, so it’s still wonderful to observe this design used as it is getting more popular on reciprocating saws with this type.

Studying the amounts, the Bosch is just as impressive since one other program in their cordless lineup. Even the 12v battery died entirely during everyday use, but even though the operation was slightly hampered, it turned into low.

Bosch has provided the convenient feature of a gas judge on the face of this tool. It is complete using bright LEDs; therefore, you can be sure of what”juice” has been abandoned.

The application is also striking in respect to its strokes every second, or”SPM”, arriving at approximately 3,000. This results in an incredibly speedy cutting edge tool, with a great deal of electricity. Together with that rate begs the need for a great motor brake. The Bosch Reciprocating saw takes care of this with it has”rapidly engine brake.” This permits safer cutting byway of shut the stroke of the device when letting from this activate.


Overall, the operation was notable, just like a prograde tool ought to be. Bosch Reciprocating saw comes with a metal cutting blade, plus a timber cutting knife to start you a fair bit out of the box.

Utilizing both these, I managed to view precisely how efficient the 3,000 SPM variety is, and how much I prefer this tool within the interrelated saws of old! The mix of power, with versatile and comfortable dimensions that makes this Bosch a win for me, along with an add-on to my list of most favourite tools!

When trimming wood, the Bosch bumper layout for reducing vibration came in handy. Slicing wall studs and hardwoods could allow many recoils; however, for the most part, the Bosch Reciprocating saw has been a marked improvement on shaking.

On the metal size, slicing proved to be a snap. I made sure to utilize a bit of slicing oil to preserve my blade and expect this blade could survive quite long. As a whole, but blades themselves were equally impressive since the saw. After lots of use over a few months, the edges performed like fresh each moment; point!

I am having an average price tag of around $120 at most suppliers, like Amazon. The Bosch is competitive with the other brands in its category. The package is complete with the application itself, (two ) blades, (inch ) charger, battery, and carrying case. The Bosch Reciprocating saw is an excellent option if you’re torn in between all the possibilities around the shelf.

Getting utterly aim, the Bosch had been everything I presumed it’d be. The method of a well-built device complete with attributes that experts could count on. I have noticed that even lately, Bosch Reciprocating saw has no plans for sacrificing quality inside its power tools.


When somebody infrequently buys a new reciprocating saw, I was quite impressed since I’ve mentioned previously. I believe for that expert person, or even homeowner, having a quality saw is one of the essential resources you may possess. Having”some thing that could cut anything” is invaluable for a property owner or DIY’er, and the Bosch Reciprocating saw undoubtedly suits the bill.

The specs, features, price tag, and general build quality are all present with this particular agile software that is user-friendly to get pretty much anyone. Gone are the days old at which reciprocating gears needed to be huge to get the work finished, and hats away into Bosch Reciprocating saw!

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