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black and decker chainsaw 40v

The situation for the majority of potential buyers is that finding the most suitable unit could be challenging. If a chainsaw will be electric and cordless, it requires to meet several distinct criteria.

Battery lifetime, efficiency, and ease of use are some of the absolute most essential. Black and Decker chainsaw is still just a reliable brand; while Makita cordless chainsaw is also to give a try, you must never buy dependent on the brand.

Top Black and Decker Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40-volt Cordless Chain Saw, 12-Inch

40V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery for lengthier runtime and general lifetime

1 2 top bar plus string. Automatic oiling method

appropriate for pruning branches and cutting dropped limbs

Tool-free series are tensioning for fast and easy chain adjustments. 40V MAX* 2.0Engineered Battery supplies More than Sixty 4×4 walnut timber reductions average each charge

Complete wrap-around handle for comfortable cutting in different orientations


In the event you are chopping modest plenty of lumber, firewood, clearing bushes, or pruning on your premises, then this decoration is aimed directly at you.

It is made for light-duty jobs, meaning that you will become capable of using this to reduce large hardwood trees, but it’ll have no issues with smaller trees or fallen dead timber that need to be split.

One of the most significant advantages of the watched will be that it is mobile and relatively easy to use, also mainly because there are fewer components compared to a gas chain saw, it’s likewise lightweight.

Suppose you need something to get an overall national job and aren’t going to miss the additional ability of some massive petrol saw afterward. In that case, Black & Decker is worth studying.

Frequency of Use

Despite this black and decker chainsaw being a battery-powered tool with a fixed price, the frequency of use is not something that can easily be determined.

With medium work, the Battery will last for approximately thirty — 60 minutes of continuous cutting-edge.

Most of the time, you won’t use the saw continuously, so your actual mileage with all a battery life will probably be different.

Hot temperatures can lessen battery lifetime, as will the hardness of this timber that you’re dealing together. Cutting into a large 11″ diameter facsimile, you would have the ability to earn at ten directly cuts before the need to recharge the battery life.

If you buy a spare battery, you will be equipped to boost the running cycle significantly, even as batteries are hot-swapped as needed.


Instead of a petrol-powered saw and with no need for electrical power, an electric watched like this Black and Decker chainsaw is cheaply portable.

The found weighs only 10.4 kilos, which makes it a lot lighter than a comparable gas-powered watched.

You have the main benefit of not having to carry an explosive fuel mix, but you’ll want to take an extra battery bunch (split up attachment ) if you’d like to extend the functioning cycle of one’s Chainsaw.

How you won’t need to substitute for an air filter or even create any significant alterations helps increase portability.

Electrical power Resource

That you don’t need to get plugged into a wall socket to use this specific particular black and decker Chainsaw as a hot-swappable 40V lithium-ion battery pack fully powers it.

Batteries are easily traded if you possess spares, or you may wait involving charging cycles by manually linking your Battery into an included charger.

One disadvantage with this specific charger and Battery is that the recharge period is between 4 — 4.5 hrs to get the full charge out of empty. This period around is far more than some rival battery-powered chainsaws.

Effectiveness and Slimming Pace

It could readily be stated that the operation with this saw is very superior. However, you do need to keep in mind the intended reasons for this foundation.

This is really for cutting large parts of timber, small trees, or even trimming limbs from wood.

You will have the ability to cut multiple full-grown hardwood logs either because that is not precisely what this saw has been designed to get.

Bearing this in your mind, you could expect to make the light function of firewood and dividing thinner logs or strings of firewood. Slimming speed is comparable to this of a similarly sized black and decker chainsaw, but will also depend heavily on the type of timber you’re cutting, the way warm it can be, and its size.

One good thing about the operation is that it doesn’t taper off before you are straight down to the battery life’s minimal fee. It follows you will get a frequent experience by watching like you’d from the small petrol-powered protected.


A smaller guide pub translates to far better dealing with, and in cases like this, that is precisely what you get.

Even if you merely have minimal experience with a chainsaw, you’ll locate this unit easy to use and cut with. The high amount of torque from the electric motor may allow it to be a lot easier to carry out straight cuts on smaller pieces of wood, and vibrations have been limited thanks to a sleek electric motor.

Compared to a gas-powered chain saw, the educational curve is significantly more significant, and newcomers will discover that it is not too difficult to get accustomed to this Black and Decker chainsaw .

Information Bar Size

The information bar span with this particular Chainsaw is 12″, that means it’s a whole lot smaller compared to the average saw but adequate for the intended purposes.

A smaller blade will be significantly more desired for lightweight performance to satisfy the observed general theme.

If you’d undoubtedly be contemplating updating, later on, you may not be able to accomplish this with this saw. The blade is paired to the electric motor; this means that you would need to improve into some different units if your demands vary in the future.

Basic safety features

This viewed involves the standard blade brake function that most modern-day chainsaws have, and it features a string that has been designed to generate as small a kickback as you can.

Remember to learn the safety guide before operating this watch, and always be conscious that a chainsaw is statistically among the absolute most dangerous strength tools that you may utilize together with. You’ll need to exercise caution and common sense in case you use this instrument.

Maintenance Prerequisites

Besides trying to keep the system clean and free of dust buildup, the only real maintenance required is topping up the bark oil.

The motor parts are all sealed along with self-lubricating and are all intended to stay lubricated for the machine’s duration. Bar petroleum has been topped up through an easily reachable reservoir, after which the chain will continually lubricate throughout the performance.

Suppose you were curious about a chainsaw to have balked at the idea of preserving all the separate constituents of a petrol-powered unit. In that case, your relative simplicity of the battery-powered electrical saw should be quite interesting.

Black and Decker 40V Chain-saw

I enjoy cutting down large trees with black and decker chainsaw. There is something about the adventure of setting your top, forcing through the back of your trunk, and then standing back and watching something God took 50 years to grow slowly crash into the bottom. But while that is fun, the simple truth is, most men and women use chain saws to reduce firewood or deal with smaller responsibilities. Even the Black and Decker 40V chainsaw is just an item that suits people less striking, but still crucial, demands.


The Black and Decker chainsaw absolute most prominent characteristic is its side-loading 40V Battery, which induces the notice with no demand for 2-cycle gasoline. You need to add chain oil to keep the Oregon 12″ bar and string lubricated, but the battery and electric motor will drive the view as it cuts.

The series stress is managed with a two-step process of loosening the dark pub fix locking knob on the ideal side of the black and decker chainsaw that subsequently makes it possible for one to tighten the orange tensioning knob to adjust the proper tension of the string. You need a maximum of 1/8″ of sacrifice in the base of this chain when you yank onto, and it must snap back snug if you let go before. You merely need just a little slack since the string will extend and extend marginally if it warms up during usage.

Activating the black and decker chainsaw is as simple as adding a billed 40V battery, then pulling on the lock-off button using your thumb, then pulling on the trigger. There is just a small delay activation of this saw–a second. This is sometimes problematic initially, along with also the electric motor it feels similar to future iterations of this saw will gain out of the confident beginning.

The top wrap-around handle is made from vinyl and introduces an adequate, cushioned grip. In general, the noticed is relatively lightweight (it weighs only over 8 kilos ). There isn’t any blade brake, only a plastic front handguard, however using our recommended use that really should not be considered a substantial concern for most consumers.

The bucking spikes are plastic, so there’s maybe not a ton of leverage you’ll be able to have with all the watched if you happen to become clipping to more massive diameter logs. They do offer a few purchases to keep precisely the saw stabilized during cutting-edge, however.

Adding string oil is an easy issue of removing the fill cap and massaging on your acrylic, and soon you notice that it matches out the translucent plastic window observable on either the left and right side of the chain saw. There is an integrated filter for catching some other massive debris, even but we wish black and Decker chainsaw will have included a strap to prevent you from dropping or misplacing the cap during filling.

Black and Decker 40V Battery and Charger

Black and Decker chainsaw cut a few corners with all a charger that it provides with their 2.0-liter Battery. The charger can take about a hundred and twenty minutes to recharge the 2.0 Ah 72 Wh battery entirely. That’s a great deal of time. Thus we urge you’ve got at least one spare Battery round in the proceedings that you need to do a larger volume of function, which the one Battery can encourage.


I like the handling and weight of the black and decker chainsaw. It indeed lacks the energy section, significantly more than other cordless chainsaws we have utilized. This puts it in a slight downside and moves it squarely into the consumer market in which competitive cutting and large power reservations could be handed over for advantage and charge.

That is one of the least expensive cordless chainsaws on the market, however together with the Greenworks 40V DigiPro 16″ chainsaw coming in at about the same price, it’s going to be tough to urge the Black and Decker over rivals unless you’re already on their 40V platform and don’t plan on cutting on out a great deal of thicker wood.

Black & Decker LCS1020 Chainsaw

Let us say that I wasn’t planning to change into a brand-new chainsaw, but somehow, I ended up with this Black+Decker LCS1020 from the process. It is a 20V black and decker chainsaw with a cute 10-inch bar. GotId’ acknowledges the size is pretty tiny for a cutting tool, which is ordinarily related to major on-site work.

But, Black and Decker chainsaw wished to release something for your minority outside there. Dwarves, little people, and regular sized human owners also have greatly benefited since afterward! This specific Black and Decker chainsaw version is also described as the best power-tool for smallscale responsibilities, for example, as, but not confined to pruning, wood breaking, etc..

Size Doesn’t Matter Anymore!

I might say that with this particular Dewalt DCCS670X1 cordless chainsaw version, size doesn’t pose plenty of interference in most quantity of projects. Those I are thinking about are bookshelves, log dividing in different shapes, etc.. The size of this item allows me to look closely at all with a massive degree of precision. Now you would like the correct cuts at the right angles to ensure everything is moving according to this layout.

Moreover, the streamlined size had very little to no maintenance. It has low emission, in the event, you’re wondering about toxic fumes. On top of that, the Black and Decker chainsaw ensured the LCS1020 didn’t produce any noise over 80 D B.

The majority of you will hear a faint hum like that of a vacuum cleaner. I suspect that you don’t have a reliable/sound monitoring device; however, I could guarantee that this Chainsaw doesn’t roar whatsoever; it just like a purr…

No Muscle Power Although

This Black and Decker chainsaw incorporates intense muscle strength. As previously mentioned earlier, this saw is intended for precise trim level tasks. On the other hand, you would undoubtedly be amazed by the slick combination of simplicity of use along with double the sum of output as expected by a typical 20v battery. B&D installed the company’s signature technology supplies to guarantee high superior requirements for lasting efficiency.

Chain Oil technique

Yeah, about that… The series oil system has been supposed to be the flagship feature or the sale point to the Black and Decker chainsaw mill. However, it is a lot more of a hit-and-miss scenario. Although they integrated an automatic osmosis program at the B & D LCS1020, matters will go awry following a month or two. I heard out of many pre-existing owners that the oil system could acquire faulty following rigorous usage. Some individuals claimed they had to buy hand oil for the series because the system never worked out of the box!

So far as my apparatus can be involved, I have not yet struck this problem, but I’m planning to keep my eyes exposed. Automatic oiling sounds suitable and takes the hassle out of many things; however, if it will not act as promoted, Black & Decker seriously must fix it.

The automatic chain exerts system is supposed to feed oil into the series in gradual spurts. That is a screw cap positioned on the unit’s peak where the petroleum is assumed to be hauled into. You will also observe a translucent window to help signify the petroleum amount. The oil reservoir potential will be 50 ML for its standard version of this Black and Decker Chainsaw.

Do bear in mind that the petroleum cost sometimes takes a toll on your wallet. A quart of great quality machine oil will cost around ten bucks. Technically, you are going to have to fill the reservoir at 19 times to full capability. Multiply £ 10 with 1-9, and you also obtain a whopping £ 190. If you can do a bit of haggling, your petroleum supply guy may have the ability to shave an extra £ 10 – £ 15.

By default option, the petroleum is depressed into the chain procedure whenever the primer bulb indicator shows a caution sign. When it doesn’t work, you want to press the Chainsaw manually. You can read more about any of it at the Black & Decker LCS1020 directions guide. If I used to go into way too many details, it’d derail off me issue.

Black and Decker Chainsaw Safety Features:

This Black and Decker chainsaw version comes incorporated with many security features.

There’s a shallow kickback pub design that is characterized by ANSI B175 OSHA safety standards. Usually, the kickback effect may send unexpected jolts up the elbows. As an outcome, this influence can cause bodily injury.

Assisted Lock Button Will Help prevent the Black and Decker Chainsaw by operating. It would help if you reinstalled the button to enable the start/off trigger strategy. If the lock isn’t depressed, you’ll be unable to press on the trigger. Period.

Additional entrance and back take care of guards are strategically placed to assist fingers from becoming damaged. Sometimes, flint and chunks of wood can fly off in all directions, hence harming palms, face, eyes, etc.

Don’t neglect to utilize protective headgear and gloves that are proper whenever you’re using a cordless chainsaw or every cutting tool for that issue. These are conventional security precautions. The thought of sawdust sprinkled all-around your experience will sound manly, but security always comes. Employ top quality protective gear to spare the issue of a hefty hospital invoice.

Any More Accessories Included using the Black and Decker chainsaw?

Yep, that’s an excellent issue. However, unfortunately, the Chainsaw only has a manual pub scabbard and a user’s instructions handbook. I anticipated a transport instance or a protective pub to be on the”happy” aspect. However, Black & Decker did not include those attachments.

Incidentally, there are just two versions with the black and decker Chainsaw available at Amazon. One comes without a battery pack, and the different version has a battery setup comprised. The excellent news is that there’s simply a nominal price gap between both variants. Therefore, I’d recommend that you fork out the additional measly £ 5 to get your battery package.

Black and Decker Chainsaw Features:

Dual handle fashioned after old college bale design and style for optimum efficiency.

10-inch bar with lower kickback mechanism.

Tool-free blade tensioning adjustment program for rapid alterations.

Ordinarily above-average Life Span.

Skill to purchase the Chainsaw together or with no 20V battery powered. You can save yourself some extra cash in case you currently have a 20V battery lying around in your garage.

Experts of This Black and Decker Chainsaw:

Although the 1​​​​tsp inch reduces capacity, you can get broader cuts along with exercise.

An integrated tool is not a tensioning technique that enables loosening or tightening the series whenever needed.

Characteristics Black and Decker chainsaw signature power consumption module for long-lasting battery life.

Automatic chain oiling program.

Perfect for pruning, trimming, or carrying out specific handiwork on expensive pressure-treated wood logs.

Several step ANSI standard security programs for optimum human body protection.

Minimal noise emission.


Not an ideal solution for professional jobs.

Many persons tried to”trick” the Black and Decker chainsaw method to accept a 40V battery. However, there is not any stable workaround offered at present. Don’t test it!

Automatic oiling could acquire faulty by itself. That is not any additional excuse relating to any of it. If you ended up having a defective device, then it’s wise to come back to the distributors.

Closing Ideas: To Buy It’s Best to Purchase?

In case maneuverability and accuracy would be the most significant consideration — and that too for home-based do-it-yourself throw material, this Black and Decker chainsaw may be the right solution for you. When it’s trimming, cutting, pruning, or slough off undesirable branches, the observed will probably work effortlessly through almost any assortment of small stuff for as long since it’s under 10 inches diameter limitation.

Such a thing thicker will be a challenging nail for this Black and Decker Chainsaw to swallow. Oh, and from how, for those who are holy and sacred, try to hack on the chainsaw installation using a 40v version. Many smartasses saw owners manufactured YouTube videos where they”properly” installed a 40V battery instead of the 20V official Black & Decker factory-supplied battery life.

Well, do you know what? They finished using a burner unit that also offended the Black & Decker LCS1020 minimal lifetime warranty. It is a perfect black and decker chainsaw with a streamlined style, overall light weight account, and long-lasting results. You will most likely not regret getting it.

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